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MPD Project - 3D trial room

With an increase in the online sales, it has been a clear indication that the
people are losing interest while buying the products (apparels) from the
branded showrooms. Various reasons under this can be:
a) Changing lifestyle of the people with the reduction in going to the
b) More number of options available to the people while buying online
c) Various problems faced by the people during the trials
d) Due to dense crowd of people in the showrooms, it takes a lot of time
to try each and every option out of the various favorable choices.
e) Difficulty of comparing the different brands by the customers.

Product Description :
1) Provides a nice user experience with a good UI design
2) Automatic change of the images with just one click makes the product
readily available as per the new changing new trends
3) Product can use web analytics to capture information about the
customer preferences quickly and make the prototype of the product
available in the shortest possible time

Identifying the target group in the service provided:

1) Various multiband showrooms such as shoppers stop, where a lot of
people come to
visit and check clothes due to
availability of almost all the brands.
2) Various multi store malls where people usually come to buy a certain
number of things, can quickly try any new apparel in the market
3) Targeting the people during the winter season when people arrive in
the showrooms with putting on a lot of clothes, when it is very difficult
to try and change the clothes
1) More number of people will be coming to the showrooms because of
the kind of facility available
2) Due to lack trial facilities while offline shopping, increase in the crowd
to in store sales due to availability of quick trial options.

3) Prototypes of the every variety of product from every brand will be

present for the trial and if the physical stock for a particular is not
available then it can be ordered and delivered to the customer within
the least possible time after the stock 6arrives.
4) Multiple number of clothes can be tried at the same time by visualizing
the proper various combinations
5) Comparisons can be made side by side of the various outfits tried by
the person
6) Reduction in the direct and indirect costs involved in the supply chain
7) Problems arising due to the size difference for the same marked size
for the different brands
8) Extremely useful during winter season when the people enter the
showrooms putting on a lot of clothes which makes it difficult for them
to change their dress quickly

Product Costs involved in the product:

1) Body Scanners: A body scanner device fitted into the product with a
high resolution camera. Lasers can also be attached in the product to
improve the precision of the scanner because of their short wavelength
detector technology.
Various costs involved in this are :
Cost of producing or buying the scanner :
2) 3-D Image creating rooms : The product will use the images of the
person and create his 3D image using the technology in such a way
that he should be able to try various apparels side by side , also
making note of various body features such as color of skin , hairstyle a
person is looking for