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Mercury Rising
» I N S I D E «

India to make 15-year arms procurement plan public



26 DEFENCE MINISTER A.K. GDP. The Indian economy



is expected to grow at 8 to
10 per cent for the next two
decades. Expenditure on de-
fence in absolute terms is
bound to increase in equal proportion,” the Minister
said, brandishing a carrot for the defence industry.

By Vishal Thapar
Policy initiatives are being taken to build a

uch sought after by the armed forces, India strong defence industrial base in India to put an
will soon publish the ’Technology Perspec- end to excessive dependence on foreign suppliers.
tive and Capability Roadmap’ delineating A new Defence Production Policy is on the way and

28 India’s military requirements over the next 15 Continued on page 6


years. Defence Minister A.K. Antony made the

declaration while inaugurating Defexpo India Page
2010, the sixth Land and Naval Systems Defence
Exclusive to SP’s
Exhibition in Delhi on Monday.
A key indicator of the defence industry’s Flying the
requirements, the roadmap will “make our De-
F18 Super

fence Procurement Procedure (DPP) transparent

and speed up the process”, Antony said. The ca-
pability roadmap will be put on the Ministry of
Defence website. well,
38 India will continue to substantially increase

the budget for military modernisation. “India’s

defence expenditure is about 2.5 per cent of its

MINE PROTECTED VEHICLE INDIA by BAE Systems and Mahindra & Mahindra JV
By Sucheta Das Mohapatra

n the first day of Defexpo India 2010, the newly the Mine Protected Vehicle India (MPVI). First product
formed joint venture company of Mahindra & of the joint venture company, the MPVI will meet the
Mahindra Limited and BAE Systems unveiled requirements of both the Indian armed and
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1 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS
security, space
have potential’

Country Head, Boeing
> Jayant Baranwal
Arundhati Das

F18 Super Hornet simulator trial



> Priya Tyagi
> Bipasha Roy
> Air Marshal (Retd) B.K. Pandey
> Air Marshal (Retd) V.K. Bhatia
> Lt General (Retd) Naresh Chand
> Lt General (Retd) V.K. Kapoor
> Rear Admiral (Retd) S.K. Ramsay


> Neetu Dhulia
> HeadVertical Sales: Rajeeve Chugh
> SalesManager: Rajive Ranjan

> Manager Ad-Sales: Tushar Verma

> Sucheta Das Mohaptra

P Guide Publications got an exclusive mate AESA radar and ammunition control, the > Ruchika Chawla
flight in the F18 Super Hornet flight tandem seat variant provides a realistic flight
simulator with Theodre N. Herman, experience for the many anticipated visitors at
> Ratan Sonal
Manager Global Strike Systems of Boeing, on Boeing’s booth starting Monday, February 15.
Sunday February 14 at Pragati Maidan, the Boeing anticipates Indian Air Force personnel, LAYOUT DESIGNERS
event site of Defexpo 2010. The Super Hor- journalists and the public (on Thursday) to fly > Raj Kumar Sharma
net is currently being offered to the Indian Air high and examine the Super Hornet for all that > Vimlesh Kumar Yadav
Force under the Medium Multi-Role Combat it has to offer in comparison to other similar
Aircraft programme and is competing with fighter planes which are under consideration ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITOR
several other leading companies. With ulti- for purchase for the Indian Air Force.• > Abhishek Singh
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2 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

The technology of yesterday’s dogfights will not win in the modern battlespace. The Super Hornet gives India
the advanced capabilities required to prevail for decades to come. It’s the only aircraft available today with
a proven, fully integrated suite of networked radar, sensors, avionics and weapons systems — enabling the
Super Hornet to engage potential threats beyond visual range like nothing else. To engage, fight and win.

‘Space security the


Scientific Adviser to the
Defence Minister & Chief of the Defence
Research and Development Organisation

By Vishal Thapar
SP Guide Publications (SP’s): Recent changes in major say in assessment of private and public sec-
the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2009 tor joint ventures with foreign companies before
allow the private sector to tie up with foreign they are approved by the government. The DRDO Saraswat: There are three major thrust areas for

defence industry for technology transfer and continues to remain relevant. the future: the first is development of technologies
bid for military tenders. The government also SP’s: So, what is the role of the DRDO in the joint for space security; second, for low-intensity conflict
proposes to fund the private sector for defence ventures with Russia for the development of the to increase survivability and efficiency of soldiers;
R&D. Does this dilute the role of the Defence Re- Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft and the Multi- and third, cyber security.
search and Development Organisation (DRDO)? Role Transport Aircraft? SP’s: What sort of capabilities do you seek to de-
Dr V.K. Saraswat (Saraswat): The primary role Saraswat: The DRDO has a major say in testing velop for space security?
of whole systems development will always be that and evaluation. The main areas of involvement re- Saraswat: These are both passive and active tech-
of the DRDO. The private sector will now have an late to engine, avionics, materials and stealth nologies to protect India’s space assets and prevent
opportunity to customise technology to meet par- SP’s: What are the next big areas for defence satellite denial. We will also be working on satellite-
ticular requirements. Also, the DRDO will have a R&D that you are taking up? based capability for electronic and cyber warfare.





4 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


next big area for R&D’
SP’s: Is the focus on cyber security prompted by Saraswat: Super cruise, stealth, higher speed and at least 500 Arjun tanks at least. Now, the DRDO
the repeated Chinese cyber attacks on India? manoeuvre. The MCA will mostly be a twin-cockpit is working on the Arjun Mark 2. We’re in consul-
Saraswat: We did examine the issue resulting fighter, powered by an upgraded Kaveri engine. tations with the army on capability requirements.
from the attempt to hack into the network of the SP’s: What is the status of the Kaveri engine The new, improved tank will have features like ac-
Prime Minister’s Office. But I’m not at liberty to which was planned for the LCA? tive armour and cannon-launch missile capability.
talk more about this. One of the focus areas will Saraswat: It’s being tested In Russia. We seek a It will be designed for better survivability.
be encryption to secure sensitive communication particular level of performance, especially at high SP’s: Why is India stopping short of developing
and networks. altitude. We also want increased thrust. The tie-up an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile?
SP’s: What sort of technologies will result from with the French SNECMA to assist with the Kaveri Saraswat: We have the capability. But missile
your focus on low-intensity conflict? development should happen in about six months. range and lethality is based on the immediate ob-
Saraswat: There are several areas, including iden- The Kaveri will be fitted on to the LCA should there jective of threat mitigation. The Agni 5 suits our
tification of buried IEDs, counter-measures against be more orders after it’s development is complete. present requirements. It will be a three-stage mis-
IEDs, increasing survivability, technologies for SP’s: Does the programme for the follow-on MCA sile with a cannister launch facility to ensure op-
making the soldier function as a system. mean a closure for the LCA? erational flexibility.
SP’s: Two high-profile DRDO projects nearing Saraswat: We expect a follow-on order for 20 SP’s: China has tested both an Anti-Satellite
completion are the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) LCAs in addition to the first batch of 20 already Weapon and Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD).
and the Arjun Main Battle Tank. Where do you contracted. We would hope for a total of 100 LCAs How does India measure up?
take these projects from here? to be ordered by the IAF. As I said, the IAF envis- Saraswat: India has the building blocks for the
Saraswat: The Medium Combat Aircraft (MCA) ages a role for the follow-on MCA only after 2020. Anti-Satellite Weapons: the Agni 3’s propulsion
will take over from the LCA. The Indian Air Force SP’s: The Indian Army is reportedly seeking a and the BMD system’s kill vehicle. But India does
(IAF) envisages a role for the MCA after 2020. De- new Main Battle Tank with contemporary capa- not plan a real test of an anti-satellite weapon
sign work on the new jet fighter will commence bilities. What does this mean for the production because that will lead to debris in space. We can
full steam after the Initial Operational Clearance run of the Arjun? simulate the test on the ground. In the BMD area,
for the LCA in 2010-11. Saraswat: We’re expecting more orders for the India is far ahead of China. The fourth test of our
SP’s: What capabilities are envisaged for the MCA? Arjun. We would like to see a production run of two-tier BMD will be conducted soon. •


5 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

Continued from page 1

Antony to China: India set

on deterrence, not offence
ndia’s military build-up on the Chinese front is “not offensive but only
aimed at deterrence”, Defence Minister A.K. Antony clarified to a
Chinese journalist at Defexpo 2010.
“India is a peace loving country. But it is strengthening its armed
forces only to act as a deterrent,” the Defence Minister said when
asked to confirm reports that India was deploying two more army divi-
sions on the boundary with China.
“The two divisions are a part of an overall policy of augmenting the
presence of the armed forces, not just in the Northeast but the rest
of the country, too. The additional troops are not directed against any
country but only to strengthen capability to face any eventuality. Such
augmentations are being done in south India, the west and Jammu
and Kashmir,” he said.
Antony reiterated that India is not a warmonger. “We do not covet
even an inch of foreign territory. But at the same time, we are clear
that we will defend every inch of our own,” he asserted. The Defence
Minister made it a point to mention that China is India’s biggest trad-
ing partner, and that the two neighbours have now started a pro-

gramme of defence cooperation. “India’s Defence Secretary was in

China recently for the third round of the Defence Dialogue between
the two countries. The armed forces from the two sides are engaging
in exercises,” Antony said.
Explaining China’s absence from Defexpo 2010, the minister clari-
fied: “China was invited to Aero India (in Bangalore) last year. They
did not respond. Since they did not seem interested, we didn’t invite
them here.”

changes are being made in the current DPP. “India must achieve a high level
of indigenisation in defence. Our quest for self-reliance in defence underlines
the importance of private sector participation on the one hand and revitalis-
ing the public sector on the other,” the Defence Minister said.
“We’re determined to increase the share of domestic companies in Indian private industry to form joint ventures with any foreign manufac-
the Indian defence market. The forthcoming (updated) DPP 2010 will turer,” he said.
give a momentum to Indian industry. We’ll buy foreign only if we’re India is gradually becoming a key outsourcing hub for the global de-
convinced that Indian companies can’t do it,” Antony later elaborated fence industry. The introduction of the Defence Offsets Policy is a facilitator
at a press conference. towards this end. The Union minister informed that changes are being
The Defence Minister clarified that India would continue to engage made to render the offsets policy more feasible. “Offset banking is now part
foreign companies so far as critical and futuristic technologies are con- of the Defence Offsets Policy and the licencing conditions have also been
cerned. “We welcome and invite the support of the best in the world in our rationalised. Necessary administrative structures have been put in place in
endeavour to modernise our armed forces,” he said. the Ministry of Defence to facilitate offset banking,” he assured.
Antony acknowledged the importance of foreign participation in The minister described the response to Defexpo 2010 as “beyond ex-
building India’s defence industrial competence. “The recent introduction pectations”, and promised that the next edition of the show, scheduled to
of ‘Buy and Make (Indian)’ category in the DPP aims at encouraging the be held in February 9 to 12, 2012, would be much bigger. •

Lockheed Martin
sets the pace

By Ruchika Chawla

rawing the spotlight the C-130J and F-16IN project, Lockheed over Lockheed Martin’s current projects, such as the F-16IN, the Apache
Martin’s Chief Executive Roger Rose delineated the company’s vari- Systems and the MH-60R Multirole Helicopter, was infectious, setting an ap-
ous programmes for Defexpo 2010 at a media briefing on Sunday. propriate mood and thought process for the extravagant Defexpo inaugura-
“The C-130J programme execution is the focus for us during the Defexpo,” tion less than 15 hours away. Lockheed Martin is principally engaged in the
Rose said. The conversation over dinner varied from current events and, of research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment
course, the latest in Lockheed Martin technology and projects. Enthusiasm of advanced technology systems, products and services worldwide. •

6 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


The C-130J delivers multi-mission capability to the most remote and demanding places on earth. Ready to
serve nations of the world. Delivering mission-critical cargo virtually anywhere is all a question of how.
And it is the how that makes all the difference.

