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Rita of Cascia

Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

June 28, 2015

SUNDAYS: Sat. 5:30 pm (Vigil), 7:30 am, 10 am & 12 N
WEEKDAYS: Mon., Tues., Fri, and Sat. 8 am
(Wed. & Thurs. 8 am Communion Service)
HOLY DAYS: (eve of) 5:30 pm; (day of) 8 am & 6:30 pm

(Confession) Saturdays 4 - 5 pm or by appointment
Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Saturday 7:50 am
First Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm, Rectory Oratory

Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V.F.Pastor

Deacon Manuel Valencia Deacon John Hull
318 North Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre
Mailing Address: 50 East Alegria Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Phone: 626/355-1292 FAX: 626/355-2290


Parish Ministries and Organizations
How to Contact Us
Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V. F.Pastor
626.355.1292 x. 228
Dcn. Manuel & Chela Valencia 355.1292
Dcn. John 355.1292
Weekend Presider:
10 am MassFr. Chris Thiel, OFM Capuchin
Parish Office/Mailing Address
50 East Alegria Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:15 am to 6pm; Sat. 9 am to 1 pm.
Office Email:
Director of Administration
Mary Lou Butler: 355.1292

Pastoral Council
Parish Office: 355.1292

Finance Council Chair

Bill Sullivan: 355.3707

St. Rita SchoolOffice: 626.355.6114

Principal: Joanne Harabedian

Director of Liturgy & Music

Paul Puccinelli:

Liturgy & Worship

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers: David & Jill Muhs
Altar Servers, Youth: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302
Altar Servers, Adult: Bill Cosso 355.5656
Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302
Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer Group: Susan Day 355-3835
Sacristans: Sat. Vigil: Gary Fidone/Stephen Bollman
Sunday Masses: 7:30-Bill Cosso/David Banis;
10:00-David Muhs/Paula Garavaglia, Terri Eliassen;
12N-Bernie Grace
Weekdays: John Bigley
Porter: (Evening Church Lockup) Sheila Palazzolo
Environment: Denise Villalovos/Gil Lazo 355.1292

Ministries & Organizations

Bereavement Ministry: 355.1292
Christian Family: Ana Ptasinski 355.3146
Greeters & Ushers: Erny Henry 626.289.3504 626.327.9480
Mens Club: Dave Loera
New Members/Welcome: Contact the Parish Office
St. Rita Guild: Patty Sullivan 355.3707
Senior Ministry: Marilyn McKernan
Shawl Ministry: Mary Taillac 355.3179 Marilyn Delgatto 355.8717

Director of Religious Education

Other Contacts

Cristina Cullen: 355.1292

Director of Youth Ministry/Confirmation

Theresa Bui Costanzo: 626.590.8828

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

Team: Deacon Manuel and Chela Valencia; and
Susan Blakeslee:

Archivist: Marilyn McKernan

Bulletin Submissions: or drop off at Office
Public Relations:
Registration Information: 355.1292
Webmaster: Ralph Seymour:

Let Saint Rita Be There For You . . .

Communion for Sick and Homebound Parishioners

St. Rita Eucharistic Ministers provide Communion home visits. Contact the Parish Office 355.1292 or Jill Muhs 355.9810

Anointing of the Sick

Please notify us (355.1292) for the Anointing of the Sick, the sacrament intended for the seriously ill or dying and Our Lords special presence
and companionship in serious time of need. Anointing may take place in the home, at the hospital or elsewhere and as often as once a month.
If someone should die without anointing, remember that the desire to receive is sufficient.

If You Should Experience the Loss of a Loved One Please call us at 355.1292

If you feel you will be in need, or your loved one has passed, we will assist in making arrangements with your chosen funeral director; refer you
to our Bereavement Ministry and Music Ministry; and offer you helpful guidelines that will aid in the selection of readings for a Mass or
Memorial Service. We know this can be a tough time and we want you to know that your parish is there for you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND we
only have one resident priest; sometimes arrangements for another priest may be needed.

For Information about the Sacraments

BaptismPlease contact the Parish Office for further information on the Baptism process and requirements.
Reconciliation and First EucharistPreparation for children who have attained the age of reason (usually during 2nd grade) is
arranged either through the Office of Religious Education or St. Rita Elementary School.

