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Personal Group has 30 years of experience across numerous industries providing

employee benets to blue chip companies across the UK. Our experience, dedication and
expertise has led to us becoming the provider of choice to many industries including
the food manufacturing and service industry, health and social care, logistics and the
passenger transport sector. Our skills can be transferred to any industry and we are happy
to t in however necessary.
We provide a complete range of benet solutions
including voluntary and exible benets, total reward
statements and competitive insurance products, tailored
to your needs. Our benets also include a range of tax

ecient salary sacrice schemes which include home

technology courtesy of Lets Connect. We also have a
selection of unique in-house products in place to make
your life and your employees life easier.

Personal Group - for your benet

We recognise that every organisation is dierent dierent
lifestyles, changing work patterns and locations and that an
attractive benets package can be a key factor in achieving
employee engagement and harnessing discretionary eort.
We can provide a competitive solution that has wide
ranging appeal without costing you a fortune.
What Personal Group can offer you
A comprehensive package of
benet solutions including
voluntary and exible benets,
salary sacrice, total reward
statements and competitive
insurance products
We tailor each programme to meet
the needs of both employers and
employees based on individual

We manage, communicate and

deliver your programme to ensure
your people understand and
appreciate the full value of their

30 years of expertise
We are a leading provider of employee benets and
insurance, with 30 years of specialist experience. Personal
Group currently provide solutions to over 550 employers
and access to benets to 2.0 million UK employees across
all industry sectors.
Through employee benefits we can help you to:
Improve sta morale, loyalty and engagement
Recruit the best applicants and retain valued sta
Oer a comprehensive choice of benets for all employees
Educate, engage employees to appreciate the value of their benets

We have a culture where everyone counts, we work as One Team, and where Every Penny
Counts. During our negotiations, Personal Group consistently showed they understood
both our business and our people, and their innovative face-to-face delivery of their superb
Voluntary Benets programme gave us great condence that the take up and usage of the
programme will be very high.
Kirsty Derry HR Director at 2 Sisters Food Group

Translink has worked with Personal Group to come up with an integrated and comprehensive
internal communications strategy that is proven to increase employee engagement with the
benet programme and ultimately, secure sta satisfaction and buy-in. We already have
a range of excellent core benets in place as well as locally negotiated discounts. Personal
Group has helped us incorporate these elements into our communication strategy to ensure
both the old and new programmes work together seamlessly.
Barry Love Internal Communications Manager, Translink

A unique working partnership

Due to our broad client base we have worked with most industries so we understand
that every organisation is dierent with individual priorities and requirements. Our
team of dedicated benet experts will work with you to ensure that the solution we
provide is exactly what your sta need from you.
Our special face-to-face approach
We oer every employee the opportunity of a face-to-face
meeting in the workplace. We will come to your location
and will work with you to make this happen. These
meetings showcase the benets in detail and ensure the
individual understands, values and appreciates the full
range of benets on oer. We can also take time to ensure
they know which benets are suited to their lifestyle. Our
presentation is carried out using a purpose built, engaging
iPad application which allows the employee to interact
with the benets.
For your benefit
We work with you for the benet of your workforce. We
take great pride in our personalised friendly approach.
From the relationship you build with your dedicated
Account Development Director to the customer service
representatives on hand to answer employee queries about
the benets, we are here to support you and your people.
We do the work so you dont have to
Personal Group will design, deliver and implement
your programme, providing full management and
administration. Your dedicated benets team, who ensure
a smooth launch and eective day-to-day management

of your programme, will work with you from the outset.

Our friendly helpline sta will be a central point of advice
on how to use the programme, the benets available and
how they operate. If you have any questions, just ask, that
is what we are here for.
Spreading the word
Personal Group understands that communication is key to
the success of a benets programme and that is why we
have designed Connect.
Connect is a pioneering online, self-service
communications portal. It gives clients immediate and
24 hour access to a comprehensive library of resources to
support the communication of benets to employees.
It oers a broad range of marketing materials from
promotional posters, pay slip inserts, emails and articles
for inclusion in in-house publications all of which
can be styled to each clients corporate branding. By
putting you in control of the communications process, it
enables you to promote and deliver a tailored, ecient
communications strategy that engages with a maximum
number of employees. Eectively allowing you to tap into
what works best for your sta.

