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1. Who are you?

A. What grade are you in?

A. Whats your name?

B. The 6th grade.

B. My name is Bobby. Whats yours?

A. Do you have fun at school?

A. Mine is Tom.

B. Yes, I do.

B. Where do you live?

4. Homework

A. I live in Lopburi, and you?

A. What are you doing?

B. I live in Saraburi.

B. Im doing my homework.

A. Its nice to meet you.

A. Which class is it for?

B. Its nice to meet you too.

B. Its for Math class.

2. Going to the park

A. Is it hard?

A. Where are you going?

B. No, its not.

B. I am going to the park.

A. Will you help me with mine?

A. What will you do there?

B. Yes, I will.

B. I will play football.

5. My birthday

A. Who will you play with?

A. When is your birthday?

B. My friends.

B. My birthday is on August the 14th.

A. May I play too?

A. Mine is on May the 3rd.

B. Yes, you may.

B. Do you have a party on that day?

3. School time

A. Yes, I do. Do you?

A. What time do you go to school?

B. Yes, we have lots of fun.

B. I go at 7am.

A. What do you do?

A. How do you get to school?

B. We play games and eat cake.

B. I get to school by bus.


6. What to do?

A. We need a flashlight.

A. What do you want to do?

B. Where is it?

B. I dont know.

A. I think its in the kitchen drawer.

A. We could play tennis.

B. Yes, here it is.

B. No, its too hot.

9. Lost backpack

A. We could play basketball.

A. Have you seen my backpack?

B. No, its too hot for that too.

B. No. Why do you ask?

A. Do you want to go swimming?

A. Because I cant find it.

B. Thats a cool idea.

B. Did you look in your closet?

7. Funny story

A. Yes, It wasnt there.

A. Why are you laughing?

B. Did you look under your bed?

B. Because I heard a funny story.

A. No, not yet.

A. Who told you a funny story?

B. I bet thats where it is.

B. Eric did.

10. Popcorn

A. When did he tell it to you?

A. Are you ready to watch the movie?

B. A few minutes ago.

B. No, not yet.

A. Will you tell it to me?

A. Why not?

B. Yes, I will tell you.

B. Because something is missing.

8. In the dark

A. Whats missing?

A. Oh! The electricity is off!

B. Popcorn!

B. I cant see anything.

A. I can watch a movie without popcorn.

A. Me either.

B. Well, I cant.

B. What should we do?


11. 2 tests

14. New boyfriend

A. How was school?

B. It was terrible.

A. Why is Jill so happy?

B. Because, she has a new boyfriend.

A. Why?
B. I had 2 tests today.

A. Whats his name?

B. His name is James.

A. In which classes?
B. Math and History.

A. Where did she meet him?

B. I think they met at the mall.

A. Didnt you study for them?

B. Yes, but they were still hard.

A. I am glad she is happy.

B. Me too.

12. Broken bicycle

15. What to be?

A. Whats new?
B. I have a problem.

A. What do you want to be?

B. I want to be a pilot.

A. Whats wrong?
B. The chain fell off of my bicycle.

A. Flying jets would be fun.

B. Yes, it would. What about you?

A. Did it break?
B. No.

A. I want to be a fireman.
B. Thats a dangerous job.

A. I will help you put it back on.

B. Thanks.

A. I want to help people.

B. Youre a good person.

13. Wheres the market?

16. Lunch choices

A. Excuse me.
B. What can I do for you?

A. What do you want for lunch?

B. What are my choices?

A. Can you tell me where the market is?

B. Yes. Its 3 blocks down this street, on
the right.

A. I could make sandwiches.

B. What else?
A. I could make spaghetti.
B. Hmm, I dont know.

A. Is it open now?
B. Yes, it opened at 9am.

A. Or, we could go to McDonalds.

B. Ill drive.

A. Thank you very much.

B. You are welcome.

17. Great music

20. New building

A. Please put some music on.

B. What do you want to listen to?

A. What is all that noise?

B. Its coming from across the street

A. You can choose.

B. How about Potato?

A. What are they building?

B. I dont know.

A. That sounds ok.

B. Wait! I have the new clash CD.

A. I hope its a pizza parlor.

B. I hope its a comic book store.

A. I havent heard that yet.

B. You will love it.

A. Its going to be very big.

B. Yes, it looks like it.

18. Pressing flowers

21. Take the train

A. What are you doing?

B. I am pressing flowers.

A: I think we should fly to Chaing Mai.

