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A very good morning I like to say to our lecturer, Mr Gordian Pius and all my fellow friends.

Today, I would like to talk about human trafficking that I have learned from two articles. The first
article is in title Human Trafficking in Malaysia by T. Joseph Benziger and the second article is in
title Human Trafficking in Malaysia. I also has add youth perspective about human trafficking in
my speech just for our knowledge as a students as well as a youth.
Ladies and gentleman,
Before I move to my next speech, let me tell you the definition of human trafficking.
According to the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons human
trafficking is the movement of people by means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim
of exploiting them. It is modern day slavery. Did you know? 60-80,000 people are trafficked into
the United States each year, of those 80% of them are women. Traffickers usually target
developing countries where opportunities are limited and often comprise of the most vulnerable
in society, such as refugees, and other displaced persons.
Im sure that most of you have a younger brother or sister. Would you be able to put a
price on them, and if so, how much are they worth? A child is only worth RM 3,854.00 to some
people. Did you know that the average businessman pays RM 3,609.00 for a flight to Bangkok,
RM 633 for a night in a hotel, RM 100.00 for a meal, RM 50.00 for a taxi ride and RM15 for a
child prostitute?
Then, how about if you are given a jobs with a high payment. Maybe RM 10,000.00 for a
month? What do you think? Or, you dont even think then just accept the job.
Ladies and gentleman,
Let see how about human trafficking issues in our own country, Malaysia. From the
article that I had studied, I can say that Malaysia become famous in a wrong way. Unfortunately,
from the article that I had choose, it says that Malaysia is a destination, a source and transit
country for women and children subject to trafficking, specially conditions of forced prostitution
and for men, women, and children who are in conditions of forced labor. What I mean by a
transit country is that traffickers transport kidnapped people here, from other places around the
world, where they are traded and transported to other sites.
The majority of trafficking victims in Malaysia are foreign workers who migrate willingly to
Malaysia from ASEAN, in Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and parts
of Asia, in Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. They come in search of greater
economic opportunities, some of whom subsequently encounter forced labor or debt bondage at

the hands of their employers, employment agents, or informal labor recruiters. They work in an
industrial sector like food service, construction, fisheries, agriculture and so on.
The migrants are converted into a slave by fraud. They are made totally helpless and
forced into slavery and prostitution. Moreover, their wages are not paid; they subjected to
threats; they are forced to surrender their travel documents. The Malaysian government
absolutely not recognize the legal status of refugees. After entering Malaysia, they find
themselves absolutely at the mercy of the trafficking agents.
Ladies and gentleman, please pay attention.
We are currently in Tier Two of the human trafficking watch, done by the United States
Department's US Trafficking in Persons (TIP), with Tier Three being the worst. I would like to
place emphasis on the fact that significant efforts have been undertaken by the Malaysian
government to ensure that well improve in this world.
Ladies and gentleman, that smart and intelligent,
It is easy for this to be seen as an insignificant matter because people do not see how it
effects their lives, and how ignorance can contribute to the problem. When they hear the term
human trafficking, they assume that these incidents happen in dark alleys that they never go
thru, far beyond their reach and influence.
Most are not aware of the fact that the people serving their tea, for example, might be
the victims of trafficking. They probably do not know that people who contribute to the quality of
their lives might be doing so out of duress, receiving little to no remuneration and will probably
be forced to do so for the rest of their lives. Unless of course, we do something about it. Thats
why, the youth need to be aware of the fact that the syndicates for human trafficking do not
discriminate between Malaysians and non-Malaysians. Any young Malaysian, placed in a
dangerous enough position may be the next victim. The youths must understand that to solve
this problem, they cannot leave this role entirely to the government. They are important
stakeholders in shaping the society they live in, and if they want to create a nation where human
trafficking is untenable, they must be willing to shoulder the burden along with us. And this
applies to many of the issues that we face as a nation.
In tackling this, we will never see anti-trafficking laws properly implemented without
enough resources. Everyone has to play a role in ensuring that this happens. All of us need to
start to see this for what it is. And we should work together in ending this for all the time. Thank