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East Bay To Vote on Transit Bonds

Oct. 20; Citizens Committee formed
Transi! Board Approves
Engineering Plans for
$16,500,000 Bond Issue
A $16,500,000 transit improvement
bond issue will be submitted to East Bay
voters at a special election October 20.
District directors called the election
after approving an engineering report
which provides for an overall $24,000,000
project to expand and improve public
transportation in nine East Bay cities.
The program, involving 700 route
miles of transit lines, proposes to revita-
lize public transit with new ultramodern
buses, a nctwork of fast express lines and
more than 200 miles of new or improved
local routes.
A. Hubbcrrd Moffitt, Jr.
Bulk of the financing will come from
the $16,500,000 bond issue, which must
be approved by a majority of voters. Sub-
sequent district revenues from fares
Moffitt To Head
would provide the remaining $7,500,000 Citizens For Transit
required to complete new equipment A. H. Moffitt, Jr., East Bay civic leader
purchases. who long has been identified with com-
The special election will be held in munity progress and development in Ala-
Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, EI Cerrito, meda County, was named this month as
Emeryville, Hayward, Oakland, Pied- general chainnan of the Citizens Com-
mont, San Leandro, and adjacent unin- mittee for Better East Bay Transit.
corporated areas, including Castro Val- Fonnation of the committee and Mof-
ley, Kensington and San Lorenzo Vil- fitt's appointment to the top post were
lage. (Continued on P"ge 6) (Continued OI! Page 6)
What the Editors Are Saying About Transit
Transit Bonds Offer Sound Solution of Urgent Problems
Reprinted from the Oakland Tribune:
o MORE vital and urgent problem portant that there be widespread under-
N exists in the East Bay communities
than adequate, efficient pubiic transpor-
standing of the importance and character
of the transportation plan. Elections will
tation. In this we are not unique, similar be held in Oakland, Berkeley, EI Cerrito,
conditions exist throughout the metro- Albany, Emeryville, Piedmont, Alameda,
politan areas of the country. But now we San Leandro, and Hayward. Other areas
have the opportunity to take a major step include Kensington, Castro Valley, and
toward a satisfactory solution of the San Lorenzo Village.
problem. An important point, aside from the
The reference is to the $16,500,000 improved service anticipated under a
bond issue which will be submitted to new system, is the financing. Engineers
the voters at a special election October 20. who made the study say that the sys-
The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit Dis- tem will pay for itself without the need
trict has advanced this program for ex- for additional taxes. Income from fares,
panding and improving transit service according to the consultants who made
that would replace the Key System. the study, will pay operating costs, retire
District Plans Ultramodern Coach Fleet Long and careful study by experts has
gone into the plan finally evolved. It was
the bonds, and provide equipment.
Hence, this will be a self-sustaining pro-
New IT ransit Liners' To Mark Greatest Improvement to performed by professional engineering gram, according to the engineers. Cer-
experts who examined the needs of this tainly it is true that if our transportation
Transit in 20 Years; Many Changes in Design, Styling area and came up with the best possible system were efficient and reliable far
A new city transit coach that makes a body panels. Streamlined styling is evi- way of meeting them. more East Bay residents would use it.
complete break with the past and offers dent in the forward slanting windows, The proposal is to institute 700 miles . That is the reason the experts reported
advanced body styling and a host of other in both front and rear end design, and in of transit lines traveled by new and mod- that transit patronage would even exceed
such details as clearance lights, standee ern buses. There would be fast express the conservative estimates of the De
improvements is being designed as the
windows, headlight and signal housings. lines and some 200 miles of improved Leuw report.
fleet model for the Alameda-Contra Costa
Transit District. Improved styling also marks the in- local routes. The system itself is expected We commend the bond issue to the
The new air-conditioned "Transit Lin- terior of the coach, where new ideas, new to cost $24,000,000, which would leave immediate and serious attention of East
ers" will be similar to another new line of materials, new colors create an inviting $7,500,000 to be paid from revenues. Bay voters. It offers a logical and efficient
coaches that will begin rolling off com- atmosphere. Former painted masonite Since there are a number of cities and way out of a problem that for long has
mercial assembly lines this Fall. surfaces have been replaced with pat- unincorporated areas involved it is im- demanded favorable attention.
The improved commercial models are terned panels and anodized aluminum.
the first completely new coaches for city The new coaches have push-type exit Public Showing oE Transit Plan Now Available
use developed by a major bus manufac- doors as standard equipment. Other An illustrated public presentation of problems of mass transportation in the
turer in nearly two decades. standard features include a new track- the transit district's new program for im- area and explaining the district's develop-
In addition to all-new body design, the type seat mounting rail inserted flush proved and expanded East Bay transit is ment plan for meeting this need.
new models will have greatly increased with the floor which allows easy reloca- now available for scheduling by organi- The presentation is available free of
visibility with large "picture windows," tion of seats for greater passenger com- zations in the area. charge for luncheon meetings as well as
fluorescent lights, lower entrance step, fort. Titled, "We're Rolling With Transit," for groups holding their meetings during
and improved suspension, providing a A new fluorescent lighting system illu- the presentation includes a series of de- the morning, afternoon or evening hours.
major advancement in riding comfort. mines the whole coach interior in "white" scriptive charts and a commentary by a Any interested group may arrange for a
Bright-metal, fluted, anodized alumi- light, replacing former yellow individual district representative pointing out the presentation by contacting the district.
num is used extensively in side and rear incandescent lamps above windows.