General Dynamics

Expertise in battlefield
Punj Lloyd’s
communication defence initiatives
unj Lloyd Group,
having a revenue
of over US$ 2.6 bil-
lion (2008-09), is one of
the largest engineering
groups in India providing
integrated design, engi-
neering, procurement,
construction and project
management services
for its clients in sectors
such as oil and gas, pet-
rochemicals, civil infra-
structure, high rise buildings, transportation, utilities, renewable en-

ergy in eighteen countries. Punj Lloyd has strategically diversified into

the Defence Industry, under the Government of India’s public-private

he building blocks of modern life — water and energy supply, partnership initiative.
public transport and communications networks, government Punj Lloyd is establishing itself as a credible original equipment
services and national monuments, treasures and key govern- manufacturer with focus on state-of-the-art technology. The group’s
ment buildings — are some of the easiest things for malevolent forces objective is to indigenously develop genuine force multipliers that will
to disrupt and some of the most difficult things to protect. Like in many contribute to providing a decisive edge to the Indian Armed Forces and
other countries, protecting these key assets is a key concern of national is in the process of developing capability and infrastructure which can
and state governments alike in India. be effectively leveraged for defence programmes.
But with several central police forces and numerous state and gov-
ernment department forces protecting national borders and critical Naval ship building, maintenance and repair
national infrastructure, combating counter terrorism and insurgency, • Co-promoter of Pipavav Shipyard, it is spread over 782 acres of land,
and responding to disasters and other emergencies is undoubtedly a and is amongst the world’s largest shipyards strategically located in
complex operational challenge. the industrialised state of Gujarat
General Dynamics UK has 50 years of experience in protecting key • Two dry docks of 651m X 65 m (Largest in South Asia) with nine
facilities around the globe, from some of the largest oil and gas installa- automated state-of-the-art workshops has been developed in 250
tions and pipelines that run across some of the most unreceptive terrain acres of land
in the world to airports, commercial ports and communications centres.
Unlike many other security contractors, General Dynamics UK does Manufacture, Assembly, MRO of land systems and weapons
not promote a vertically integrated systems solution where the customer • Licensed to manufacture guns, rockets, artillery missile systems,
must procure contractor equipment that might not provide the optimum electro optical systems, FCS, C3I systems & power packs associated
solution. The company rather believes in ensuring a bespoke solution for with armoured fighting vehicles (Tanks & ICVs)
each individual application and works with customers to design the most • Undertaking maintenance and refurbishment of the group’s vast fleet
effective solution to provide the required effect within a certain budget. of earth moving equipment (including tracked vehicles) at a modern
In addition to providing physical protection, the key to ensuring an workshop facility near Gwalior
effective response to threats and unexpected situations is communica- • Setting up a world class, state-of-the-art manufacturing and assem-
tion, not only inside each individual force but between forces, be they bly facility on 65 acres of land at Malanpur, Gwalior, that is expected
police, paramilitary, civil or military. Recent attacks have demonstrated to be operational by the end of 2010, for potential manufacture, as-
the importance of clear communication and information sharing be- sembly, upgrade, MRO of land systems and weapons such as artillery,
tween different forces that come from interoperable systems and the rockets, missile systems, A-vehicles etc.
adverse consequences that can occur if they are not achieved.
The company’s experience of delivering C4I (command, control, Maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) and modification of
communications, computers, and intelligence) solutions to defence aircrafts
forces around the world, combined with its civil security expertise im- • Access to runway and hangar near Bangalore capable of handling
plies General Dynamics UK can be of great benefit to both the state and Airbus/Boeing platforms
central government. • Potential for retrofit and integration of sub systems onto defence air-

Military forces from Britain, Holland, Libya and Romania are very craft platforms
effective in the battlefield. General Dynamics UK’s C4I expertise in bet-
ter situational awareness and battlefield communications, they know Design and engineering capability
where members of their own forces are able to direct and communicate • PL Engineering, the group’s stand alone engineering arm having
with them easily. The interoperability of the systems has further made close to 800 highly qualified engineers who provide design support,
it easy to communicate easily with coalition forces. More importantly, engineering animation, analysis support, manufacturing support and
they also know where the enemy is in relation to them and can respond miscellaneous engineering services
more effectively and precisely to the threat.
This capability is equally useful in a security environment. It pro- Other initiatives
vides the ability to coordinate the response of Police, Army and Special • Developing capabilities in Defence Electronics & Avionics
Forces to a threat and also the other emergency services such as medi- • Plan to invest in facilities for manufacture of precision aero
cal response teams in case of an emergency. • components •

8 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


Network centric operations require a high and sophisticated integration level. In the operational scenario it is necessary to get the complete
Electronic Order of Battle at the right time. Elettronica is fully aware of this new challenge, our Electronic Warfare solutions are complete and
support the decision makers in the full spectrum surveillance and dominance. We master Electronic Warfare against communication threats
through a variety of system solutions and products, ranging from communication ESM, COMINT system, communication jammer and Counter
Remote Radio Controlled IED, that can be employed in different platforms, i.e., ground, naval and airborne, and unmanned vehicles (UAV, UGV).

Design and production of electronic defence systems by ELETTRONICA.

“Rockwell Collins can develop and deliver encryption and
anti-jamming technologies that are indigenous to India and/
or leverage existing standard encryption technologies.”
—T.C. Chan, VP & MD, Asia Pacific, Rockwell Collins OEM SPEAK

‘Rockwell Collins consistently


leverages best of breed technologies’

T.C. CHAN, Vice President and Managing Director,
Asia Pacific, Rockwell Collins
SP Guide Publications (SP’s): The US and coalition growing importance of such forces in counter- rent capabilities and what can be expected in
forces operating in Iraq and Afghanistan have ing terrorism, asymmetric and fourth genera- future and in what time frame?
little to fear through cyber warfare. However, the tion wars aside from their strategic reach and Chan: Rockwell Collins continually looks at solu-
settings in the Asian Region during a conventional specialised missions? tions for moving high bandwidth data. We embed-
war or an asymmetric war waged during peace- Chan: Rockwell Collins consistently leverages our ded Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) chan-
time would be quite different, especially for some “best of breed” technologies and products from nel capabilities into our radios, allowing multiple
countries with extensive cyber warfare capabili- across our organisation and customises these into users to share the same frequency by splitting the
ties and the will to use them. What measures have solutions that meet the specific mission needs of signal into different time intervals.
been incorporated in the solutions being offered our customers. We utilise an open systems ap- Another example is our SATCOM systems,
by Rockwell Collins to withstand such threats and proach and design methodology to allow for af- where we have recently expanded our offerings as a
how foolproof are they? fordable plug and play integration across the result of an acquisition. These systems are designed
T.C. Chan (Chan): Rockwell Collins has a wide battle-space, from airborne applications to sur- to move very high bandwidth intensive data.
variety of technologies and solutions ranging face systems. This is the approach we take with Rockwell Collins continues to develop ad-
from encryption to anti-jamming solutions for organisations such as Special Operations in the vanced data compression technologies through

both voice and data radios. We can develop and US and other countries. We can take the same ap- our C3I (Command, Control, Communication &
deliver encryption and anti-jamming technolo- proach with India. Intelligence) organisation and our Advanced Tech-
gies that are indigenous to India and/or leverage SP’s: The fact that net-centricity is bandwidth nology Centre.
existing standard encryption technologies. hungry is well known. The US is already looking We are extremely committed to Research and
We specialise in helping achieve battle-space at a bandwidth of 1GB per second for a single Development (R&D) for ongoing innovation in
dominance and enhanced situational awareness, combat team. The Israelis may not be going in these new technologies. In fact, with nearly 20
delivering key intelligence and electronic warfare for SDRs (Software Defined Radios) per se, but per cent of our revenue going into R&D activities,
systems that operate across the full radio frequen- they are upgrading the capabilities of their ra- Rockwell Collins is considered an industry leader.
cy spectrum. Our solutions can be enhanced with dio sets to bring them at par with the futuristic In the US and Europe, we routinely cooperate
an extensive offering of capabilities—tailored to SDRs. How is Rockwell Collins looking at this and collaborate with government agencies to de-
the mission—to ensure secure and uninterrupted problem and what is the advice that you would termine the best solutions to meet specific defence
voice and data communications. like to give to the Indian Defence Forces in an needs. As head of the Asia Pacific region, it is an-
SP’s: While the need for separate Airborne and environment of limited spectrum resources? In other focus of mine to ensure that we are actively
Surface Solutions is well understood, are you this context, what is the research and develop- engaged and working closely with government
looking at exclusive solutions for Special Forc- ment being done by Rockwell Collins in respect working groups in Asia Pacific and India to deter-
es and even Airborne Forces, considering the to compression technologies, what are the cur- mine the best solutions for this region.

(Continued in SP’s Defexpo 2010 Show Daily 3, P10)

First Look: The MPVI Mahindra &

Continued from page 1
Mahindra’s Stable
paramilitary forces. The vehicle has been built on said, “The MPVI has been designed with more
Marksman: It is India’s first armoured
technology developed by BAE Systems and will of- seating offering from the joint venture company.
capsule based light bullet proof vehicle
fer high level of protection at a cost effective price. Using technology proven in BAE Systems’ RG se-
and is designed to provide protection to
Affording large seating capacity (18 seats), the ries of vehicles and Mahindra’s expert knowledge
paramilitary and Police forces against
MPVI is capable of safely transporting a complete of Indian requirements and conditions, we are
small arms fire and under belly grenade
operational team of army or police forces involved proud to provide the Indian defence sector with
attacks. It can be used in counter terror-
in anti-terrorist and anti-Naxal operations. High advanced yet affordable technology.”
ist and anti-Naxal operations as well as in
power to weight ratio and very high torque makes Andrew Gallagher, President, BAE Systems
more conventional roles such as armed
the vehicle suitable for Indian terrain, especially the India, said: “We are extremely proud to unveil the
reconnaissance and convoy protection.
mountainous region of Jammu and Kashmir and joint venture’s very first product which has been
the bumpy landscapes in Naxal dominated areas. tailor made for the Indian armed forces. The MPVI Up Armoured Scorpio: This ‘discreetly
protected’ Scorpio is ideal for VIP protec-

“The MPVI is relevant to the needs of our defence is based on BAE Systems’ three decades of protec-
forces today. Its enhanced protection technologies will tion experience that resulted in the highly success- tion as it offers both security and com-
protect the lives of more number of defence forces ful RG 31. The RG 31 has a proven track record and fort. The Up-Armoured Scorpio is already
from mines and roadside bomb attacks. It is critical is in service not only with the US, Canadian & UAE being used by the Indian armed forces
for India’s security and defence,” said Anand Mahin- defence forces, but also with the United Nations.” and other security forces of India as well
dra, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra Besides the MPVI, Faridabad-based Defence as for the protection of dignitaries.
& Mahindra. “We are also looking forward to devel- Land Systems India is focused on the manufacture Mahindra Axe: The Mahindra Axe Fast
oping the critical version of Bofors gun. The Bofors of up-armoured light vehicles, specialist military Attack Vehicle is a lightweight, high mobil-
controversy has become a past. It has had many in- vehicles, mine protected vehicles, artillery systems ity, high payload combat vehicle, designed
carnations and we have seen the power of the artillery and other selected land system weapons and the for use by Special Forces and for varied
during the Kargil war. We are proud to have it.” upgrades. It is intended to create a centre of excel- operational requirements.
Speaking on the occasion, Brigadier (Retd) K.A lence for artillery systems to meet the Indian Army’s
Hai, Chief Executive, Mahindra Defence Systems, needs for global exports. •

10 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

Hall 14

RF-7800S Secure Personal Radio

Lightweight, Secure, Connected.

Warfighters today need to stay in • Secure voice, data, and position
constant communication with their reporting for every team member
team members and commanders
while keeping focused on the mission. • Completely automatic and
hands-free operation
The RF-7800S provides full duplex
voice, GPS, and high speed data,
• Seamless voice/data integration
all in a compact encrypted system. with upper-echelon neworks

For more information, visit:
RF Communications • Government Communications Systems • Broadcast Communications

8-11.indd 11 2/15/10 12:16:13 AM

“Indo-US ties have been very strong at a people-to-people
level for decades. In the last few years, defence
ties have grown exponentially.”
—Dr Vivek Lall, VP & India Country Head, Boeing OEM SPEAK



tremendous potential in Indian market’

Dr Vivek Lall, Vice President and India Country Head, Boeing Defence, Space and
Security, elaborates on the concept of One Boeing and the company’s growing
involvement in space and homeland security
By Vishal Thapar

SP Guide Publications (SP’s): Does programme-specific joint R&D, of the Lall: Homeland security and space are two unexplored areas that have
type envisaged under the Defence Policy Group framework, look like a tremendous potential in the Indian market. We’ve renamed our Integrat-
possibility in the near future? ed Defence Systems business unit to Boeing Defence, Space & Security.
Dr Vivek Lall (Lall): That is always a possibility. The model set up in Bangalore We’ve developed homeland security technologies in the US and we’d like
is a collaborative research model. We’re working with industrial partners and to see where they fit in here in India, which has to secure vast borders.
entities like research laboratories. For instance, the Indian Institute of Science We have a programme in the US called the Southern Border Initiative,
is one of the eight university partners that we have worldwide. We’re working which is a very significant technology effort. We would like to explore
with industry and universities jointly on research for platforms of the future. areas where we can partner with India on homeland security needs. We
SP’s: Russia is engaging India in joint ventures to develop platforms of offer solutions for security at installations like nuclear power plants and
the future, like the Fifth Generation fighter and the multi-role transport airports. There could even be customised Boeing solutions for the police
aircraft. Could this close the doors for others in the market, like yourself, and coast guard.
at least in particular segments? SP’s: What about space?
Lall: I think the pie is getting bigger here. Industry analysts say it’s a $100 bil- Lall: We’re involved in the International Space Station, and also in the space
lion (Rs 4,62,850 crore) market over the next 10 years. The Boeing addressable shuttle programme, Delta rockets, the satellite business. There’s a huge
market itself is $31 billion (Rs 1,43,480 crore) over the same period. I think the amount of capability and talent and that goes back to the One Boeing enter-
pie is huge. Russia has been a trusted and respected partner for India for long, prise. We can leverage the best of Boeing and bring it to India.
and will continue to be so. We’re just looking for an opportunity to also partici- SP’s: Is the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) route being preferred for busi-
pate in India’s modernisation. I don’t necessarily view this as us versus them. ness with India?
SP’s: Would an MMRCA order for 126 aircraft or more be the kind of Lall: The P-8I is a direct commercial sale. Clearly, the C-17 is going down
litmus which could propel the Indo-US defence industrial relationship the path of FMS. There could be situations wherein there could be a hybrid
big time? of both models tried successfully in India.
Lall: If India picks up the F/A-18 E/F, it would be an iconic symbol of trust SP’s: Does politics still limit the potential of Indo-US defence trade?
and cooperation between India and the US for the next many decades. It Lall: Frankly, it’s a catalyst. Indo-US ties have been very strong at a people-
will also lead to a consortium of industries in the US and India to develop to-people level for decades. In the last few years, defence ties have grown
aerospace capabilities. We have tied up with 16 of our tier-1 suppliers. If you exponentially. Five years ago, it would have been unthinkable that a state-of-
look at the annual revenues, it is $454 million (Rs 2,100 crore). the-art F/A-18E/F would be competing for an Indian order. The P-8 will be
SP’s: Post-26/11, homeland and coastal security have been of vital inter- inducted into the Indian and US Navies around the same time. That speaks
est to India. Does this figure on Boeing’s business plans for India? of the strength of the relationship. •

