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Barcel OH! Na Oddities

Catalunya and Independence
Espaa y Sudamerica
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Barcelona: On Location


Hola Amigos!
We are here to provide you with a budget version
of Barcelona, without compromising on quality and
fun! Whether youre a student who has just left
school, enjoying some time away from education,
or simply a young person who fancies a city break,
this guide is for you. Look out for our writers picks,
where you can find a variety of activities to suit any
budget and personality, ensuring you make the
most of your trip in the vibrant city of Barcelona.
So youve landed in Barcelona and successfully navigated passport control now what?
Weve got tips on cheap accommodation, how to get around the citys metro system and
how to stay safe: how to avoid pickpockets, what to do if you lose your phone and how
to get medical treatment. Find this in our Travel Tips section.
Looking to live the student life with a Catalan twist? At night, Barcelona really comes
alive. Cocktails for just 2.50? We have it all in here. We can tell you which club is
the best to visit depending on the night of the week, whether youre looking for a chill
night, or a memorable one (or not, depending on your alcohol intake!) We represent the
eclectic bar and club scene, from salsa and jazz bars to the heaviest club nights.
The morning after the night before, heal that hangover on one of Baras beautiful
beaches, or soak in some of the citys unique architecture. Barcelona is brimming with
a cosmopolitan mix of cultures, so take time to explore both the main landmarks and the
lesser known nooks and crannies featured in this guide! Check out our Arts & Culture,
Sightseeing, Parks & Beaches, Sports & Activities and Shopping sections for ideas.
Foodies are also in luck avoid touristy spots (generally anywhere with an English
menu!) and sample some inexpensive, authentic Spanish cuisine.
Here at Spotted HQ we have been inspired by the lively and laid back nature of Catalan
culture, which we have weaved throughout our guide. Barcelona isnt a small city and
can be pretty overwhelming, but our team has infiltrated the local scene to bring you the
best and cheapest take on this diverse city and steer you away from the usual Tourist
Traps. It hasnt been easy and there have been some hit and misses but we have
gained an acute know-how that we hope will come in useful.


Barcelona has the given our team the opportunity to come together and pool our talents
to create this guide. With our help you can build your own, unique Bara experience.


All of our love,


Tal, 21,

Hannah, 20,

Literature student.
Keen traveler and
theatre aficionada!

Studying German and

Spanish at the University of
St Andrews. Best moment:
skydiving for charity!

Amy, 18,

Ellie, 20,
Studying History at
Durham University. I
love jewellery designing
& salsa dancing!

Studying Spanish
Studies & German
Literature. Probably
the most clumsy
person in the world.

Rhian, 19,

Studying English &

History at the University
of St. Andrews. Ive
broken 4 toes from
pointe shoes.

Lara, 25,


Studying at Bath Spa

University. My pet
goldfish is named Mr.
Squishy the Fishy.

Bilyana, 28,
Social Science and
Spanish Culture at
Ruhr-University of
Bochum, also Chef de
cuisine at home.

Kirs ty, 20,

To m, 20,
Student. Barcelona
advice - Dont be
another brick in the wall.

Alice, 19,

Studying English Lit

at Northumbria. I trip
over air. A lot.

Nadine, 25,

English Language and

Linguistics student in
London. Im a major

Sean, 21,

Finished Tourism
Studies, now working
as an Online Marketing
Assistant. Always got the
travel bug!

Tanja, 23,
Studying Media and
Cultural Studies I find
the best things when
getting lost - that
happens quite often.

Studying English Lit at

Manchester University.
Forced to learn Irish
dancing as a child, now
I bring it out in clubs.

Kirsten, 18,
Travelling Down
Under, now planning
to study politics. Good
parties tend to end in
the hospital for me.

