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Winter Links

Create your Own Snowflake- kids absolutely love this site! Once they have created some snowflakes, they can
search for their own flakes in the search box at the bottom of the page. If you want to see some really fabulous
snowflakes, search for Flake Fan. Snowflakes can also be printed out!

Ten Little Snowmen- Interactive way to make a snowman:

Build a Snowman

EEK! -Winter Bird Feeding Online Activities Weather Watch

Winter Activities- crafts for kids, games, poems, short stories, and fun Winter teaching ideas.

READY FOR WINTER - how plants and animals survive the winter in Canada

Hibernation - how animals store fat to sleep through and survive cold winter temperatures.

Weather Watch Home- observe, gather data, investigate, analyze

All About Snow

Snowman Math from Mathwire- includes activities such as

• Snowman Math Activities

• Snowman Glyphs & Graphing Ideas
• Math-Literature Connections: Snowman
• Snowman Games
• Snowman Problem Solving
• Snowman Links

Snowflake Workshop- this is another cool snowflake maker called Snowflake Workshop that works great on the
SMART Board. Just click on the pencil and draw the cutting lines. Then click on the scissors and watch your
snowflake generate.

Winter Wonderland Wiki- a great site full of resources and activities for K-3.

Winter Teacher Resources from Teacher Vision- divided by subject area and includes printables, lesson plans,
quizzes, science activities, social studies activities, reading/ language arts activities, art and music activities,
winter holidays, and weather activities.