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Part I: Personal Information



Male Female

Full name:

Bui The Cong

Student ID: :


Date of Birth:



Civil Engineering

Faculty: Civil Engineering

University: HoChiMinh City University of Technology
Passport No.: B9780961
Tel:.. Mobile Phone: +84973873046
Fax:. E-mail:
Mailing address (for Alumni record): Room 1116 - Bach Khoa Dormitory 497 Hoa Hao
Street, Ward 7, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Parental information:
Mothers name: Dang Thi Lien
Personal ID: 181836042
Phone: +84988269291
Mailing address:
Fathers name: Bui The Ky
Personal ID: 181655064
Mailing address:

Temasek Foundation Specialists Community Action & Leadership Exchange

Part II : Applicant Activities and Experience

Please list your scientific and extracurricular activities, contests, organizations in which you have been
involved (activities relevant to the TFSCALES theme are appreciated)
Name of

Describe the Activities/

Contests/ Organizations

Describe your role in the

Activities/ Contests/

Community Design

The workshop is organized by

SUTD Opportunity Lab
(Singapore University of
Technology and Design) with the
participation of 4 Vietnamese
Universities Ho Chi Minh
University of Technology, Van
Lang University. The aim of the
workshop is define the issues that
the community is facing and find
out a solution to help it better in
the future. Key features of the
workshop that make it different
from others and also make the
students learnt more from the
workshop by its unique approach.
Firstly, design WITH the
community is the principle of the
workshop. Community members
haven been closely engaged in
every step of this participatory
design workshop. This workshop
is based on a specific site. Site
analysis and interview are crucial
components of the workshop.
Teamwork is highlighted in the
workshop, which benefits the
learning experiences. Each team
consist of about 5-6 students
from different majors,
universities and cultural
backgrounds. The entire process
will be documented through
photography, video, audio record
and collecting daily deliverables
from participating students.
In this Community Design
Workshop. We worked
extensively and closely with the
communities to understand and
gather the issues experienced by
the locals of HCMC. Proposed
solutions of the identified
challenges have been presented
with the community for relevant
inputs and selection. In fact,

I participated in this workshop in 3

In the first stage, I work in the data
collecting team. My role is
interviewing all the local people in
the study site. I asked questions
about their lives, how they feel
about the community, what
problem they were facing. With the
aim of completely understanding
the community, analyzing the
issues that they might have and try
to suggest some solutions which
can be helpful for the community.
During the first stage, for the first
time I have learned how to work in
an English environment. Talking
with the local people and how to
analyze the data are also some
useful skill that I have learned.
In the second stage, I joined the
photo team which was in charge of
taking photos at a particular area in
a whole day. In the third stage exhibition stage, we conducted an
exhibition based on the information
and data we had collected last
workshops. My duty was guide
local people, guests in the
exhibition, have talk with people to
understand their thought when they
came to the exhibition.
Through three stages, I have learnt
a lot of new things, my skills have
been also sharpened.


Temasek Foundation Specialists Community Action & Leadership Exchange

How long have you

been involved with the
I have been involved
with the workshop for 3
stages each last for 10
days and students spend
full time with the with
the workshop during
that time.

we aim to arrive at effective,

self-sustaining solutions that
would in turn assist the
community to solve their own
challenges. Finally, the chosen
project will be carried out and
developed to provide an
impactful and sustainable
solution with the community.
President of Bach
City University of
Dormitory English

Vietnam Study
Abroad Program
organized by Loyola
university Chicago USA

My English club is the most

dynamic club with 50 members
in the dormitory where 2500
students are residing. We have
conducted numerous events in
the dormitory including
Halloween, Mid-autumn Festival,
Student new year event, speaking
contest. However, as an english
club we concentrate on the
activities which can help students
improve their english skills.

I play a role as the president in the

English club for one year. My duty
is govern the club generally, there
are five other officers, the vice
president, the club treasurer and
three group leaders assisting me
with managing the club. I design a
strategy to develop the club and
work with other members to
achieve what we have planned out.

I work in my position as
a president for one year.
Before that I have been
the member for two

In this program, each participant

has an American student partner
who comes to Vietnam to study
and explore Vietnam in four
months. The participants help the
American students if they have
any problem about language,
culture, etc During the
program Vietnamese students
have a chance to learn more
about American culture as well as
sharpen English skills.

My role in this program is helping

the American student get familiar
with Vietnam. I took them to my
hometown to have the Lunar new
year with my family. That was such
an amazing time with me with
American friends, we still keep in
touch until now.

I have participated in
three programs each last
for four months.

Temasek Foundation Specialists Community Action & Leadership Exchange

Part III: Applicant Self-Assessment.

1. What is your expectation in participating in this program? (Please limit your response to
300 words)
There are two things that I wish to gain from the program are enhancing my leadership skills and
understanding the characteristics of countries in ASEAN especially Singapore.
As a president of an English club, I understand the importance of leadership skills. Leadership is
important in either every career or daily life. People say no management success can compensate
for failure in leadership and leadership deals with the questions: what are the things we want to
accomplish. Also the leader must be a determined person with a can do attitude and able to
convince, encourage people to achieve the defined target. I believe that the skills can be upgraded
by learning, therefore, I would like to involve in course or activities that allow to practice the skills.
With a hope that contribute myself to make Vietnam better, I would like to build up a general
knowledge about countries in ASEAN especially Singapore. Every countries has its own qualities
that we can learn from and somehow I can apply those experience to Vietnam. I really like a quote
of Otto von Bismarck Fools learn from experience, I prefer to learn from the experience of
others. Luckily, the program is organized in Singapore, the country that I admire the most. I had
got chances to work and make friends with a lot of Singaporean students. Recently, after the
passing the founding father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew I have read some books and watched
numerous video about him. I would say that he is my idol and I pay highly respect to him. I have
an urge to learn what he did to transform a third-world economy to one of the strongest in the
In conclusion, I would like to better myself and learn from other countries through the program so
that I will be able to devote myself developing Vietnam in the near future.

Temasek Foundation Specialists Community Action & Leadership Exchange

2. Why do you think we should select you as a participant in this progam?

(Please limit your response to 300 words)
I would provide two reasons to show why I am a potential candidate for the program. Those are
my leadership skills and positive qualities.
Firstly, after one year in the position as a president of the English club, I have furnished myself
with the leadership skills and been successful to run my English club. Under my term, for the first
time the club have its own constitution, activities guide and also got an award for best club in the
dormitory. Furthermore, I believe that the experience that I gained in the workshop which was
organized by Singapore University of Technology and Design is very helpful for this program. I
can work well under an intense pressure and get along well with other teammates. During the
workshop the team worked day and night together, came up with solutions for problems that the
community was facing with. Finally, we gave a presentation to express the ideas and convince
people to follow our approach. Beside everything I have mentioned, I would like to describe more
about myself. I would say I am a humor person and love to see people smile. My humor sense
makes my work environment become a happy and healthy space, where everyone looks forward
to working in. Confidence and positive attitude are also my advantages. As a leader, by staying
calm and confidence, I can help keep team feeling the same. There was once time I was invited to
come to Hanoi, the capital, to give a presentation about my English club in a training program of
the Ministry of Education and Training as the officers found my presentation which I gave in Ho
Chi Minh city fascinating. I just used my sense of humor and being confident as my audiences
were the English teachers and officers of training department from many universities.
In conclusion, I believe that I will be able to benefit and successfully take part in the program with
my skills, experience and positive qualities.

Temasek Foundation Specialists Community Action & Leadership Exchange