Your benet solution

We will come and talk to you, get to know your business and use
this information and our experience, to customise a programme that
reects the culture and values of your organisation. We will make sure
it is an ideal match for your people. Whatever the challenge, Personal
Group can create a benet solution that ts.

Voluntary Benefits

Flexible Benefits

A voluntary benets programme gives employees access to a

diverse range of over 8,000 UK products and services specically
selected to oer signicant cost savings or a benet that would
otherwise not be available to the general public. With emphasis
on choice and convenience, the oers are available both online
and over the phone, supported by face-to-face communication,
via an engaging iPad application, to ensure everyone understands
the full value of the benets available. This platform can be
provided bespoke to you, tailored to your needs and branded to
your requirements. Making it look like a fully integrated part of
your current system can help smooth the way when it comes to
launching the new programme.

Our benets platform oers a truly

exible experience for employees that
can be adapted as your business grows
and changes. It can cater for dierent
benet needs for dierent employee
groups, and can be branded and tailored
to individual needs.
Benefits for the employer
Helps control and contain costs over time
Benefits for the employee
This solution allows the individual to
manage their own benet choices which is
both engaging and empowering for them

Salary Sacrifice Benefits

We provide a number of employee benets as salary sacrice options. Salary sacrice allows the cost to be taken
directly from salary at source which reduces employees tax and national insurance. Personal Group can provide
childcare vouchers, cycle to work schemes and we now have access to home technology. Through part of our
group, Lets Connect, we can now provide computers, tablets (including iPads), Smart TVs, and smart phones all
via salary sacrice.
We make it all simple by administering your salary sacrice and by running eective communications to
improve the take up of your existing arrangement or implement a new plan.
Benefits for the employer

Benefits for the employee

Helps attract and retain the best sta and reduces your
National Insurance contributions too.

Tax and National Insurance savings that are deducted

directly from salary helping to spread costs.

Total Reward
If you are struggling to get your
message across to your sta
regarding just how valuable
their benets can be then you
need to consider Total Reward
Statements. This is an excellent
way to provide them with a
full breakdown of the value of
their package. They can also
be integrated into our exible
benets platform to show the
impact of the benet choices
they make.
Benefits for the employer
Improves employees
understanding and
engagement with benets
Benefits for the employee
Easy to understand and access

There when you

need it most
Insurance Products
We have developed a range of
insurance plans to meet your
employees needs and changing
circumstances. Our plans help
individuals protect themselves
against the unexpected,
providing nancial support in
the event of overnight stays in
hospital and being unable to
work due to long term sickness.
Benefits for the employer
Engages employees by
showing you are considering
their well-being
Benefits for the employee
Financial peace of mind for
unexpected events

My Advantage
If you want a more pared back
option which saves money
on the essentials we can oer
you My Advantage. The aim
is to provide discounts where
they count most. Its a straight
forward web portal, with just
nine tabs, each one providing
a specic saving which is
important to any household.
Benefits for the employer
Highly eective engagement
tool that helps establish
a positive attitude in the
workplace at low cost
Benefits for the employee
Freedom to choose from 1000s
of benets via online discount
codes, vouchers, reloadable
cards, SMS and cashback service

Benets made easy

Personal Groups experienced and dedicated team will manage and support you
throughout the entire process and continue to liaise with you once it is up and running.

Discovery meetings
Personal Group will hold detailed
discussions with you to understand
your organisation, people and
culture. From that we will design a
programme to meet your needs.

Design and development

Our experienced benets team will liaise with
you throughout the term of your programme.
They can guide you through Connect so your
communication and promotional materials
keep your benets appealing to your sta. Our
in house graphic designers will ensure your
brand is fully integrated.

Programme launch and preparation

Personal Group will assist with pre-launch
communication. This is a good time to try Connect,
our specialised online benet communication tool.
Our Account Management team will meet with
your managers on location to agree the best way to
deliver the programme to your people.

Six easy
your be

Face-to-face meetings with employees

We believe in the power of face-to-face meetings to
explain exactly what your employee will gain from
their benets. Our benets team are scheduled to
visit to accommodate your shift patterns, and sta
locations. The benets are explained and employees
will have the opportunity to ask any questions about
the new programme.

steps to

Keep communicating
We will provide you with
a comprehensive range of
online and oine bespoke
promotional material to keep
the benets relevant and fresh.

