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Infection of Air
Kailash Chandra Sabat-7207884783
Let common sense distinguish water and milk that plays a larger role in yoga.
A Letter to

Shri RaviShankar ji
Shri R.C.Surve
Mr Praveen Dhure
Mr Manas Das
Mr Bharadwaj Tiwari
Shri Jayant Bhoomkar
Shri Narayan Dalvi

Classification: Genpact Internal

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From the above two images it can be seen that Respiratory track
is above digestive track.So as water movement is always
downward whether the water you drink through nostril or mouth
in yoga passing through digestive track and only humid air goes
through nose.That humid air through nostril may come in touch
with heart but it should be harmless in any case of drinking
through nostril unless you bend your head to allow water in to
respiratory track towards brain.
Heart disease may be due to
1. Stress
2. BP ,high or low
3. Sudden unbearable injury
In our Sahara state yoga demo a person claiming to be an
Ayurved Doctor contacted the organizer and wanted to show yoga
on stage,drank water through nostril and went out while we were
continuing.After 5 minutes he with a heart surgery was found
unconscious on floor which secret about his heart he never
disclosed to anybody and may be the blame goes to drinking
through nose.

Classification: Genpact Internal

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Some fools believe without interpretation and innovation that

such heart attack may be due to such water drinking through
nostril.But we must bring the matter to senior yoga people and
these distinguished yoga people must decide the right thing.
As per my knowledge I wrote relating to(The Utility of water in
yoga arts) yoga and water in 2008 and mentioned drinking
through left nostril can cure many diseases the only conditions
being(from the books of IPS Shri Laxman Mishra)
1. Breathing at that time is through left nostril only
2. It is after sun set or before sun rise
Some people believed that such article on water means
1. Winning water energy that indicates life and job
And those people tried to opine that this article is wrong and even
my uncle and I both suffered from minor left paralysis.But I never
stopped drinking water through left as I never believed that such
drinking may result into minor paralysis.
And the allegation became serious once that man died in the
outside premises where yoga was being conducted

Classification: Genpact Internal

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Om akshya sakam gade sukulisham Padma dhanuh kurnika

Dantam Shakti masincham charm jalaj ghantam surabha janam
Sulam pase sudarshan cha dadhitim hastei prabal prabham
Sebe souribha mardanimiham mahalaxmi sarojstitah makshmam.
Om Ein hring shri bhagawatijai durgai namo
Om utistha purushi ki swapeshi bhayam samupsthitah
Jadi sakya masakya hun hun bhagawati samayi swaha
Om ambe ambike ambalike nama nayati kaschan
Sa swata swakah subhadrikam kampalya rbasinim

Classification: Genpact Internal

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We say stress, anger or getting wet or emotion affect our health.

It is nothing but infection of air.If you are aware that anger or

emotion affects your healthy air you would stay aware during
such emotional moments and may stay unaffected with slow
Vipasana is the best organization in India that could distinguish
about breath inflectional awareness.
Similar objections came on my shirshasana practice that I
neutralized through manthan kriya on bandh and ashwini mudra.
In one of the articles in TOI or DC I found some writing saying
the present yoga system is a mixed system from Maharshi
Patanjali-Japan-China-The USA practices and it has been more of
physical then of spiritual.
That is why we fear on everything and take a lot many
precautions.Such controversy was there when I wrote that a
faint heart never won a fair lady for the people not to fear yoga
postures and handle these slowly and fearlessly.
An article by Kailash

Classification: Genpact Internal

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