Mahindra and BAE Systems’ Joint Venture

named Defence Land Systems India
ahindra & Mahindra Ltd and BAE to become an artillery centre of excellence in support the Indian Government’s aim of procur-
Systems Joint Venture Defence Com- India that covers not just manufacturing but ing 70 per cent of defence equipment domesti-
pany, has been named Defence Land development, testing and support. cally and see the establishment of this company
Systems India. Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman and as a major contribution towards this objective.
Deepak Chhibba and Arne Berglund will Managing Director, Mahindra Group, says, “As Defence Land Systems India will be head-
be Defence Land Systems India’s CEO and a fully operational joint venture, Defence Land quartered in New Delhi with manufacturing
Deputy CEO respectively. Deepak Chhibba Systems India will bring real and lasting value at a purpose built facility South of Faridabad,
was earlier EVP International Operations to India’s growing defence industry. BAE Sys- just outside of Delhi. Initially there will be
Mahindra & Mahindra and has over 32 years tems is the global number one land systems about 100 employees and existing projects
industrial experience. The newly appointed defence company. We are proud to have them include the Axe high mobility vehicle as well

Deputy CEO, Arne Berglund, was previously a as a partner in this joint venture and are con- as up-armored and bulletproof Scorpios, Bole-
director at BAE Systems, Global Combat Sys- fident of addressing the unique requirements ros, Rakshak, Rapid Intervention Vehicles and
tems, in the UK. of Indian defence and security forces with the Marksman light armored vehicle.
Defence Land Systems India is showcasing world class product offerings.” Approved by the Foreign Investment Pro-
an extensive portfolio of defence products and Guy Griffiths, Group Managing Director In- motion Board of the Government of India
services at India’s Defexpo 2010. A key project ternational, BAE Systems, said, “This Company (GoI), the parent companies’ initial invest-
is the development of a mine protected vehicle is founded with the express purpose of serving ment will be US$ 21.25 million over a three
specifically designed to meet the needs of the the Indian armed forces and the Indian economy year period. The company’s equity split will
Indian armed and paramilitary forces. In ad- through the creation of high quality jobs, the de- be 74 per cent Mahindra and 26 per cent
dition, it is anticipated that Defence Land Sys- velopment of innovative technologies and system BAE Systems, in accordance with the current
tems India will be involved in a number of fu- integration skills, and benefits from the leader- defence sector Foreign Direct Investment
ture artillery programmes, with the ambition ship of two world class companies. We firmly regulations of the GoI. •

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Precision Warfare

Combat-proven air power solutions

for mission success.

In combat, lives depend on equipment performance. Raytheon solutions have earned a trust from the warfighter
that is based on mission assurance, delivering proven performance in the most demanding conditions. As the
world leader in the design, development and production of a complete range of missile systems, Raytheon
provides combat-proven precision warfare solutions that offer superior reliability, dependability and capability.
It’s performance with NoDoubt , mission after mission, flight after flight.

© 2010 Raytheon Company. All rights reserved.
“Customer Success Is Our Mission” is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company.

BAE Systems completes


Indian Hawk aircraft deliveries

fter completing a flight development the first IAF Hawk to be built, has, for nearly gramme to start at the earliest.
contract for the Indian Air Force (IAF), three years served as a flight test platform The first Hawk was delivered to the IAF
BAE Systems has delivered the 24th and proving ground for the integration of in November 2007 and other than this final
and final UK built Indian Hawk. new systems and capabilities onto the IAF development aircraft, deliveries were com-
Following a 3,000 mile journey across Hawk fleet . pleted in 2008. Whilst this marks the com-
Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the HT001 was also a key component in pletion of aircraft deliveries by BAE Systems
aircraft, flown by BAE Systems test pilots, the programme, which saw the Indian Air to the Indian Air Force, we continue to pro-
arrived safely at Air Force Station Bidar to Force flying instructors train to teach stu- vide support services to the IAF, and work
join the rest of the Hawk fleet in delivering dent pilots on the Hawk. This programme closely with our industrial partners, HAL, in
fast jet training to the IAF. took place prior to the delivery of Hawks meeting the fast jet training needs of the In-
The aircraft, HT001, which was actually to India allowing the Indian training pro- dian Air Force. •

SELEX Galileo to lead Belgian Navy

UK MoD CDAS TD programme
orders Thales
ELEX Galileo, a Finmec-

canica Company, has
been awarded a 4-year
contract for the Common De-
fensive Aids System Technolo-
gy Demonstrator Programme
(CDAS TDP). This important

contract has been placed by hales Nederland has received a contract for two
the UK MoD to support the Seastar and Gatekeeper sensors, to be delivered
aims of the UK strategy for and installed on the two multi-purpose M-class
Air Platform Protection. frigates of the Belgian Navy.
The TDP will be led by The modernisation will take place in 2011 and 2013
SELEX Galileo, based at Lu- in the scope of the M-frigates’ upkeep programme.
ton in the UK. The DAS Con- The Seastar and Gatekeeper sensors provide the
troller and architecture will vessels with the capability to detect small targets en-
be developed from the Com- The outcome will be a coordinated, countered during missions, and to counter frontier-
pany’s combat-proven HIDAS system optimised response to threats based running, pollution, drugs trafficking and piracy. The
and subsequent DAS upgrade pro- on the various sensor and effector ca- two new sensors will be matched with the tried-and-
grammes on UK MoD helicopters. pabilities fitted to the platform. true SMART-S surveillance radar and the STIR weapon
The main goal of the CDAS strat- The architecture will be used to control radar that are on board of the M-frigates.
egy is to implement a coherent, cross- demonstrate additional operational Based on the cooperation between the Dutch and
platform approach to the acquisition capability that builds on the use of the Belgian Navy, this contract was already an option
and support of survivability equip- existing in-service equipment with in the contract that Thales concluded in 2008 with the
ment. The aim is to provide survivabil- the addition of new sub-systems, de- Royal Netherlands Navy, and that provided for the de-
ity according to the platform and role veloped such as SELEX Galileo’s new livery of the Seastar and Gatekeeper sensors to the two
while allowing capabilities to be easi- ECLIPSE Pointer Tracker and IRCM M-class frigates of the RNLN.
ly upgraded to address changes in the laser. The objectives are to demon- Seastar is a non-rotating active phased array radar
threat environment or obsolescence. strate, through bench and flight trials, for naval surface surveillance. The system automati-

In parallel, the strategy addresses the the combined and coordinated capa- cally detects and tracks asymmetric threats and very
needs to optimise through-life cost- bilities of missile warning systems, small objects such as swimmers and periscopes in all
effectiveness and provide UK with hostile fire indicators and Directed weather conditions. Seastar can also be used for heli-
operational sovereignty. Infra-Red Countermeasures (DIRCM). copter guidance.
The CDAS TDP will develop an ar- The award of this contract to Seastar is internationally marketed as Sea Watcher
chitecture that can easily integrate the SELEX Galileo is an important step 100.
different sensors and effectors that towards implementing the UK MoD’s Gatekeeper is a 360 degree panoramic electro-op-
may be required for a given platform strategy for Air Platform Protection tical surveillance and alerter system based on IR/TV
and role. A flexible, open-architecture whilst also giving an opportunity for technology. Designed to counter emerging asymmetric
approach with standardised interfac- the company’s involvement in the pro- threats down to small boats and swimmers, Gatekeeper
es will be developed, together with a gramme to cooperate and demonstrate increases short-range situational awareness in littoral
common approach to programming. the capabilities of their products. • environments. •

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that will coordinate missions
on land and in the air for
the U.S. Army’s Movement
Tracking System.

Mission-critical situations demand ultra-rugged, battle-tested computers. The DRS

Joint Platform Tablet (JPT) military rugged tablet (MRT) delivers that and more. The
MRT has a proven track record for withstanding the harshest conditions – 1,298
days in the field and counting. With the flexibility to be hard-mounted or dismounted,
it’s joint-ready whenever you are. No wonder it’s already the rugged computing tablet
of choice by 9 programs and counting in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps.
For more information, visit


Advanced Combat Air Power

oday, global air forces face unprec- tinuously optimises performance of existing aperture maps, the APG-79 radar system is
edented challenges in maintaining systems, incorporating maturing technologies changing the rules of aerial warfare.
a viable tactical air fleet. Around when they’re ready. Super Hornet has and In addition, a low radar cross-section, com-
the world, more than 2,500 fight- will dominate identified threats for decades to bined with a highly effective, fully integrated
er aircraft are at the end of their come through planned and funded growth. electronic warfare suite, the powerful AESA
service life. Since 2004, the air forces of NATO The Super Hornet Block II currently per- radar, and long-range precision-guided weap-
have retired two fifths of their aircraft, result- forms a full spectrum of traditional and non- ons, make the Super Hornet extremely effec-
ing in a current fleet of approximately 1,300 traditional tactical missions: tive and difficult to detect by airborne or sur-
aircraft remaining by 2010. • Air superiority face threats.
Recapitalisation budgets remain stretched. • Precision day/night, long-range, all- The Super Hornet features extreme agil-
The cost of ownership in tactical aviation has weather strike ity and maneuverability that give the aircraft
risen to unprecedented heights due to the high • Land/maritime strike exceptional ability to dominate combat en-
operating and support costs of older aircraft • Anti-piracy gagements at any range. Long range and long
and the high acquisition cost of new-gen- • Fighter escort loiter times with large and varied weapons
eration aircraft. In the effort to renew assets • Close air support loads also offer persistence over the battlefield
with next-generation systems and capabili- • Suppression/destruction of enemy air for lethal reach and power projection. In ad-
ties, most new-aircraft acquisition and design defense dition, a fully integrated defensive electronic
programmes promise much, but become over- • Reconnaissance countermeasures system, two engines, rugged
whelmed with challenges to budgets, schedule, • Non-traditional intelligence, surveillance airframe, self-compensating flight controls and
and technology. As a consequence, the warf- and reconnaissance (ISR) redundant systems make the Super Hornet
ighter continues to operate aging equipment • Tactical air refueling highly survivable and incredibly safe.
with reduced capability while always looking The Super Hornet’s highly advanced inte- The Super Hornet also provides all-weather,
ahead to promised capability. grated sensor and information suite collects day or night tactical reconnaissance and obser-
The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet delivers an and fuses all active, passive, and defensive vation that can be shared real-time with other
outstanding solution to these challenges today. data from off-board sources and advanced on- aircraft or the command and control infrastruc-
Fully equipped and qualified with next- board sensors. The aircrew receives the infor- ture. This enhanced situational awareness en-
generation technology and capability, the mation in an intuitive and actionable format ables the force to find and destroy elusive tar-
Super Hornet is operating around the world for enhanced situational awareness, mission gets. In the two-seat “F” model, cockpits can be
and offers a nation’s fighting force the widest effectiveness, and high survivability. The in- de-coupled to provide even more simultaneous
range of capability, and the most affordable, formation also can be transmitted off-board to mission capability over a wider range.
low-risk solution to a growing capability gap command and control units or other airborne The Super Hornet will be a front-line
in tactical aviation. assets for greater force capability. fighter for the next four decades for the U.S.

Here’s what the Super Hornet is delivering Operational today, the APG-79 AESA radar Government and international allies. Its well-
today: The Super Hornet is a true model for de- system is at the heart of the Block II Super defined technology insertion road map – “The
fence acquisition with more than 420 aircraft Hornet’s sensor suite. It enables employment Flight Plan” – ensures continuous, low-risk
delivered, all on a budget and on or ahead of of precision weapons at long ranges in any capability enhancements to keep it current
schedule. The Super Hornet is highly support- weather. The agile and highly reliable APG- and combat-relevant during its service life.
able, and available today with an advanced de- 79 enables simultaneous air-to-air and air- With upcoming threat-based upgrades, such
sign built with Lean manufacturing processes, to-ground and maritime combat operations, as a passive Infrared Search and Track sys-
automated logistics, low maintenance, reduced guiding weapons to multiple targets in widely tem that can increase precision and multi-
life cycle costs and US Government support be- spaced azimuth, elevation and range. targeting capability, and ever-increasing in-
yond 2035. Whether engaging moving ground targets, formation sharing, the Block II Super Hornet
In addition, the Super Hornet employs an providing electronic jamming, communicating, will be the warfighting commander’s strike
evolutionary approach to growth that con- or making extremely high-resolution synthetic platform of choice for decades to come. •

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Towards a safer world

T-129 AW101

As a global leader in helicopters, AgustaWestland offers you complete solutions designed specifically
for you and your mission. From vertical lift support of military and police forces to corporate and offshore
transport, to the demands of disaster relief, SAR and air medical operations.

AgustaWestland develops solutions for you.


