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Productivity Tool Description

Plug-in for outlook to Provides prospects a view of available time on your

schedule 1:1 meetings outlook calendar and allows them to select & book a
meeting time that works for both parties. Filter
provides ability to disallow undesireable time like
late Friday late afternoon. No more back & forth
emails to book a meeting.

Cloud To Mail Integrates with With a click of a

'send' button, firm provides 'on demand printing' of
your preselected brochures, or letters etc.. They will
print your selection 'on demand' and send your
request via postal mail for you to your client within
24 hrs. On demand printing services include
'personalization' (Dear Bob) if you so chose.

Connect Note Helps build personalized relationship with your

prospects thru video email. Tracking provided to see
who opened and or forwarded your email

Inside Sales Power dialer built for outbound dialing content Outbound dialer.Solution takes longer than actually

dialing the phone.

Five9 Track dials effectively-IP based/soft0phone click to

dial. Reps no longer have to remember to log a call

Shortel Good tool in which to track dials. Integrates with

Contactual Good tool in which to track dials, web chats, etc.

Integrates with

Telegenius Provide this firm with a list of targeted accounts and

they'll come back with contact info. based on pre-
selected job titles. Paul then supplies this list to

Wrap Mail Easily wraps users emails with selected links by your
company for consistent branding & messaging. Does
not require any downloading of pictures which is
commonly a 'gotcha'
ConnectAndSell Call center in India will call down your list and once
connect immediately/seamlessly transfers call to
your reps. For success, must have a) good call list b)
reps must be on top of their game. Good training
tool to coach reps.

Xactly Tracks commission data (see competitors on Smart

Selling Tools webstie)

iCentive Tracks and reports on 'non cash' incentives, prizes

and rewards

Jesubi Enforces standardized processes & provides

outstanding reports. Can integrate with Automatedly dials 250 phone numbers at a time

until it connects and then immediately & seamlessly
transfers calls to rep and stops dialing until rep
selects 'go'. Only pay for 'go' time. Build out of UC
S Force Connector Connects to & provides manipulation
of excel content Dataloader Provides the ability to pull any field out of, manipulate the data and push
modified data back into Part of 'Premium Support' offering.

iHance Similar to Genius (where no IT support is required)

but iHance requires IT support. It allows user to
know wheter email was opened or forwarded via an
email alert. Can integrate with and
turns a PDF or excel into a link on your webstie.

Inside View Interfaces with and allows easy

import of key contacts from JigSaw, & Linked. Allows
'news alerts' thru webcrawler for pre-selected
targeted accounts. Imports from IDEX also.

Forecasting Tool – Runs on SFDC, one member

Good Data looking at it now

Allows report data to be viewed in “Excel Mode” with

S-Force Connector advanced Excel Functionality including pivot tables.
Pick which SFDC fields you want to export, data can
be pulled into external file, manipulated and re-
loaded back into SFDC (provided the user is given
that level of permission) Bonus Feature: if you have
Premium Support from SFDC they’ll do the setup and
Data Loader export for you.
Creates Contracts with relevant T’s and C’s, pricing
structure, descriptions, discounting etc… based on
Opportunity fields (qty, order item, product type,
description, discount % etc…) in SFDC.  Ben has
Draw Loop been using it for 9 months and it’s working great.
Very Similar to EchoSign - setup can be time
consuming and take a month or so (depending on
how much time your SFDC administrator can
dedicate to it of course) but once it’s set up it works
very well. It has reduced Acteva’s turn-around time
from the time a customer received the contract until
it’s sent back signed from around 48 hours to 2-4
Docusign hours.

Translates business language into foreign languages

Chameleon for contracts, proposals etc… overseas.

Incentive Compensation Management – Many TBA

Xactly members have used it, all give it great reviews.

Hosted call center solution - ACD, CTI, IVR etc… for

Contactual support, telesales, help desk etc…

Phone Metrics reporting and tracking (talk time,

Five-9's dials, calls, etc…)

IP Phone System (metric reporting and tracking

Shortel included)

Outsourced List Building Service to build quality lists

Telegenisys of cold call prospects.
Shared by: Rating? Approximate Cost
Nancy Nardin @ Smart Selling $30/yr/user

Nancy Nardin @ Smart Selling Cost? Less than if you

Tools did it yourself

Nancy Nardin @ Smart Selling


Jamie Buss@Meraki & Chad


Benjamin Nachbaur@Acteva

Patty @ PhoneWorks

Andre Anderson@Aruba

Chris Bartolo@Contractual MRSP $150/user/mth

(discount of
$120/user/mth for users)

Paul Swiencicki @ iRise

Nancy Nardin @ Smart Selling

Christine Foley@Cisco & Chad

Christine Foley@Cisco & Chad


Sally Duby@PhoneWorks

Sally Duby@PhoneWorks

Patty @ PhoneWorks



Marty Funk and Richard

Steinhart @ Informatica



$10 per user/mo
(Minimum of 10 users =
Ben Nachbaur @ Acteva $100/monthly)

$3,500 annually which

Ben Nachbaur @ Acteva includes 840 contracts
has not
Nancy Nardin @ Smart Selling been used
Tools yet

Christina @ Iron Port & Richard

@ Informatica

Chris Bartolo@Contractual

Many TBA members have used


Several members had used it in

previous companys and gave it
great reviews

Final price per name

Paul Swiencicki @ iRise was as low as ~13cents