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Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

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BHEL achieves maior Landmark:

Commissions Sudan's Larqest Thermal Power Plant
New Delhi, July 1: Bharai Heavy Elctricals Limit6d IBHEL) h.s addd .nother f.ther in its cap
by succ*sfully commissionrnq the 500 rMw l<osi Thermal Power starlon (TPs) rn sldan.
Signific.nrly, Kosri TPS (4x125 t!lw) is n@ Sudan's largest Power Plant,

BHEL h* .x.culed this project on Enqineering, Procoement and Contruction (EPCI has's,
having designed, hanutacturd, suppliod.nd in3t lldth. compl.t pow.r (4 unite ol 125
IMW ach) including as.ociated civil works.

The project lses crude-oil lrom South sudan as f!el, for which BHEI has designed specaal
boileF, All the major equipment for ihe project viz, boilers, steam-t(rbines, generaroB, Conlrols
& lnstrument rion (CAl), tr.nsformrs, etc., h.v b66n m.nufacturod in-house. Thecompany has
abo corcrructed a canarfrom rhewhite Nrre Rlver ro slpply wate. for rhe projeci The pro,e.t i3
funded by Govt of l.dia s Line ofcredir of UsD 350 million.
Nolably, KGti TPs ie BHEL'S l.rqest oil-fired themal power plant in the overseas m.rkr h is
also BH EL's nrst dude-oil fiEd thernal porer pl.nt in Alrice ahd cones dGe on the heels of lhe
succe$rul comptetion or BHEL'S 2g MW Nyaborango Hydro preject in Rwanda which wa3
rccently insugurat d by HE the Pr.sident of Rw.nd.. Alro, BHEL h.s commi.sioned thc 2x20
MW SGam Tlrbine and Generators lor cosenention appllcadon at lendaho Sugar Factory ln

BHE| b an integraled power plant equipment nanulacturer wiih over 50 yeitB of expnence
h:ving inst:ll.d over 153 Gw globally. The comp.ny crt r. to coG a.ctors ol induslry vlz.
Power, lransmlsslon, lndestnars systens and Prcducls, Transportation (Railways), Renewable
Energy, OilA Gae, Wate! and Delence and produces powerplants ior allrueltype5 viz. coal, oil,
Gas, Hydro, Nuclear & Solarwith th. ntiro ranso.
BHEL is presenrly executing sever:l major prcjct. lndia viz. 6{ MW Gr.nd Xsbnde
Hydro Project in oR congoi 13 llllw HFO ned power plant in Conoros! 8x183 IMW Keban Hydro
ehabilitalion projeci in Turkeyr 6x200 MW PHPAI, 6x170 MW PHPAII & 4x180 MW ilhPA hydro


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