AW119 starts RSH trials

he AgustaWestland AW119 has
started a series of demonstrations
before the Indian Armed Force as
part of the evaluation process for
the Indian Ministry of Defence’s
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Helicopter
(RSH) programme. The AW119 has already
demonstrated its exceptional performance with
operators around the world where the air-
craft’s rotor system and powerful engine give
it unrivalled hot and high performance in its
class. AgustaWestland spokesperson said, “The
AW119 meets and in some cases exceeds the
Indian Armed Forces mission requirements for

a high performance, multi-role light helicopter

and this will be demonstrated to the Armed
Forces in the coming months. Its class leading
performance, cabin space and payload we be-
lieve will make it a very strong contender in the
RSH competition.” the AW119 also has a large equipment compart- AW119 has built in “fail safe” design and dual
The AW119 features eight seats, six of which ment behind the cabin that is 2.3 metres long. redundancy of all critical systems.
are located in the 3.45 cubic metre wide body The AW119 can be flown single or dual pilot The AW119 has a four blade main rotor fea-
cabin, which can alternatively accommodate two in VFR and IFR conditions. The advanced “glass” turing a titanium rotor hub with elastomeric
medical litters plus attendants. The AW119 not cockpit also features a four-axis autopilot, which bearings giving low vibration levels across the
only boasts the largest cabin of any single-en- is an advantage while conducting high altitude speed range as well as an aerodynamic damp-
gine helicopter in its class but also one that has mountain flying. The aircraft can be configured ening effect in windy conditions. The composite
easy access via two large sliding doors and that to accommodate a wide range of mission sen- rotor blades and engine power give the AW119
is easily reconfigurable between roles without sors and weapons systems and aircrew and pas- a maximum speed of 152 knots making it one of
the need to use any tools. In addition to its cabin, sengers will also be pleased to know that the the fastest single engine helicopters around. •

SELEX Galileo to build on

strategic partnerships with India
By Ruchika Chawla

ELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Com- included a repair facility and the training of equipment can be linked together within a
pany, regards the Indian market as Indian personnel. common tactical network.
an important strategic area and a key SELEX Galileo is currently pursuing oppor- One solution is the battle-proven Laser
growth opportunity. The Company is tunities in the maritime patrol and surveillance Inertial Navigation and Pointing System (LIN-
working closely with the Defence Research & domain, related to retrofit programmes for the APS) which provides pin-point navigation and
Development Agencies in India and with Indi- Sea King and Kamov-28 helicopters of the Indian pointing accuracy for artillery and is in service,
an industries in order to jointly collaborate in Navy. The Company’s ATOS (Airborne Tactical and in theatre, with several armed forces. The
the creation of new products and capabilities Observation and Surveillance) system provides Company’s other solutions include modular
both for the armed forces of India and for the wide area and targeted surveillance (overt or co- and proven 3rd Generation Fire Control Sys-

wider export market. vert), anti-submarine warfare and environmen- tems, the electro-optic suite for the dismounted
At the upcoming DEFEXPO 2010, SELEX tal and border control. ATOS can be integrated soldier, and the acoustic hostile locator HALO.
Galileo will be pursuing opportunities con- with Seaspray, the Company’s cutting edge Ac- To provide a solid base for the growth of
nected with the need to modernise existing tive Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar the Company’s Electronic Warfare and Protec-
platforms with next-generation sensor systems technology. For Unmanned Aerial Systems and tion business in India, SELEX Galileo last year
focusing on Surveillance, Protection, Land & for helicopters, SELEX Galileo offers the smaller, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with
Battlespace and Simulation & Training. lighter PicoSAR AESA radar, which provides an BEL to explore EW-related business opportu-
SELEX Galileo has a significant heritage unrivalled all weather capability. nities for the Indian market. The Company is
in working with India, delivering a number In the Land & Battlespace sector, SELEX currently promoting the combat-proven HIDAS
of the Company’s most successful products. Galileo is also pursuing various programmes defensive aid suite that delivers world-class
These have ranged from protection systems for the upgrading of armoured vehicles as well protection for helicopters, as well as radar de-
and ESM to Precision Approach Radar and tar- as those for the enhancement of land troops’ coys for naval vessels and aircraft such as the
get drones. Activities in the country have also awareness, effectiveness and protection where Eurofighter Typhoon. •

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‘Our objective
is to expand our
role as training
systems integrator or NEWS DIGEST
defence forces’

Martin Gagne, Group President,

Rotorcraft in Afghanistan
Military Products, Training & Services, CAE

BY BRIAN NELSON, Head, International Communications–India, Boeing Defense Space & Security

flew to Southern Afghanistan in in, Brown says, “the footprint on the
February 2009 as a guest of the ground can go from nothing to 200
UK Joint Helicopter Command. within seconds.”
I was immediately struck by the Perhaps the most critical role for
harsh conditions on the ground. helicopters, in the eyes of those in the
Although Kandahar’s rolling sands fight, may be medical evacuation of the
are beautiful when seen from the air, injured and wounded. Here, too, the
Afghan roads are generally poor, sand Chinook won praise.
is everywhere, and danger is as close “Its maneuverability is fantas-
as the rocket that struck Kandahar Air tic,” said RAF Flight Lt. Andy Smith, a
Field shortly before my arrival. paramedic. “Out here it is really a hot
The next impression was of the environment. And that’s ‘hot’ with en-
enormity of the efforts mounted by emy fire. And so the aircraft is the best

the NATO-led coalition. Kandahar Air you can have really for maneuvering
Field, for example, is no field. It is a around the sky. And for patients, for
small city bustling with troops from casualties, it’s the biggest helicopter
a multitude of nations and an abun- we’ve got for carrying the amounts of
dance of some very big military machinery, from liteness would give way to at least some small patients we have to sometimes.”
tanks to jets to helicopters and transport planes. gripes about the Boeing aircraft. So I began with, RAF Sgt. Mark Gamson told me about a med-
My third impression, constantly confirmed, “Just give me the unvarnished truth about the ical evacuation with six civilian casualties in the
was of the urgent and compelling need for he- Chinook and Apache and how they are perform- back and Taliban gunfire puncturing the outer
licopters to safely travel across this rugged, war- ing, good and bad.” What came back, time and body of his Chinook.
battered country. again, was high praise. “It caused damage to the forward part of the
“The mission in Afghanistan is utterly reliant, For example, Australian Lt. Col. Peter Steel fuselage. We returned fire with the mini-guns at-
utterly reliant on the capabilities that the heli- of the 50 Aviation Wing called the Chinook “the tached to the aircraft,” he said. “Silenced the ene-
copter brings,” said Royal Air Force (RAF) Group weapon of choice. Everybody wants a Chinook my position and returned to the hospital here. All
Capt. Andy Turner, Commander, Joint Aviation because it’s the thing that can operate here high the casualties survived, which the doctors were
Group (JAG) Afghanistan. “Whether it’s move- and hot and heavy. It’s guaranteed.” more or less certain they wouldn’t have done un-
ment over the terrain, or providing fire support And what about the Canadians? less they were medevac’d out. And it was good
to those on the ground, or providing reassurance, In early 2009, the Canadian contingent in the Chinook was taking hits and it actually con-
the helicopter is the critical enabler for the pursu- Southern Afghanistan received six Chinooks pur- tinued to fly with no major problem.”
ance and success of the operation here. Without chased from the U.S. Army. Their pilots couldn’t Generally, transport helicopters need some
it, it would simply grind to a halt,” he added. have been happier. cover, some “muscle,” as they race into and out of
Echoing Turner was RAF Squadron Leader “It’s an unbelievably capable aircraft. It lifts the battlefield. In Southern Afghanistan, muscle
Dave Marsden. a ton of weight. It flies faster than anything we usually comes in the form of two heavily armed
“We use the rotorcraft to improve the safety have,” said Corp. Chris Sample Boeing Apache gunships. The Apache, flown by
of our troops when they’re moving around,” said The British, with more experience on the Chi- the British Army and the United States, is also
Marsden. “Obviously, one of the biggest threats to nook and somewhat more detachment, were still one of the essential assets the Dutch bring to the
our guys on the ground is from the IED [impro- equal in their praise. Afghan fight, usually dispatched in pairs to ride
vised explosive device] threat.” “It’s invaluable,” said RAF Squadron Leader “shotgun” for the more lightly armed Chinook
The United Kingdom’s fleet of Boeing CH-47 Johnny Priest, whose team flies the Chinook daily and other transport helicopters.
Chinooks here is paired with other UK assets, into the Afghan mountains. “Without it, some of “Usually the best thing to bring to the nego-
such as the Boeing AgustaWestland Apache and the guys in some of the sites ... certainly if they’re tiation table, as we always call it, is the Apache,”
the Royal Navy’s Sea Kings, and with helicopters higher up in the heat of the summer ... would re- said Pellemans, the Dutch commander. “With its
from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands ally struggle to get the resupplies that they need. looks, the sound it makes, it’s very clear to people
and Australia, under a joint international com- It just couldn’t be done. It would have to be done that it means business.”
mand. by road, which is too dangerous. So you have to Sgt. Mark Springhall, a British Army avionics
“It’s like this big melting pot from which you have the Chinook here.” technician, said “the ground force would prefer
make it happen,” said Col. Bas Pellemans, who What sets the Chinook apart as an integral to call in the Apache than anything else because

commands the Dutch Air Task Force. “Some na- cog in the Afghanistan conflict is its ability to lift they are pinpoint accurate. You know, they don’t
tions have intelligence information. Other nations up to 24,000 pounds of food, supplies and am- make very many mistakes. And they can pick out
bring in transport helicopters. Other nations munition high up in the Afghan mountains, even individual snipers.”
bring in assault helicopters.” in the extreme heat of summer. Add to that its The Apache’s “muscle” is made up of laser,
Attempting to win honest opinions about ability to fly over IED-laden roads and to rapidly infrared, and other advanced visual systems, and
your company’s products can sometimes be a insert troops into, and extract them out of, the a combination of laser-guided precision Hellfire
challenge. Here I was, a “Boeing reporter,” with combat zone. missiles, 70mm rockets, and a 30mm automatic
a video camera, microphones, lights and tripod. One pilot, RAF Flight Lt. Hanna Brown, told cannon. “So they keep an eye on us,” UK Chinook
When the camera light goes on, most people be- me nothing changes the battlefield dynamics Loadmaster Sgt. Mark Gamson said. “And if there
ing interviewed will lean toward politeness. And like the sudden appearance of a Chinook full of are any problems at all, they obviously have the
for a while, that is what I thought I was getting: troops.“It is a force multiplier more than any- capability, being an Apache gunship, to take out
simple politeness. Sooner or later, I reasoned, po- thing,” she said. When the Chinooks are sent whatever the problem is.”
(Continued in SP’s Defexpo 2010 Show Daily 3, P20)

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Oto Melara
Inks contract worth
around 20 million
euros for 81 HITROLE
Light turrets
to Melara, a Finmecca- tiveness and diminishing risks
nica company, signed a to personnel. The contract also
contract worth around includes technical assistance.
20 million euro with Italy’s Oto Melara was selected by
Ministry of Defence - General Italy’s Ministry of Defence fol-
Directorate of Terrestrial Arma- lowing an international tender
ments to supply 81 HITROLE that began in July this year. The
Light turrets. first turret will be delivered for
The HITROLE turrets will operational testing four months
be used to equip a number of from the contract registration,
the Lince vehicles currently while a large number of the
employed in Afghanistan, thus turrets will be delivered by the
increasing operational effec- second half of 2010. • nothing comes close


Marine Systems
A tradition of technical
ne tradition inspires the command units, TKMS ships
German and Swedish are tough and smart. They unite
shipyards of ThyssenK- quality with innovation, deliv-
rupp Marine Systems – the tra- ering consistent technological
dition of technical excellence advantages to navies who know
since over 700 years. that when the chips are down,
From 200 to over 20,000 there can be nothing better.
tonnes, ThyssenKrupp Marine ThyssenKrupp Marine Sys-
Systems (TKMS) builds the best tems, which employs about

warships in the world. Trusted 8,000 people in its shipyards,

by the German Navy and 20 sis- belongs to one of the world’s
ter navies internationally to win leading technology and services
at sea, ships designed and built companies, Germany’s Thyssen-
by TKMS provide high technol- Krupp AG.
ogy solutions for the defence of Uniting the famous yards of
national sovereignty in every Blohm + Voss and Kockums with
part of the world. combat systems house Atlas
From Fast and Offshore Pa- Elektronik means ThyssenKrupp
trol Vessels and Light Corvettes Marine Systems has the ships,
to Frigates, Multirole Helicop- the systems, and the solutions
ter Docks, and projection and for navies around the world. •

Raytheon ATFLIR
marks 500,000
flight hours
aytheon Company’s Advanced Target- ing and targeting capabilities,” says
ing Forward Looking Infrared pod has Tim Carey, vice president for Intel-
marked more than 500,000 hours of ligence, Surveillance and Recon-
operational flight on the US Navy F/A-18 Su- naissance Systems. “The ATFLIR
per Hornet. Known as ATFLR, the targeting programme represents a capability

pod provides pinpoint accuracy and real-time that promotes Raytheon’s reputa-
target assessment from long standoff ranges. tion as a technology leader. With
In coordination with the Navy, Raytheon more than 500,000 operational
has continually improved performance and flight hours, our targeting pod has increases targeting accuracy while minimis-
added advanced capabilities to the targeting proudly supported the Navy warfighter in op- ing the potential for collateral damage.
pod. ATFLIR allows target recognition and erations around the world,” he adds. “This milestone represents a true team ef-
tracking at altitudes and ranges substantially Manufactured by Raytheon Space and fort between government and industry,” says
greater than those of other targeting systems. Airborne Systems, ATFLIR is a high-technol- Cmdr. Frank Morely, deputy programme man-
It remains the only targeting pod certified for ogy subsystem that replaced three separate ager, F/A-18 and EA-18 programme office.
operation on US naval aircraft carriers. legacy F/A-18 pods. It incorporates an inno- “There is no combat system on the F/A-18
“The ATFLIR pod system offers the warf- vative common optical path and continuous used more in today’s operations than the AT-
ighter advanced integrated diagnostic, track- auto-boresight technology that significantly FLIR,” he adds. •

22 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

at D e us
hall xpo,
stan 12
d 12 ,

Your naval partner

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Elettronica: Effective

need of the armed forces of France, Italy, Ger-

many and the Netherlands for a medium-weight
helicopter, for naval, tactical and utility use. In
2001, a contract was signed for the production

& Enduring E-defence

of more than 200 Tactical Transport Helicopters
and nearly 100 NATO Frigate Helicopters (NFH)
during the first phase.
ELT’s Participation: ELT obtained the contract for
development and production of the ESM systems

for the NFH variant, winning a competition open
ne of the leading European compa- to European companies specialised in Electronic
nies engaged in design and produc- Surveillance Systems.
tion of defence electronic equipment The system, named DETE-90, or more techni-
and systems since 1951. Elettronica cally ALR-733V(4), represents the most advanced
(ELT) can lay claim a unique experi- version of the similar ELT system already supplied
ence in research, development and production, for maritime patrol aircraft and naval helicopters,
thereby being capable of providing reliable so- with enhanced surveillance (ESM), self-defence
lutions to the diverse requirements of a modern (RWR) and tactical analysis (ELINT) capabilities.
war environment over land, sea and air. Proof of
ELT’s success lies in the fact that its products are Multi-Role Combat Aircraft
employed by the armed forces of 28 countries in ELT has participated in a number of combat
five continents, and by its active participation in aircraft programmes, like the Tornado and Ty-
several international aeronautical, helicopter and phoon. The Typhoon (formerly European Fighter
naval programmes. In addition to its headquarters Aircraft) programme is the result of a multina-

in Rome, Italy, ELT owns a company in Germany, tional agreement involving UK, Germany, Italy
‘Elettronica GmbH’, and commercial offices in and Spain for the development of a “highly-agile”
Munich (Germany), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emir- air superiority fighter for use in the operational
ates, or UAE) and Delhi (India). scenarios of the first decades of the 21st century.
It entered service in 2003.
Aims & objectives ELT’s Participation: The Eurofighter Typhoon
Supremacy: Achieve supremacy by denying the is equipped with a computerised electronic de-
enemy free use of electromagnetic emissions, VITAL CONTRIBUTIONS: ELT ACTIVELY PARTICIPATES IN fence sub-system, the Defensive Aids Sub-Sys-
while retaining their use to own advantage. EUROFIGHTER (ABOVE) AND EH101 (TOP) tem (DASS), which allows the aircraft to evaluate
Electromagnetic scenario: The electronic de- the air-to-air and air-to-surface tactical situation
fence sector, which aims to gain supremacy in and to respond automatically, with the most ap-
the so-called “electromagnetic scenario”, has (RWR), Electronic propriate ECM, also in case of multiple threats.
been ELT’s main area of interest for more than Support Measures (ESM), Electronic Intelli- The DASS system includes front and rear Mis-
half-a-century. gence (ELINT) sile Approach Warning System, Electronic Coun-
Reliable response to customer requirements: • Active Equipment and Decoys — Electronic ter measures, Electronic Support Measures and
ELT defines and develops new technologies and Countermeasures (ECM) Towed Decoys, produced by the four companies
programs for electronic defence, producing sys- • Simulation Facilities belonging to the Eurodass Consortium: Selex
tems with the technical capability of satisfying the • Defence Electronics Mission Planning Galileo Ltd (UK), ELT (Italy), Indra (Spain) and
operational requirements of its customers, such • Integrated Systems EADS (Germany). These are complemented by a
as intelligence, tactical sensors, self-defence, Sup- Chaff and Flare dispenser and, in the UK variant,
pression of Enemy Air Defences, mutual and re- Qualified personnel by a Laser Warning Receiver.
mote defence products. The company qualified personnel are as follows:
Customer’s Self-Sufficiency: The operational • Engineering – 38 per cent Mirage 2000: ELT was also involved in moder-
functions are supplemented by a series of support • Production – 39 per cent nising the EW component of the Mirage 2000–9
activities, such as training, tactical and scenario • Services/others – 23 per cent of UAE with a system, known as the Integrated
simulators, and mission planning, that provide Multimission Electronic Warfare System, con-
users with a fully Self-sufficient operational and Helicopter Programmes sisting of two sub-systems integrated into the
technical-logistic support. The Company has participated in important heli- M-2000 platform.
copter programmes like EH101 and NH90. Main
Associated companies details are as follows: Horizon Frigate: Horizon is a collaboration pro-
(since December 31, 2008) EH101: The EH101 programme started in March gramme that commenced in 1993 involving UK,
Companies in which ELT holds an interest are as 1984, following an agreement between the Ital- Italy and France, with the objective of develop-
follows: ian and UK governments to supply their navies ing and constructing a Common New Genera-
• 30 per cent participation in LNX located in US with new helicopters to replace the old Sea King tion Frigate. It entered service between 2006 and
and deals with Hi-Tec Components and Market- platforms. 2009. Designed for zone defence, the Horizon
ing Support. ELT’s Participation: ELT gave its contribution by frigate can be employed both for patrol missions

• 49 per cent in a joint venture with ELTBAT lo- providing its ALR-735: an ESM/RWR system for and to escort High Value Targets.
cated in UAE and deals with Logistic Support the interception, localisation and identification of ELT’s Participation: The Electronic Defence Sys-
and Business Development. e.m. emissions. The ALR-735 contributes signifi- tem is the result of a collaboration between ELT
• 26 per cent in a joint venture with AEDS located cantly to the achievement of excellent operational and Thales Sistèmes Aéroportés S.A.. The system
in India and deals with Electronic Warfare (EW) performances in search, surveillance and intelli- takes advantage of the most recent technologi-
System Design and Production. gence missions, as well as to the protection of the cal developments in the ESM and ECM sectors
platform. The other variants, such as the Utility and today represents the most advanced ship-
Products & services and its derivatives, the Amphibious Support and borne EW system available on the international
• Tactical and Strategic Surveillance CSAR, will also benefit from the addition of a self- market. ELT has also participated in other naval
• Platform Self-Protection defence system developed by ELT. programmes, like Baynunah, Carrier ‘Caviour’ of
• Operational and Logistic Support the Italian Navy and FREMM programme of the
• Passive Equipment—Radar Warning Receiver NH-90: This programme originated from the Italian and French navies.
(Continued in SP’s Defexpo 2010 Show Daily 3, P24)

24 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


EADS Defence & Security in India

ADS Defence & Security (DS) has always In 2008, DS has been awarded with India’s
considered India as a fast growing market first major public safety TETRA network contract
with an expanding defence and security in- by the Andhra Pradesh police. The new network
dustry which offers excellent opportunities will cover the region of Cyberabad, the high-tech
for partnerships. Therefore, DS is fully committed to hub that surrounds the city of Hyderabad. In 2009,
invest in India’s industry and people and is ready to DS signed a contract to deploy a modern TETRA
listen and learn from its Indian customers. The inter- radio network to secure the Indian Parliament. DS
national defence exhibition Defexpo 2010 provides has teamed up with its local partner Sanchar Tele-
an excellent occasion for DS to demonstrate its capa- systems Limited to provide the Indian Parliament
bilities, technologies and explore new opportunities with a digital, GPS-based, encrypted communica-
for business with India. Already existing partnerships tion system. •
with R&D organisations such as the
Defence Research and Development
Organisation (DRDO) and Defence Avi-
onics Research Establishment (DARE)
build a solid basis to expand future
partnerships with Indian companies.
As another step to enhance its indus-
trial footprint in this important growth
market, DS created EADS DS India Pri- Reporting for Duty
vate Limited.
The Class 214 submarine. Powered by Fuel Cells.
One of the major programmes
For very much extended submerged operations.
is the Eurofighter Typhoon which is
developed and manufactured by Ale- Robust and reliable. Stealthy. Deep diving
nia Finmeccanica (Italy), BAE Systems capabilities. State of the Art.
(UK) and EADS (Germany, Spain). With Multi-mission/ISR roles.
more than 700 orders from six custom-
ers (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain,
Italy, Austria, Saudi Arabia) and over
200 deliveries, Eurofighter Typhoon is
fully operational and a mature weapon
programme. Most impressive key fea-
ture of the Eurofighter Typhoon is its
multi and swing-role capability, which
provides military commanders with
enormous flexibility. On behalf of the
Eurofighter consortium, DS submitted
the bid proposal for Medium Multi Role
Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition
on 28 April 2008 and its offset offer on
4 August 2008. The Field Evaluation
Programme for Eurofighter Typhoon
started in November 2009 with train-
ing sessions of Indian pilots in Germa-
ny. In February-March 2010, combat
aircraft of the German Air Force will
demonstrate its operational capabili-
ties in Bangalore, Lehel and Jaisalmer.
DS acted as the design and integra-
tion authority to the Indian Army for its
test bed system called Parikshak. This
system is being used to help investigate
the capabilities that could be delivered
for the new Tactical Communications
System (TCS) project. In addition on
the 16 February 2008, DS and TATA
announced the formation of a new
partnership to bid for the TCS project.
In the global security market, DS pos-
sesses the capabilities to provide inte-
grated border and coastal surveillance ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems
as well as large event security solu-
tions. To support the ongoing Network
Enhanced Capabilities transformation
within the Indian Armed Forces, DS
is committed to establishing partner- tk
ships with local industries.

25 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

“CAE India has teamed with TATA Advanced Systems to develop
a comprehensive T-90 and T-72 tank training systems, which we
have proposed to the Indian Army and will market globally.”
—Martin Gagne, Group President, CAE OEM SPEAK

‘Our objective is to expand


our role as training systems

integrator for defence forces’
MARTIN GAGNE, Group President,
Military Products, Training & Services, CAE

operational success. As decision makers face ever prehensive T-90 and T-72 tank training systems,
more complex environments, simulation is seen which we have proposed to the Indian Army and
as an enabling technology for better and timelier will be marketing globally. CAE India has provid-
decision making. ed the Indian Navy with an Action Speed Tacti-
SP’s: Has the world’s economic crisis impacted cal Trainer (ASTT), which is a naval wargaming
CAE’s military business over the past year? system. We are also working closely with the In-
Gagne: CAE’s military business has actually expe- dian Air Force developing two Dornier DO-228

rienced solid growth in the recent years. At a mac- flight training devices, one MiG-21M fixed base
ro-level, simulation offers a number of advantages simulator, and a C-130J full-mission simulator.
SP’s: How would you describe CAE’s position that address an ever-increasing global threat level Finally, we have a joint venture with HAL called
in the Military market in the domain of model- and new economic constraints that are pressuring the Helicopter Academy to Train by Simulation of
ing, simulation and training? top-line defence spending. The cost savings from Flying (HATSOFF) that will open the first simula-
Martin Gagne (Gagne): CAE is somewhat the use of modeling and simulation is consider- tor training facility in India for helicopter pilots
unique and the focus of the entire company is able. The cost of fuel, detrimental environmental later this year.
modeling, simulation and training. We invest a impacts, and significant wear and tear on weapon SP’s: What is one of your primary objectives in
significant amount on R&D specific to this niche, systems all point to the greater use of simulation the Military market?
and there are opportunities to leverage technolo- and synthetic training. Equally important as a Gagne: One of our primary objectives is to ex-
gies between the civil and military markets. We market driver, the current state of simulation is pand our role as a training systems integrator for
announced last year a $714 million R&D pro- so highly realistic that it has become an integral defence forces. Military forces around the world
gramme called Project Falcon, which will expand tool for mission preparation and rehearsal. India’s must adapt to budgetary constraints, operational
CAE’s current modeling and simulation technolo- defence forces are in a perfect position to extend demands, personnel shortages, new threats, com-
gies and increase its capabilities beyond train- their use of simulation to help ensure the readi- plex weapon systems, evolving operational doc-
ing into other areas of the aerospace and defence ness of India’s defence forces as they face new and trines, and shifting priorities. All of these issues
market, such as analysis and operations. Impor- changing threats. can impact training capabilities and ultimately,
tantly, we leverage our global footprint to bring SP’s: What kind of presence does CAE have in the readiness of those in uniform. These issues
our modeling and simulation technologies into India? have led a number of militaries to look to pri-
regional markets, which we are doing for India Gagne: CAE has a significant presence in India vate industry for the provision of turnkey train-
through CAE India Pvt Ltd. A good example is that includes more than 300 employees serv- ing services. This offers the military customer a
CAE’s Augmented Visionics System (AVS), a tech- ing both the defence and civil aviation markets. cost-effective means to producing tactically and
nology enabling a pilot to take off and land safely We have established regional operations in key technically proficient as well as mission-ready
even when visibility outside the cockpit is re- markets around the world so that we can bet- warfighters. By leveraging simulation-based tech-
stricted. Another example is the CAE-developed ter serve customers from a local base, while still nology and shifting training system accountability
Common Database (CDB), which was originally leveraging the global breadth and capability of to private industry, militaries are able to focus on
developed for the United States Special Opera- the entire company. Our regional operations are operational demands and requirements.
tions Command and we are now leveraging in located in Canada, the United States, Germany, CAE is an ideal partner for militaries and
the global market to significantly enhance mis- the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and major weapon system original equipment manu-
sion rehearsal capabilities. These are examples India. In 2007, we acquired Macmet Technolo- facturers (OEMs) seeking a training system inte-
of the kind of technology and innovation CAE can gies, the leading military simulation company in grator. We are a company focused on simulation
bring to market so defence force can better use India. We now call this division CAE India Pvt and training delivery with the requisite expe-
simulation to enhance safety, efficiency, and mis- Ltd and they are charged with bringing the full rience, skills, and capability to design training
sion readiness. breadth of CAE’s simulation capabilities to the programmes, develop and support the complex
SP’s: Where do you see growth in the Military Indian defence market. integrated ground-based training system and
market for modeling and simulation? SP’s: What are some of your current military training environment, and, where applicable,

Gagne: Traditionally, modeling and simulation programmes in India? manage or even provide the associated live train-
(M&S) has been used to support training. This spe- Gagne: CAE India is currently working on a ing assets. For example, last year CAE signed a
cific application is well understood and employed range of projects for the Indian Armed Forces, as contract with the Government of Canada to be
by militaries and civilian agencies around the well as projects for various laboratories belong- the Operational Training Systems Provider for
world. However, we see significant growth in tak- ing to the Defence Research and Development Canada’s new fleet of C-130J transport aircraft
ing the simulation out of the simulator and apply- Organisation (DRDO). For example, we are de- and CH-47 heavy-lift helicopters. Under this
ing simulation across the programme lifecycle, in- veloping an integrated Arjun tank simulator for programmeme, CAE will serve as the training
cluding support for analysis and operations. When the Combat Vehicle Research and Development systems integrator for providing comprehensive
you consider the increasing complexity of network Establishment (CVRDE) and a missile simulator aircrew training services over the next 20 years.
centric operations where multiple systems from for the Defence Research Development Labora- This type of approach to turnkey training deliv-
multiple nations will operate together in a mission tory (DRDL). CAE India has teamed with TATA ery would work well in many parts of the world,
context, modeling and simulation will enable their Advanced Systems Limited to develop a com- including India. •

26 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

Defence Research and Development Organisation
Ministry of Defence
DRDO Bhawan, Rajaji Marg,New Delhi 110105,

