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January 14, 2015

Jesnar Dems S. Torres ,Ph.D.
Officer In Charge
Office of the Schools Divisions Superintendent
DepEd-Division of Bukidnon

Daryl Rhey T. Macario
Detailed Division ICT

Dear Mr. Torres,

Thank you for your interest in, and the opportunity to present, Cable21 Technologies
Cable 21 Broadband Fiber Optics Connection is an Internet solution designed to address the
need of higher quality, more reliable and faster Internet access. We are pleased to submit
our proposal to serve your institutions requirements. It is designed to make your company
more efficient and productive.
Cable 21 Technologies is the value-added services (VAS) arm of Parasat Cable TV.
Established in July of 2000 in Cagayan de Oro City, it has pioneered the broadband Internet
service in the city. Today the company continues to expand, leading and innovating, powered
by dedicated people with just the right balance of technical knowledge and attention to
customer satisfaction.
To date, Cable 21s edge over other providers is having a multi-redundant source of high
speed Internet bandwidth from two major gateways, namely: Globe Innove, and
Bayantel. All two terminations are capable of bursting on demand to 500 Mbps.
With fiber optic cables, Internet speed can reach up to 25 times faster than existing DSL and
cable Internet connection, thus, there is simply no faster way to connect to the Internet.
IT support for Cable 21 customers is available on a 24/7 basis while major line trouble can be
resolved within hours due to the availability of On-Call Parasat/Cable 21 outside plant
technicians and fiber splicing equipment, in emergency cases. In case of Electric Utility
outages, the Headend facilities of Parasat/Cable 21 are equipped with a 36Kw UPS and a
50KVA genset.

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A. 4 Mbps Internet Service Connection
Sharing Ratio
IP Allocation

4 Mbps
1:1 (dedicated)

Billing Details
Monthly Recurring Rate
Contract Term
Installation Fee
Modem/Wifi Router
Pre-Termination Fee or Downgrade Fee
Lump sum annual payment
Lead time installation

17,200 Php (Vat Inclusive)

2 years
Free of use only
2 x monthly recurring rate
12 months + 1 month free
15 days

B. 6 Mbps Internet Service Connection

Sharing Ratio
IP Allocation

6 Mbps
1:1 (dedicated)

Billing Details
Monthly Recurring Rate
Contract Term
Installation Fee
Cable TV Connection
Modem/Wifi Router
Pre-Termination Fee or Downgrade Fee
Lump sum annual payment
Lead time installation

25,000 Php (Vat Inclusive)

1 year
Free Cable TV Connection Plan 499
Free of use only
2 x monthly recurring rate
12 months + 1 month free
15 days

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Service: Cable 21 Technologies (CABLE 21) agrees to provide the service(s) to the
CUSTOMER to the extent described in the Quotation above.
CABLE 21 agrees to maintain such links for the purpose of providing Internet
Access for the CUSTOMER. CABLE 21 agrees to provide an emergency support
phone number in the event CUSTOMERs services are interrupted.
CUSTOMER understands and agrees that CUSTOMER is responsible for
maintaining all CUSTOMER Premises Equipment or CPE and will maintain the
facilities necessary for proper reception of the signal, as applicable.


Validity of Offer: This offer shall be valid for thirty (30) days from the date of the
proposal. Thus rates quoted are subject to change after the 30-day period.


Payment Terms: CUSTOMER agrees to pay CABLE 21 the monthly recurring rate
based on the prices quoted on page no. 2 in Philippine peso only, by check drawn
on a Philippine bank or by wire transfer to the bank account specified by CABLE
21. All sums due to CABLE 21 must be paid in full when received by CABLE 21 and
CUSTOMER is responsible for any bank transfer fees or other bank fees.
Pricing is the net amount due to CABLE 21 and CUSTOMER shall not make any
deductions or offsets for any reason.
In the event that an interruption of service occurs as a result of CUSTOMERs
failure to make timely payments, CUSTOMER agrees to pay a Reconnection Fee
equal to the prevailing Installation Fee at the time of reconnection. CUSTOMER
and CABLE 21 agree that such fee is a reasonable estimate of what CABLE 21
administrative and technical cost will be in re-establishing service.


