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Transit Ti1Jzes

Q "l__" ACr .
Volume 2 Number 3 OAKLAND, JULY 1959

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Transportation Expert Warns Against

Apathy On Improving Puhlic Transit
A do-nothing attitude toward public noted that the East Bay presently lacks
transit problems could prove disastrous fast express service for long trips.
to downtown areas. For this reason, he said, his firm has
Furthemore. projected freeway plans recommended five new express bus routes
for Alameda and Contra Costa counties linking communities between El Cerrito
will cause "chaotic traffic congestion" un- and Decoto and utlizing freeways wher-
less accompanied by a comparable pro- ever possible.
gram of transit improvement. New Express lines
These views were expressed recently Express lines would help to alleviate
by Charles E. De Leuw. president of De congestion and would stimulate trade,
Leuw. Cather & Company of Chicago, thus conbibuting to "maintaining and de-
and consultant to the Alameda-Contra veloping the economic stability and in-
Costa Transit District. :Buenoo" of downtown areas, De Leuw
Freeways Not Enough said.
De Leuw. who addressed some 200 "Unless it is made more accessible to
East Bay businessmen and civic officials more people, this stability and the prom-
at a public transit luncheon, declared: ising hope for this area's future will be
"Thoughtful citizens in virtually all of most seriously threatened."
the larger cities in the nation are COD - The transit expert said that facilities
cerned with the welfare of their central for passengers transferring from local to
areas," express lines also are needed.
Studies have shown that accessibility An integrated long haul-short haul sys-
to downtown areas is of fundamental im- tem, together with more service and im-
portance, he said. proved equipment, is the only way to stop
"Convenient access requires not only the downward trend of transit patronage
an adequate system of highways, effec- in the East Bay, now "next to the lowest
tive traffic control and suitable parking in the nation," De Leuw said.
facilities, but more important still-ade- Sponsors of the public meeting were
quate public transit facilities," he said. the Downtown Associations, Retail Mer-
De Leuw, who has planned transpor- chants Association, Uptown Develop-
tation systems for New York, Cleveland, ment Association and the Oakland Cham-
St. Louis, Toronto and other large cities, ber of Commerce,
Castro Valley Proposes Shopper Buses District Aims For 1960 Operating Date;
The possible operation of a special
shoppers' shuttle bus in Castro Valley is
trons just as they do for free auto parking
privileges," he said.
$458,925 'Activation' Budget Approved
being explored by engineers of the Tran- A final transit plan for the District is Directors of the Transit District have fares will be sufficient to meet all of our
sit District. expected to be completed this Summer, adopted a budget of $458,925 which con- costs," he said.
The special shopper bus line serving following an extensive review of the pre- templates the District will be in actual The budget increases were due mainly
Castro Valley residential and business liminary plan by more than 100 East Bay transit business next year. to preparations for actual commencement
areas was suggested to the District by the municipal and civic organizations. The 1959-60 financing will require an of transit operations.
Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce. estimated tax levy of 2.8 cents per $100 These expenses include a reserve for
The proposal was one of several recom- assessed property val- election costs, $125,000; engineering
mended by the chamber following a re-
EI Cerrito-Richmond uation. The current studies, $40,000, and tax refund contin-
year's rate is 1.4 cents. gencies, $40,000. The last item is to meet
view of the District's preliminary transit
Lines Undergo Study requests for refunds from property own-
Residents of EI Cerrito will be pro- The total budget is ers in the cities of Richmond and San
Alan L. Bingham, district public infor- vided through service to Richmond by about $189,000 higher Pablo who were excluded from the Dis-
