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Public Invited To Help Redraft Transit

Plan; New Legislation Is Authorized
Amendments Creating Special Revised Transit Plan To Be
Service Zones Prepared For Ready In 3 Months; Civic
Introduction Into Assembly Groups Urged To Assist
Compromise legislation that would re- A substantially revised plan to provide
tain Contra Costa County areas in the the East Bay a public transit operation
Transit District, but defer service to them more of its citizens will ride, is expected
until it is wanted is being drafted for to be completed by the Transit District
introduction into the State Assembly. in the next three months.
Transit district directors voted this More than 100 civic, business, indus-
month to proceed with their bill after an trial, property owner and taxpayers' as-
unsuccessful attempt to reach still fur- sociations have been invited by the Dis-
ther compromise with the Contra Costa trict to help in drafting the revised tran-
County Board of Supervisors. sit program. The organizations represent
The district-sponsored measure is de- an estimated 20,000 business firms and
signed to continue the present district individuals.
intact but to provide transit facilities The District also is seeking the assist-
only for areas desiring the service at the ance of City Councils in each of the East
present time. Bay communities to review the transit
Areas within the district but outside plan prepared for the District last August
the operations zone would retain the right by De Leuw Cather & Company.
to vote for election of directors and would Several public hearings also are being
be subject to a tax limited to 1 cent. , considered as part of what should prove
That money would be used to finance to be one of the largest surveys as to
continuing studies as to changing needs public sentiment ever conducted in the
of the district and thus facilitate exten- area.
sions of service to the outside areas when The transit plan under review was the
they desire service in the future. basis for the $16,900,000 bond issue that
General Manager John R. Worthing- narrowly missed receiving a necessary
ton emphasied that the ultimate aim of two-thirds majority last November.
providing adequate transit service for the General Manager John R. Worthing-
two counties requires the acquisition of ton told the Board of Directors at its
routes, equipment, personnel and termi- February meeting:
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Barber Issues Call For Richmond, San Pablo
To Enter District; Suggests Joint Studies
Proof of the Pudding A proposal that representatives of
Richmond and San Pablo and the Ala-
Both Richmond and San Pablo were
excluded from the Transit District by a
meda-Contra Costa Transit District get court decision which held absentee bal-
ASSURANCES the Alameda-Contra :Many of the improvements promised lots were improperly canvassed after the
n Costa Transit District can provide here by the Transit District were largely
together to discuss future transit plan-
ning was made recently by Robert K. election forming the District.
the East Bay with a first class transit sys- responsible for the successful comeback Barber, president of the Transit District. If the District should be successful in
tem the public will ride, and at no cost of the Nashville system and its ability to Barber, speaking before members of replacing Key System, Richmond and
to the taxpayer, emanate from a source stay so deep in black ink. the Richmond Democratic Club, de- San Pablo might be left without any ma-
far more reliable than idle wishful think- And what has Nashville done to re- clared: jor public transportation system unless
ing. invigorate its public transportation? It "I believe it is time for us to sit down they annex to the Transit District.
These promises of a revitalized and has furnished exclusive transit lanes at together, now that we . Barber stressed the importance of tran-
self-supporting transit bus system, dedi- rush hours on the streets so there is no are in the relative calm tiC sit to the businessman, declaring that
cated to greater speed, convenience, serv- crawl t~rough traffic. Its passenger stops that follows the storm, "downtown business districts would
ice and the use of top-flight equipment, protect patrons from aU kinds of weather. to map out the long- nearly wither away if they were suddenly
