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Proudly We Can Be America grew from the

Africans grassroots and eventually

Book Review became a worldwide respected
By Alvin Singh slogan to counter white
supremacy and segregation
During Black History Month laws. The movement would
each year schools decorate the not have been as confident
classrooms with famous and effective without the
African Americans who have respect and attention African
achieved great success in nations brought to the world
various fields and careers. when they defeated their
What we do not see is the former rulers and proved that
contributions of Africans in the “Africa is for Africans.” In
Diaspora or homeland who return African leaders looked
deserve just as much credit as towards their distant relatives
their brothers and sisters in for moral support and political
North America. The book encouragement that helped
Proudly We Can Be Africans: book around the revolutionary create broader programs
Black Americans and Africa, war in Kenya lead by the Mau towards rebuilding their
1935-1962 explores this distant Mau under Jomo Kenyatta who nations. This back and forth
connection that has existed for was a student of Marcus diplomacy existed and it was
hundreds of years. Written by Garveyʼs Pan-Africanism and successful in more ways then
James Meriwether this book includes non violent protests critics will admit. The way
beautifully narrates how against the apartheid African Americans viewed
important the civil rights government of South Africa. Africa changed which helped
movement in America was to Despite the negative portrayals develop their own
the global anti-colonialism of Africa and narrow minded consciousness and librations in
struggles in Africa. viewpoints many times a international scope.
projected by African Americans
In the mid-twentieth century this book proves that there is a Leaders like Patrice Lumumba,
African nations fought for their different connection that stills Kwame Nkrumah and Julius
independence from European exist. Not every black person Nyrere became symbols of
colonizers while African in America looks at Africa with freedom and leadership before
Americans fought for human shame or disgust instead many President Barack Obama
and civil rights in the United people have looked at Africa as finished pre school. This book
States. Both struggles for refugee and a place of hope to is a must read and I suggest
freedom involved a strategic escape the hardships that exist that after reading it you will
political, social, economical in North America. truthfully say “yes we can” be
and cultural plan that could proud to be Africans.
elevate their causes to the The time period Meriwhether
international level. chooses explains the constant Contact:
Meriwhether pays detailed contact that African leaders
attention to such organizations had with civil rights activist in
like the NAACP, black press, America to form a united
and personal stories from coalition that will support each
people who lived in a time others causes. This early
when Africa could never host a development and foreign
World Cup championship and relationships helped bridge
the White House would have both sides when they need
never envisiones a black family each others support. The
as residents. He builds this Black Power movement in