MatrimonyContact the Parish Office upon engagement; at least six months is needed for preparation of this joyous sacrament!
ConfirmationA two-year program for freshman/sophomore age teens. Apply through the Office of Youth Ministry.





Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

That You May Have Faith

In todays Gospel passage from
Saint Mark, Jesus heals the woman
afflicted with hemorrhages and
raises up Jairus daughter. The
observers of these events were
utterly astounded. No kidding!
But there we are again, Jesus words
from last Sundays Gospel reading,
still ringing in our ears, Do you not
yet have faith? As a matter of fact,
Jesus told the woman suffering from
hemorrhages, who he cured,
Daughter, your faith has saved you.

us that God formed man to be

imperishable; the image of his own
nature; and furthermore, [God does
not] rejoice in the destruction of
the living. So, for Jairus, the
woman with hemorrhages, and for
us the fear of imminent death is but
distraction from the truth of God
who is ALL LIFE. And I believe
that one who understands this is
much closer to understanding St.
Pauls declaration that Jesus is ALL
YES. (2Cor)

While the events of the Gospel

today are startling and amazing, for
me, the words from todays Old
Testament reading from Wisdom are
even more so:

Perhaps in St. Pauls words to us

today we might be enlightened
further: though he was rich, for
your sake he became poor, so that
by his poverty you might become
rich. This is actually Jesus way of
saying yes to life and no to death. It
is the same path for us, for when we
are impoverished (read: humble and
detached), then we are best
positioned to make others rich (read:
loved and cared for). This is the
promotion of life, is it not? This is


Well, if God didnt make it, who
did? I thought God made
everything. The reading goes on to
explain, But by the envy of the
devil, death entered the world.
Clearly, Wisdom means to convince

when we live our faith in natural

conception to natural death, because
we do not believe in death as DEATH,
but rather BIRTH to eternal life.
Reality is that far more do not
experience the type of miracles
reported in todays Gospel from
Mark; far more actually lose children
to illness and tragedy; far more do
not survive the illnesses that beset
them. Jesus was very clear about the
reason for this: I perform miracles
that you may have faith. There it is
againFAITH. Jesus power over
physical illnessindeed, all his
earthly miracleswere always meant
to point the way to his eventual
victory over sin and deathand to
his being God, The Son. May we
who have heard this Good News
today, see the daily miracles in lifes
journey here on Earth for what they
really areinvitations to FAITH in
the ultimate miracle of our own
deliverance to Heaven.

Msgr. Richard



8:00 AM Noreen Kozak RIP

5:30 PM Mario & Beatrice Da Re INT


7:30 AM For All Parishioners

10:00 AM Roland & Angela Brennan RIP
12 NOON Victoria Kandalaft RIP


8:00 AM Libby Payne RIP


8:00 AM Marie Cashel Turner RIP

8:00 AM

Communion Service

8:00 AM

Communion Service


8:00 AM Clara Howling INT


8:00 AM Diane Rosencrantz RIP

5:30 PM Alejandrina Flores RIP


7:30 AM William Cosso RIP

10:00 AM For All Parishioners
12 NOON Dennis Reiser RIP

MondaySs. Peter and Paul
TuesdayThe First Martyrs of the
Holy Roman Church
WednesdayBlessed Junipero Serra
FridaySt. Thomas

First ReadingGod did not make
death, nor does God rejoice in the
destruction of the living
(Wisdom 1:13-15; 2:23-24).

PsalmI will praise you, Lord, for you

have rescued me (Psalm 30).
Second ReadingYour abundance
should supply the needs of the others
(2 Corinthians 8:7, 9, 13-15).

GospelYour faith has saved you

(Mark 5:21-43 [21-24, 35b-43]).


