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Skill lab: vascular examination

Start with history taking:

I. greet patient
II. take patient identityname, age, address, marital status, occupation

III. chief complaint: VII. personal habits

1) what chief complaint (pain at leg/ Are you drinks alcohol???How
ulcer/varicose vein) frequent??How many cups usually
2) Since when??? suddenly or gradually each time you drink it?Are you
3) Can you describe how severe is it??? Do you smoking???
have any skin discoloration, swelling in your 1) since when you start smoking
body or ulceration??? Is it disturbing your daily 2) How many cigarettes you
life??? take everyday??
4) location 3) What brand of cigarette you
5) frequency take?
6) Is it worsening by something for example at VIII. proceed to PE
rest, exercise, and working? / Ok, Mr.….from this conversation, what
7) Factors that can influence the symptoms??? I can conclude now is that may be
weather, menstruation, emotion you have problems with your blood
8) Any other complaint??? Ulcer, skin vessels on your leg... so to further
discoloration, swelling if yes, plis describe!! confirmed and your know what actual
IV. past history your problem, we need to do PE.The
Do you have any injury before the symptoms procedure is simple, juz examined
appear?? your pulsation of your arteries and
allergy then ask your to do several
movements and do reflex as
wellagree x nak proceed???
organ illness k, Mr. plis expose your lower
IV. family history extremities and lying down on
family members that have similar illness// examination bed
DM, hypertension, Cerebrovascular accident, high and I will wash hands with soap +
triglyceride and cholesterol level, clotting make it dry with clean and dry towel
abnormality ready to examine the patient

Inspection color of the skincyanosis, hyperemic, darkenss
(both extremities ) Skin
smooth or rough
scaly/ not
ulcer present/ not
edema present/ not
Contour :
atrophy/ hypertrophyy
symmetry/ not symmetry between right and left leg
Nail :
thick/ not
smooth/ rough
have nai/ no nails
Hair : reduced/ normal
Palpation (both Temperature (using the dorsal of the handboth extremities)
exteremities )
Capillary refillwat kat finger, if da gangrene, leh wat kt palm

Look for any edemaif present, examine is it pitting/ non pitting

Reflex physologic reflex : knee reflex,

Range of motion ask patient to move the pain area (giggles the toes)

Sensory compare both extremities dpt sense x

1) dorsalis pedis artery
2) posterior Tibial artery
3) popliteal artery
4) femoral artery
5) abdominal aorta
6) radial artery
7) ulna artery
8) brachial artery
9) carotid artery
Examination was Finished your can dress up now and wait for me in consultation room for further consultation
And I wash hand with soap and it dry with clean and dry towel