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The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

February 16, 2010

The Sloop’s Log

“The Journey”
February 21, 2010
10:30 am
Religious Services Committee

We will join in the rich tradition

of blending music and readings to
observe Black History Month.

“The Tree of Life”

February 28, 2010
10:30 am
Rev. Richard M. Stower

Crafting a First Parish Church Service

Mission/Vision Statement Hospitality
The tree is a symbol, a metaphor,
February 21 in many of the world’s religions. It
is also a symbol of the ecological
Please join us Friday, February 19 at 7 pm Coffee Hour: movement. The tree has many
OR Sunday at 11:45 in the crafting of Jack & Kay Shaw leaves, as many as our life has
First Parish’s Mission Statement.  This experiences. What do the religious
first workshop will be a discussion of and secular images of the tree tell
values. We hope everyone will be able to February 28 us about ourselves?
make it either Friday or Sunday.
Coffee Hour:
Eileen Donaldson &
Coming Soon!!!!
A survey/comment form will be available
on line if you just can’t be here on either Barbara Leavitt
day. Watch this space
  We are in need of volunteers to disappear March 7
donate flowers and greet people
Parish Committee Co Chairs at the door. Please sign up in at 3:30 pm.
Claire and Mary the Old Sloop Room, the sheets
  are on the bulletin board.
Thank you.

The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

Welcome Committee on Minister

We welcome Joanne and Dexter Wood Ministry News Rev. Richard M. Stower
as members of First Parish. Joanne and Church 781-545-3324
Dex live on Hatherly Road with their The 2010 Questionnaire was emailed last Home 781-544-3574
daughter Michelle and their three Friday and printed copies are available Director of Religious
grandchildren, Bailey, Parker and outside the Sanctuary by the Suggestion Education
Andrew (Drew). Rev. Stower had the Box.  We hope very much that you will Jim FitzGerald 617-983-0619
privilege of dedicating these wonderful take the time to read it and provide us Parish Committee Co-Chair
children. with feedback.  COM members will call
Mary McRae 781-545-2504
or email soon to ask if you'd like to set up
For those of you who are newcomers to Claire Sherman 781-449-5286
a phone interview or if you'd prefer to
First Parish in Scituate and have found a answer in writing (or email).  If you Church Office Administrator
spiritual home here. You are invited to choose to submit a printed document Christine Conway 781-834-2040
sign the Membership book so that you rather than email, you can mail it to the Treasurer
can become an ‘official” member of the church or drop it in the file next to the Judy Wolffer 781-544-0191
church. In order to vote at the Annual Suggestion Box. Answer anonymously or Parish Committee Secretary
Meeting on May 16th, you must sign in attach your name to it – it’s up to you.  
Janice Evans 781-545-5001
the book by March 17th. Thanks in advance for your time and
effort! Collector
First Parish Men’s Group   Vicki Davis 781-545-2369
The next meeting of The First Parish Please feel free to contact any one of us by Buildings and Grounds
Men’s Group will follow the service on phone or email if you need a copy of the Erica Boyle 781-545-3452
February 28th. We will discuss ideas for questionnaire.  We can be reached at:    Frank Kilduff 781-545-9365
a program in the spring. MaryAnn Linker; 781-545-3241 Endowment ; Joanne Fraser 781-545-4571
Going for the Gold
Kim Ryan; 781-545-1714  Finance ; Sarah Murdock 781-545-8274
Best wishes to Jack Duff and his Ann Lattinville Hale; 781-545-1428 Leigh Todd 781-544-7767
co-presentors at the Future City
Membership & Hospitality
Competition in Washington D.C. this   Brit Davis 617-275-5700
week. The Gates team advisor is Adam
Culbert, son of Janie and Andy. Denominational Affairs/
Social Justice
Carol Sullivan-Hanley 781-545-9341
Womensphere Spring
Public Relations
Gathering A Bowling Night has been organized by and
Katie Jacobsen 781-545-2504
Please join Unitarian Universalist women for the FPUU teens to take place on Sunday
night, February 28th from 5:30-7:30.  The Religious Education
at a Day for Women with Dharma
Teacher Joanne Friday, Buddhist cost for each bowler for 1 1/2 hours of Laura Carson- Laciner
unlimited bowling, including shoes, is $8 781-544-0220
teacher in the tradition of Thich Nhat Jean Shildneck
Hanh. The day’s theme will be “Listening dollars. 617-275-5700
as a Spiritual Practice, Hearing with the Religious Services
Heart”. The program will be Saturday, The event will take place at Boston Bowl
Hanover (that's right, 10 pin bowling!), Barbara Gifford 781-378-1617
March 27, 2010, from 9:30am through Jane McGuinness 781-545-6394
3:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist which is located at 58 Rockland St. in
Social Programs
Fellowship of Falmouth, 840 Sandwich Hanover.  Rides will be available for Sue Duff 781-545-5604
Road, Falmouth MA. The deadline to anyone needing one.  Head Usher
register is Friday, March 19. The fee of Jack Shaw 781-545-0547
$20 includes registration and Please contact Brit Davis (508-212-4475) to
lunch. Scholarships are available. let her know you will be attending, and if

Contact you need a ride.  2
The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

The Women's Alliance Family Movie Night Sergei Khrushchev to

In celebration of our 375th Anniversary, Appear with Award
the Women’s Alliance has compiled a Winnning Filmaker, John
booklet of the "History of the Women's
Michalczyk, in Scituate
Organizations of the First Parish Church";
"The Women - God Bless Them" Included Rotary Club Event
inside is lots of wonderful and often funny
information about the history of the Professor Sergei Khrushchev of Brown
Alliance (1866-1976), history of Unity University, son of former Soviet Premier
(1935-1976) and ending with a list of It’s time once again for FAMILY Nikita Khrushchev, will be making a
Pastors including information about their MOVIE NIGHT!  special appearance with the award
time spent at First Parish. The original was   winning film producer, Professor John
written in 1976 by Margaret Cole Bonney Family Movie Night in March will Michalczyk of Boston College, at
and our republished version is dedicated to showcase the film, “BECAUSE OF "Breaking Through:Remembering the
her sister, Jean Cole Strzelecki. Yvonne WINN-DIXIE,” Saturday, March 6th Berlin Wall and the End of the Cold
Twomey will be selling copies at coffee at 6:00 War", a fundraising event to be held by
hour for $8 each. If you have never read the Scituate Rotary Club at the Red
Margaret Bonney's works you are in for a Lion Inn in Cohasset Sunday afternoon,
treat!  (based on the Newbery Award-winning
children's book by Kate DiCamillo) February 28th, beginning at 4pm.
The Scituate Rotary Club has
Flower Power co-sponsored Professor Michalczyk's
The summer Opal and her father, the conflict resolution films and has recently
preacher, move to Naomi, Florida, been invited to screen this film on the
Opal goes into the Winn-Dixie Berlin Wall at the 2010 Rotary
supermarket and comes out with a dog. International Convention in Montreal
A dog she dubs Winn-Dixie. Because of next June with a Panel, featuring
Winn-Dixie, the preacher tells Opal Michalczyk and Helmick, on "The Use
ten things about her mother, one for of Conflict Resolution Films in Rotary
In conjunction with the Garden Supply
each year Opal has been alive. Winn- Educational and Peacebuilding
Company in Vermont, I have been sent 20
Dixie is better at making friends than Programs".
sales flyers for their Flower Power
anyone, and because of Winn-Dixie,
fundraiser. Each flyer has an order form
Opal meets Miss Franny Block, who Cocktails and Hors D'Oeuvres will be
for 7 orders, if we fill all 140 at an average
once fought off a bear with a copy of served at 4pm and the Program will start
of $20 each we will make 50% of the
War and Peace. She meets Gloria at 5:15pm. A Dinner with the Special
money which would net us $1400, enough
Dump, who is nearly blind but sees Guests will be held at 6:30pm. Cost
to take over for the dreaded Barn Sale!!
with her heart, and Otis, an ex-con (per person) for Cocktails, Hors
The products are beautiful and Garden
who sets the animals in his pet shop D'Oeuvres, and the Program will be $75.
Supply will ship directly to the customers
loose after hours, then lulls them with Cost(per person) for Cocktails,Hors
for $5 which is added to their product total
his guitar. Opal spends all that summer D'Oeuvres, Program, and the Special
and paid by the customer. This is better
collecting stories about her new friends Dinner will be $150.
than the previous sales which had all the
and thinking about her mother. But
products coming to the fundraiser site in
because of Winn-Dixie, or perhaps For registration details, please call Janice
bulk. I will bring the information to
because she has grown, Opal learns Brown at 781-826-6831 or email her at
church on Sunday, I have high hopes that
that friendship--and forgiveness--can
this could be very successful for us and add
sneak up on you like a sudden summer
a bit of cheer to a dreary winter. Great gift
idea too!!
Starring:  Anna Sophia Robb, Jeff
Daniels, Cicely Tyson, Eva Marie Saint,
Vicki Davis Dave Matthews
(Rated PG, approximate running time
is 109 minute) 3
The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