Bill Kozak, Steve Soto, Celia Merritt,
Garvin Stanislawski, Gary Inocente, Ethan
Sandoval, Adam Throop, Janet WatsonContreras, Barbara Jean Wood, Arthur
Little, Ernest Kopka, Vera Delgatto, JF
Mahoney, Kelly Solomon, Linda Theriault,
Heather Hagan, Mike Wolf, Jean Wood,
Jos Colayco, Mario de la Torre, Barbara
Vanni, Anna Schube, Aubrey Randolph,
Joseph Malvin, Randy Graff, Toni
Navarro, Susan Watson, Juanito &
Marilou Pe, Margaret Duran, Guia
Canizales, Anne Frealy, Eva Shammon,
Margie Schubert, Mary Zuckerburg, Emily
Young, JoAnn Douglass, Evelyn Tres,
Barbara Hester, Gerald Drean, Charlotte
Bollman Fuchs, Raymond Payne, Peter
Delgatto, Jr., Montserrat Marti, Jordan
Alabart, Brooke Manning, Arthur
Contreras, Jr., Robert Quinonez, Jean
Mansour, Jacob Bigley, Maria Carmen
Marti, Clare Marquardt, Kathleen Ramsey,
Tonyja Blakeslee, Addie Marshall, Jackie
Bagnuolo, Mary Ellen Isoard, Rose Mary
Taquino, Paul Viger, Hal Finney, Eva
Bernejo, Edith Olah, Fred Mycroft, Joseph

Marcia Turner
Former Faculty,
St. Rita School

Serra Club of Pasadena

The Serra Club is an organization
whose purpose and ministry is to
foster and support Vocations through
prayer, education, and supportive
events. We have many activities
throughout the year to honor and
support seminarians. We also
annually honor Altar Servers from
parishes throughout the San Gabriel
We invite you to join us in our work
for Church Vocations.
For more information:
Mary Bloebau 626/398-4575

A Note from a Parishioner

Recently Msgr. Richard received a note
from a parishioner concerned about
several scam attempts. In both her
case and another that happened to a
friend, phone calls were received that
indicated a grandson was in jail and
needed cash immediately. Fortunately,
our parishioners response was to hang
up on the caller and do nothing!
At our recent Senior Ministry luncheon
(see page 7 of this Bulletin), a
representative from the Sierra Madre
Police Department commented on this
and many similar scams out there. The
advice was:
do not engage in
conversation with the caller as you may
inadvertently give them valuable clues
to continue their scam, i.e., Danny, is
that you; are you okay?; tell the caller
you are going to report them to your
local police department (and follow
through on your promiseSierra
Madre Police, non-emergency calls,
355-1414); and warn your friends and
neighbors of the scams.
Remember, the IRS, the Police, the
Fire Department, or other government
agencies never request money through
a phone callyou will always be duly
notified by written letter.

Start the 4th of

July with a
the 8 am Mass at
St. Rita to offer
thanks for the many freedoms we enjoy
in our country.

Vacation Plans?
Check the website
for the location of a
nearby Church and their Sunday Mass


Youth Ministry

Bulletin Submission

Knit for Kids & Knitting Class

Special Deadline for next weekend

If you would like to learn to knit,

refresh your skills, or just enjoy
Articles for the July 4-5 issue are due, because meeting with other knitters while you
And throughout the summer on the 2nd and 4th
Wednesday of each month.
of publisher requirements, by this Friday,
work on simple sweaters for World
Vision, please come to the Parish
EDGE Middle School Registration
Office Meeting Room any Wednesday
The Registration Packet for 2015-16
from 1-3 pm.
school year is available in the Parish
Office. To receive registration forms by
Ann Wolf 355-7445
email, please contact Theresa Costanzo
at the email address below.
Youth Nite
Wed., July 8, 7-8:30 pm, OMalley

Confirmation Program
All high school youth who would like
to receive the Sacrament of
Confirmation are required to complete
a two-year preparation program in their
home parish. Registration packets for
new candidates are available in the
Parish Office. Early bird registration
is due by June 30. Questions or info?
Please contact Theresa.

St. Rita SchoolClass of 1965 Reunion

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Theresa Costanzo

Religious Education
Registration for Classes

All children in grades 1-5 are welcome

to join our Program at St. Rita.
Registration materials are available in
the Parish Office or via email. The fee

for the class is $55/per child (paid

by June 30th) or $65/per child after
July 1. Be sure to include a copy of

your childs baptismal certificate.

Classes begin on September 14 and
meet every Monday from 4-5:15 pm.
For more information:
Cristina Cullen

Young Adult Ministry

A new Ministry for adults between 18
and 35, single or married. Please
contact me for information about
meeting information and upcoming
Priya Tharayil

What a great day! Thanks to classmate Fr. Chris Ruggles for celebrating Noon Mass
for us; thanks to Pat McCormick and Marianne Marshall for organizing the event;
thanks to all who helped us locate classmates (Kate Sidenfaden traveled from her
home in Hawaii to join us). Many memories were sharedducking our 5th grade
teachers bean bag artillery; faculty through the years (mainly nuns!) and, of course,
Msgr. OMalley and Father Callahan; end-of-the-year picnics; Friday night square
dances for 7th and 8th graders; the Boys Choir and the Girls Choir; after-school
Sports; and the after-school snack wagonBoston Cream Pie, Push-up Pops,
Bazooka gum, and frozen Milky Ways! Life was good!