Contract Term: The initial term of this agreement shall be for a period as
described in page no. 2, commencing on the date the service was accepted,
unless renewed thirty (30) days prior to the termination date.
If CUSTOMER decides to terminate this agreement prior to the expiration of the
Initial Term or any renewal term, CUSTOMER may do so by paying the pretermination fee stated on page no. 2.


Cancellation of Order: In case of cancellation of order, when installation works

have been started, the CUSTOMER shall pay the installation fee quoted or the
actual charges incurred during the installation, whichever is higher.
a) If cancellation of order has not been formally accepted, CUSTOMER shall pay the
cancellation charges consisting of the following:
b) installation fee quoted or actual expenses incurred (whichever is higher),
c) one months bill of the service,
d) dismantling charges equivalent to the installation fee.
e) If installation fee is waived, actual expenses shall apply.


Warranty: Cable 21 will make its best effort to provide Internet connection, but
makes no warranties or representation of any kind for such services or the
merchantability or fitness of such Internet Access for any particular purpose

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whatsoever. CUSTOMER agrees that CABLE 21 is not be responsible for any loss or
expenses resulting from the use or interrupted use of Internet connection,
including but not limited to losses resulting from delays, improper or incomplete
delivery of information or emails, computer viruses, interruption of service or
damage to equipment. CABLE 21 does not guarantee any service provided by any
third party carrier, service and / or content provider, and CUSTOMER agrees not to
hold CABLE 21 responsible or liable for any loss resulting from the use or
interrupted use of any such third party services. Any legal action arising out of
CABLE 21s services shall be brought within a period of one year of the
occurrence or shall be deemed waived. CABLE 21 reserves the right, at its sole
discretion, to substitute CABLE 21 supplied equipment if necessary.

Rights of Termination/ Disconnection: CABLE 21 may discontinue any or all classes

of service at its sole discretion in the event that (i) CABLE 21 deems it necessary
to protect the integrity of CABLE 21s network, (ii) failure to make timely
payments or, (iii), any other breach of this Agreement by CUSTOMER. If
reasonably practical, CABLE 21 will notify CUSTOMER prior to such discontinuation
to afford CUSTOMER the opportunity to remedy any such problems or defaults.
CABLE 21s right to discontinue service shall be in addition to all of its rights
under this contract.


Prohibited Actions: It shall be a breach of this Agreement if Customer engages in

any of the following behaviors: (1) Any course of action which compromises the
performance, security or integrity of servers or other computers or any other
services or software connected directly or indirectly to the Internet; (2) Any
material increase in traffic levels for malicious purpose or with the result that the
traffic level causes a substantial degradation of performance or denial of service
to CABLE21, its clients or subsidiaries; (3) Any type of invasion or unauthorized
tampering with system security, password protection or encrypted information;
(4) Infringement of the legal rights of other Internet users, service providers,
content providers and users of CABLE21s Internet Access; (5) Any prohibited or
unreasonably excessive use of electronic mail or similar information delivery
system; (6) Engages in re-selling the service or sharing the service for commercial
purposes; (7) Any other activity prohibited by applicable law including, but not
limited to, obscenity, defamation, infringement of trademarks, copyright or
telecommunications laws of the Republic of the Philippines. If Customer operates
hardware or software that CABLE21 determines may cause hazard, interference,
or service interruption to CABLE21 provided equipment or services or the
CABLE21 network, Customer shall immediately remove the offending hardware or
software upon notice.