B: That would be too expensive.

A. Whats that?
B. You put flowers in a book, to dry out.

A: How about hitchhiking?

B: No, thats too dangerous.

A. What do you do with them?

B. You make colorful decorations.

A: We could take the bus.

B: Buses arent very comfortable.

A. How long do they last?

B. They last forever.

A: We could go by train.
B: That sounds like more fun.

19. Wheres Lana?

22. The gift shop

A. Have you seen Lana?

B. Yes, I just saw her on the playground.

A: Wow! That gift shop had everything.

B: Did you buy anything?

A. How long ago?

B. It was about 5 minutes ago.

A: No. I want to check the prices here.

B: Yes, maybe we can get a better deal.

A. I need to talk to her.

B. Why?

A: I am not good at bargaining.

B: Dont worry, I will take care of that.

A. She is going to help me with my

B. If you hurry you may catch her.

A: I am glad you are with me.

B: Thanks. Now, lets shop.

23. Scooter trip

A: What took you so long.

B: I had a flat tire.

A: Lets go somewhere.
B: Where?

A: How did that happen? The tires are

B: I ran over a nail.

A: How about the zoo?

B: Great! How will we get there?

A: These things happen.

B: Yes, it was just bad luck.

A: We could ride our bicycles.

B: Its too far for that.

27. Stop at the store

A: We could use my scooter.
B: Thats a better idea.

A: I will be home soon.

B: Can you stop by the store?

24. Flying kites

A: Sure, what do you need?
B: Can you get me some milk and a few

A: Kite flying is fun.

B: Yes, but my arms are very tired.

A: I couldnt hear you, please say that

B: I said, some milk, and a few

A: Thanks for teaching me how.

B: Anything, for my favorite girl.
A: I am getting a little hungry.
B: Me too.

A: What?

A: How about having lunch?

B: You read my mind.

28. The last minute

25. Getting ready
A: Can you talk?
B: Not right now, I am very busy.

A: Are you ready?

B: Almost.

A: What are you doing?

B: I am writing my science report.

A: We need to hurry.
B: Why?

A: Really? That is due tomorrow.

B: I know.

A: The show starts in 30 minutes.

B: Go start the car.

A: We had 1 week to do that report.

B: I know, I always wait until the last

A: Ok. Where are the car keys?

B: They are on the kitchen table.
26. Bad luck
A: Where have you been?
B: I am sorry that I am late.

29. Great paper

32. Dog walk

A: I just read your English paper.

B: I hope it was ok.

A: I think your dog wants something.

B: What makes you think that?

A: You did a terrific job.

B: Thanks.

A: He is whining and wagging his tail.

B: Oh, it must be time.

A: You have improved a lot this year.

B: I have worked very hard.

A: Time for what?

B: Time to take him for a walk.

A: I hope your next paper is just as

B: Me too.

A: Do you walk him every day?

B: Yes, it keeps him healthy.
33. Too many choices

30. You look great

A: I hate shopping!
B: Was the store too crowded?

A: Wow! You look great in that new

B: I should, it took all of my money to
buy it.

A: No, that wasnt it.

B: Were things too expensive?

A: Where are you going?

B: To the movies.

A: No, they were very cheap.

B: Then what was the problem?

A: With that new boyfriend?

B: Yes.

A: There were too many styles to

choose from.
B: Shop at a smaller store next time.