Top 14
Our favorite sweeties...
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14) TOM:
Mondays Apolo

When and how Barcelona developed is unclear. There are two legends about
its formation: The first one says that it was built by Hercules around 1153 before
Christmas, so 400 years before Rome was established.
The second legend talks about Hannibal Barkas; its told that he captured the region
during the third century before Christmas, and he built the city Barcino. The city
name Barcelona was derived from his family name.
- Antonio Gaud was not the original architect of the Sagrada Familia. Although the
church is classified as one of Gauds masterpieces, the construction was started
in 1882 by another architect - Francisco de Paula del Villar. He started with the
construction of the crypt. In 1883 Gaud took over the construction and radically
changed the architectural style and the appearance of the Sagrada Familia after
Villar was dropped from the project.
- On the 8th of June in 1926 Gaud was killed
by a tram. Rumour says that due to his scruffy
clothes, several cabdrivers refused to drive
him to a hospital because they thought that he
was a homeless person. Someone brought
him to the Hospital de la Santa Creu, a
hospital for poor people. Nobody recognized
the hurt artist until his friend Domnech
Sugranyes finally found him there after three
days. When Gaudi was offered a transfer
to a more comfortable hospital, he declined
saying, My place is next to the poor people.
That same day he died of the grave injuries.

The question is, was this was really Gauds comment? Or is it just a legend?
Gaud famously said, My client isnt in a hurry, (referring to God) when asked how
long it would take him to complete the Sagrada Familia.

- The video clip of Kylie Minogues song, Slow, was taped in 2003 in the swimming
pool Bernat Picornell on Barcelonas house on Montjuc Mountain.

FC Barcelona
- One mans joy is another mans sorrow! For FC Barcelona the changing of the
Pope is definitely a symbol of luck. Every time there has been a changing of the
Pope, the soccer club wins with a 4:0 score.
For the first time this phenomenon happened on the 26th of October, 1985 against
their arch rival Real Madrid (the 28th of October Pope Johannes XXIII was elected),
for the second time on 14th of October 1978 against UD Las Palmas (two days
afterwards, Johannes Paul II was elected).
And last but not least, the 12th of March in 2013 the serial continued: Barcelona won
4:0 against AC Milan in the round of sixteen - after the reign of Benedikt XVI was in
full swing.
Money, money, money, must be funny
in a rich mans world...
Not everyone aims to follow the low-budget way
of life in Barcelona, as we tried to do!
This chart shows the average spend per person,
per day of people from different countries.


Lara Voelter

Green places in Montjuc
Laribal Gardens: lose yourself in the history and
tranquillity of this leafy part of the city.
Address: Pg. de Santa Madrona, 2
Metro: Parallel Funicular
Price: Various. Laribal Gardens free

Opening Times: Daily until dusk


However, for those eager to escape the hustle and

bustle, the gardens dotted about Montjuc provide a
retreat away from the Catalan calor. Here you can sit
back and relax with a book, enjoy a picnic or grab a beer
in one of several cervezerias. And when youre tired of
all that loafing around, be sure to go for a stroll to soak
up the breath-taking views of the city from the heights
of this hilly paradise.

soak up the
breath-taking views of The most famous
the city from the heights garden of the barrio,
of this hilly paradise.... the Jardi Botnic de

Barcelona, is located close to the castle and cable car,

so may be best for retreating to for a few hours after morning sightseeing. Entrance
is reasonably priced at 3.50, but for a cheaper option visit Los Jardins Laribal, where
the views are just as beautiful. Once partially belonging to wealthy lawyer Joseph
Laribal, the gardens retain a sense of Eden-like forbiddenness where a gentle walk
seems a little intrusive, as though entering a private garden without permission. The
gardens are closest to the Funicular, which will take you from Parallel metro station
to Avenue de Miramar. When you arrive, turn left on the main road towards Los
Jardins Laribal.
At the gardens you can hide under the shade, inhaling the perfume of abundant bay
trees and flowers. Spot the lazy pods hanging from wooden verandas and follow the
trickle of water features down the steps towards Teatre Grec, where you can enjoy
an ice-cold beer at the cervezaria which overlooks the cityscape. Dont miss the
19th century picnic site and chic restaurant at the Font del Gat (the Cats Spring)
or Teatre Grecs open-air stage which is used as part of the Barcelona Festival
( on summer evenings.
Ellie Catherine & Alice Owen

Montjuc has much to offer and is a great option for the

end of a vacation when penny-pinching becomes general
practice! There are many opportunities for sightseeing if
you are feeling energetic: the Montjuc Cable Car, the
Fundaci Joan Mir, the grand Palau Nacional home to
the Museu Nacional dart de Catalunya, the Olympic stadium and Montjuc Castle
are all great places to immerse yourself in Barcelonas history and art.