are rooted in the practical operating ex- This system even provides free strollers range approaches." deprived of public transit facilities."
perience of existing transit. companies. for mothers who need to take their chil- It is essential that "Key System has repeatedly indicated
dren on downtown shopping trips; it pro- the cities of Richmond it has little, if any, interest in revitalizing
, A striking example is the public tran-
vides free rides for youngsters bound for and San Pablo eventu- its services and equipment and develop-
sit system in Nashville, Tenn. Six years
swimming lessons in the summer; special ally become a part of ing a transit operation capable of draw-
ago the company threatened bankruptcy.
Sunday schedules deposit weekly church- the Transit District, he ing people to its services," Barber said.
Today, the reorganized system flourishes.
goers at church doors within 10 minutes said. He added:
before start of the morning service. "Some day, all the President Barber "We of the Alameda-Contra Costa
Another new wrinkle-"Stop and Shop" major population centers must come to- Transit District, on the other hand, are
gether in attacking the common problem firmly convinced that the program we
Transit Times service - permits passengers boarding
buses downtown to layover for shopping of transporting masses of people from proposed for the East Bay will definitely
Published monthly by the at outlying neighborhood stores. "Club where they are to where they want to go. reverse the downward trend in transit
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
Coach" service, slow to catch on but now "The fact that the people did create the riding and help to solve our area-wide
700 Plaza Building traffic problem."
506 Fifteenth Street a solid money maker, picks up regular Transit District by their vote, and the
Oakland 12, California suburban customers at their doors in the fact that a majority did vote for the re- The transit official said the district is
Telephone TEmplebar 6-1808
morning and whisks them downtown, cent bond issue, can be taken to mean striving to obtain legislation that will
Alan l. Bingham, Editor with no stops. that the day is not far off when the Dis- make it easier for areas such as Richmond
Officers Such practices are not aimed solely at trict will be in operation," he said. and San Pablo to enter the District.
Robert K. Barber President enabling the Nashville transit system to
Wm. J. Bettencourt . . Vice President
operate at a profit. The far more import-
John R. Worthington
Robert E. Nisbet .
General Manager
Attorney-Secretary ant aims are to keep automobiles out of Surveys Begin On Revising Transit Program
George M. Taylor . Administrative Officer business districts and to avert congestion (Continued from Page 1) Worthington said the transit plan will
Directors on the streets and highways. "Before submitting another bond issue, be substantially revised after the com-
Robert K. Barber Director at large N ashville is proving how the use of it is essential that we find out what the ments and suggestions have been re-
Robert M. Copeland . Director at large public transit can be so increased that it people think of the proposed improve- ceived from the public, and that the new
William H. Coburn, Jr. Ward I
J. Howard Arnold Ward II both diminishes congestion and pays its ments. We want to determine areas bond issue proposals should be com-
John l. McDonnell Ward III own way in the bargain. We are satisfied where the plan could be revised to more pleted early in June.
Wm. J. Bettencourt . Ward IV a similar progressive approach by the District officials have indicated another
Paul E. Deadrich . Ward V
adequately serve local transit needs and
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District to meet with fuller approval of the citi- bond issue will be submitted to the vot-
will produce like results here. zens of the District." ers, possibly next Fall.
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NEW TRANSIT LINES-Map shows service in Southern Alameda County initially proposed by Transit District. More than 100 civic, business, industrial, improvement
and taxpayers' organizations have been invited to review routes and operating frequencies for possible changes before a bond issue is submitted to voters this Fall.