A: I hope he notices how pretty you

B: He had better!

34. New suit

A: Your new suit looks great.
B: Thank you.

31. Playing with a kitten

A: Your brother likes playing with that
B: Yes, they play all day long.

A: How much did it cost?

B: It was $200.
A: Thats terrible.
B: Why?

A: What do they play with?

B: That ball of string.

A: They are only $150 at the old market.

B: Ive been cheated!

A: How old is your brother?

B: Hes 5 years old.
A: How old is the kitten?
B: Hes 5 months old.

35. Lunch break

38. Monkey business

A: Youve been writing that report for 5

B: I have to finish it today.

A: Im leaving now.
B: Ok mom, bye.

A: You must be hungry.

B: Yes, I am.

A: No monkey business while I am

B: We promise.

A: Lets take a lunch break.

B: I dont have the time.

A: Last time, you boys broke the lamp.

B: That was an accident.

A: The restaurant is very close.

B: Well ok, but lets hurry.

A: Well, no accidents this time!

B: We promise.

36. Field trip

39. Dont be lazy

A: Hurry up, so we can get to school.

B: Why are you in such a hurry?

A: You werent at work today.

B: I didnt feel like going in.

A: Today is a special day.

B: Why is it special?

A: They might fire you.

B: No, they need me.

A: We get to go on a field trip today.

B: Where are we going?

A: Remember, good jobs are hard to

B: Yes, thats true.

A: To the Science Museum.

B: Really? I had forgotten.

A: I wouldnt skip too much work.

B: Ok, I wont do it again.

37. The perfect girl

40. Gossip girl
A: I have the perfect girl for you.
B: Oh no! Not another blind date.

A: Cathy never stops talking.

B: It seems so.

A: Why not?
B: The last one didnt go well.

A: She is always gossiping.

B: I know.

A: What was wrong? Ann was a very

nice girl.
B: Yes, but she looked like a gorilla.

A: Gossip only hurts people.

B: Yes, it does.

A: I promise, this time will be better.

B: I dont believe you.

A: I hope she runs out soon.

B: If she does, she will just make up

41. Recycling

44. Lazy

A: What are you doing?

B: Im throwing this bottle away.

A: Where are you going?

B: Im going to the kitchen.

A: Dont put it in that bin.

B: Where should I put it?

A: Can you get me a glass of juice?

B: You are so lazy!

A: Put it in the other bin.

B: Whats the difference?

A: No, Im not. I cant move.

B: Why cant you move?

A: One is for glass, and one is for

B: Oh, I see. They are recycling bins.

A: Because, our teacher told us to save

B: I dont think that is what she meant.

42. No cartoon

45. Poor girl

A: Im mad!
B: Why, whats wrong?

A: Karen is always broke.

B: Yes, she never has any money.

A: I cant find my favorite cartoon.

B: Which one is it?

A: Is her family poor?

B: No, she just spends too much.

A: Commander Space Monkey.

B: Maybe they took it off the air.

A: She needs to be more careful.

B: She needs to make a budget.

A: I hope not.
B: I do. That show was stupid.

A: A budget helps you save money.

B: Yes, thats how I got my new cell

43. Chores
46. Photos
A: I am going to wash the car.
B: Do you have everything you need?

A: What are you looking at?

B: Photos from our vacation.

A: I think so.
B: Do you have a brush, soap, and a
bucket of water?

A: Where did you go?

B: We went to Japan.

A: Yes. I just need one thing.

B: Whats that?

A: How long where you away?

B: We were gone for 2 weeks.

A: Some help.
B: I knew you were going to say that.

A: Did you see Godzilla?

B: You are so weird!

47. A night out

50. Chatting

A: Lets go out tonight.

B: Where do you want to go?

A: Who are you chatting with?

B: A friend.

A: The movies.
B: We did that last weekend.

A: Where is your friend at?

