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Products Offered
o Abrasives
Grinding Wheels
Cutting Wheels
o Anchors
Hammer Drive Anchors
Lag Screw Shields Anchors
Toggle Wings Anchors
Plastic Anchors
Wedge Anchors
Flat Head Sleeve Anchors
Acorn Nut Sleeve Anchors
Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors
Drop-In Anchors
Hollow Wall Anchors
Hollow Wall Drive Anchors
Hammer Drive Mushroom Head Anchors
Hammer Drive Flat Head Anchors
Concrete Screws Anchors
Toggle Wing Bolts Anchors
Expansion Anchors
Machine Screw Anchor
Lead Wood Screw Anchor
Stud Anchors
Sleeve Anchors
o Bolts
Anchor Bolt
Breakaway Bolt
Carriage Bolt
Coach Bolt
Cup Head Bolt
Elevator Bolt
Eye Bolt
Eye Lags Bolt
Flange Bolt
Handrail Bolt
Hanger Bolt

Hex Bolt
Holding Down Bolt
Hook Bolt
Lag Bolt
Plow Bolt
Set Bolt
Sex Bolt
Shoulder Bolt
Starter Bars Bolt
Stove Bolt
Stripper Bolt
Stud Bolt
Tap Bolt
Tension Control Bolt
Wood Screws
Decking Screws
Pozi Countersunk Woodscrews
Pozi Raised Countersunk Woodscrews
Pozi Round Woodscrews
Slot Countersunk Woodscrews
Slot Raised Countersunk Woodscrews
Slot Round Woodscrews
TX Mushroom Head Woodscrews
Pozi Rsd Csk Woods 15mm Sealing Washer
Pozi Rsd Csk Woods 20mm Sealing Washer
Pozi Rsd Csk Woods 25mm Sealing Washer
TX Rsd Csk Woods 15mm Sealing Washer
TX Rsd Csk Woods 20mm Sealing Washer
TX Rsd Csk Woods 25mm Sealing Washer
Machine Screws
Slot Cheese Machine Screws

Slot Pan Machine Screws

Slot Pan Shoulder Screws
Large Head Slot Pan Machine Screws
Reduced Head Slot Pan Machine Screws
Slot Countersunk Machine Screws
Pozi Pan Machine Screws
Pozi Countersunk Machine Screws
Phillips Pan Machine Screws
Phillips Countersunk Machine Screws
TX Pan Machine Screws
TX Countersunk Machine Screws
Pozi Raised Countersunk Machine Screws
Slot Raised Countersunk Machine Screws
Phillips Raised Countersunk Machine Screws
TX Raised Countersunk Machine Screws
Slot Mushroom Machine Screws
Phillips Mushroom Machine Screws
Pozi Pan Thread Rolling Screws
Pozi Countersunk Thread Rolling Screws
TX Pan Thread Rolling Screws
TX Countersunk Thread Rolling Screws
Wing Screws
Knurled Thumb Screws
Knurled Thumb Screws with Slot
Slotted Capstan Screws
Slot Fillister Machine Screws
Slot Binding Machine Screws
Slot Round Machine Screws
Thread Cutting Machine Screws
Sheet Metal Screws
Self Drilling Sheet metal screw
Socket Screws
Socket Cap Screws
TX Cap Screws
Socket Cap Screws with Serration
Socket Button Screws
TX Button Screws
Flanged Socket Buttons
Flanged TX Buttons
Low Head Socket Cap Screws

TX Low Head Cap Screws

Low Head Socket Cap Screws DIN 6912
Socket Countersunk Screws
Socket Set Screws Cup Point
Socket Set Screws Flat Point
Socket Set Screws Cone Point
Socket Set Screws Dog Point
Set Screws
Mating Screws
Electrical Supplies
Automotive Electrical Connectors
Automotive Fuses
Electrical Wiring Accessories
Pipe Fittings
Bulkhead Fittings
Compression Fittings
Pipe Adapters
Pipe Cap
Pipe Coupling
Pipe Elbow
Pipe Fasteners
Pipe Ferrule
Pipe Flanges
Pipe Nipples
Pipe Plug
Pipe Reducer
Pipe Sleeve
Pipe Sleeve
Pipe Tee
Pipe Union
Pipe Valves
Pipe Wyes
Grease Fittings
AS Grease Fittings
1/4"-28 Taper Thread Fittings
1/4"-28 Straight Thread Grease Fittings
1/8" PTF Grease Fittings
Thread Forming Grease Fittings
Drive Type Grease Fittings



1/4" PTF Grease Fittings

Stainless Steel Grease Fittings
Monel Grease Fittings
Metric Grease Fittings
Leak proof Grease Fittings
Button Head Grease Fittings
Air Vent Grease Fittings
Pressure Relief Grease Fittings
Flush Type Grease Fittings
British Thread Grease
Fittings BSP/BSF
Special Thread Grease Fittings
Brass Grease Fittings

Hex Nuts
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
Jam Nuts
Nylon Insert Jam Lock Nuts
Wing Nuts
Cap Nuts
Acorn Nuts
Flange Nuts
Tee Nuts
Square Nuts
Prevailing torque lock Nuts
K-Lock or Kep Nuts
Coupling Nuts
Slotted Nuts
Castle Nuts
Cotter Pins and Wire Clips
Circle cotter pin
Extended cotter pin or hammerlock cotter pin
Hairpin clip
Hairpin cotter pin
Ring cotter pin
Safety pin
Twist pin
Clinch pin
Dowel Pins
Drive pin

Groove pin
Knurled pin
Oversize dowel pin
Parallel pin
Pull dowel pin
Spiral groove pin
Stepped dowel pin
Straight dowel pin
Taper pin (no threaded)
Taper pin (threaded)
Undersize dowel pin
Hitch Pins and Linch Pins
Clevis pin
Clevis pin (adjustable)
Detent pin
Hitch pin
Linch pin
Toggle pin
Wire lock/snapper/safety spring pin
Locating and Fixturing Pins
Bullet-nose pin
Clamping pin
Cone locator pin
Diamond locating pin
Drift pin
Floating locating pin
Indexing/pop pin
Quick-release pin
Round locating pin
Bullet-nose dowel
Specialty Pins
Ejector pin
Escutcheon pin
Expanding diameter pin
Pivot/hinge pin
Shear pin
Weld pin
Spring Pins


Coiled spring pin

Roll/slotted spring pin
Safety Equipment
Hard Hats
Fall Protection
Job Site Boxes
Truck Boxes
Parts Storage
Wet Weather Gear
Tool Bags & Work-Aprons/Tool-Belts
Ear Protection
Knee Pads
Body Wear
Fall Protection
Eye Protection
Threaded rod
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Pneumatic Tools
Cutting tools
Drill Bits
End Mills
Flat Washers
Fender Washers
Finishing Washers
Split Lock Washers
External Tooth Lock Washers
Internal Tooth Lock Washers
Square Washers
Dock Washers
Ogee Washers

Sealing Washers
o Welding Supplies
Welding Electrodes
Welding Flux
Welding Wire
Welding Solder
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