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Skillset : PHP Developer

Total Experience
Notice Period
Current Location

1 Year
6000 PM
1 Week

Relevant Experience
Current Employer
Current Designation

1 Year
15000 PM
Krishna Energy,Saipowerzerrve Pvt Ltd
Jr. Software Engineer

Pradeep Singh

Rajamanickam Enclave, Plot No.1940, 18th main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40 Tel: +91-44-4263
Email ID: |Web Site:

Have good exposure of object-oriented and object-oriented relational database systems.

Strong knowledge in RDBMS concepts using stored procedures joins and sub queries.
Have strong knowledge in CorePHP, PHP 5, Java Scripts, JQuery and Ajax.
Having knowledge in JSON, AngularJS and Knock Out.
A self starter, quick to learn new skills and eager to take on new responsibilities while
managing time effectively to produce quality results either independently or in a group effort.
Master of Computer Application from Maharaja Engineering College. Coimbatore.
Year : 2011 , Percentage : 81% (Information Technology) from D.A.A College, Mayiladuthurai.
Year : 2008 , Percentage : 74%
Higher Secondary (H.Sc) from Tamil Nadu State Board
Year: 2004, Percentage: 50%

SSLC from Tamil Nadu State Board

Year: 2002, Percentage: 67%

Professional Experience:
March 2012 March 2013
Worked in Saipowerzerrve, Krishna Energy Pvt. Ltd., Chennai as Software Engineer.
August 2013 Still Now
IT Professional in Kalai Computer Educations at Mayiladuthurai.
Additional Qualifications:

Rajamanickam Enclave, Plot No.1940, 18th main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40 Tel: +91-44-4263
Email ID: |Web Site:

Typewriting English and

Tamil Junior Exams with
certified Pass in First classes.
Faculty of Computer Education (2006-2008) in One Private Computer Educations Part time JOB
in U.G Period with handled class in Student(C,C++,Ms-Office, Java, Web Design)

Work Experience at Saipowerzerrve Pvt. Ltd


Web Services
Front End
Back End

REST ful

PHP, Java Scripts, JSON, AJAX, JQuery, Knockout



Senior Care Resident is a Web Application, it is also supported IPod. It fully developed Web Services
concepts in REST ful using RESTLER API. This web services concept run it as two different Port. The
services run it one port, the Front-End running as another Port. The user Request and Response pass
the Services using MVC Concepts, it cant be view the URL into the passing data. The Response the
data received from the JSON format, the JSON format data can be bind in to the HTML pages using
Google API in KnockOut. Its fully view in HTML format.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Resident Information are fully maintain in to the Administrator
Resident Basic-Info, Preferences, Payers, Pharmacy, Documents
Assessment, Health, Fall Risk, Fee Details, Service Plan,.. etc
Medications department in various Care Activities
Hi-Charts using Reports Generated in various Categories


Frame work
Front End
Back End

PHP, Java Scripts, AJAX, JQuery, CSS, Html

Ravi Prasad Lab at Chennai.

ERP is the acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP utilizes ERP Web applications to improve
the Performance of Our Client in RaviPrasad Lab resource planning, management control and
operational control. ERP is Multi-module application software that integrates activities across
functional departments, from product planning, purchasing, inventory control and RaviPrasad Lab
Film development Processing, Order tracking. ERP Applications may include modules for finance,
accounting and human resources aspects of a business.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Rajamanickam Enclave, Plot No.1940, 18th main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40 Tel: +91-44-4263
Email ID: |Web Site:

Maintain the Client

requirements updating.
ERP Concepts normally added in to the Projects.
Sales, Receivables, Payables, Purchases, Inventory.
Additionally add Manufacturing Department in Film Development processings.
Invoice Generations, Invoice List, Stocks Maintenance.
Accounts Maintenance using General Ledger.
Bank A/c Payment Entry, Journal Entry, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, etc.
In our Client request will be cleared immediately
Database accuracy to our client System

Work Experience at Krishna Energy Pvt. Ltd.


Front End
Back End

PHP, Java Script, CSS, Html


All Customers

Krishna Energy Pvt. Ltd is, Introduce Energy Monitoring the Solution, through the Power Line
Communication. The System offers Energy Consumption details (EB and DG separately) of a
building, floor-wise or tenant-wise based on the topography of building. No extra cabling is required
across the building from Energy Meter to Centralized Computer, technology use the existing Power
Line to communicate the energy consumption details to Centralized computer. It will be Integrated
with a web-based application which can be used in internet or intranet. EMS-application is created
for the purpose of viewing the status of meters, which is based on the reading received either through
Power Line or General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) communication. The reading of meters is stored
in the database. The data are displayed based on the queries passed by the users.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Maintenance and update the our customer Requirements
Current Reading EB and DG Every Seconds Monitoring
Hourly and Monthly wise monitoring the Readings.
Bill Reports Generated Consumer wise, Floor wise(TNEB - formatting)
Current Unit Rate will be calculated in automatically
Its also supported Remote Accessing via GPRS.
Charts Reports Generated in Monthly, Hourly, Tenant-wise, Floor-wise.
Its challenging Projects on TNEB in our Customer Introducing.


Front End
Back End

PHP, Html, Java Scripts, CSS


Rajamanickam Enclave, Plot No.1940, 18th main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40 Tel: +91-44-4263
Email ID: |Web Site:

Description:, in Company Website. It can be developed by the Krishnaenergy Pvt. Ltd Software
department in our Team. In this website can be company information, Products and services, Our
Clients, Energy Meters specification,etc.. We at Krishna Energy fathom the dynamics of your needs
and work in tandem with you to design and develop the electrical needs and deploy state of the art
solutions to improve system reliability and risk management.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Update the Company Materials ,Requirements
Our Research products will be add to latest news scrolling
SEO Analyst in our Web site
Our Clients Data will be added
Immediate request to every request to via online
Maintain the database accuracy in our Testing wise Every day

Rajamanickam Enclave, Plot No.1940, 18th main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40 Tel: +91-44-4263
Email ID: |Web Site: