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Zapping inside Zapeando

The next essay is going to analyze LaSexta channels Zapeando

program. Im going to talk about the structure, the channel,
other similar programs, collaborators, the presentator and more
things including critics and my opinion about Zapeando taking
into account everything that was said in this essay. So, let me
invite you to know more about Zapeando.

KEY WORDS: Zapping, talk show, entertain, laughter,

Zapeando is a TV program where the main topic is talk about TV
programs or series. This is a very new type of TV where the take
other channels pictures to make a program and laugh with them.
The main objective is to entertain and to show other channels
broadcastings and to show their own channel programs to make
auto-promotion. This new type of TV is the reason of why I will
talk about Zapeando in the next pages.
Zapeando is a TV program which is broadcasted from Monday to
Friday at 15.45 to 17.15. It is broadcasted live nowadays but in
the beginning it wasnt a live program. Zapeando born on the
18th November 2013 and is still alive although the beginning isnt
very well.
As it is logic, in the same time there are other programs in other
channels. In Telecinco are broadcasting Salvame, in Antena3,
Amar es para siempre and in La1 is Acacias 38. The length of the
program is about an hour and a quarter but with the
advertisements is an hour and a half.
Zapeando is broadcasted in LaSexta. LaSexta is one channel of
the group Atresmedia. Atresmedia is a communication group
where are the followings channels: Antena3, neox, nova,
LaSexta, MelodiaFM, EuropaFM and Onda Cero; the last three

are radios. Atresmedia is located in San Sebastin de los Reyes in

Madrid and the owner is Silvio Jose Gonzlez Moreno. We can
say that the main sponsor of Zapeando is the travelling website,
Trivago. But inside the program and before the break, the
sponsor is Jazztel.
The structure of the program is very simple. There is a
presentator and five collaborators. The topics of the TV depends
on the day but at first there is a section where they talk about
the collaborators favourite moment of the past days TV. Then,
the start talking about concrete program from their channel or
other channels. In the end, the use to play to different games as
throwing glass of water and playing with chairs, etc. There is in
the same channel another similar program, En el aire, presented
by Andreu Buenafuente.
In Zapeando they talk about TVs and news actuality in a
humoristic way. Almost all the collaborators, that later Im going
to present, are comedians. The main objective of the program is
to entertain and laugh. For that, they take the best moments of
each program and the public can take part on it. Almost every
day is Trending Topic on Twitter #Zapeando. The public can take
part participating in the plays they propose (taking pictures,
telling stories, the best moments, etc.) Before finishing the
program, the presentator show those messages to the audience.
They achieve their objective almost every day because watching
Zapeando you can have a very nice time, but as always,
everything is boring. I think that watching that program every
day is boring because all the jokes are repetitive and dont have
Franc Blanco is the presentator of the program and Miki Nadal,
Quique Peinado, Ana Morgade, Cristina Pedroche and Anna
Simon are the collaborators. The roles that they have to do are
almost the same is every collaborator. In the case of Ana

Morgade and Cristina Pedroche, it seems that they are silly and
always are wearing in a stuck dresses to increase the audience. In
the case of the boys, they are more serious and they tell jokes
but not as they are silly. I think in that way that this program is a
much scripted program. Sometimes some stars as singers, actors,
etc. are invited to present their new projects and in my opinion
they are bad cared. Instead of presenting their projects, they go
only to laugh about the stars beginning on TV. Only 3-4 minutes
are to talk about their projects. In this way I think that is not
worth to go to that program is you are a star.
About the set, there is a big table in the middle of the set where
the collaborators and the presentator are sat. Behind the
collaborator is situated the public and behind the presentator
there is a big screen where we can watch the topic that they are
talking about and sometimes they show some pictures about
what there are talking about. The colours used for the program
are very comfortable and happy colours. The colours used for the
program are the same as TVs test card, indeed, the programs
intro is playing with that test card.
Technically, the program is well produced. The have at least
three-four cameras and with them we can watch what is
happening in the set. The program have a very good sound and
this is nice for a Spanish program, where not always is as good as
in Zapeando. While we are watching the program we can hear
some audio effects. There are camera effects as well. When they
are talking about collaborators best TV moment, a sticker
appears on a corner of the screen and the camera reels.
One thing that this program has bad is that all the program and
jokes are scripted so the collaborator are always reading from a
prompter and sometimes they are not looking the camera and
for the people that we are watching the show is a little bit
uncomfortable. The collaborators doesnt know what they are

saying so, sometimes, the laugh after saying the joke and doesnt
have any sense. The language that is used in these program is a
very nice language according to the time, respecting the child
schedule. The show is live so there is nothing to edit in this
The images that this types of programs use to complete their
program is not always allowed by the other channel or other
journalists. For example, there was a TV program called S lo
que hicisteis and there they used images from Telecinco as they
use in Zapeando from other channels. Telecinco denounced S
lo que hicisteis because they were every day laughing at them.
In this case, Zapeando has analysed El ultimo mono show and
the presentator of that show became very angry with Zapeando.
What about the audience? The audience has never being the
same. As I have said before, Zapeando started very bad with only
the 3% of audience. At the beginning, the collaborator were sat
in individual chairs and it was a cold program although the
sections were almost the same as today. After that bad
beginning the saw the necessity to change something in the
program to increase the audience. They did changing the set and
adding a table where nowadays the collaborators and the
presentator are sat talking about television. This image of the
show was a cooler image and was more comfortable to watch.
Nowadays the audience is an about 7, 5% of the audience and
900.000 spectators. The top audience had 10% with 1.200.000
spectators, so the evolution was nice.
As we can see, Zapeando is a very simple program to produce.
The genre that this program is, we can say that is a zapping and a
talk show. As my impressions, this program is very weak program
because doesnt have anything to attract but is nice if you want
to have a good time at least for almost 2 hours. The reason that
some people and some channel get angry with Zapeando I think

that it is logic. They sometimes treat some images or some

people with any caring and can ridicule the other person, as they
did with Jorge Javier Vazquez some time ago. They want to talk
about topics that everybody is talking about but I think they
should care more what they are saying.
The collaborators are a little bit weak but they achieve their
objective. Women collaborators I dont think they should wear in
those dresses but it seems like Zapeando is not zapping only TV,
but fashion too. They use to take an expert in fashion and
doesnt have any sense in my opinion. The presentator always
talk about women collaborators to say how pretty they went and
to increase the audience, for example, with Cristina Pedroche.
The target of public that this program is done for, is for young
people in general. I dont think they should only focus on young
people. Old people, or we can say adults, are the people who are
watching TV at that time as we can see the audience and the
target of other TV programs. I think that making the program
only for a one type of public is an error at that time. I think they
should make more sections adapted to all type of audience at
that time in from of TV if they want to make competence with
other channels.
Finally, despite Zapeando has too many things that I think they
could change, is a nice program in which the objective is
achieved almost every day and having good time watching
Zapeando is guaranteed. But in some cases and if the program is
watched every day, the better thing is to do what the programs
name say, to Zap if you dont want to get bored.