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Transit Times

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Monthly Newsletter to Tell Progress

On Transit Planning for East Bay
Months and even years of planning for mold the plan as closely as possible
the time when public transportation in around the desires and wishes of the peo-
the East Bay would be aimed directly at ple and yet finalize a transit plan that will
satisfying the wants and wishes of the be self-supporting and not require a tax
rider, is starting to payoff. subsidy of the property owners in the dis-
A detailed, carefully constructed mass trict to operate the transit system.
transit plan for all of the Alameda-Con- Standing out as a beacon is the gen-
tra Costa Transit District is now being eral election next November when it is
put togetl1er~by the l:!onsulting engineer- the intent of the directors to present the
ing finn of De Leuw, Cather & Company. transit plan, together with any revisions
A preliminary report on their findings will that are made, to the voters of the district
be in the hands of the district directors in the form of a proposed bond issue to
early in July. buy operating equipment and commence
T9 make sure that the engineers know district transit operations.
exactly what the people in the various
cities and counties in the district want Keep Informed
in the way of mass transit facilities, a As a result of this stepped-up tempo
special engineering advisory committee in transit preparations, the district is
is now in the process of being organized. launching an informal monthly newslet-
The committee will include planning and ter to keep community leaders and other
engineering officials from the cities and interested citizens within the district fully
counties who will be invited to work informed of the current progress and
closely with the district's consultants. status in transit plannning.
The premise of the newsletter will be
Public Review that a fully informed voter is an intelli-
Once the mass transit plan is down gent voter and will be more capable of
on paper, the district will begin an ex- correctly assessing the facts.
haustive review of the proposal, present- Directors of the district intend that the
ing it at numerous public hearings, dis- plan they offer to the voters next Novem-
cussing it at meetings with public agen- ber shall provide the best transportation
cies and other interested civic groups. and the most transportation for all of the
The directors will be finding out what East Bay district at the lowest possible
people think of their future transit net- cost. The newsletter, to be called Transit
work, what changes should be made in Times, will tell over the months how the
the plan. It is the directors' intention to directors' intent is being carried forward.
'The Rider' To Have
Begins; Report Soon BUSES UNDER REVIEW Voice In Planning What the Editors
Proposed service by the transit dis-
The detailed master transportation
plan being drawn up for all of the East
trict in the Contra Costa County areas
of Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek,
Residents of Alameda and Contra
Costa counties have been assured thev Say About Transit
Bay transit district area by De Leuw, Concord and Martinez, is undergoing will be given ample opportunity to help
Cather & Company will include consid- develop a suitable transit plan for their Plans to design the Kensington Ex-
careful study. pressway for bus traffic as well as for
eration of new express service, downtown area.
terminals and the extensive use of free- The engineering consulting firm of private autos reflect a proper apprecia-
De Leuw, Cather & Company is draw- Numerous public hearings and other tion of the importance of mass transit
ways. meetings will be held before the district
ing up a transit plan for the area with in urban transportation.
Transit district directors have agreed an aim towards improving express reaches the point of acquiring transit fa-
that these objectives are among those cilities, according to Robert K. Barber, The NFT and the city planning com-
service and load standards, increasing mission, together with The News, long
that should be held out in front by the frequency of service and extending the president of the board.
engineering consultants while drawing have urged inclusion of bus facilities in
existing service. The district, futhermore, will not pur- the new super-highway. There will be no
up the transit plan. chase transit equipment until after a
Suburban type buses are being con- "turn-outs" along the regular roadway, as
Most immediate attention is being bond issue has been submitted to the proposed, but a spokesman for the State
sidered, with all seats facing forward- voters and their views made known.
given to the MacArthur Freeway which a type of coach superior to those now Department of Public Works says the first
so far has no provisions for loading and in service on the lines in Contra Costa These assurances were' contained in section to be built will provide for bus
unloading bus passengers. letters filed recently with the Contra stops on service roads away from the
The directors have authorized J. R. Costa Board of Supervisors, Contra Costa main traffic stream at three points along
Worthington, district transit consultant, County CIO Council, the cities of Walnut the route. The question is whether this
to consult with the State Division of Creek and San Pablo, the Rodeo and La- will be enough.
eley, Richmond, San Leandro, Hayward, fayette chambers of commerce, and the
Highways to urge that the space needed Bus riders should be able to share in