Restoring Margaret Fuller’s place in history, literature, and memory.

A special project of UUWA and UU Women & Religion-Metro District
Laurie James, Initiator and Project Director
Contact: Lynn James, Tour Coordinator, 516 785
500 W. 43rd St. Ste. 26J
New York, NY 10036




Four Star Hotels; 10 full American breakfasts; 3 lunches, Tuscany wine tasting and lunch, Farewell Dinner; Private
Coach Tour; Private Local Guides.
To help commemorate her work and achievement in history and literature.
WHEN: OCTOBER 17 – 27, 2010
WHERE: Meet in Rome at Hotel Michelangelo, travel by private coach to Rieti and Florence.
WHO: Sponsored by The Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Committee, of the UU Woman’s Association and UU Women &
Religion-Metro District, funded in part by The Fund for Unitarian Universalism.
HOW MUCH: $2400 – 3195 double occupancy depending on number of participants
and fluctuation of euro (excluding airfare). Reduced prices for registering
before March 1.
MORE INFO: Lynn James 516 785 8921

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE….If you follow the footsteps of Margaret Fuller in Rome, Rieti, and Florence you will marvel in the
Vatican and Sistine Chapel where she met Angelo Giovanni Ossoli, a Roman nobleman, and fell in love.

This is just the beginning of the jam-packed one-of-a-kind eleven-day guided tour that will celebrate and honor Margaret
Fuller’s 2010 Bicentennial. It is scheduled for October 17 through 27, offered by The Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Committee,
sponsored by UU Women’s Association and UU Women & Religion-Metro District

Just as Fuller explored Italy 200 years ago, you’ll explore the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, count the Spanish Steps, toss
coins in the Trevi Fountain, walk on the Corso, through the Trastevere and along the Tiber, Arno and Velino rivers, join friends in a
Tuscany wine tasting.

You’ll look out Fuller’s window on the Barberini where she witnessed the fighting of the Italian Revolution of 1848-9, and
you’ll stand on the Janiculum Hill where she risked death by standing by the side of Ossoli one night during the Risorgimento. You’ll
spend time inside the Fatebenefratelli hospital where she nursed the wounded, and you’ll have a special opportunity to visit the
Quirinal gardens where she walked with the recovering soldiers.

You’ll travel to Rieti where she secretly gave birth to a son. You’ll stay in the same hotel in Florence where she and Ossoli
lived; you’ll tour Casa Guidi, Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s home where their sons played together. And there’s more!

The tour includes four-star hotels, 10 full American breakfasts, a lunch in a convent, a farewell dinner, a private coach tour,
private local guides. The cost is $2400-$3150 per person double occupancy, excluding airfare, depending on number of participants
and fluctuation of euro. Contact: or 516 785 8921. More information:

The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

The Matt Roberts

Comedy Magic

Audience Participation  ‐  Illusions  ‐  Mindreading  ‐  Incredible         
Re‐Creation of Houdini’s Straitjacket Escape  ‐  And Much More ! 

Sunday, March 7, 2010 
First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church 
330 First Parish Road, Scituate 
(across from Gates School) 
Tickets:  $10 
Tickets may be purchased at: 
Front Street Book Shop 
Harbor Light Toy Company 

(Cash or check please) 

…an unforgettable show for kids, families and 
seniors…  ages 5­95! 

Get your tickets today before they all DISAPPEAR…

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church
330 First Parish Road
Scituate, MA 02066
Founded in London, 1616
Gathered in Scituate, 1634
~ Oscar Wilde
that it has been able to find its way.”
“It is because Humanity has never known where it was going
Something to think about.......