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ANSI American National Standards Institute

API American Petrolium Institute
ASTM American Standard for Testing Materials
ASW Adjustable Spring Wedge
ATMOS Atsmosphere

BA Base Anchor
BBE Bevelled Both Ends
BE Bevelled Ends
BF Bottom Flat
BL FLG Blind Flange
BLE Bevelled Large End
BOE Bevelled One End
BOP Bottom of Pipe
BSE Bevelled Small End
BSP British Standard Pipe
BW Butt Weld
C Cradle
C/W Complete With
CAD PL Cadmium Plated
COD Continued on Drawing
CONC Concentric
CONC SWG NIP Concentric Swage Nipple
CPLG Coupling
CS Carbon Steel
CSC Car Seal Closed
CSO Car Seal Open
DA Directional Anchor
DIA Diameter
DR Drain
DS Dumy Support
DWG Drawing
E East
EA Each
ECC Eccentric
ECC SWG NIP Eccentric Swage Nipple
EL Elevation
ELL Elbow
EOL Elbolet
EQ Equal
ERW Electric Resistance Welded
EX Example

(F) Furnished
F Female
F/F Female/Female
FF Flat Face
FFSO Flat Face Slip On
FFW Field Fit Weld
FFWN Flat Face Weld Neck
FLG Flange
FOF Face of Flange
FP Full Port
FS Forget Steel
FTG Fitting
FTG/FTG Fitting to Fitting
FTOF Face to Face
FW Field Weld
G Guide
GALV Galvanised
H Horizontal
HD Hold Down
HDR Header
HE Hand Wheel Extension
HEX HD Hexagon Head
HOR Horizontal
HP High Point
HR Hanger Rod
ID Inside Diameter
IL Invert Level
INS Insulation
INST Instruments
IP Intersection Point
ISO Isometric
K Kilogram
kPa Kilo Pascal
LC Locked Closed
LG Long/Length
LO Locked Open
LOL Latrolet
LR Long Radius
M Male (or Meter)
M/F Male/Female
MATL Material
MAX Maximum
MIN Minimum

MK Mark
MR Material Requisition
MS Mild Steel
MSS Manufacturers Standards Society
N North
NB Nominal Bore
NC Normally Closed
NIP Nipple
NO Number
NOL Nipolet
NOZ Nozzle
NPT National Pipe Thread
NS Near Side
OD Outside Diameter
OE Open End
OP Operated
OR Orifice
P/P Personnel Protection
PBE Plain Both Ends
PCD Pitch Circle Diameter
PE Plain End
Platf Platform
PLE Plain Large End
POE Plain One End
PPE Pressure Preffered End
PROJ Project
PS Pipe Support
PSE Plain Small End
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch
PSIA Pounds Per Square Inch Absolute
PSIG Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
PSV Pressure Safety Valve
PT Pipe Tap
PU Pick Up
RED Reducer
RED TEE Reducing Tee
REF Reference
REINF Reinforcing
REQ Required
REV Revision
RF Raised Face
RFSF Raised Face Smooth Finish
RFSO Raised Face Slip On
RFWN Raised Face Weld Neck
RJ Ring Joint

RJWN Ring Joint Weld Neck

RP Reduced (or Regular) Port
S South
SB Specktacle Blind
SCH Schedule
SCRD Screwed
SHT Sheet
SKT Socket
SM Smooth
SMLS Seamless
SO Slip On
SOL Sockolet
SPEC Specification
SPEC BL Spectacle Blind
SQ Square
SR Short Radius
SS Stainless Steel
STD Standard
STD WT Standard Weight
SW Socket Weld
SWG Swage
SWG NIP Swage Nipple
TBE Thread Both End
TE Thread End
TEMP Temperatur
TF Top Flat
THK Thickness
THRD Thread
TLE Threaded Large End
TOC Top of Concrete
TOE Threaded One End
TOL Thredolet
TPI Threads Per Inch
TSE Threaded Small End
TSS Top of Support of Steel
TYP Typical
U/G Underground
UNC Unfield Coarse (Thread Form)
V Vertical
VLV Valve
W/ With
WE Weld End
WN Weld Neck
WOL Weldolet

WP Work Point
WT Weight
XCV Exlendid Control Valve
XS Extra Strong
XXS Double Extra Strong