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Winter Olympic Games Resources

Winter Olympic Games Resources- information, maps, printables, lesson plans, references, slideshows, language arts and the
Olympics connected, SS and the Olympic connected, quizzes, and more!

Winter Olympics @ teachnology- clip art, hands on activities, interactive sites, lesson plans, background information, vocabulary
builders, webquests, worksheets, and more!

Timeline of the history of the Olympics

Winter Olympic 2010 Printables and Activities for Kids

Let the Games Begin! Let the Learning Begin! Winter Olympic lesson plans @ Education World

Winter Olympic Printables including mazes, counting mazes, word search puzzles, dot to dot worksheets, word jumbles, boggle
games, and coloring pages.

Olympic Activities for Little Ones- 2010 Olympics Project- The
project is designed as a six week collaborative effort for you and your students to learn about and follow the 2010 Olympics in
Vancouver , Canada. Teachers are invited to choose their own country to follow or take the opportunity to learn about a new
country. Teachers and students will have opportunities to use many web tools as they research and create projects for the
weekly activities. Hopefully classes will be able to use Skype to talk to each other during the six week project and use their
class blog (this is a great opportunity to create one) to post country results during the Olympics.

Olympic Torch Interactive map


Olympic Sports Games

Color the Olympic Flag Online

Winter Olympics online logic puzzle

Students learn about the Winter Olympic Games by tracking a particular event.

Classroom Olympics-This simple PDF site, provides some wonderful ideas for classroom Olympic events. *Be aware, this site
does take a moment to open. The site is ready to go and provides everything you need: information about ancient and modern
Olympic games, illustrated instructions for each Olympic event, printable awards for students, and very detailed instruction
about how to do the Olympics in your classroom. There are nine Olympic games included in this lesson. Some examples include
Find the Mass Race, Straw Javelin, and Cotton Ball Shot Put.

Olympic Project- a wiki created by students at a school in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Several of the 2010 Winter
Olympic events will be held in their area and so they wanted to create a website to let kids around the world know a bit about
their community and the Winter Olympics!