The F/A-18IN
Super Hornet
The Ever-Evolving
Multi-Role Strike
Boeing Military Aircraft

he “F/A-18IN Super Hornet” is well as advanced avionics and weapons. Its aerospace evolution, the Super Hornet
the name given to the advanced, capabilities were extended from air-to-air to might rightfully come to stand as a symbol
in-production multi-role com- also include air-to-ground and night combat of growing India-US ties. From the govern-
bat fighter that offers the In- missions, as well as air superiority. Added to ment-to-government level down to where
dian Air Force next-generation that is the tanking ability that allows the Super defense companies such as Boeing are
capabilities today. The “IN” designation Hornet to serve as a flying gas station. building relationships with the Ministry of
(for India) reveals how much this Boeing Since the Super Hornet entered service Defense and Indian industry, this evolution
product will reflect the Indian content to be in 1999, more than 400 aircraft have been has been remarkable. And looking ahead,
woven into the existing muscle and sinew delivered to the US Navy, all of them on cost, it can only get better.
of this backbone of the US Navy. and on or ahead of schedule. Recently, the As continuous insertion of advanced
Boeing’s Super Hornet is truly a study in first of 24 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets des- technology ensures the Super Hornet will
evolution. Having as its genus the Hornet, a tined for the Royal Australian Air Force remain an integral part of the US Navy for
formidable fighter aircraft flown by eight of rolled off our assembly lines in St. Louis, 30 or more years, we similarly expect the
the world’s air forces, the “evolved” Super Hor- making Australia the first international cus- new F/A-18IN to be defending Indian air-
net is a much more muscular and advanced tomer for this advanced combat aircraft. We space and international sea lanes for years
multi-role combat fighter. Our engineers took hope that India will be next. beyond that.
the Hornet’s strengths and added modern And if India should choose this icon- It’s all about evolution, one great aircraft,
sensors such as the AESA APG-79 radar, as ic aircraft, itself a symbol of continuous and two great nations. •

Harris Corporation
JTRS-approved Falcon III Tactical
Radio Systems for MRAP-ATV Programme

arris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), sistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) all-terrain and embedded high-grade encryption solu-
an international communications vehicles (ATV). tions for military, government and commercial
and information technology com- The AN/PRC-152 was selected to provide organisations. The company’s Falcon family
pany, has received orders total- MRAP users with advanced multiband SINC- of software-defined tactical radio systems en-
ing to supply JTRS-approved Falcon III AN/ GARS and Demand Assigned Multiple Access compasses man pack, handheld and vehicular
PRC-152(C) tactical handheld radio systems (DAMA) satellite communications interopera- applications. Falcon III is the next generation
with vehicular amplifier adapters to the US bility. Harris RF Communications is the leading of radios supporting the US military’s network-
Department of Defense for use in Mine Re- global supplier of secure radio communications centric operations worldwide. •

28 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS



Visit us at
TMR - Tactical Israel Pavilion, Hall 18
Multimedia Router

BattleComm Dominance
Uniting complementary strengths, Tadiran
Tadiran SDR-7200
Communications' radio communications capabilities
Software Defined fused with Elbit Systems' integrated networking
expertise result in Battlecom Dominance. From the
individual soldier and platoon commander up to the
division and corps levels, our cutting-edge radios and
systems allow warfighters in over 50 armies to share
mission critical information swiftly and securely.
On The Move
N E X T I S N O W™

DRS Technologies HONG KONG

Partner programme
for ARMOR Rugged Airlines to order
Mobile Solutions six A330-200s
RS Technologies, Inc. has announced that it has finalised the ong Kong Airlines has signed a Memorandum of Under-
details for its new channel partner programme, ARMOR allies. standing (MOU) with Airbus for six A330-200 aircraft. The
This launch is another strong indication that DRS Technologies is latest commitment will increase the number of A330s or-
fully committed to the distribution of ARMOR Rugged Mobile Solutions dered by the airline to 23. Hong Kong Airlines intends to use the
around the globe. A330-200s to develop new services to destinations across the Asia-
ARMOR Allies will leverage the company’s vast experience and re- Pacific region, as well as to the Middle East and Europe.
sources through a channel of highly effective distribution points world- “The A330-200 offers the perfect range and size capability to
wide. enable us to expand into new medium and long haul markets,” said

“ARMOR allies is a partner programme that was specifically designed Yang Jian Hong, President, Hong Kong Airlines. “With these air-
to give maximum flexibility while still providing full support of our highly craft in our fleet we are aiming to create new standards in comfort
developed marketing, sales and service teams,” said Bill Guyan, vice presi- and service and to establish our company as a premium brand in
dent, strategy and business development. “This programme allows new new international markets,” added.
and future Allies to grow their business and reach their highest potential, “This latest commitment from Hong Kong Airlines underscores
all while receiving the full support of DRS,” he added. once again the popularity of the A330 as the right aircraft right now for
Guyan added, “The ARMOR Allies programme is complete with incen- quality airlines across the world,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Oper-
tives for improved performance, marketing support for developing emerg- ating Officer, Customers. “The A330 remains the most efficient aircraft
ing markets and bid and proposal assistance for even the most complicated in its size category flying today, providing airlines with the ability to
proposals and pilot programmes.” maximise profit potential on a wide range of operations,” he added.
The ARMOR brand is based on over 25 years of experience develop- Established in 2006, Hong Kong Airlines currently oper-
ing computer and display systems that survive in the harshest environ- ates a full service network linking Hong Kong with destinations
ments. DRS Tactical Systems has both a strong legacy in military com- in mainland China and the Asian region. In addition to A330s, the
puting, and, due to its 2005 acquisition of Walkabout Computers, a rich carrier also has 30 single aisle A320 aircraft on firm order for future
heritage in industrial tablet computing. The combination of legacy and delivery.
heritage has resulted in a unique competitive advantage now available The A330 is one of the most widely used wide body aircraft in
to its partners. • service today. Till date, Airbus has won more than 1,050 orders
for the various versions of the aircraft. More than 660 A330s have
already been delivered and the aircraft is currently flying with over
70 airlines worldwide. •

Sea Spotter: Naval IR staring

and tracking system
hales Nederland has received a contract for two Seastar and concluded in 2008 with the Royal Netherlands Navy, and that pro-

Gatekeeper sensors, to be delivered and installed on the two vided for the delivery of the Seastar and Gatekeeper sensors to the
multi-purpose M-class frigates of the Belgian Navy. The mod- two M-class frigates of the RNLN.
ernisation will take place in 2011 and 2013 in the scope of the M- Seastar is a non-rotating active phased array radar for naval surface
frigates’ upkeep programme. surveillance. The system automatically detects and tracks asymmetric
The Seastar and Gatekeeper sensors provide the vessels with threats and very small objects such as swimmers and periscopes in all
the capability to detect small targets encountered during missions, weather conditions. Seastar can also be used for helicopter guidance.
and to counter frontier-running, pollution, drugs trafficking and pi- Seastar is internationally marketed as Sea Watcher 100. Gate-
racy. The two new sensors will be matched with the tried-and-true keeper is a 360 degree panoramic electro-optical surveillance and
SMART-S surveillance radar and the STIR weapon control radar that alerter system based on IR/TV technology. Designed to counter
are on board of the M-frigates. emerging asymmetric threats down to small boats and swimmers,
Based on the cooperation between the Dutch and the Belgian Gatekeeper increases short-range situational awareness in littoral
Navy, this contract was already an option in the contract that Thales environments. •

30 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

Avionics Solutions

RADA, a leading provider of advanced military electronics

for aerospace and defense applications, successfully
empowers armed forces the world over.

Always on Line Always on Target

Data Recording Inertial Navigation
& Management Systems
Airborne Digital Recorders MEMS and FOG-based
and Servers, HUD Cameras navigation solutions
and Mission Debriefing

Always on Track Always Up-Front

UAV Avionics Avionics Solutions
System-in-a-Box Core-Avionics Mission Computers, Display
Package for small UAVs, Processors, Stores Management
powerful building blocks for Systems and complete upgrade
advanced MALE/HALE UAVs packages

S ee us at
Israel Pavilion, Hall 18


C-130J Super
Hercules Airlifter
he Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules is the most advanced C-130J can provide 40-percent greater range, a 40 percent higher
airlifter ever built. The C-130J combines the latest in aero- cruising ceiling, a 50-percent decrease in time-to-climb, a 21 percent

space technology with a proven, rugged airframe design, re- increase in maximum speed, and a-41 percent decrease in maximum
sulting in an aircraft that gives an operator more capability effort takeoff run.
with greater operational efficiency. A key to the C-130J’s increased performance is the new propulsion
This is India’s first experience with C-130s so the package being pro- system. Four Rolls Royce AE 2100D3 engines, each flat rated at 4,591
vided by the US government is a complete solution. The package includes shaft horsepower, generate 29 percent more thrust while being 15-per-
six aircraft, three years of initial support, cent more fuel efficient. The all
training of aircrew and maintenance composite six-blade Dowty Aero-
technicians, spares, ground support and space R391 propeller system is
test equipment, servicing carts, forklifts, lighter and has fewer moving
loading vehicles, cargo pallets, and a parts than previous Hercules
team of technical specialists who will propellers. Engines are precisely
be based in India during the three year controlled by a full authority digi-
initial support period. Also included in tal electronic control.
the package is India-unique operational The heart of the new Hercu-
equipment designed to increase Special les advanced technology is its
Operations capabilities. In addition, the modern flight station with multi-
C-130J Super Hercules will provide the function, liquid crystal displays
Indian Air Force with modern and ef- (LCD) for aircraft flight control,
fective airlift to support a wide range of operating and navigation sys-
national requirements. tems. In addition to four displays
In keeping with IAF requirements, on the instrument panel, pilots
the US Government has offered a use holographic head-up dis-
unique C-130J configuration modified plays, approved as primary flight
for special mission roles. Equipped instruments, a precedent among
with an Infrared Detection Set (IDS), the aircraft will be able to perform military transports. The displays are all compatible with night vision
precision low-level flying, airdrops, and landing in blackout conditions. imaging systems, enabling the crew to operate the aircraft in areas
Self protection systems and other features are included to ensure air- where special missions dictate blackout conditions.
craft survivability in hostile air defence environments. In addition the The dual mission computers manage and automate many of the
aircraft is equipped with air-to-air receiver refueling capability for ex- functions formerly performed by the flight engineer and navigator. Air-
tended range operations. Lockheed Martin will integrate this equipment craft systems are constantly monitored and crews are advised of status
and other capabilities into the Indian configuration as agreed between or malfunction as required. Some of the new systems of the aircraft that
the governments. are managed by the mission computers include the full authority digital
The Indian Air Force’s new Super Hercules will be the longer fuse- engine controls, the advisory caution and warning system, automatic
lage or “stretched” variant of the C 130J, similar to those being deliv- thrust control, computerized maintenance recording, the electronic cir-
ered to the US Air Force. Deliveries to India will begin in 2011. India cuit breaker system, the enhanced stall warning system, the advanced
joins the growing number of nations with C-130J fleets including the digital map, and a state-of-the-art communication/navigation suite.

United States, Australia, Canada, Demark, Italy, Norway and the United The C-130J takes full advantage of the Global Positioning System
Kingdom. The C-130J carries eight 463L pallets, 97 medical litters, 24 and other highly reliable, automated navigation and route planning
CDS bundles, 128 combat troops and 92 paratroops. aides. This allows the cockpit crew to focus on the mission and on flying
While the exterior looks very much like previous C-130s, the C-130J rather than on managing aircraft systems.
mission and propulsion systems have been completely redesigned. Pri- Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems began development of the
mary features of the C-130J include a new digital avionics architecture C-130J in 1991 using corporate development funds. The first C-130J
and propulsion system, twin head-up pilot displays that are certified as rolled off the assembly line in October 1995. That same aircraft, which
primary flight instruments, and dual mission computers that automate had been ordered by the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force, flew for the
many functions, allowing the aircraft to be operated by only two pilots first time on April 5, 1996. Following one of the most comprehensive
and a loadmaster. The net effect of these improvements is enhanced flight tests programs ever, the C-130J received type certification from
performance of the aircraft, and greater reliability of the systems and the Federal Aviation Administration in August 1998, and deliveries be-
components. For instance, when compared with C 130E models, the gan soon afterward. •

32 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


‘PEL positioning itself as
a reliable, efficient, cost
competitive alternative’
ASHOK KANODIA, Founder & Promoter
MD of Precision Electronics Limited

SP Guide Publications (SP’s): How is Preci-

sion Electronics Limited (PEL) positioning
itself in the Indian Defence industry?
Ashok Kanodia (Kanodia): Precision Electron-
ic Limited (PEL) is positioning itself as a reli-
able, efficient and cost competitive alternative
to the incumbent suppliers who have domi-
nated the defence industry in India. PEL has
been working with all three wings of the Indian
Armed Forces since a decade.
SP’s: What are PEL’s areas of strength?
Kanodia: PEL’s strength lies in its design
and manufacturing infrastructure that is ap-
proved by the MoD, its domain knowledge &
presence and its experience in International
Partnering. PEL’s current contracts span all
commands of the Indian Army for War time
Equipment (WE) systems, all front-line ships
of the Indian Navy and every air-base of the
Indian Air Force and Army Aviation Corps.
We have strong and world renowned part-
ners like Raytheon who have the muscle and
a vast product portfolio. Jointly, we offer solu-
tions that are customised to our operational
environment and provide in-country life cycle
support including mid-life upgrades.
SP’s: What are some of the products and ser-
vices which PEL provides to the defence sec-
Kanodia: PEL supplies built-to-spec for RF,
Embedded and Electro-Mechanical systems
and sub-systems and built-to-print for a wide
variety of Defence Electronics systems and
sub-systems. Our Roorkee infrastructure has
in house Mil-spec verification and validation
facility. Through our pan India presence, we
provide warranty, training, AMC and compre-
hensive Logistic support to our Partner. We
have developed capability to undertake turn
key assignments that include civil and electri-
cal work at site.
SP’s: How does PEL meet offset obligations?
Kanodia: We are continuously working to ex-
pand our product portfolio and capabilities. Our
Roorkee facility is in the tax free zone which
brings a significant cost advantage to our Part-
ner. We assure our Prospective Partners of our
ability to create competence to match their
requirement and expectations and we have a
track record that supports this. Under the cur-
rent Offset policy, we are active in all the five
forms of discharge of obligations; the announce-
Delhi Office: Mahindra Towers, 2A, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi – 110066, India.
ments will be made in the near future. • Plant: Defence Land Systems India, 49th Milestone, Delhi Mathura road, Village-Prithla, Tehsil-Palwal, Faridabad – 121102 (Haryana) India.

33 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


General Dynamics UK Tandem


Mix of security &

defence experience Rotor Helicopter
andem-rotor helicopters operating around the
world provide military users with performance
and capability across a wide range of missions

he building blocks of modern life and operating conditions. The tandem-rotor design
– water and energy supply; public has been in operation since the 1950s, but new-pro-
transport and communications net- duction aircraft such as Boeing’s popular CH-47F Chi-
works; government services and national nook, now equipped with advanced avionics, will meet
monuments; treasures and key government modern defence and humanitarian needs well into the
buildings - are some of the easiest things for future with greater capability than ever before.
malevolent forces to disrupt and some of The aircraft’s tandem design – two full-size rotors
the most difficult things to protect. Like in rather than a single main rotor and smaller tail rotor
many other countries, protecting these key – allows the aircraft to put 100 per cent of its power
assets is a key concern of national and state into lift capability, enabling it to reach elevations as

governments alike in India. But with several high as 20,000 ft and operate routinely at 14,000 ft
central police forces and numerous state and – higher than most conventional rotorcraft.
government department forces protecting With a greater center of gravity, the aircraft is capa-
national borders and critical national infra- ble of carrying internal and external loads of approxi-
structure, combating counter terrorism and mately 24,000 pounds (10, 886 kg) using three external
insurgency, and responding to disasters and hooks beneath the helicopter or its internal cargo area.
other emergencies is undoubtedly a complex This capability allows the aircraft to conduct transport
operational challenge. artillery, troops, ammunition, fuel and supplies within
General Dynamics UK has 50 years expe- military theaters of operation and also perform hu-
rience of protecting key facilities around the manitarian support, disaster relief, rescue, fire-fighting
globe, from some of the largest oil and gas and nation-building missions. In fact, the aircraft is in
installations and pipelines that run across operation on six continents in all climates and condi-
some of the most inhospitable terrain in the achieved. This is another of the areas in tions. The tandem helicopter’s already long list of mis-
world to airports, commercial ports, and which General Dynamics UK can help. sion capabilities also includes water landing, operation
communications centres. At the heart of why Its experience of delivering C4I (com- in desert environments, and search and rescue.
General Dynamics UK is successful in provid- mand, control, communications, comput- Typically, a tandem-rotor helicopter at full load can
ing such security solutions to its customers is ers, and intelligence) solutions to defence fly more than 150 mph for more than 400 nautical
its role as a prime systems integrator. forces around the world, combined with its miles thanks to its long-range fuel tanks. With a crew of
Unlike many other security contractors, civil security expertise means General Dy- three, the helicopter can transport 44 seated troops (55
General Dynamics UK does not promote a namics UK is well placed to help India’s na- with optional additional seating) or 24 casualty litters.
vertically integrated systems solution where tional and state government protect those
the customer must procure contractor equip- precious building blocks of critical national High-Visibility Missions: Tandem-rotor helicopters
ment that might not provide the optimum so- infrastructure. have gained high visibility in humanitarian efforts by pro-
lution. Rather, General Dynamics UK believes General Dynamics UK’s C4I expertise viding critical search, rescue, recovery and relief missions
in ensuring a bespoke solution for each in- has meant that military forces from Britain, after the tsunami in Indonesia, earthquakes in Pakistan
dividual application. It does this by listening Holland, Libya and Romania are more ef- and Italy, and hurricanes in the Gulf Region of the United
to its customers and working with them to fective on the battlefield. Thanks to better States. The aircraft were deployed recently to help con-
design the most effective solution to provide situational awareness and battlefield com- trol widespread forest fires in the southeastern United
the required effect within certain budgets. It munications, they know where members of States. Using Bambi-Buckets, tandem-rotor helicopters
then identifies the most capable industrial their own forces are and are able to direct can slingload 2,000 gallons of water to extinguish fires.
partners and works with them to deliver a and communicate with them easily. Thanks
world class solution. to the interoperability of their systems, they Increased capabilities: The aircraft feature a
General Dynamics UK’s has an unparal- can also communicate easily with coalition newly designed, modernized airframe, Common Avi-
leled track record of working with local part- forces, such as is happening today with ISAF onics Architecture System (CAAS) cockpit and a Digital
ners and developing indigenous capability, forces in Afghanistan. More importantly they Advanced Flight Control System (DAFCS). The system
bringing its skills together with those of local also know where the enemy is in relation to improves aircrews’ situational awareness and pro-

companies, many of them Small or Medium them and can respond more effectively and vides advanced flight-control capabilities that improve
Enterprises (SMEs). In addition to providing precisely to that threat. performance and safety in brownout situations, as well
physical protection, key to ensuring an effec- This capability is equally useful in a se- as the entire flight envelope. The aircraft’s advanced
tive response to threats and unexpected situ- curity environment. It provides the ability avionics incorporate improved situational awareness
ations is communication, not only inside each to coordinate the response of Police, Army features and reduce workload for flight crews with an
individual force but between forces, be they and Special Forces to a threat and also advanced digital map display and a data transfer sys-
police, paramilitary, civil or military. Recent other emergency services such as medical tem that allows storing of preflight and mission data.
attacks have demonstrated the importance response teams should the worst happen. Improved survivability features will enable these air-
of the clear communication and information craft to meet the needs of countries around the world
sharing between different forces that comes For more information, visit General Dy- today and well into the future. It is clear that tandem
from interoperable systems and the adverse namics UK on Stand 14.28, Hall 14 of De- rotor is here to stay. •
consequences that can occur if they are not fExpo 2010. Courtesy: Boeing

34 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


5 7


8 9

“India is a relatively a new market for Raytheon in the defence
field; there is a lot of learning we are doing and making sure
our leadership understands India and how India works.”
—Walter F. Doran, President, Raytheon Asia OEM SPEAK

‘Indian Army impressed by Javelin’


from the Indian Army as they were impressed ternational business is not a shock to us, it’s not a
with the firing of the weapon. It’s a good weapon surprise. Every country you do business in has its
for India to have in its inventory. We’re talking own set of challenges. India is a relatively a new
with the US govt and providing appropriate in- market for Raytheon in the defence field; there
formation to the Indian government and we’ll is a lot of learning we are doing and spending a
see where it goes. We have the Javelin display lot of time with our leadership making sure they
out here, so we’re highlighting it at the Defexpo. understand India and how India works and how
We’ve already the Javelin to 11 countries around RFPs come out and the Defence Procurement Pro-
the world and it’s a proven world class system. cedure process, and where India is with the Offset
SP’s: Do you find going the FMS route to be a process. This is a journey. India is a growth mar-
little tedious in conducting business with the ket so we’re spending a lot of time. Many of the
WALTER F. DORAN, Indian defence sector? things we hope to do with India will be FMS, in
President, Raytheon Asia Doran: The two different routes are the FMS which case Raytheon becomes a provider of the
and the Defence Commercial Sales and they are US government, so we have to work with all the
By Ruchika Chawla two different things. Considering our relation- bureaucracies and all the frustrations and all the
ship and because we are a defence contrac- slowness, and built in problems of the US govern-
SP Guide Publications (SP’s): Would it be pos- tor, there are a great number of our products ment over here (India). So, we’re very aware of
sible for the Indian Army to procure the Jav- that have to go FMS and we work with the US this, we’re very patient and successful company.
elin anti-tank guided missile system? government on that. The FMS system in many We have made a decision that we are very optimis-

Walter F. Doran (Doran): In October of 2008, ways is clean cut system to. We have the ability tic about the Indian market, that we are in here
the Javelin missile was brought to India by the to push on both sides. This is a different way for the long run, that we are not power shooting
US Army as part of an exercise in India. The US of doing business and the US govt, in its own India to make one sale. We are in here to develop,
Army and the Indian Army fired the weapon dur- right is a bureaucracy, so there are parts US will to build on the relations that we have out of our
ing the exercise; we think the Indian Army was wrestle with, India will wrestle with and learn commercial sales (before the defence market was
very impressed with the weapon. We think that in their own way. opened up) and to build on that. Yes, there is the
the Javelin is absolutely the premiere man porta- SP’s: How frustrating is it to deal with Indian slowness, frustrations and things we don’t quite
ble light infantry weapon in the world. But if Ray- government from a business prospect? understand, but we are learning, However, you
theon is going to sell the Javelin then it’s going to Doran: Raytheon is a global company. We do can say the same thing about the US government,
be a Foreign Military Sale (FMS). There’s interest business in 80 nations around the world, so in- too. It’s all part of international business. •

DCNS Mix of resources & expertise

t the Defexpo 2010, DCNS, a major player in the world market for submarines (SSNs). The construction of the first and second Barracu-
value-added naval defence systems, is showcasing a range of in- da submarines started at the DCNS Cherbourg shipyard in December
novative solutions from integrated warships to strategic systems, 2007 and in June 2009 respectively.
equipment and services. • The Andrasta, a compact submarine designed to operate in coastal
waters, a theatre of growing importance to all maritime nations.
The DCNS stand showcases: Being also a fearsome adversary in deep water, Andrasta combines
• DCNS expertise in submarine design and construction, through the a state-of-the-art design with stealth, agility and power. A direct
Scorpene medium-size submarines. Already chosen by the Indian, the descendant of the Scorpene, the Andrasta is remarkably effective in
Chilean and the Malaysian Navies, Scorpene submarines represents the any underwater role in coastal waters that a client navy may wish
state-of-the-art in submarine design and construction and benefits from to assign to it.
the latest technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated • The projection and command ship or Mistral LHD is a multipurpose
by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and com- surface vessel designed to cover a broad spectrum of missions, in-
bat system performance. cluding amphibious operations, crisis management, airborne opera-
• The Scorpene contract between the Indian shipyard Mazagon Dock tions, operational command, operational transport, healthcare sup-
Limited (MDL) in Mumbai and DCNS involves the construction under li- port, humanitarian operations and freight transport. The operational
cence of six Scorpene submarines, associated technology transfers and capability and interoperability of the Mistral LHD were demonstrated
the sale of combat systems. The first pressure hull of the first subma- in Operation Baliste off Lebanon and on sea trials with the US Navy
rine is now completed and the structures are well advanced. Construc- (involving the LCAC and Super Stallion).
tion of the second submarine started in 2008, is progressing quickly. • The FREMM multi-mission frigates programme combines the latest

Construction of the third submarine already started. The mastering of technologies developed by the DCNS group. These technological and
these sophisticated technologies by MDL shows the quality of DCNS engineering advances will make the FREMM frigates world leaders in
transfer of technology documents, training and technical support pro- their class. In October 2009, the French Minister confirmed to DCNS
vided to MDL. DCNS will complete this year the delivery of combat an order supplement for three new FREMM. This brings France’s total
system equipment for the first submarine, the following ones will be order to 11 vessels, scheduled for delivery from 2012 to 2022. In ad-
delivered one every year dition, 1 FREMM frigate is currently under construction for Morocco;
• DCNS is drawing on 50 years’ of experience as a designer and builder Italy confirmed the order of 6 units, on a total of 10.
of nuclear-powered submarines to develop the new-generation SSN • SUBTICS combines operational efficiency, high-performance sensors and
Barracuda combining the latest advances in acoustic discretion and long-range weapons. The system can be readily added to any new-build
nuclear propulsion. Barracuda nuclear-powered attack submarines programme or integrated as part of a refit. It has been selected by several
(SSNs) is a key component of the French Navy’s force projection assets. navies for SCORPENE and AGOSTA 90B submarines, as well as for mod-
This programme calls for the delivery of six nuclear-powered attack ernisation programmes for submarines already in service. •

38 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


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“India cannot become an IT superpower by just offering IT
services and bodies to superpower, the country has to use IT as an
enabling technology to make its economy globally competitive.”
—Dr Chandan Chowdhury, CEO, IFS India NEWS DIGEST