and the central Contra Costa area. Council of Richmond Industries.
for unloading passengers be built into the benefits of modern urban arteries.
~Torthington estimates that travel time
the free\vay. In answer to protests by these groups Futhermore, express bus service will give
between downtown Oakland and Univer-
The freeway would be used by the sity Ave. in Berkeley could be reduced that the district should abandon its con- the public a new incentive to make
transit district as one of the principal ar- from 35 minutes to 15 or 20 minutes, and demnation proceedings against part of greater use of the buses, thereby con-
teries both for moving express passen- that the time between Richmond and the Key System facilities, Mr. Barber tributing to a reduction of congestion and
gers between the Oakland central busi- Oakland could be shortened from 57 min- said: helping assure stable transit operations.
ness district and the San Leandro-Hay- utes to 30 minutes. "It should be recognized that this ac- From every standpoint, the idea of ex-
ward area and as a major route in its The proposed bus terminals would be tion merely sets in motion the lengthy pressways serving mass transit vehicles
transbay operations. built in the central business district of procedure of having an impartial State without impeding the flow of ordinary
The proposed Grove-Shafter freeway Oakland, one in Berkeley in the vicinity agency (the Public Utilities Commission) traffic makes good sense. It can't be ap-
is another important artery serving the of University and Shattuck Aves., and determine the fair market value." plied too widely.-Buffalo (N.Y.) Eve-
Berkeley and Contra Costa County areas the third in Richmond, somewhere in the Whatever buses, shops and yards the ning News.
that the directors believe should be pro- area of Twenty-third St. and Macdonald district might acquire would simply be
vided with bus turnouts. Ave. the "nucleus of a district-wide transit
New limited stop or express service The terminals could be constructed by program." Another Copy?
would be superimposed on regular local private capital and leased by the district, Mr. Barber said it is "premature to For another copy of Transit Times or
routes serving downtown Oakland, Berk- according to Worthington. To help pay speculate on the ultimate benefits or rela- to place your name on the mailing list for
for themselves, the terminals would con- tive costs to your area should the useful future issues, just drop a line to the Tran-
tain stores on street frontages as well portion of Key System's equipment be sit District in Suite C at the Claremont
TIRES, RAILS TEAM UP as coffee shops and other commercial acquired." Hotel, Berkeley. We'll be happy to
Designers of a $200,000,000 Delaware operations within the waiting rooms. The district, he explained, will soon oblige.
expressway through the northeastern part Worthington has informed the direc- have an engineering plan that is to help
of Philadelphia are planning to route por- tors that such terminals should go far in solve Contra Costa's transit problems.
tions of the Frankford EI rapid transit helping to build transit patronage. The study includes a determination of opposing the condemnation proceedings
along a median strip of the superhigh- The study by De Leuw, Cather will the most economical use of Key System were invited to review the engineering
way. The federal government, which is require about five months to complete, equipment as well as what new equip- studies in the near future and discuss
paying 90 per cent of the costs, must ap- but a preliminary report will be prepared ment will be required. with the engineers indicated transit needs
prove the plan. for the directors by early in July. Representatives of the organizations of the county.
Horseless Buggies
Take Bigger Bite Transit Times
The cost of driving an automobile Published monthly by the
10,000 miles will increase $76 this year Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
over 1957 to a new high of $1,078. Suite C, Claremont Hotel
The boost, calculated by the American Berkeley-Oakland, Californi~
Automobile Association, was based on Alan L. Bingham, editor
"fairly new" lower priced cars. Telephone THornwall 5-6610
Depreciation will jump from $514 to
$565, the biggest single increase and the Robert K. .B arber President
largest item in the motorist's budget. Wm. J. Bettencourt . Vice President
Robert E. Nisbet • Attorney-Secretary
Only gasoline and oil expenses will show George M. Taylor Administrative Officer
a decrease this year-from 2.42 cents per ·
mile to 2.39 cents. Directors
The association also listed these other Robert K. Barber Ward'
J. Howard Arnold Ward II
increases: property damage, liability, fire John L. McDonnell Ward "'
and theft insurance, $103.40 to $116.71; Wm. J . Bettencourt Ward 'V
license and registration, $17.68 to $19.16. Paul E. Deadrich . Ward V
Proportionate increases on a per mile Robert M. Copeland Director at large
basis were listed for maintenance and Clair W. Macleod • • Director at large


People are still flocking into Alameda Contra Costa County's July 1 population
and Contra Costa counties, according to was 356,700. This was an increase over
the latest adding machine totals, and the previous year of 11,100.
probably will keep it up for years to come. By 1970, the San Francisco Bay Area
Population of Alameda County as of Council predicts that there will , be
July 1, 1957, was 873,900, which was a 1,233,000 people residing in Alameda
gain of 12,000 over the previous year. County and 659,000 in Contra Costa.

Transit Times
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