mation manager, told a recent meeting of the Transit District even though Rich- than last year, but a trict last year by court order.
the Castro Valley Kiwanis Club that dis- mond might remain outside of the Dis- carry-over of approxi-
"Minimum" Budget
trict engineering consultants "recognize trict. mately $53,000 in un-
McDonnell pointed out that the
the need for greater convenience in pub- This possibility was disclosed by John spent funds will mean
$125,000 in election costs can be recov-
lic transit serving East Bay business and R. Worthington, district general mana- that only $406,000
ered in the sale of bonds if a proposed
shopping centers." must be raised by taxes. John McDonnell
ger, in a recent appearance before the district bond issue is passed by the voters
"The engineers, De Leuw Cather & EI Cerrito City Council. John McDonnell, chairman of the fi- this November. This could mean substan-
Company, in drafting a final transit pro- The transit official said the District nance committee which made the budget tial savings in the budget next year.
gram for the District, are giving the idea could operate mainline trunk service to proposal, noted that the only source of "Even though the District needs con-
of special shopper buses a great deal of Richmond if the service pays for itself. district revenue at the present time is the siderably more funds than last year in
attention," Bingham said. property tax levy. order to get into actual operation, the
Trunk Service Continued
"In some cities, for example, merchants "Once the District is in operation, how- budget has been held down to the mini-
He indicated this might be the case
validate free rides for public transit pa- ever, we anticipate that revenues from mum," McDonnell said.
with respect to the No. 72 Richmond-
Oakland line via San Pablo Avenue, and
Pennsylvania Legislature Backs the L Richmond-San Francisco line.
"Most of the local lines serving Rich-
Pittsburgh Transit Authority mond do not support themseves, and we Bay Farm Island Cites Transit Needs
HARRISBURG (Pa.) - The Pennsylvania therefore could not operate them unless Residents of Bay Farm Island have weekends, and the line serving the area
House of Representatives has approved Richmond was a part of the District," asked the Transit District to include in stops operations on weekdays at 7 p.m.,
legislation to create a public transit au- Worthington said. its plans additional service over what the according to the Improvement League.
thority in Pittsburgh and adjoining Alle- "But whatever may be the fate of tran- area is now receiving. "In the near future we should like to
gheny County. sit in the Richmond area, we will make Robert DeCelle, president of the Bay submit to the (transit district) proposed
The newly-created Allegheny County certain that residents of EI Cerrito are Farm Island Improvement League, noted changes that we feel would benefit not
Transit Authority is authorized by the provided the best and most convenient in a report to the District that population only the population of Bay Farm Island,
legislation to purchase by negotiation or public transit services possible," he said. is on the increase. but also the merchants in town," DeCelle
condemnation the 35 transit companies Residents of Richmond and San Pablo "Transportation facilities to Bay Farm said.
currently operating in the area. voted themselves into the District when Island could be worsened only by com- A meeting between District and Im-
The authority is expected to need up it was formed in 1956. But a subsequent plete removal of the line" serving the provement League officials will be ar-
to $50,000,000 to acquire the companies court decision excluded the area from community, DeCelle said. ranged for the near future to discuss ways
and develop a centralized, coordinated the District, holding that absentee bal- While population has more than dou- service can be improved in the area, ac-
transportation facility to serve the city lots were improperly canvassed after the bled, Bay Farm Island presently is with- cording to a report by John R. Worthing-
and surrounding areas. formation election. out public transportation services on ton, general manager.
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Speei<It 'li!e{JMt