Other nearby gardens: Jardins de Mossn

Costa i Llobera, Jardins de Miramar

Be aware that Los Jardins Laribals closes

at dusk

There are garden wardens in case you need

any help

Bring enough cash with you, as you may

struggle to find a cash machine

Inner City Bliss

An Oasis in the City

Turo Parc

Parc de la Ciutadella

Address: Avda. de Pau Casals, 19

Metro: L6 La Bonanova/Muntaner

Price: Free
Opening Times: Every day

There are few places near the centre of

Barcelona where the sound of nature is
louder than that of urban life; Turo Parc is
one of those places. Having been toe to toe
with Barcelonas tourists on the pavements
and metro there is no better feeling than
grass beneath your feet shared almost
exclusively with a few locals and the rather
tame sparrows. Judging by the brands of the nearby shops the park lies in a relatively
well off part of the city so a bit of retail therapy is not out of the question after sun
bathing in the park. What keeps this park so peaceful is its distance from any metro
stops, but if you are willing to walk it is well worth it. Telling everyone about it is
almost a shame, but sharing is caring.
Thomas Seaman

Little House in the Country

Parc del Laberint dHorta
Address: Passeig dels Castanyers, 1
Metro: L3 Mundet

Price 2.23
Opening Times: 10 am - 7 pm everyday

Barcelonas oldest park located to the north of the city

out of reach of most tourists is home to an eclectic mix
of landscaped gardens and architecture dating from
1792 onwards. A limit of 750 visitors per day has been
in place to preserve the beauty of the park though it
is extremely unlikely that youll be sharing it with even
50. The centre piece is an 820m long labyrinth however there are plenty of other
hidden corners to be explored all around the park and romantic gardens. If you
go on a Saturday the peace might be slightly interrupted by some stereotypically
over-the-top Spanish football commentary from
the nearby pitches, though deeper into the park
the birds and tinkling of streams take over. Take
a picnic and get away from Barcelonas broiling
streets. At 2.23 its a cheap day out.
Thomas Seaman

Address: Pg. Picasso 21

Metro: L1 Arc de Triomph

Opening Times: 8:30am - 10pm

Price: Free

Hosting a wide range of activities and attractive sights, the free Parc de la Ciutadella
is highly recommended. With large open spaces and grand waterfalls, the park
creates a calming oasis within the tightly-packed city of Barcelona. Whether you are
sipping lemonade opposite the waterfall, or exploring the space by Segway, the park
is bound to provide something that everyone can enjoy.
The highlight of the park, for me, was the lake just past the waterfall, where you could
rent a rowing boat for 30 minutes. Regardless of your rowing ability, at the budgetfriendly price of 6 for two people, the activity provides a different and enjoyable view
and exposes you to a variety of wildlife and foliage that adorn the shallow waters.
You might even catch sight of a baby turtle paddling around the edge!
The waterfall, too, is very picturesque. Decorated with gold and white statues, it
creates a luxurious ambience, yet does not cost a single euro to visit. Contrasted
with this golden glow is rich vegetation which converts the waterfall into a paradisiac
setting, which contributes to the parks many photo-taking opportunities. However,
if upon leaving the park you are still feeling in need of activity, the surrounding area
is encapsulated by a string of culture; the zoo is helpfully signposted throughout the
park, and Parlament de Catalunya is a short walk away, not forgetting the titanic Arc
de Triomf that stands tall in front of the metro station.
Alice Owen

Spanish Sins
Caj Chai
la comida lunch
el desayuno - brea
la cena - dinner
el restaurante - re
para llevar to take
to eat in
para tomar aqu
ensalada - salad
pescado - fish
carne - meat
el caf - coffee
agua - water
vegetariano - vege

Bodega La