B: Japan.

A: What do you want to do?

B: I want to go dancing.

A: Is it a boy, or a girl?
B: Hes a boy, his name is Kazuki.

A: I dont know how to dance.

B: Dont worry, its easy.

A: Are you sure? It better not be a girl!

B: Dont be so jealous.

48. Be careful

1. What do you play?

A: Hey! Watch out!

B: What?

A: Which sport do you play?

B: I play tennis, and you?

A: You almost walked into that tree.

B: Thanks, I wasnt paying attention.

A: I like to play football.

B: When do you play?

A: You need to be more careful.

B: I will try to be.

A: I play at 3pm on Saturday.

B: I play tennis every Sunday.

A: What were you thinking about?

B: The pretty new girl in my Math class.

A: Where do you play?

B: I play at the park.

49. Dead battery

A: Me too.
B: Maybe I will see you there.

A: My cell phone wont work.

B: Whats wrong with it?

2. Bad movie

A: Im not sure.
B: Will it turn on?

A: How was the movie?

B: It wasnt very good.

A: No, it wont.
B: The battery is probably dead.

A: Why not?
B: It didnt have much action.

A: I must have left it on all night again.

B: That will do it.

A: That would be boring.

B: Yes, it was.
A: When will you go again?
B: I will go again this weekend.

A: I hope you have better luck.

B: So do I.

A: Whats wrong?
B: I have a headache.

3. New CD

A: Take some aspirin.

B: I also have a sore throat.

A: Whats that?
B: Its my new CD.

A: I think you have a cold.

B: I think so too.

A: Which band is it?

B: Its Clash.

6. Whats your hobby?

A: Really? I love Clash!

B: Do you want to hear it?

A: Do you have a hobby?

B: Yes, I collect comic books.

A: Yes, That would be great.

B: Then, come over to my house tonight.

A: How many do you have?

B: I have over 450.

A: Ok, I will be there about 7.

B: I will see you then.

A: Wow! Thats a lot.

B: Whats your hobby?

4. Crazy computer

A: I like to draw.
B: What do you draw?

A: My computer is crazy!
B: Whats wrong with it?

A: Cartoons and comics.

B: Maybe you will make a comic book

A: Im not sure.
B: Well, what is it doing?

7. Gone shopping
A: Nothing! Thats the problem.
B: What do you mean?

A: Where have you been?

B: I was shopping.

A: It keeps freezing up.

B: Take it to a shop.

A: Where at?
B: I went to Robinsons.

A: That would be expensive.

B: Its cheaper than buying a new one.

A: What did you buy?

B: I bought a new pair of shoes.

5. Youre sick
A: I need some new shoes too.
B: You should have gone with me.

A: Where are you going?

B: To the doctors office.

A: You didnt ask me to.

B: Im sorry. I will remember to, next time.

A: Are you sick?

B: I think so.

8. Alien crazy

A: Do you believe in aliens?

B: Maybe.

A: Which flowers?
B: The sunflowers.

A: Maybe?
B: If I say yes, you will think Im crazy.

11. Dads Job

A: What does your father do?
B: Hes a farmer.

A: No, I wont.
B: Are you sure?

A: Does he like being a farmer?

B: Yes, he likes to work outside.

A: Im sure.
B: Ok. Yes, I believe in aliens.

A: That would be nice.

B: What does yours do?

A: Haaa! Youre crazy.

B: I knew youd say that!

A: Hes a doctor.
B: Does he like being a doctor?

9. Our friends
A: Whos that?
B: Thats my friend, Tim.

A: Yes, he likes to help sick people.

B: I hope we have jobs we like someday.

A: Whos that with him?

B: Thats his girlfriend, Lisa.

12. Favorite subject

A: Whats your favorite subject?
B: My favorite subject is Math.

A: She is very pretty.

B: I hope he doesnt hear you say that.

A: Really? Math is hard.

B: Whats yours?