‘IT has created a



By Ruchika Chawla

SP Guide Publications (SP’s): How will you define Enterprise Resource demand for IT professionals worldwide. During the recent global recession,
Planning (ERP)? the GDP in India and China has demonstrated much higher growth than the
Dr Chandan Chowdhury (Chowdhury): ERP is a integrated software that rest of the world. However, the IT sector in India has been one of the worst
comes bundled with management and business practices which, when im- impacted sectors by global recession. Most of the IT companies in India
plemented, grant organisations an opportunity to improve their business were focusing primarily on the overseas market and as a result thousands
processes. ERP implementation programs are often called “Packaged Driven of people had to return from overseas during the recession. The terms like
Reengineering” projects wherein organisations re-engineer their business B2B (business to business) got changed to B2B (back to Bangalore). Industry
processes and align them with the processes built into the ERP software. in general has seen very significant decline in demand of IT professionals
SP’s: It is often said that total cost of ownership of ERP projects could be owing to global recession but the situation would improve.
very high. What are the expected business benefits of implementation of India cannot become an IT superpower by just offering IT services and
ERP in a defence manufacturing establishments? bodies to superpower, the country has to use IT as an enabling technology
Chowdhury: In a defence manufacturing establishments ERP can provide to make the Indian economy globally competitive. Fortunately, government
benefits like, (i) reducing manufacturing cycle time, (ii) improve planning and public sector organisations have started making huge investment in IT
process, (iii)improve supply chain management process, (iv) effective cost and this will be a very good opportunity for the IT community to strengthen

estimation and tracking of cost, (v) reduce maintenance, repair and overhaul its base in the domestic market.
cycle time, (vi) reduction in Time to Market, (vii) conduct exception based The country is not focused on original research and development in IT
project management through improved project planning, control and ex- and it is because when you work on technology, you don’t get immediate
ecution process, (viii) improved material planning, (ix) enhanced manpower return on investment. The money that an overseas company pays you when
productivity, (x) efficient competency management of employees and (xi) you do body shopping is much higher (in terms of return in short term),
proactive decision making through availability of real-time information. so often many Indian entrepreneurs settle for IT services and the talented
SP’s: What is unique about ERP for the defence industry? people leave. Sam Pitroda, the father of telecom movement in India recently
Chowdhury: ERPs for defence industry are quite niche systems. Such ERP shared similar sentiments and he said that though it’s difficult to create an
systems will have defence specific functionalities and are relatively easy to original product and sometime it may be risky, but the rewards are high.
learn and implement with flexible and configurable framework. Sooner or later, India will realise that, for long-term development, these
SP’s: What’s your view on India becoming an IT superpower? How has shortcuts (just making money through body shopping) will not work. The In-
the Indian IT sector been impacted by global recession? dian entrepreneurs should take advantage of the availability of great talent
Chowdhury: IT has created a great brand image for India. There is an excel- pool in India and also focus on original research to develop new technology
lent pool of IT resources in India and with median age of these professionals and products. •
being much lesser than what you see in the western countries, I see a great
(Continued in SP’s Defexpo 2010 Show Daily 3, P31)

Ashok Leyland enters armoured vehicles business

Hinduja’s flagship company unveils three new armoured vehicles at the Defexpo
By Sucheta Das Mohapatra

nveiling three of its new products at De- seats in the bus are mounted on a floor which is
fexpo 2010, Ashok Leyland, the Hinduja hung from the roof that can protect the passen-
Group’s flagship Company, announced gers from shock waves that are generated due to a
its entry into the market for armoured blast under the vehicle. The vehicle has all round
vehicles in India. Vinod K. Dasari, Chief Operating protection against 7.62X51 ball (SLR) 5.56 mm
Officer and Director, Ashok Leyland said, “We have INSAS and AK- 47/56 at a distance of 10m. The
entered the armoured vehicle industry to address seat belts prevent the passengers from injury due
the ever increasing demand for high mobility, high to roll over in case of a blast. Likewise, the floor is
protection and well-engineered tactical vehicles to covered by spall liners that protect against shrap-
be used in counter-insurgency and counter-terror- nel and secondary projectiles from the floor.
ist operations. Mine Protected Vehicle: The MPV, a multi-

“Since the last three decades, Ashok Leyland purpose all-terrain vehicle with high mobility,
has been playing a pivotal role in the Indian Army high protection and multi-mission capabilities,
modernisation process. With these new offerings, can be used in a number of applications like
we will serve the Forces in other fronts in terms troops carriers, Armoured Personnel Carriers,
of product opportunities,” he added. The three carriers, support logistics, riot control, communi- Command Vehicles, Border Patrols, Riot Con-
new vehicles showcased at the Defexpo are the cation vehicles, command posts and ambulance, trol, Internal Security and Counter Terrorism.
Armoured Stallion, the Armoured Bus and the the vehicle provides base line protection against Run Flat Inserts, Roof Mounted Air Condition-
Mine Protected Vehicle. AK-47 Kalashnikov 7.62X39 mm on both the ers, radios, GPS Navigation, Weapon Stations,
Armoured Stallion: It is an upgraded version of sleeper cab and load body. Gun Mounts, Gun Ports, Armour Kits etc can be
the Stallion 4X4 vehicle with an armoured cab Armoured Bus: Having been developed in re- added to the vehicle. With a power-to-weight
and load body for combat war superiority with- sponse to the Indian Army’s requirement to trans- ratio of 13.5 KW/T, it is a versatile performer
out any compromise on the vehicle’s operational port army personnel and their families in insur- even in the worst of terrain and can attain a
parameters. With a variety of uses such as troop gency infected areas. It has roof hung floor, the maximum speed of 90 kmph. •

40 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS


Lockheed Martin

Delivers 50th Fully
Missionized MH-60R
Multimission Helicopter
to the US Navy

ockheed Martin has formally delivered the 50th MH-60R helicopter,
fully equipped for its mission to protect the U. S. Navy fleet from hostile have brought this tremendous capability to the Navy,” said Captain Dean Pe-
submarines and surface ships. ters, the U.S. Navy’s MH-60 program manager. “Today, these highly integrat-
The newest member of the SEAHAWK® family of maritime helicopters ed platforms are building a situational awareness picture of the surface and
is designed and manufactured by Sikorsky, with advanced mission systems undersea domains that is proving invaluable to fleet operators.”
integration by Lockheed Martin. As mission systems integrator for the Sikorsky-built MH-60R, Lockheed
“I am extremely proud of the MH-60R team, which has enabled this im- Martin is responsible for integrating the helicopter’s digital cockpit, a multi-
portant milestone in the Romeo’s continued introduction to the fleet,” said mode radar, acoustic sonar suite, long-range infrared camera and other ad-
Rear Adm. Steve Eastburg, Program Executive Officer Air ASW, Assault and vanced sensors to detect, identify, track and engage surface and subsurface
Special Mission programs. “The enormous multimission capability of this targets. Lockheed Martin also integrates a self defense system to protect the
platform continues to be leveraged by the warfighter in new and innovative aircraft from missile threats.
ways. It is truly a game-changing platform that will deliver powerful capabili- “The highly integrated nature of the Common CockpitTM avionics suite
ties, ranging from low-end to high-end warfare, in the years ahead.” and the mission systems allows the aircrew to spend less time interpreting
During the February 3 delivery ceremony at Lockheed Martin’s Mis- data and more time prosecuting the target,” said George Barton, Lockheed
sion Systems & Sensors facility in Owego, NY, Rear Adm. Paul Grosklags, Martin’s director of Naval Helicopter Programs.
vice commander, Naval Air Systems Command thanked Lockheed Martin U.S. Navy test squadrons concluded 1900 hours of rigorous MH-60R flight
and Sikorsky employees and other key suppliers for their contributions to and mission systems evaluations in 2005. Since full rate production began in
this important program. early 2006, Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky have delivered all MH-60R aircraft
“The MH-60R has evolved over 30 years, through lessons learned dur- to the U.S. Navy ahead of schedule.
ing developmental testing, fleet deployments and maintenance on these The companies expect to deliver up to 27 fully-missionized MH-60R air-
rugged airframes and mission systems, in the harshest maritime environ- craft in calendar year 2010 to the U.S. Navy as part of a five-year contract
ments,” said Grosklags. “It stands now as the premier multimission he- for 139 MH-60R aircraft through 2013. Extra production capacity exists to
licopter in operation today. The U.S. Navy is grateful for the tremendous deliver an additional 20 aircraft each year for sale by the U.S. Government to
teamwork and experience you bring to deliver this remarkable weapon international navies.
system.” The U.S. Navy deployed with 11 MH-60R aircraft for the first time
This week, an aircrew from Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven from January to July 2009 with the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) car-
Zero (HSM-70) will fly the 50th aircraft from the Owego, NY, facility to its new rier strike group. During exercises in the western Pacific, the MH-60R
home at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Fla. The aircraft is the 10th MH- proved to be an exceptional sub hunter and surface warfare weapons
60R delivered to HSM-70, which was established in February 2009. platform, accomplishing a 95 percent sortie completion rate, and show-
HSM-70 will deploy with 11 MH-60R aircraft aboard the USS George H.W. ing it can perform utility and search and rescue missions among other
Bush carrier strike group (CVN 77) in 2011. To date, the U.S. Navy has estab- secondary missions.
lished and equipped four MH-60R squadrons, with plans to fill out 16 more Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a global security
through the purchase of 300 aircraft. company that employs about 140,000 people worldwide and is principally
“The 50th delivery is a great opportunity to reflect on the success of the engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and
MH-60R within the fleet, to look forward to the expansion of the MH-60R sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The Cor-
throughout the helicopter community and to recognize the organizations that poration reported 2009 sales of $45.2 billion. •

41 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS



Debuts Vehicle Power System

AE Systems will debut its production-ready power management es, including those in India, to provide more electric power while smartly
system for military vehicles and showcase the company’s situational managing power loads. The integrated, modular, scalable system generates
awareness capabilities at DefExpo 2010 in New Delhi, Feb. 15-18. and manages electric power for use on the vehicle and as an exportable
The company will showcase, for the first time in India, its on-board power source, eliminating the need for towed generators.
power management system, which more than doubles the electric power The system is adaptable for new vehicles and upgrades to existing vehicles,
output of most military vehicles to increase mission effectiveness and pro- and has been demonstrated on the U.S. Army’s High Mobility Multipurpose
vide exportable power during natural disasters and to support facilities Wheeled Vehicle, Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, and Stryker vehicle.
and equipment such as field hospitals, command centres, and water puri- Q-SightTM helmet-mounted display. BAE Systems’ lightweight Q-
fication systems. SightTM helmet-mounted display provides day-or-night “head-up, eyes-
BAE Systems also will showcase its Q-SightTM helmet-mounted dis- out” capability for mission-critical situational awareness by projecting
play, a system that addresses a critical need for increased pilot situational flight and mission information in front of the user’s eyes — technology
awareness, and will demonstrate its Local Tactical Information System, or that previously involved installing bulky and complex projectors and
LATIS, on an armoured vehicle on the show stand. LATIS provides 360- lenses in cockpits or ground vehicles. The Q-Sight display is a small de-
degree “see-through-armour” capability, giving ground forces a complete vice that clips onto the user’s helmet. Compatible with other helmet dis-
field of view while staying protected under armour. plays, its modular design is easily retrofitted or upgraded and enables the

BAE Systems is looking to partner with private and public Indian in- addition of new capabilities at low cost. The system’s increased visibility
stitutions to develop capabilities in technology areas including design and and lightweight design minimize eye and neck strain, common problems
production of flight controls and head-up displays. These partnerships will for aviators managing the demands of longer missions and increasingly
be modeled after the company’s existing agreements with Bharat Electron- complex rules of engagement.
ics on the Light Combat Aircraft, and with Indian technology companies The airborne version of Q-Sight has applications for front- and rear-
for development of aerospace products. seat crews. The British Royal Navy recently placed an inaugural order for
“The Indian industrial base brings tremendous capability to our in- 12 Q-Sight systems to enhance capabilities for door gunners. For this ap-
dustry,” said John Nix, vice president of avionics business development for plication, the Q-Sight display will be used in conjunction with a thermal
BAE Systems. “We are committed to investing in and developing long-term weapon sight on the Lynx Mk8 helicopter.
partnerships in India for product design and development, and continue to Local Tactical Information System. LATIS imagery provides a clear field
explore joint development programmes on products including flight con- of view in all weather and degraded visual environments, with the ability
trols and displays.” The company is currently in discussions with insti- to identify objects and people with unmatched clarity, enabling soldiers
tutions including the Aeronautical Development Agency and is exploring to focus on their missions. LATIS technology is Internet-based and uses
partnership opportunities with other public institutions. Technologies and commercial, off-the-shelf components, delivering a low-cost solution that
products on display at DefExpo India 2010 will include: reduces obsolescence issues. LATIS is highly scalable to a variety of sen-
On-board power management system. BAE Systems’ on-board power sors, displays, and crew stations, and is adaptable for armoured fighting
management system meets the requirements of global military ground forc- vehicles and mine-protected patrol vehicles. •

Defence Land Systems India: The Mahindra & BAE

Systems company showcases FH77 B05 advanced howitzer

efence Land Systems India, a joint of excellence for Indian artillery programmes and
venture between Mahindra & Mahin- the FH77 B05 is a part of that vision.”
dra Ltd. and BAE Systems, which will David Allott, Managing Director Global Combat
soon be operational, will showcase Systems, BAE Systems, said: “FH77 B05 is opti-
the FH77 B05 Advanced Howitzer, at mised for operations off-road in desert, hilly ter-
DefExpo 2010, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. rain and at high altitudes. Its cross country per-
A significantly upgraded version of the FH77 formance in both self propelled and with a towing
B02 which is already in service with the Indian vehicle, even in deep snow is extremely good. This
Army, the new FH77 B05 advanced howitzer is is achievable due to low weight, powerful auxiliary
more powerful with greater performance, includ- power unit (engine) and large main wheels. It is

ing increased range. It meets the towed 52 Cal intended that Defence Land Systems India would
155 mm howitzer artillery modernization require- have a significant and increasing role in the pro-
ments of the Indian Army and is shortlisted for duction of FH77 B05, with the ultimate goal of The FH77 B05 meets and exceeds specifi-
field trials on the basis of its strong capabilities. reaching 100% domestic production in India.” cations in the Indian environment (winter and
Deepak Chibba, Chief Executive, Defence Land With the latest in advanced ballistic calcula- summer) and has already been proven in ear-
Systems India, said: “The FH77 B05 is the right tion and laying servos, the FH77 B05 Howitzer lier trials in India. The gun has been optimized
product to help the Indian Army in its drive to mod- comes with a high level of automation suitable and tested to be used in extreme weather condi-
ernize its artillery. Its predecessor, the FH77 B02, for the Indian Army. The new gun computer tions, including the desert and higher altitudes.
was in fact, the mainstay of the Indian artillery at- also has a man-machine interface similar to The FH77 B05 has a high powered engine which
tack during the Kargil war, giving India a definite that found in standard commercial PCs. This fa- has been turbo charged for high altitude require-
edge over its adversary. In future, we see the De- cilitates training and operation, ensuring better ments and is capable of aiming direct fire at mov-
fence Land Systems India JV evolving as a centre speed, accuracy and safety when firing. ing targets as well. •

42 February 16, 2010 SP’S SHOWNEWS

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