Slumping Land Values tbook

of this total is in freeways
Value Of Property Threatened By Growing
co,ovin",'" that the only way
Traffic Congestion Crises; Improved metropolis from almost
Accessibility Held Essential and larger arterials is to
extent that it will begin to
Wholesome land value is a vital mainstay to a prosperous this relatively new problem of lv"lm'g public to its services.
and economicaUy healthy community. Real estate values and iag, for example, near"ly~~, ;~~~J~~ approach to encourage
their influence on the property tax base affect everyone in tra Costa counties for n
the city. This will buy approximately
Reprinted below, in part, is an address delivered recently Millions more will be spent fo,new and Transit
by William H. Cobum, Jr., a Director of the Transit District, and county roadways. will provide 400 miles
before a meeting of the Berkeley Realty Board. Its title: "The In Alameda County alone, miles of interurban rail
Impact of Public Trafl$it on Land Value," be removed from the tax rolls Alameda and Contra Costa
freeways. This land area, lumped approximately 700 miles of
Since the end of World War II, approximately two billion half the size of the entire of
dollars has been invested in the East Bay in new industry ~ijI~~. essential to augment and
and plant expansion. With this huge industrial expansion, And yet, despite this acc~e'"t"d
neers recognize that freeways in the East Bay and across
which has similarly taken place throughout much of the
able to carry the number of mportanltto the city of Berke-
West, has come ODe of the largest population migrations in
two decades. the most densely popu-
the history of the country. In other words, it is vital that
More than 1,250,000 people now live in the two East Bay with 11,879 persons to
Berkeley and her surrounding .
counties. This represents about a 35 per congestion crisis. r..___'"
cent increase in population since the end a great many commuters.
of the second World War, During a single day in 1954, for example, 72,000 trips were
land Value Depends On Accessibility made between Berkeley and Oakland and another 11,000
We find that about 1,000 new residents The consequences of this crisis could be economically and trips made between Berkeley and San Francisco.
are moving to Alameda County every socially disastrous to every resident, but they will be imme- In terms of wages and salaries, this meant that in 1954 the
month, and that by 1980, it is estimated diately and particularly felt in the field of real estate. commuters that were included in these figures were bring-
twice as many people will be living in the Property has little or no value for any purpose if it is not ing back into the Berkeley area an estimated $140,000,000
East Bay as there are residing here today. accc.ssible to people, and its value increases in direct propor- to pay local taxes and to stimulate the growth of local service
As is to be expected with this phenome- tion to the number of people who have access to it and in- and industry.
nal growth in population, additional autos ducement to take advantage of that accessibility.
w. H. Coburn. Jr. are pouring into OUT streets and freeways Today, real estate values, the property tax base and the Commuters Deserve A Comfortable Ride
at a still greater pace. health of our Bay Area communities are being threatened Commuters will play an ever-increasing role in the eco-
by congestion that grows worse with each passing day. nomic well-being of Berkeley and it is paramount that they
No Room For The Private Car In downtown Los Angeles, for example, some two-thirds be furnished fast and comfortable public transit service.
There are about 1,300,000 autos in the Bay Area now- of the land area already is devoted to freeways, streets and And with this integrated and vastly improved transporta-
about one auto to every two people, on a state-wide average. off-street parking. One-third of the entire Los Angeles metro- tion program that is proposed for the East Bay will most as-
Within 30 years, it is estimated there will be 3,500,000 autos politan area is devoted to vehicular transportation facilities. suredly come substantial increases in real estate values.
in the Bay Area-almost three times as many as at the present Adequate, coordinated public transit, therefore, is highly
time. Half of Berkeley Is Tax Free important to property owners, realtors, in fact, to every resi-
The State Division of Highways, in attempting to meet Already in Berkeley, nearly half of the land area is either dent of the metropolitan area.
4 5
Union Transit Depot Urged For Oakland
Block-long Terminal To Serve Rails, Bus And Airlines;
Other Transport Centers Seen For I-Iayward, Berkeley
A centralized transportation terminal is called for today, the engineer said. It is
is needed in the main Oakland business needed both for the benefit of the travel-
district to serve bus, rail and airline pas- ing public and for the economic health of
sengers. transportation systems.
Charles E. De Leuw of Chicago, a na- He described a terminal that would
tionally-known transit expert, proposed a serve local transit, high-speed interurban
terminal occupying an entire city block lines, motor bus-rail connections, inter-
or more. city and intercontinental bus operations, TRANSIT LUNCHEON-Nearly 200 East Bay civic and industrial leaders gather at a
Special ramps connecting the terminal airline buses and limousnes and airline, public luncheon in Oakland to hear an address by Charles E. De Leuw, nationally
with nearby freeways would serve ex- bus and railroad ticket offices. The ter- known transit expert of Chicago, entitled, "Public Transit and Your Metropolitan Sur-
press bus operations. Interurban rapid minal would be ringed with stores and vival." Robert K. Barber, president of the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, is
rail facilities would enter the terminal via shops and its interior devoted to such fa- shown in above photo extending appreciation to the many organizations and indi-
a subway in the sub-basement area. cilities as waiting rooms, parcel lockers viduals supporting District efforts to revitalize and expand the function of public tran-
De Leuw forecast that no other single and dining facilities. sit. Barber, .in photo below, confers during luncheon with Robert E. Flynn, center,
development would be of greater benefit De Leuw said he will recommend that preSident of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, and De Leuw, right.
to the central business district of Oak- the Transit District undertake early stud-
land. And, he said, the development of ies of off-street terminals in other East
the city heart as a regional center for Bay cities as well. However, he indicated,
business, finance, commerce, culture and he will not propose including terminal
amusement is of importance to the entire costs in the District's proposed bond is-
East Bay metropolitan area. sue next November. Financing of termi-
A new concept of off-street transit ter- nals should be worked out after more
minals designed to serve all travel needs study, he said.