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1,033 Precincts Created for Special Bond
Election; Nine Cities To Vote on Program
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A total of 1,033 voting precincts have including 296 to be bought during the
been created for the election. In most first two years of operation; acquisition
cases regular precincts will be consoli- of 276 existing - type buses to augment
dated two for one. peak-hour service during initial years of
Polling places for the election will be operation; establishment of five new ex-
open on October 20 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. press routes extending the length of the
The system, according to the engin- East Bay; improvement of service freq-
eers, will be self-supporting from district uency on 170 miles of existing transit
revenues, and will not require additional routes throughout the district; establish-
taxation. Income will be large enough to ment of 55 miles of new local lines and
provide operating costs, funds to payoff additional miles of neW extension, prin-
the bonds, and necessary equipment and cipally in the areas of Alameda, Albany,
property renewals, the engineers state. Berkeley, El Cerrito, Hayward, Oakland
The transit program includes purchase and San Lorenzo Village; and the acqu-
of 572 new city and suburban "Transit sition of land and buildings for terminal
Liners"-many of them air-conditioned- and storage purposes.

Citizens To Press for Bond Passage

(Continued from Page 1) deteriorated over the past years," Moffitt
announced by Robert K. Barber, transit observed. He added that people of the UNIQUE BUS STOP SHEL TER-A new bus stop shelter recently installed in Beverly
district president. two East Bay counties now have a Hills is one of several desig!1s under consideration by Alameda-Contra Costa Transit
The committee will sponsor the $16,- "golden opportunity to help assure con- District for use in East Bay area. The shelter is fabricated completely of aluminum
500,000 transit district bond issue at the tinued growth and economic develop- and is illuminated at night. Its open construction offers a minimum of obstruction to
special East Bay election October 20. The ment by equipping themselves with a view in all directions.
measure will appear on the ballot as badly needed system of adequate mass
Proposition A. transportation."
Moffitt, an attorney in Alameda, was
among those who guided formation of
Moffitt is a life long resident of the Bay
Area and for many years has been a leader
Area Transit Districts Integrate Plans
the district with a successful vote of the in affairs of the East Bay. He is a former Major East Bay transit improvement work together to fully accomplish needed
people in 1956. He also was vice chair- president of the Commonwealth Club of plans of the Alameda-Contra Costa Tran- transit improvements.
man of the San Francisco-Bay Area Rapid California, Alameda Chamber of Com- sit District have been developed in close The regional district is charged with
Transit Commission during the formative merce, Alameda Rotary Club, and Oak- coordination with the regional Bay Area providing a five-county system of fast
years that led to the creation of the five- land Junior Chamber of Commerce. Rapid Transit District. interurban rail transit. Preliminary plans
county regional district. Among his other activities, Moffitt is Numerous conferences between engi- call for three major trunk lines in the East
Moffitt said he accepted the citizens president of the First District Agriculture neers of the two districts are being held Bay, involving 61 miles of rail service.
committee appointment with a "firm con- Association of the State of California, vice to assure maximum integration of local The function of the Alameda-Contra
viction that East Bay streets and high- president of the Alameda County United and interurban transit when both districts Costa Transit District is to provide
ways must be augmented by an up-to- Crusade, and a member of the board of are in operation. greatly expanded and improved local
date and progressive transit operation trustees of the Alameda Hospital, the In- Directors of the five-county regional transit as well as feeder service to the
that the people will ride if our cities and stitutions Commission of Alameda County district have adopted a policy statement main interurban lines. The local district
surrounding communities are to prosper. and the Children's Hospital of the East stressing the complementary nature of proposes to operate 73 lines involving
"Public transit facilities have critically Bay. the two districts, and underscoring the 700 route miles of East Bay transit serv-
fact that both districts must continue to ice.
At an adjourned regular meeting Au-
gust 12, 1959, the Board of Directors;
• Granted requests of Richmond C ity Transit Times
Council, Hercules Town Council, Con-
cord and Walnut Creek City Councils, DISTRICT
and Contra Costa Board of Supervisors to
exclude from the district their respective
communities and unincorporated terri-
tory except Kensington.
• • • Alan l. Bingham. Edit'"
At an adjourned regular meeting Au-
gust 25, 1959, the Board of Directors: Rabe.t K. . Pre , ident
Wm. J. Be tt encou rt Vice Preside nt
• Adopted a 1959-60 tax rate of 2.9 John R. Worthington General Monoget
cents per $100 of assessed property valua- Robert E. Nisbet Attorney.s.c"'tory
tion, on motion of Director McDonnell. ~g e M. Toyl".. Administrative Officer
• Authorized the issuance of tax antici- Oi •• <IO ..
pation notes not to exceed $200,000, on Robe r' K. Barbe, Dire<:;t".. ot Lorge
motion of Director McDonnell. Robe" M. Copeland Director at Lorge
Williom H. Coburn. Jr. Word I
• • • J. Howard Arnold Word II
John l. M<Donne ll Word III
At an adjourned regular meeting Au· Wm. J. Bettencou" Ward IV
gust 27, 1959, the Board of Directors; Poul E. Deodd(h Word V

• Approved the engineering report of

De Leuw, Cather & Company, which plans, each proposing the use of electric
recommended a bond issue of $16,500,000 and propane buses at a capitalization cost
to nnance initial district equipment pur- of $16,500,000, on motion of Director
chases, and established October 20, 1959, Copeland.
as the date for a special election to sub- • • •
mit the bond issue to the voters, on mo- At its regular meeting September 2,
tion of Director McDonnell. (Details, 1959, the Board of Directors:
Page 1. ) • Received for introduction an ordi-
• Tabled a minority report of Director nance calling the special bond election,
Arnold which contained two alternate on motion of Director Coburn.

Transit Timu
Alameda-Contra Co~ta TraD$it Di.strlct
auuc RATE

700 Plaza Building U.s. POSTAGE

Oakland 12, California PAID

Permit No. 2105
Ooklond, Calif"",