• • • • • • 1 PROPOSED NEW LINES








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What the Editors Are Saying About Transit
Freeway Bus Lines, Park-and-ride Urged in Philadelphia
Reprinted from The Philadelphia Inquirer:

T HE value of the Schuylkill Express-

way as an artery for high-speed bus
now running to the midcity from Over-
brook, Bala, vVynnefield, Mt. Airy, Ger-
mantown and other districts, will be
lines serving the central city has been
stressed by this newspaper ever since the routed later over the Expressway.
highway was proposed. And, he adds, if parking facilities are
Now that the Expressway has been provided "at suitable points along the
completed to Vine Street, with connec- Expressway," express buses could furnish
tions to midcity points, the Philadelphia fast, convenient park-and-ride service di-
Transit Company has announced plans rect to the central city.
for a peak-hour bus line operating on it This type of service should produce
as part of a route from Roxborough . . . the largest benefits because it could at-
The express service thus provided tract the patronage of many persons who
should substantially reduce the running now travel to and from the downtown
business district in their automobiles. A COMING AND GOING-Novel bus-only lane on Market Street in Harrisburg, Pa., al-
time required by Route A buses, now lows buses to travel westbound on busy downtown thoroughfare, and restricts all
linking the Roxborough area and down- single bus can carry as many persons as
other traffic to eastbound movement. Introduced on a trial basis last August at sug-
town Philadelphia. usually ride in 35 or 40 automobiles, so gestion of city engineers, the arrangement won almost universal acceptance among
But Expressway bus service should not that a shift of motorists to th~ express merchants, city officials and the general public, and was recently approved on a per-
be limited to a short detour for an exist- buses for commuter travel could greatly manent basis. Movement of buses through the area has been speeded up an (1verage
ing line. Douglas M. Pratt, PTC presi- ease traffic congestion. of 14 per cent. -Photo courtesy of Harrisburg Railways Company
dent, says that shoppers' special buses Just what points along the Expressway
Mr. Pratt regards as suitable for parking
facilities he does not state. But it is ob- Faster Bus Speed In Traffic Studied Here
Sacramento Transit vious that one logical location is some-
where close to the City Line interchange,
A study of traffic control devices to communities throughout the country that
speed public transit, such as reserving have experimented with bus-only lanes
Reports Net Surplus where passengers could park their cars one lane exclusively for buses during and have found they speed up both pub-
SACRAMENTO - The Sacramento Tran- for the day and board express buses for rush hours, is being conducted by the lic transit and the private auto.
sit Authority continued to operate on a a fast ride to their downtown destination. Transit District. In Dallas, Tex., for example, exclusive
self-supporting basis during its second Ample size to meet future demands of Director Robert M. Copeland proposed bus lanes increased transit speed by 23
year in business, according to the Author- course, would be an essential. the study, saying that exclusive bus lanes, per cent. Autos increased their travel
ity's recently published year-end report. City-PTC cooperation in promoting no parking restrictions, special bus speed speed by as much as 45 per cent. Buses
Walter Christensen, chairman of the such a park-ride facility is surely indi- limits, one-way streets and other systems using special lanes in Cincinnati per-
Authority, said that income was more cated. are used elsewhere and may be workable mitted auto traffic to move 23 p er cent
than sufficient to cover all expenses in- here. faster.
cluding principal and interest on bonded More Information? "Close coordination with municipal General Manager John R. Worthington
indebtedness. The District can make available speak- and county authorities who control the told the Board that other than what the
Self-sustaining operations were main- ers and a 20-minute color film on transit streets is essential if we are to speed up Transit District is planning, nothing is
tained despite substantial wage and sal- to interested organizations. A note or buses on our downtown streets," he said. being done here at present to make travel
ary increases granted all transit em- phone call to the District also will place "Buses can save riders substantial by bus faster and more attractive. Very
ployes, Christensen said. The Sacramento your name on the mailing list for Transit travel time during rush hours if they have little, in fact, has ever been done in this
Transit Authority has operated since Times if you are not already regularly exclusive curb lanes in which to travel," area to help facilitate the speed of tran-
March, 1956, with a 15 cent cash fare . receiving a copy. Copeland said. He cited a number of sit coach travel," he added.
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IActions 0' the 'Legislation To Defer
Board I Contra Costa Service
At a special meeting on February 4, (Continued f?'Om Page 1)
1959, the Board of Directors: nals. The contemplated five-county rapid
• Amended Rules for Procedure, es- transit system will not provide the two
tablishing four standing committees con- East Bay counties with a solution to its
cerned with finance, program planning, immediate transit problems and many of
administration and public information, its long-range problems, he added.
on motion of Vice President Bettencourt. "Ultimately most, or all, of Contra
• Changed regular meeting date and Costa County will want to come into the
location to the first Wednesday of each district due to geographical factors and
month beginning March, 1959, in the population growth," Worthington said.
chambers of the Alameda County Board "Therefore, I feel the 1 cent tax is not
of Supervisors, on motion of Director unreasonable or excessive in view of the
John McDonnell. plan for continuing district-wide studies
• Authorized study on methods of in- and retention of the right to vote for dis-
creasing speed of transit coaches through trict directors."
traffic, on motion of Director Deadrich. "Reasonable" Compromise
(Details,. Page 7.)
Worthington viewed the districts pro-
• Authorized Director Copeland to at-
posal as a "reasonable and fair compro-
tend meetings of the Governor's Indus-
mise between the position of those who
trial Safety Conference and American
want to be fully in the district and those
Society of Civil Engineers' in Los An-
who want to be fully out.
geles, .on motion of Director McDonnell.
"We must insist on such amendments
* * * as necessary to recognize and protect the
At its regular meeting February 17, desires of voters in both counties," he
1959, the Board of Directors: said.
• Heard report of progress on several The district-sponsored legislation also
proposed legislative amendments to would allow general obligation or reve-
Transit District Law and on activities of nue bonds to be issued for special service
District public information program zones upon approval of a majority of
from General Manager Worthington. voters, permit the district to transmit pro
(Details, Page 1.) and con arguments on any bond issue to
• Adopted revised Rules for Procedure the voters with their sample ballot, and
for the Board of Directors, on motion of allow the district to acquire equipment
Vice President Bettencourt. through lease-purchase.


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Berkeley, California

Form 3547 Requested