Transit Vital To Hayward Area Growth

The future development of Hayward "No city the future size of Hayward
as a major East Bay metropolitan city can possibly fulfill its role as a major com-
with a population of 215,000 residents mercial center without a greatly ex-
will demand an extensive network of panded local as well as interurban trans-
local transit services and interurban rapid portation system," Nisbet said.
transit lines. "There will be so many automobiles
Robert E. Nisbet, attorney-secretary of crowding for highway space and off-
the Transit District, told a meeting of the street parking stalls that the city would
Southern Alameda Rotary Club recently become one large street and parking lot
that by 1980 Hayward will have nearly unless adequate public transportation
two and a half times the number of resi- was provided."
dents as it has today. "It is incumbent on the leaders of
The number of workers employed by Southern Alameda County to begin plan-
business and industry in the city will in- ning now for the free and convenient
crease from 18,500 to 69,400-a "stagger- movement of these large numbers of peo-
ing jump of nearly 400 per cent," the ple of the future if the promising future
official added. of the city is not to be stilled," Nisbet said.
At an adjourned regular meeting June
17, 1959, the Board of Directors:
• Approved preliminary 1959-60 bud- Transit Times
get and scheduled consideration and
adoption for regular meeting July I, on
motion of Director McDonnell. (Details,
Page 3.)
• Adopted a report of the Committee
on Program Planning, Director Deadrich,
chairman, recommending against a dis- Alan L. Bingham, Editor
trict trolley coach operation, on motion
of Director Deadrich. Rabert K. Barber • Pruldent
• Approved contract agreement with Wm. J. Bett'n<;ourt • • Vice Pnlld,nt
De Leuw, Cather &: Company for engi- .kHln It Worlhl"i"on . • General Monagltf
Robert E. NIlb.1 . . Allorn,y-Secrltlory
neering services required to prepare flnal George M. Toylor • Admlnlltrative Off'KItf
transit plan, on motion of Director Cope- Oir.clOTI
land. Robert K. Bgrb, r . Oire<tor at Lor".
• Scheduled a public hearing July 9, Robert M. Copelond . DirecTor at l o.,,1t
Williom H. Coburn, Jr. Word I
8 p.m., Alameda County Court House, J. Howard Arnold Word 11
to consider petitions filed by Concord and John l . McDonnell Wo,d lll
Walnut Creek City Councils and Contra Wm. J. Bett.ncourt . Wo,dlV
Paul E. Oeadrlch • Word V
Costa County Board of Supervisors re-
questing withdrawal of area from Transit
District, on motion of Vice President: Bet-
At its regular meeting July I , 1951:), the More InJormation
Board of Directors: The District can make available speak-
• Adopted 1959-60 budget, on motion ers and a 2O-minute color film on transit
of Director McDonnell. to interested organizations. A note or
• Adjourned meeting to July 9 at 8 phone call to the District also will place
p.m. to conduct public hearing on peti- your name on the mailing list for Transit
tions concerning exclusion of portions of Times if you are not already regularly
Contra Costa County from the District. receiving the monthly newsletter.

T , an .r it Tlm e.r
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
700 Plaza Budding
Oakland 12. California PAID
Permil No. 2105
Oakland, California
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