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James Blake Worley

5558 S. Hill St. #207 / Littleton, CO / (720) 290-5734

August 07 to August 09: Student in Masters Program for Instructional Design

Technologies, Colorado University Denver Campus- Attained Masters degree by
attending, as a full time student, all three school semesters in the school year to
complete degree in two years. The Internship for this degree was with the Douglas
County Government’s Organization Development Department, constructing a
leadership seminar for head executives in each of the county’s departments. Through
this degree the following website was made to showcase the skills and competencies
learned in the program:
• Graduated with 4.0 grade point average
• Proficient in Instructional Design tools including, but are not limited to, Web 2.0
technologies, Web Design and construction of Surveys/Evaluations
• Emphasis on Adult Learning with different instructional techniques such as the
A.D.D.I.E. school of implementation for instructional programs

June 07 to February 10: Operations Analyst Level I, Riverfront Resource

Center, Dish Network- Starting off as an agent on the Technical Call Center floor,
the position of Operations Analyst I was quickly attained.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office, Aspect, Oracle and other like applications
• Call center nightly closer, responsible for ensuring the departments shut down
for the night
• Technical Service Representative Level III with excellent stats before gaining
Operations Analyst Position

October 04 to May 07: Sales/Product Trainer, Qwest Wireless Loyalty Dept,

Center Partners Inc. - Construct and facilitate 6 week experiential training course for
new agents in the Qwest Wireless Department using material from Center Partners
(CP) and Qwest. Facilitate and distribute training to all floor agents to insure that
product knowledge is current. Primary trainer for the Loyalty account and responsible
for all their new hire classes. Responsible for updating curriculum as business needs
changed. Organized recurrence training for 170 agents on call center floor.
• Taught over 185 new hire classes for various Qwest Wireless departments
• Produced curriculum using Qwest training modules and CP experiential
training design
• Launched 2 other CP sites and initiated Qwest Programs

June 04 to October 04: Agent Trainer, Qwest Wireless Loyalty Department,

Center Partners Inc. – Train any new hire classes not being handled by Product
trainer. Assisted with recurrence training. Average about 95% training 5% as loyalty
agent in the call center.
• Taught 15 new hire classes for various Qwest Wireless Department
• 95% of time spent in training due to company request
• Promoted to Product Trainer with in 4 months of Agent Trainer position

Other Education - BA European History 2001, Fort Lewis College, Durango CO