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Mapal Green Energy

Executiv e Summery

Galed WWTP
Company Profile :
Mapal Green Energy Ltd, based in Nesher in the north of Israel, offers proven and
unique innovative technology in order to reduce the operational and maintenance
cost of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Mapal as a know-how company is a technology provider with process

engineering des ign capabilities. Mapal provide a full process design and support
and the services that Mapal offer is as follow:
• Feasibility studies.
• Design, Supply, Construction.
• Commissioning and Start up.
• O&M contracts.
• Financing arrangements.

Mapal technology ensure the reduction of up to

70% of the operational and maintenance cost of
waste water treatment plants (municipal and
indus trial) that equipped with mechanical
surface aerators (fixed or floated).

Mapal CNM units is an international patent, a unique fine bubble floatin g

aeration system that replacing the mechanical surface aerators units. Mapal
CNM unique system can be implemented in two main applications:
1. Implementing fine bubbles aeration system where it is impossible in
existing and new small and medium size municipal and industrial
excavated biological reactors ponds and lagoons.
2. Upgrading existing medium and large municipal wastewater treatment
plants with fixed surface aerators in the concrete basin biological reactors
by replacing the surface aerators with Mapal CNM fine bubbles aeration
No need to drain the reactors, No damage to the biomass, No
interruption to the process.
• Energy Saving – Guarantee up to 70% reduction in the energy costs.
• Maintenance Free – No moving parts in the water, Guarantee up to 80%
reduction in the maintenance costs.
• High efficiency oxygen transfer to the biological process.
• Easy and safe installation.
• Easy to operate.

Fine Bubbles in – Surface aerators out!

Fine bubbles aeration is the best and the most

efficient and cost effective way to supply oxygen
to the biological process of the wastewater
treatment, however the installation of fine bubble
aeration system is limited to concrete basin. Till
now for lagoons that did not have a leveled
concrete floor the only solution was floating
surface aerators.

Floating mechanical surface aerators as a solution to supply

oxygen for the biological process in wastewater treatment
lagoons have many disadvantages:
 High energy consumption
 High maintenance costs
 Electrical and mechanical moving parts in the
 Splashing and odor problems.
 Inflexible operation.
Here comes the unique and innovating system that was developed by Mapal.
Mapal CNM floating fine bubble aeration system is a proven technology that is
operated successfully in 9 municipal WWTP in Israel and save money to the
owners of the WWTP day by day.

Mapal CNM system was designed to offer the advantage of

fine bubble diffusion through an easily insert able carrier
which requires no electrical power to the unit itself.

Tubular Membrane diffusers are used on the bottom of each unit, which are
custom manufactured to reach lowest possible depth the lagoon in order to
increase the oxygen transfer.
Proven Experience:
Mapal CNM systems are working successfully in 9 WWTP across Israel for
several years. The systems replaced floated mechanical surface aerated that
were installed in the WWTP lagoons. Mapal CNM units achieved the outlet
quality of the effluent as per the requirements and save day by day the energy
consumption and the maintenance costs:
Project name Total daily flow ( m3/d )
Yagur 750
Hanaton 140
Zarzir 2,200
Magen Shaul 2,700
Ma’ale Eron 2,300
Galed 140
Baram 700
Gonen 1,000
Gvar-am 100
Ramot menashe 350
Dalton 2,000
Yokneam 6,000
Kabiri-An gol a 60
Operational and Maintenance cost saving:
After few months of successful operation of Mapal CNM Unites, the owners of
the WWTP realize that the energy cost was cut by almost 70% and the
maintenance cost was almost gone!
For example:

 Galed WWTP - design to be operated with total of 22 kW surface aerators

and now it is operated with 1 blower of 5.5 kW.

 Baram WWTP - design to be operated with total of 30 kW surface aerators

and now it is operated with 1 blower of 5.5 kW.

 Yagor WWTP - design to be operated with total of 37 kW surface aerators

and now it is operated with 1 blower of 11 kW.

 Gonen WWTP - design to be operated with total of 31. 5 kW surface

aerators and now it is operated with 1 blower of 7.5 kW.

 Ashkelon WWTP – waste activated sludge WWTP, daily flow of 15,000

m 3 /day for each reactor. The WWTP has two reactors with total of 180kW
installed fixed surface aerators. Mapal offer to replace the fixed surface
aerators with the CNM system that need 2 blowers with total of 81 kW in
order to supply the same oxygen requirements.
M a pa l " CNM "

Flo a ti ng Fi ne B ubb le s di ffu se rs Aer a tio n Sy s tem.

• Inno vati ve cost effective f loating f ine bubbles high efficiency dif fus ers
aeration system.
• Minimum energy cons umpti on, low operational costs.
• Automatically adjusts it s elf to the water depth 100% le vel from the lagoon
water surface!
• No need to shut the plant operation easily and quickly installed and removed.
• No moving parts in the water, mainte nance free!

Technical description :
• Minimum water operational depth - 2. 00 Meter
• Maximum water operational depth - 6. 00 Meter
(The aeration ef ficiency drops dramatically for depth more then 6 M eter)
• Two basic models :
o CNM 1 - Total air flow of 40 m 3 /h @ standard conditions
o CNM 10 - Total air flow of 120 m 3 /h @ standard conditions

• Tubular dif fusers
• Material of construction :
 Diff users Stub - P. P
 Membranes - EPDM (standards), Silicone and PTFE (optional).
 Support structure - SS 304 (s tandards), SS 316 (optional).
 Float - welded P. P. filled with foamed Polyst yrene.
 Encore rope - Ø10mm P. P wove rope.
 Air f eed pipe - Ø 63 HDPE 6 Bar pipe.