A: Why?
B: He is very jealous.

A: Mine is English.
B: I hate English.

A: I should be quiet then.

B: Good idea.

A: Why do you hate it?

B: Because teacher Don gives us too much

10. Hot day

A: Its very hot today.
B: Yes, it is.

A: You are just lazy.

B: Well, maybe a little.

A: When will it get cooler?

B: It will get cooler during the rainy season.

13. Hiking

A: When is that?
B: The rainy season will start next month.

A: I love hiking.
B: Me too.

A: That will be nice.

B: Yes, and it helps the flowers grow.

A: I like being outdoors.

B: Me too.

A: I like seeing nature.

B: Me too.

A: We are going to clean the house today.

B: We?

A: What was that noise?

B: I think it was a bear.

A: Yes, we.
B: Why do I have to help clean?

A: I wish I was at home.

B: Me too!

A: Because you help make it dirty.

B: Ok, thats fair. What should I do?

14. Do you dream?

A: Clean the bathtub, the sink, and the toilet.

B: Thats a lot of work.

A: Do you remember your dreams?

B: Yes, sometimes.

A: Get to work, and tell me when you are

B: No! You will just give me more work to

A: What do you dream about?

B: Sometimes, I dream I can fly.

17. The beach

A: I would like to be able to fly.

B: Yeah, so would I.

A: Lets go to the beach.

B: Thats a great idea.

A: Where would you fly to?

B: Id fly over the mountains.

A: We havent been there in a long time.

B: Thats true.

A: I would fly to outer space.

B: Then, you would be a UFO.

A: The last time we went, you almost

B: I did not.

15. Grocery list

A: Are you going to the store?
B: Yes, do you need something?

A: Then, why were you splashing and

B: I was just having fun.

A: Would you get a loaf of bread?

B: Ok, no problem.

A: The lifeguard didnt think it was funny.

B: He had no sense of humor.

A: And, some milk and cheese?

B: UmmOk.

18. Little brother

A: And, some carrots, beans, rice, and
B: Sure. Now, would you get something for

A: Whos that?
B: Thats my little brother.
A: Why is he following us?
B: He wants to play volleyball with us.

A: Ok, what?
B: A grocery list with all those things on it!

A: Should we let him play?

B: No, he is too small.

16. House cleaning


A: Well, he can keep score for us.

B: Yes, I guess thats ok.

A: How was the food?

B: It tasted great.

A: Call him over.

B: Hey Danny! Its ok, you can come with

A: Was it expensive?
B: No, it was very cheap.
A: I will have to try it.
B: We are going there again, on Friday.

19. Vacation time

A: When is your vacation?
B: The last week in April.

A: Ok, I will meet you there.

B: See you then.

A: Where will you go?

B: We are going to Europe.

22. Nothing to do
A: Im bored!
B: Watch TV.

A: Wow! That will be exciting.

B: I hope so.

A: Theres nothing on.

B: Do your homework.

A: What countries will you visit?

B: Spain, France, and the U.K.

A: Its finished.
B: Go outside and play.

A: Take lots of photos for me to see.

B: I promise I will.

A: I cant, its raining.

B: Well, you could clean your room.

20. New motorcycle

A: Is that your new motorcycle?
B: Yes, I just got it.

A: Hmm I wonder whats on TV.

B: I thought so.

A: It looks great.
B: Thanks.

23. Magic
A: Do you believe in Magic?
B: Do you mean like ghosts and witches?

A: How much did it cost?

B: It was about 35,000 baht.

A: Yeah, all that stuff.

B: No, those things arent real.

A: That sounds expensive.

B: It was worth it.

A: Are you sure?

B: Yes. Do you believe in it?

A: Is it fast?
B: Lets race and find out!

A: Im not sure.
B: Why not?

21. Great lunch spot

A: Where did you have lunch?
B: I went to that new place on Baker Street.

A: Because, I have heard some strange

B: Thats all they are, stories.

24. Music groups

A: Thats nice.
B: And, hes very handsome, and polite.

A: Whos your favorite music group?

B: Nickelback!

A: He does sound wonderful.

B: I hope you meet someone like him

A: Whats your favorite song by them?

B: Rockstar.

27. Traffic
A: Thats a cool song.
B: Whos your favorite band?

A: Do you see all of this traffic?

B: Im not looking.

A: Muse.
B: I have never heard of them.

A: Its only 2:30.

B: Bangkok is always busy.

A: They are new. I will loan you a CD.

B: Thanks.

A: Shouldnt these people be at work now?

B: Not today.

25. Flower festival

A: Where should we go for our vacation?
B: Lets go to Pattaya.

A: They should be at work, not driving

B: Not today.

A: No way!
B: Oh! Why not?

A: Why not today?

B: Because, its Saturday
28. New Lotus

A: You have too much fun there.

B: Haaa! Thats true.

A: Did you hear the news?

B: What news?

A: How about Chiang Nai?

B: What can we do there?

A: They are building a new Lotus

B: Really?

A: They have a flower festival.

B: We could get some great photos.

A: Yes, I read it in the paper.

B: When will it open?

26. Wonderful boyfriend

A: How is your new boyfriend?
B: Hes wonderful!

A: It should open next summer.

B: I like Lotus better than Big-C.

A: What makes him so wonderful?

B: He takes good care of me.

A: Why?
B: Lotus has better restaurants.

A: What does he do?

B: He takes me out to dinner a lot.

29. Blooming sunflowers


A: The sunflowers are blooming!

B: Where at?

May: Where are you from?

James : Im from California.

A: Everywhere.
B: We should go see them.

May: Im from Thailand. Its nice to meet


A: We could take photos.

B: Do you have a camera?

James : Its nice to meet you too.

A: Yes, I do.
B: What kind is it?

32. Do you speak English?

Mary : Excuse me, are you American?
Oat: No.

A: Its a Nikon.
B: Thats a good brand name.

Mary : Do you speak English?

30. Mystery trip
Oat: A little, but not very well.
A: Where are we going?
B: Im not telling you.

Mary : How long have you been here?

A: Why not?
B: Because, its a surprise.

Oat: 6 months.
Mary : What do you do for work?

A: This is very mysterious.

B: Be patient.

Oat: Im a student. How about you?

A: Ok, I will try, but its hard.

B: Here we are.

Mary : Im a student too.

33. Whats your name?

A: Wow! It looks like a party.

B: It is a party. Happy birthday!

John : Excuse me, whats your name?

Jessica : My name is Jessica. Whats yours?

31. Where are you from?

John : John.

James : Hello.
May: Hi.

Jessica : You speak English very well.

James : How are you?

John : Thank you.

May: Im good. How are you?

Jessica : Are you new at this school?

James : Good. Do you speak English?

John : Yes, I am.

May: A little. Are you American?

Jessica : Well, welcome to our school.

James : Yes.

John : Thanks a lot.


Jessica : I am sure you will like it here.

Sarah : Where do you want to go?

John : I am sure I will too.

Thomas : Id like to go to an Italian


34. Asking Directions.

Sarah : What kind of Italian food do you

Amy : Hi Michael.
Michael : Hi Amy. Whats up?

Thomas : I like spaghetti. Do you like


Amy : Im looking for the airport. Can you

tell me how to get there?

Sarah : No, I dont, but I like pizza.

Michael : No, sorry. I dont know.
36. Do you want something to drink?
Amy : I think I can take the subway to the
airport. Do you know
where the subway is?

Susan : David, would you like something to

David : No, Im full.

Michael : Sure, its over there.

Susan : Do you want something to drink?

Amy : Where? I dont see it.

David : Yes, Id like some coffee.

Michael : Across the street, near the corner.

Susan : Sorry, I dont have any coffee.