Annual 4th of July Parade!

Join your fellow parishioners and participate in
the St. Rita entry in the City of Sierra Madre
Parade. Father Richard will lead our group and
everyone is invitedon foot, on bikes or
scooters, pushing baby strollers or pulling
toddlers in wagons. Bring a squirt bottle, wear
your sunscreen, and bring a big dose of parish
spirit! Our exact line-up spot is TBD, but please check in with Ellen
Hoffman at the corner of Mariposa and Hermosa to sign a waiverrequired
by the Cityand to find out where to line up. Please arrive at the check-in
area by 9:15 am.
The Parade begins at 10 am at Sunnyside and Sierra Madre Blvd. and ends at
Sierra Vista Park. The City sponsors games, free use of the swimming pool,
and food booths in the Park for the remainder of the day.
Questions? Ellen Hoffman


This Week at St. Rita

Capital Campaign
Q: Weve made a pledge to the Campaign and are making

regular payments on our pledge. We plan to be away for

most of the summer. Can we pay in advance or pay our
payments when we return?

This SundayHospitality
After all the Masses
Sponsored by: Choir and Arts & Environment

Monday, June 29Baptismal Preparation Class

In the Parish Office 7-8 pm
Please make an appointment in advance by calling the Office: 355-1292
For July 5 Baptisms

NOTE: Liturgy of the Hours, Evening Prayer

Will resume in the Fall.

Friday, July 3Parish Office Closed for the Holiday

We will reopen on Monday, July 6

No First Friday Adoration

Saturday, July 4Sierra Madre 4th of July Parade
See page 5 for information about St. Rita participationjoin us!

Sunday, July 5Baptisms

In the Church 1:30 pm Deacon Manuel

Save the Date


Of course you are free to change your payment schedule

at any time. We want payments to be as convenient for
you as possible. Here are some suggestions that might
be helpful.
Pay by credit card online on our website.
Pay by checkmailing it from wherever you are.
If your bank offers auto pay, you can set this up
and the bank will mail the check for you on the day
you designate.
If its easier for youpay in advance or when you

Please feel free to use one of these methods or whatever

works best for you. If possible, please let our office staff
know of your plans so we dont mail unnecessary reminders
or wonder about payment.
Do you have questions or comments about the Capital
Campaign that you would like to have published in the
Bulletin? You can email us at or drop
written questions off at the Parish Office. If you would like
to be personally contacted, just call the Office and leave a
message. We will be happy to call you back!

Sunday, July 12Blood Drive

Watch future Bulletins for more information.

Weekend of July 18 & 19Annual Backpack Drive

Begins for St. Francis Center
Watch for a special flyer insert in the July 11-12 Bulletin.

July 10-12Marriage Encounter Weekend. At the Santa
Teresita Villa in Duarte. Give yourself the gift of a special
weekend to make your good marriage even better.

Info: 818/527-MEMC

July 26-August 2Catholic Surf Camp in Honolulu.

Open to all ages. A combination of surfing lessons, spiritual
activities, and tourism. The cost of $1,100 covers food,
lodging, and much more. For more information please call
parishioner Joe Freymann.
Media Coordinator NeededRight to Life League of
Southern California. Possess video production skills? Have a
knack for writing or design? Come work for Americas first
pro-life organization.

Application/info: 626/398-6100


Senior Ministry LuncheonSaturday, June 14

Thank you to the helpers who gave their time and talents to help with this event. Our guest speaker, Alena Lezano from
the Sierra Madre Police Department, spoke to us of neighborhood safety, awareness of scams via phone or the
internet, and other safety-related issues. Our guests enjoyed salad from Stonefire Grill followed by a decadent dessert,
recipe courtesy of Marilyn McKernan. There were many raffle prizes and four door prizes as well as a chance to win the
table decorations of potted succulents. Thanks to Marilyn McKernan for organizing this annual event and for all the
work by so many to make it a success. It was a great afternoon of fellowship and fun!