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Johanna Jara Nicole C.

June 29, 2015


Microsoft Publisher is an entry-level desktop publishing application from Microsoft,
differing from Microsoft Word in that the emphasis is placed on page layout and design
rather than text composition and proofing.

Microsoft released the first version of Publisher in 1991. Adobe's Pagemaker came out
in 1985, securing its position as a leader in the field long before Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher is a powerful desktop publishing tool that allows users to create
just about any publishing project either from scratch or from one of the hundreds of
templates available. The program includes text editing and design tools, graphic effects
tools, and easy-to-use layout features found in most desktop software, but XML
storyboard editing isn't supported.

Parts of Microsoft Publisher

Understanding the elements you see in Publisher will help you become comfortable
with the application.
NOTE: Use the View menu to make any of the following tools and toolbars appear or
Formatting toolbar
This toolbar contains buttons for common text formatting options in Publisher and
throughout Microsoft Office (e.g., font, text alignment, or line spacing). For more
information, refer to Office 2007: Formatting Text.
Objects toolbar
This toolbar allows you to insert text boxes, tables, and shapes to your workspace.
Page boundary
Page boundaries represent the edges of the paper. Items outside or partially
overlapping page boundaries will not appear in print.
Page icons

These icons indicate which page is currently selected, how many pages the
publication contains, and which pages are grouped into spreads. Selecting a page
icon will make that page appear in the workspace.
Page margin
Blue dotted lines represent page margins. As a general rule, all text and graphics
ought to be placed within the page margins.
Format Publication task pane
This task pane provides quick access to many Publisher operations. To view a list of
categories of operations, click the task pane's header (in the above image, the
header is titled Format Publication).
EXAMPLE: To access the Find and Replace task pane, click the task pane's header
select Find and Replace
The Format Publication task pane refreshes to become the Find and Replace task
Rulers help you measure the length of your text boxes, images, and other objects
relative to how they will appear in print. You can change the unit of measure from the
Options dialog box (from the Tools menu, select Options).
Standard toolbar
The Standard toolbar contains buttons for common functions in Publisher and
throughout Microsoft Office (e.g., saving, undoing actions, or zooming).