Amy : Do you know if theres a restroom

around here?

David : Thats OK. Ill have a glass of water.

Susan : A small glass, or a big one?

Michael : Yes, theres one here. Its in the


David : Small please.

Amy : Thank you very much.

Susan : Here you go.

Michael: No problem.

David : Thanks.

35. Im hungry.

Susan : Youre welcome.

Thomas : Hi Sarah, how are you?

Sarah : Fine, how are you doing?

37. Thats too late.

Richard : Mary, would you like to get
something to eat with me?
Mary : OK. When?

Thomas : OK.
Sarah : What do you want to do?

Richard : At 10 Oclock.
Thomas : Im hungry. Id like to eat

Mary : 10 in the morning?


Richard : No, at night.

39. When do you want to go?

Mary : Sorry, thats too late. I usually go to

bed around 10:00PM.

Linda : Hi Mark.
Mark : Hi.

Richard : OK, how about 1:30 PM?

Linda : What are you planning to do today?

Mary : No, thats too early. Ill still be at

work then.

Mark : Im not sure yet.

Richard : How about 5:00PM?

Linda : Would you like to have lunch with


Mary : Thats fine.

Mark : Yes. When?

Richard : OK, see you then.

Linda : How about 11:30AM.

Mary : Alright. Bye.

Mark : Oh, Im busy then. Can we meet a

little later?

38. Choosing a time to meet.

Linda : OK, how about 12:30PM?
Charles : Jennifer, would you like to have
dinner with me?
Jennifer : Yes. That would be nice. When do
you want to go?

Mark : OK. Where?

Linda : How about Bills Seafood

Charles : Is today OK?

Mark : OK, Ill meet you there.
Jennifer : Sorry, I cant go today.
40. Ordering food.
Charles : How about tomorrow night?
Jennifer : Ok. What time?

Host : Hello sir, welcome to our restaurant.

How many?

Charles : Is 9:00PM all right?

Charles : One.

Jennifer : I think thats too late.

Host : Right this way. Please have a seat.

Your waitress will be

Charles : Is 6:00PM OK?

with you in a moment.
Jennifer : Yes, thats good. Where would you
like to go?

Waitress : Hello sir, would you like to order


Charles : How about the Korean restaurant

next to it?

Charles : Yes please.

Jennifer : OK, I like that place.

Waitress : What would you like to drink?


Charles : What do you have?

Joe : What time are you leaving?

Waitress : We have bottled water, juice, and


Laura : Im going to leave around 4 Oclock.

Charles : Ill have a bottle of water please.

Joe : Will you buy a ham sandwich for me at

the store?

Waitress : What would you like to eat?

Laura : OK.

Charles : Ill have a tuna sandwich and a

bowl of vegetable soup.

Joe : Do you have enough money?

Laura : Im not sure.

41. Now or later?

Joe : How much do you have?
Elizabeth : Where are you going?
Laura : 25 dollars. Do you think thats

Chris : Im going to the store. I need to buy


Joe : Thats not very much.

Elizabeth : Really? I need to go to the store

Laura : I think its OK. I also have two

credit cards.

Chris : Would you like to come with me?

43. How have you been?
Elizabeth : Yeah, lets go together.
Karen : How have you been?
Chris : Would you like to go now or later?
Richard : Not too good.
Elizabeth : Now.
Karen : Why?
Chris : What?
Richard : Im sick.
Elizabeth : Now would be better.
Karen : Sorry to hear that.
Chris : OK, lets go.
Richard : Its OK. Its not serious.
Elizabeth : Should we walk?
Karen : Thats good. Hows your wife?
Chris : No, its too far. Lets drive.
Richard : Shes good.
42. Do you have enough money?
Karen : Is she in America now?
Joe : What are you going to do today?
Richard : No, shes not here yet.
Laura : Im going shopping.
Karen : Where is she?

Richard : Shes in Canada with our kids.

