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Initial ideas Flipped perception

What if the perceptions were flipped in a opposite town. In a town that
zombies were afraid of living people their immense speed, their capibility to
have almost super power ability to control their own limbs and the weird
regenerating process of needing sleep?
In this town everything is turned upside down when a zombie inhabitted
town is introduced to humans. These humans are a threat to the zombies as
they are ready to kill. Zombies are upagainst humans in a race to fight for
their lives. In a dark town, zombies are a competitive disadvantage with
their slow speed and inacapibilty to form a tacktical plan with only around
20% of brain capacity as a human... due to the fact half their brain is
proabaly fallen out of their head. They leak blood from various sections of
their body due to decaying. They do not like the sunlight as theis speeds up
their decay. Who will win the battle between zombies and humans? Will this
be the end of all life? Can 3 humans whom have escaped in to a sectioned
off area survive and take on the zombies whom travel around the town at
ever courner. Every government has a secret and somethings are better left
that way. In this short film filled with twists and turns at every courner of
comedy and frights. The film is left on a cliff hanger as zombies begin to
advance as they interact with the humans. The humans need to get out of
this secluded town as every minute they spend in the town the risk of
joining the zombies from being bitten grows. One by one each human is
bitten joining the zombies.
This has an implict meaning of the government sub-consiously cloning all
humans to be the same without us knowing as it is a secret. They
manipulate the different indivduals and it is a fight to break free from social

Setting: This film will be set on the empty

street roads. It will be on a cloudy day, the
emptyness of the streets will be emphasised
and it will be decorated with blood and
debrey for example branches. The
atmosphere will be set through gloomy but
thrilling music and this will allow the
audience to feel like we want them to.

Main Character 2:
The 2nd main
character is the
human who is
entering the
crossed off land. He
is trained military
and not afraid of
anything. He fights
zombies to get a
closer look and
wants to analyse
them as a crazy
scientist he really
is. In hope he can
create his own life
with zombies
attributes mixing
their DNA with
Human DNA.

Main Character
3:This character is
main character 1's
best friend. They
have grown up
together and are
as close as family.

Main Character 1:
The Main character
is a zombie that
lives in the small
town. They are a
likeable character
whom introduces
the story by a
voiceover. The
audience will
befriend this
character as the
character will be
sympathtised for
through the voice
over. The main
character will be
quite young and
innocent. The

Initial idea 2
Plot: In this twisted tail i will take you on a journey in to the deepest depths
of your imagination. Imagine you can hear voices and see things that dont
add up. You are sitting in your front room when all of a sudden you think of
the girl you like of that boy that hit you in gym class and now you can see,
hear and feel what they are feeling. You are them. Imagine what it is like to
hear every thought of what someone is thinking about. The opinions of first
judgements of you. In a normal persons life they could meet someone and
get on really well, but what if you were told their first thought was 'can this
guy leave me alone' or 'ew why is he talking to me' or 'he is so ugly' would
you still make friends just as quickly? Now think of the girl you are married
to and think of the first night you met, you clicked on got on so well, now
imagine her thoughts on that night were filled with previous lovers and true
intentions of making x's jealous and you were just a second choice. Every
arguement and doubt fills your brain and you have no control over it. What
a lonley life, filled with rejection as your mother thinks of the regret her
mind is stuck in from having you or sititing at home trying to watch TV as
your mother thinks about the steamy sex she had with your father last
night and you can see it and feel it, you are in that situation. The plot
follows Jamie who is 19 years old. He is an average boy with extreme
intelligence. He travels down a path on a journey to see if anyone is simular
to him. Find out if he can find anyone else to make him feel whole and
accepted for once in his life. Although, once he leaves his house he is met
by a strange girl who he cannot read the thoughts of. She explains that
they are coming and they need to go. He later finds out that he is being
hunted by branders who are scared of people like Jamie who have a genetic
mutation on their nucleobases (the basic building blocks of deoxyribonucleic
acid). The mutation has lead to different neurons being used in the brain leading to a
lobe called the rianglediletic system being utalised. This girl leads, protects and fights
for Jamies life to get him to safty, they seem to bump in to more and more people
with this mutation until they get to the safe camp, away from the branders where a
force field keeps them safe and hidden away from the branders who seem them as a

Setting: This first starts off in a small town

which is quiet and normal, although when
Jamie leaves home and starts to make his
own journey, the settings change between a
park where he first meet this girl who is very
secretive but befriends Jamie. To an action
filled adventure through woods and streets,
hiding and running from branders.

Main Character 2:
Lunar, is a
secretive and
caring. She can be
descriped as a little
odd but intreging.
She speaks softly
and with an
enchanting and
slow pace. She
keeps the audience
intrested and is
alike to Jamie but
they were assigned
partners, therefore
they cannot read
each others
thoughts and they
will fight with each

Main Character
3:This character is
the branders.
These are men
dressed in all
black, they lurck
around street
courners and
know who ther
targets are due a
special pair of
glasses. These
allown them to
target the DNA
mutated humans
and kill them so
they cannot
dominate the
world and
reproduce their

Main Character
1:The main
character is Jamie.
He is an adolesent
boy who is a little
out of the ordinary.
He has extreme
intelligence. He is
confidnent and set
on his travels to
find out where he
really belongs.

Final idea
Plot: There is a man that lives in an average house and he is sitting on his
sofa as he turns the TV on. He then is shocked to find that a news report
flashes on the screen exaplin that there is a lack in Hazelnuts. This is a
complete shock to the point the man drops the television control and runs
to his car without taking off his slippers and still in his PJ's. He then arrives
at the supermarket where he runs straight to the store and to the nutella
isle to clear the shelf and stock up before the product is ceased due to the
stock of hazelnuts. When getting home he sits down in a calm manner and
turns the TV back on. The TV report then changes to explain it was all a

Setting: The setting starts off in an avaerage

house and then jumps to a superamarket,
then back to the average house.

Main Character
1:This man is quite
young and tall and
skinny. He has
overlly expressive
facial expressions.

Main Character 2:
News reporter.
Woman, smart,

Main Character 3:-