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Speak Up Memo

The Voice for Young Conservatives

THE WEEK OF JAN. 25, 2010

The Outrage
The Democrats have stopped listening to young people. From healthcare to student loan
reform, their destructive policies disproportionately hurt young people and the worst part
is they don’t even seem to care. In 2008, young people gave democrats their vote and in
2009 Democrats showed young people the door. If we want policies that help us instead
of hurt us, 2010 must be different.

What Can You Do About it

You can speak up. Conservatives must start winning hearts and minds before they can
start winning elections, and it starts with you in the classroom.

When your professor blames George Bush for all the world’s problems, speak up. When a
TA says that socialized medicine won’t lead to rationing, speak up. When your friend
tells you that they voted for Barack Obama because he’s “cool,” speak up. Tell your
professor that George Bush is not the sole cause of all the world’s problems. Tell your TA
that socialized medicine will cause rationing, just ask the British. And tell your friend that
voting for Obama has meant a massive increase in public debt and higher taxes, which
kills jobs and isn’t “cool.”

Have the confidence to speak up for what you believe in using the facts and the truth.
Only by speaking up can we take back our country one campus, one classroom and one
student at a time.

This Week’s Theme: Democrats cheat in order to cheat you

The promise: The Democrats promised to run the most ethical and responsible Congress ever.

The reality: Democrats have been anything but ethical and responsible.

Fact #1: Congressional Democrats sat idly by while Massachusetts’s Secretary of State William
Galvin threatened to delay certification of Republican Senate-elect Scott Brown. Silence is

A weekly publication by the College Republican National Committee. Copyright 2010.

acceptance when it coming to cheating young people. Don’t believe me? This is so ridiculous I
can’t make this stuff up. Check it out here:

Fact #2: Other Democrats are said they would commit voter fraud by voting up to ten times to
keep Scott Brown from being elected as the next U.S. Senator from Massachussets. Don’t believe
me, check this out:

Fact #3: Using tax payer money – our money – Senate Democrats “bought off” Senators Mary
Landrieu (D-LA) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) to get the votes they needed to pass their health care
reform that serves their interests…and it wasn’t cheap. Sen. Landrieu got $100 million worth of
preferential treatment from the federal government for her state and Sen. Ben Nelson got $300
million (i.e. the longer you hold out, the bigger the bribe).

And if that isn’t enough, the shady “buy-offs” don’t stop there. Michigan, Vermont, Pennsylvania,
New York and Florida – all states with Democratic senators – got sweetheart deals.

Now let me ask you this: does “buying off” united States Senators to pass legislation that drives
up costs for young people sound like the “most ethical and responsible” congress in history?

Fact #4: If the Democrats don’t get the 60 votes they need to cut-off debate through a
parliamentary procedure known-as cloture, they are seriously considering changing the rules in
the middle of the game by tossing Senate tradition and custom to the wind. Changing the rules in
the middle of the game…does that sound like the “most ethical and responsible” congress ever?

A weekly publication by the College Republican National Committee. Copyright 2010.