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PIR OLC LA MA ‘T.T0 June 25, 1983 is hereby declared "LESBIAN AND GAY PRIDE DAY” in the City of Burlington, Vermont. By action of the Board of Aldermen, June 13, 1983. Allen F. Gear, President of the Board + / Le Berard Sanders, Mayor June 6th, 1983 To: Allen F. Gear ‘ Feom: Organizing Committee of the Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration R June 13th City Council Agenda Item Dear Mr. Gear and City Council, The citizens of Burlington would like you to consider an important civil liberties issue at your June 13th meeting pepors nda to your agenda a request to proclaim June 25th, 1983 Iebian and Gay Pride Day in Burlington. A rally, parade and potluck dinner are taking place in and around City Hall Park that day in connection with the National Lesbian and Gay Rights Week to be celebrated all over the United States. This human rights issue is of great importance to our community. Please address this request to honor Burlington's lesbian and gay eitizens as early in the meeting as possible, for the date in question is just two weeks away. Your timely’ consideration of his proclamation would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you Sincerely, The Organizing Committee of the Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration. JUN 8 1988 hs ete p es * Ginn § Meee dad. “Maranatha Christian Church P.O. BOX 252 BURLINGTON, VT. 05401 June 16, 16, 1983 pun, 7s 1983 To Whom it may concern: We as Maranatha Christian Church do request by your persmission to be placed on the agenda of June 20, 1983. The matters of concern that would be discussed from our point of view as a Biblical and moral judgement against homosexual ity and lesbianism. We believe the family unit and our children should be preserved and made eware of the vile affections of such evil sin that is happening in our world today. We will express our sympathy with the sick humanity that is involved in this sin but can in no way on God's earth and in light of His scripture con~ back and not voice God's word. Thank you for allowing us done or even to be there. Sincerely, Maranatha Christian Church Regarding the Aldermans endorsement of Lesbian and Gay pride day. Office Lays of the Se Mayor 658-9300 Ext. ‘01 Bernard Sanders Mayor June 24, 1983 On Monday, June 13, the Board of Aldermen passed a resolution proclaiming June 25, 1983 as Lesbian and Gay Pride Day in Burlington. In our democratic society, it is the responsibility of government to safeguard civil liberties and civil rights - especially the freedom of speech and expression. In a free society we must all be committed to the mutual respect of each others lifestyles. Sanders BS/1jn law Ae » at tae t c . AUS aur Jamlles Gr friad ark yor, tuployee 1 cre - Tyo we hedéa he seq Orit Non 2 Ltda Ce dA lepueiag second annual LESBIAN /GAY PRIDE MARCH June 4, 1984 Dear Mayor Sanders: As you know, the Burlington Board of Alderpersons recently passed a re urges all levels of government gay rights. In fact, the resolution pa: animously. We feel that this was an important step in ensuring the rights of lesbians and gay men. We have faced discrimination in housing, employ- ment, child custody, and public services r too long. It ital that our elected officials openly proclaim their support of lesbian and gay rights to rectify this ppresive situation. This year's Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration will be on Saturday, June 16, in Burlington. ‘The march will begin at 00, but it is preceded by a rally at 1:00 in City Hall Park, We would like to invite you to make a statement of support at this rally. Please respond at your earliest convenience so that we can finalize the agenda for the rally. Thanks for your cooperation. Sincerely, Organizing Committee for Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration >.S. You may res or dall Brian Gal pond to P.0. Box 126, Burlington, VT, 05402, 1 agher or Howard Russell at 482-2733. “Office of the Mayor Bernard Sanders Mayor F and far : the elderly and the handicappe ur rally. I am confident that eer and more democratic Resolution Relating to SUPPORT OF CIVIL RIGHTS OF 'ESBIANS AND’ GAY MEN CITY OF BURLINGTON sand Nine Hundred and Eighty-five ‘Council of the City of Burlingtoa, as follows: Council of..the City. of Burlington expresses he rights of bians and gay men generally in the areas of employment, housing, ED that the City Council encourages executive, le ive, and judietal branches of government at all levels warantee these rights; and :D that the Burlington Board of Aldermen e ‘ y support of the consititutional rights of Anerican citizens regardless of sexual {fice of the Mayor PROCLAMATION, ssembled in Burlington on Saturday, ay pride; and rane 22, 1985 WHEREAS, lesbians and gay men are making important contributions to wality of life in our city, state and nation. nard Sanders, Mayor of the urday, June 22, 1985 as Now, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that I, city of Burlington, do hereby proclaim GAY PRIDE DAY in Burlington. Lirthodeastives ‘Bernard Sanders, Mayor pated on the 2ist of June, 1985. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS LESBIAN AND GAY ISSUES COMMITTEE Vermant Chapter Tuesday June 25, 1985 Mayor Bernard Sanders city Hall Burlington, Vermont 05401 Dear Bernard, Thank you for declaring Saturday June 22, 1985, Lesbian and Gay Pride Day for the city of Burlington. I would also like to commend you for your proclaimation which was read at the rally, and the strong words of support that you offered at the June 17 alderpersons meeting. One of my concerns is discrimination as it applys to Lesbians and Gay men. Should you be interested in a dialogue regarding discrimination that T am aware of, I would be very open to hearing from you. Enclosed you will find my most recent communication with the Republican alderpeople. Thanks Again Sincerely, ee ou Ie te @ames R. Morgay/ MSW National Association of Social Workers; Lesbian and Gay Issues Committee, Vermont Chapter. 817 Pine Street #308 Burlington, Vermont 05401 NASW ant NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS LESBIAN AND GAY ISSUES COMMITTEE Vermont Chapter Mayor Bernard City Hal Burlington, 05401 Sanders Vermont Dear Mayor Sanders, Thank ou for speaking Gay Pride ci ‘elebration on Sat! Monday June 16, 1986 > Fourth Annual L June 14, in Burlington, NSW #308 Burlington, Vermont 05401 Jai R. Morgan 81 Street

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