Moving forward together

Once the programme is up and running we dont
just leave you to it. Our Account Development team
will hold regular reviews with you to introduce new
developments and ensure that the programme
continues to meet the needs of your people.

Theres something for everyone

I found the website very easy to use. I have saved over 400 to date, using the Currys gift
card promotion when buying a fridge freezer. Ive also saved money when booking my
holidays through both Thomas Cook and Hoseasons. I make a point of checking the website
before making any large purchases, booking holidays and weekends away. I have already
recommended the site to my colleagues and have helped them to save money by ordering
vouchers for Christmas and saving money when booking holidays. S. Chastney

I have used the benets website a number of times, mostly to buy high street vouchers but
recently I also bought a skiing holiday through the website. I have always found the website
easy to use. To date I have saved 345 on high street vouchers and I saved approximately
160 on my recent holiday. I have been renovating my house so have mainly bought, B&Q,
Homebase and Currys vouchers. I will always check the benets website before making any
large purchase to see if I am able to get a discount on it, I have been looking at buying a new
watch and have found various discounts oered at many dierent jewellers, I can now compare
the prices from each one and work out the most cost eective way of buying it. I am also
planning on buying some more high street vouchers for birthday and Christmas gifts. I always
make sure there is some money on my Homebase and B&Q cards as well. I would denitely
recommend the Your Benets sites to colleagues; it is amazing how much money you can save,
across the site you can save money on almost everything you want to buy. K Lindsay

with Personal Group

Over the last couple of years we have welcomed our rst child into the world, and moved
house to a larger family home. In particular, these two events have meant that we have had
to be even more careful with our money so we were always open to any opportunity to save!
The website has been a fantastic perk to have, from buying a pram and car seat to decorating
the nursery we were able to save money on the lot. We have saved over 500 in the last couple
of years, from new appliances at Currys, any number of DIY items from B&Q (including a new
cloakroom and kitchen units), baby items from Mothercare, theatre tickets for a girls weekend
- the list goes on. Both my husband and I would hugely recommend using the website and we
will continue to do so in the future - why wouldnt we want to save money? S Russell

Ive always found the website very user friendly and its rare that a week goes by without
me logging on to get some sort of discount! I was already using the website for a regular
Sainsburys shop but recently weve been trying to nish o a house extension, so Ive saved
over 150 by using B&Q reloadable cards, as 10% o is a brilliant benet. I also bought my
parents a token anniversary gift of a Costa Coee Card as they love going out for a coee
together. In total Ive saved over 250 in discounts in less than a year. Ive saved at Pizza Express,
had discounts at a kids party venue, and Asda as well as the retailers already mentioned. Id
denitely recommend it to colleagues because as far as Im concerned, its free money and
whod say no to that? J Owst

Partner with us
Personal Group is the Go To provider across a number of
industries and is a leading provider of employee benets
and insurance, with 30 years of specialist knowledge.
We provide innovative and money
saving benet solutions to major
UK employers. The benets we
supply help recruit, retain and
reward employees. Our success is
demonstrated by our impressive client
base of companies, and the way we
respond to the changing needs and
priorities of their employees.
We are a technologically enabled
company of scale and our
entrepreneurial air can be seen in our
most recent products My Advantage
and Connect.
Personal Group is a nancially
stable, debt free organisation and in
November 2000 was admitted to the
Alternative Investment Market of the
London Stock Exchange.

Personal Group in short:

Detailed knowledge and
understanding of employee benets
with experience spanning 30 years
Annual revenue over 28.4m
Over 550 client companies from
all industry sectors including
retail, logistics and manufacturing,
providing benets to over 2.0 million
UK employees
Great value leading edge products
and services including over 8,000
discounts at major UK retailers
Extensive buying power in the
employee benets market place,
clients benet from reduced costs
on a range of benets like employee
assistance programmes
Face-to-face communication to
ensure employees understand and
appreciate the full value of their

John Ormond House, 899 Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK9 3XL
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Personal Group is a trading style of Personal Group Holdings Plc, registered oce John Ormond House, 899 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 3XL. Tel:01908 605000.
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