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Agile/SCRUM Training Contents Outlines

Agile Development
The Iterative Development Philosophy
Agility What Does It Mean? Why go for Agile
Industry facts about failures and need for Agile
Agile Manifesto, Values and Principles
Agile vs Traditional Approach
Group Discussion & Exercise
Scrum Framework in Detail
What Exactly is SCRUM?
Scrum Roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team)
Scrum Ceremonies and artifacts
Setting up scrum-boards and how to use it effectively
Examples & Exercises

User Stories & Requirements

What Is/Not a User Story
What Does a User Story Look Like?
Functional and Non-Functional Stories
Where Do User Stories Fit in Scrum?
Examples & Exercise
Planning a Scrum Project
Kick off your Agile ProjectCase Study
The Product Backlog
Mapping Features to Product Backlog
Identify User Stories from Features
Estimating Effort for User Stories
Agile Estimation and Planning
Using sizing technique for estimation and planning
Story Point Estimation with Planning Poker
Understand Velocity & Actual Time
How to use sizing/velocity for release planning
Calculating capacity using focus factor
Exercise: Applying Planning Poker
Exercise: Estimating User Story Effort
Exercise: Release Planning in Scrum

Planning a SCRUM Sprint

How to prepare for Sprint planning, pre-planning
How to facilitate a Sprint Planning
The Sprint Planning Meetings
Mapping a Sprint Backlog to Tasks
Velocity & Commitment driven planning techniques
Definition of Done and Task estimation
Simulation Exercise: Planning a Sprint Meeting
Example: Splitting User Stories into Tasks
Executing a Sprint
The Task Board
Daily Stand-up (Why and How to optimize stand-up
and make it effective)
Sprint Review (Facilitate a review & its effectiveness)
Sprint Retrospectives ( Different ways to facilitate
retrospectives Using 5 Whys techniques)
Fostering the culture of Self-Management Team
Testing within the Sprint and handle the Bugs in an
Aborting/Ending a Sprint, Finishing Early or Late
Progress Tracking using Agile Metrics
How to create and use Burn-down charts
Different charts and metrics effectiveness and its different usages
How to use story wall to find project progress
Usage of Physical Board and Virtual Board
Creating and using Release burn-down
Examples & Exercise
Scaling Scrum
Effective scaling strategies for teams/organization
Planning for Multiple-Team Projects & Dependencies
Different distributed agile models to apply across
different geographies
Good practices to kick-start and be successful with
distributed agile teams

Additional Sessions
PMI-ACP Certification Exam Prep Orientation
Overview of JIRA -Agile (Agile PM/SCRUM Tool)


25th Feb 2015 ( 5pm -6pm)

26th Feb 2015 ( 4pm 6pm)