Indemnification: CABLE 21s policy is not to monitor or control the content of the
information disseminated over its networks and telecommunications links.
Therefore, CUSTOMER acknowledges it has sole responsibility for monitoring
and/or restricting the content accessed by CUSTOMER using CABLE 21 network or
telecommunications link in order to comply with any laws, rules, regulations,
agreement or other restrictions imposed by any applicable government authority
or other or entity and by which CUSTOMER is bound. Further, CUSTOMER agrees
to indemnify and hold CABLE 21 harmless against any loss or expense incurred by
it as a result of CUSTOMER violating any third parties including, but not limited to,
intellectual property rights and rights of privacy.


Customers Responsibility for CUSTOMER Premises Equipment: CUSTOMER shall

be responsible for acquiring, and maintaining at its expense, any and all
associated hardware and software, if applicable, configured in accordance with

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the direction of CABLE 21s technical staff. In addition, all technical support
resulting from CUSTOMER violation or altering of a previously working
configuration shall be charged the appropriate Technical Support Fee.

Force Majeure: Neither party will be liable for any failure or delay in its
performance under this Agreement due to any cause beyond its reasonable
control, including earthquake, flood, or other acts of God; acts of war; embargo;
riot; sabotage; labor shortage; or dispute; government act; provided that the
delayed party: (a) gives the other party prompt notice of such cause, and (b) uses
its reasonable commercial efforts promptly such as failure or delay in


Credit Schedule for Interruption: In case of interruption due to the failure of CABLE
21 equipment or due to any cause within CABLE 21s exclusive control, CABLE 21
will at the request of CUSTOMER, arrange a rebate of the portion of the monthly
fee based on the following schedule:
Less than 30
30 179
180 359
360 539
540 719
720 899
900 1400


CABLE 21 shall not be liable for any damages or service interruptions caused by
events of force majeure, and/or CUSTOMER equipment failure.

Entire Agreement: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between

CUSTOMER and CABLE 21 and supersedes any previous written or oral
agreement. This agreement cannot be modified except in writing signed by both
parties. Neither CUSTOMER nor CABLE 21 has made any representation, promise
or warranty, express or implied, not set forth in this contract.


Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance

with laws of the Republic of the Philippines.


Severability: If for any reason any provision of this contract is judge by a court to
be unenforceable, such adjudication shall in no way effect any other provision of
this agreement or the validity or enforcement of the remainder of the contract.
The affected provision shall be modified or curtailed only to the extent necessary
to bring it into compliance with applicable law.


Confidentiality: CUSTOMER acknowledges that technical information disclosed to

it by CABLE 21 may be proprietary in nature and CUSTOMER agrees not to use
any such proprietary information for any purpose other than to receive service
from CABLE 21, and further agrees to keep such proprietary information
confidential and not to disclose such information to any other party without
CABLE 21s written consent.


Assignability: This Contract may be assigned by CABLE 21 in the event of a

merger consolidation or sale of its business.

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No Waiver: The failure of either party to enforce or insist upon compliance with
any of the provisions of this Agreement, or the waiver thereof, in any instance,
shall not be construed as a general waiver of such provisions with respect to
future instances or as waiver or relinquishment of any provision of this


Interpretation: The words and phrases used herein shall have the meanings
generally understood in the telecommunications and computer industries. This
Agreement shall be construed in accordance with its fair meaning and not for or
against either party on account of which party drafted this Agreement. If there
should be any conflict between the Standard Terms and Conditions and the
quotation above under page 2, the quotation will prevail.


Counterparts: This Agreement may be executed in several counterparts, each of

which shall constitute an original, but all of which shall constitute one and the
same instrument.

Should you accept our proposal, please signify your conforme on the space provided.
Cable 21 Technologies appreciates the opportunity to work with you and support your
institutions endeavors. Should you have further inquiries, please contact me through 8132394 or 09177929370, or email me at

Very truly yours,

Mary Lynn R. Timoteo

Branch Manager
Parasat Cable TV - Malaybalay

Jesnar Dems S. Torres ,Ph.D.
Officer In Charge
Office of the Schools Divisions Superintendent
DepEd-Division of Bukidnon