Maria : Hello sir, may I help you?

Karen : I see. I have to go now. Please tell

your wife I said hi.

Dan : Yes. Can I see that shirt on the top

shelf please?

Richard : OK, Ill talk to you later.

Maria : Sure. Here it is.

44. Introducing a friend.

Dan : How much does it cost?

Michael : Robert, this is my friend, Mrs.


Maria : 50 dollars.
Dan : 50 dollars. Thats too much.

Robert : Hi, Nice to meet you.

Maria : How about this one? Its on sale for
only 35 dollars.

Mrs. Smith : Nice to meet you too.

Robert : Mrs. Smith, what do you do for

Dan : I dont like that one.

Mrs. Smith : Im a doctor.

Maria : How about the one next to the black


Robert : Oh. Where do you work?

Dan : Thats nice. How much is it?

Mrs. Smith : New York University hospital

in New York City. What

Maria : 30 dollars.
Dan : Thatll be fine.

do you do?
Robert : Im a teacher.

Maria : Is this color OK, or would you like a

different color?

Mrs. Smith : What do you teach?

Dan : That blue ones fine.

Robert : I teach English.

Maria : Do you need any more of these


Mrs. Smith : Where?

Dan : Yes.
Robert : At a high school in New Jersey.
Maria : How many do you want?
Mrs. Smith : Thats nice. How old are you?
Dan : Ill take two more, a red one and a
white one.

Robert : Im 32.

46. Asking about location.

45. Buying a shirt.

Paul : Excuse me, Im looking for the

Holiday Inn. Do you know

Dan : Excuse me.


where it is?

Betty : No, that way is longer, and has more

stop lights on that

Nancy : Sure. Its down this street on the



Paul : Is it far from here?

Mark : I think youre right. Thank you.

Nancy : No, its not far.

48. Vacation to Canada.

Paul : How far is it?

George : Whats todays date?

Nancy : About a mile and a half.

Sandra : Its July 5th.

Paul : How long does it take to get there?

George : When are you going on vacation?

Nancy : 5 minutes or so.

Sandra : Im leaving on Sunday. Were

going to Canada.

Paul : Is it close to the subway station?

George : Really? The day after tomorrow?
Thats very soon.

Nancy : Yes, its very close. The subway

station is next to the

Sandra : Yeah I know.

hotel. You can walk there.
George : How long are you going to stay

Paul : Thanks a lot.

Sandra : About 2 weeks.

47. Do you know the address?

George : When are you coming back?

Mark : Excuse me. Do you know how to get

to the mall?

Sandra : Im coming back on the 17th.

Betty : Sure, I used to work there. Go
straight for about a mile,

George : Alright. Have a nice trip.

then turn left at the light. The mall will be

on the right.

49. Who are they?

Donna : Joseph, who is that woman?

Mark : Do you know the address?

Joseph : Thats Susan.
Betty : Yes, the address is 541 Main street.
Donna : What does she do for work?
Mark : Can you write it down for me please?
Joseph : Shes a lawyer.
Betty : No problem.
Donna : Is she American?
Mark : Is it faster if I take Highland avenue?

Joseph : No, but she speaks English fluently.

Donna : Shes really tall. Do you know her?
Joseph : Yes, I know her. Were friends.
Donna : Whos that man standing next to
Joseph : Which man?
Donna : That short guy on her right. Whats
his name?
Joseph : Oh, thats Matt.
Donna : Hes really good looking.
Joseph : Yeah.
50. Common questions.
Carol : Brian, do you know how to speak
Brian : Yes.
Carol : Where did you learn?
Brian : I learned in college.
Carol : You speak really well.
Brian : Thank you.
Carol : How long have you been in the U.S.?
Brian : 3 weeks.
Carol : Is your wife with you?
Brian : Yes, she just got here yesterday.
Carol : Have you been to California before?
Brian : No. Ive never been there.

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