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February 10, 2010

In the diocesan cycle we pray for the clergy and people of St. Paul Church, Carondelet (1868), and Llewellyn, their Priest
In our companion diocese of Lui, we pray for the clergy and people of Kediba Archdeaconry, and George, their Priest

This Saturday, Seeking Truth in Our
l Anytown scholarships
Generation with Anytown-St. Louis Graduates l Lenten resources
  l Haiti responses
l Controversial Ashes?
l Bagin begins
8:30 a.m.- noon, Saturday, Feb 13
St. Peter's Church, 110 North Wilson, Ladue BISHOP'S VISITATIONS AND
The Annual Celebration of the Ministries and Courageous Witness of
Absalom Jones and Richard Allen. Sun, Feb 21, St. Mark's-St.
Please RSVP to 314-993-2306 or Louis
Sun, Feb 28, Grace-Jefferson
March-April, Bishop Smith's
sabbatical months
From Mary Hovland, Commission on Dismantling Racism
Life of the Diocese
For years, the Commission on Dismantling Racism has been
Sat, Feb 13, 8:30 a.m.-Noon
privileged to sponsor teens from our diocese to attend the Absalom Jones celebration, St
Anytown Youth Leadership Institute, a summer leadership Peter’s Ladue , 110 N.
Warson. "Seeking Truth In
institute for high school youth, put on by The National Our Generation."
Conference for Community and Justice. Although each year
we have found one or two Episcopal youth to participate, we Sunday, Feb. 14, 5:30, Trinity
Kirksville's Haitian Kanaval.
feel so strongly about the benefits of this experience both to Event organizer (and choir
the teens and to our community that we would love to reach director) Scott Alberts said,
“Haitians celebrate three fat
out to more of our youth and, God willing, send as many as days, trois joursgras, or
we can. This year, therefore, we are asking parish youth Kanaval, and so will we. They
go from Mass until
leaders to help us identify and encourage teens who would like Wednesday morning nonstop,
to learn more about social justice issues and dismantling so our custom of a Sunday
party is perfect. We don’t just
oppression and then take an active leadership role in the want to help Haiti, we want to
diocese, parishes, and communities. celebrate Haiti.”

Feb 23-25. Diocesan Clergy

The goal of Anytown is to prepare youth to be effective leaders Retreat with former Presiding
Bishop Frank Griswold.
and change agents, dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry, and
oppression. Youth who attend participate in experiential Week of Feb 22, online
ESM online book club
learning activities and dialogue sessions that are designed to discussion. For an invitation
increase their understanding of a variety of human relations email Fr. Rod Wiltse,
issues and to increase their understanding of their own
responsibility to help create a community based on inclusion, Sun, Feb 28, 4:00-5:30 p.m.
Hymn Sing for Haiti, Christ
trust, and mutual respect. The Institute is open to anyone who Church Cathedral. Join
is currently in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, or who is 15-18 parishioners and musicians
from around the diocese in a
years of age. Tuition for the eight-day Institute is $1250 and community hymn singing.
includes transportation, meals, lodgings, snacks, the Institute Freewill offering designated
for Episcopal Relief and
program, follow-up activities, a group photo, T-shirt, and more. Development. Hymns from
It will be held this summer, July 7 through July 15th at the 1982 Hymnal and LEVAS
II, in addition to selections
McKendree College in Illinois. The commission will reserve  from other denominations.
places at Anytown and has scholarships available. We are
Sat, Mar 6, Leadership
asking that parishes not only identify their students, but also Conference for Clergy and Lay
consider providing some scholarship money so that this members of the Diocese,
Public Narrative with Devon
program can be made available to more of our teens. If you Anderson.
would like a teen to come to your parish to talk to your teens
about his/her experience at Anytown, we can try to make Sunday, March 7, 2 - 5 p.m.
Fundraiser concert at
those arrangements. But this year parents and students are Emmanuel, details to follow.
invited to come to St. Peter's, Ladue on Feb 13, from 8.30 AM Performers include Doc Rock
It, House of Bishops, and Fr.
to noon, for an informative panel discussion by alumni of Ron & Sarah Clingenpeel.
Thurs, Mar 11, Submission
deadline for April/May edition
We hope to see anyone interested on Saturday or you can of Seek.
contact Mary Hovland ( 314-721-4406 or Fri, Mar 12 & Sat Mar. 13 with the names of the youth, Dismantling Racism workshop
in Columbia, MO.
their parents' names, and their addresses. If you can provide
scholarship support, or if a youth's family is able to contribute Sat, Mar 13, 8:30 a.m.-1:00
p.m. St. Louis Community
any or all of the Anytown tuition, we'd like to know that, too. I Farmers’ Market at St. John’s-
hope to hear from you soon. Tower Grove.

Sat, Mar 20, 9:00 a.m.-1:00

  p.m. Preventing Sexual
Exploitation in Communities
  of Faith training, a part of the
Lent begins Feb 17th, Ash Wednesday Safeguarding series.
Registration required for this
free workshop.
We have an updated page of Lenten resources now available online at
the diocesan website. If there are resources you recommend not included on Week of Mar 29, online
ESM online book club
this page, please consider sending them for us to add. discussion. For an invitation
email Fr. Rod Wiltse,
A most interesting new endeavor is Journey to Jobs. J2J will begin as a
Lenten program for jobseekers, meeting each Friday during Lent (Feb 19
Day of Dance & Wellness 2/27
through Good Friday), from 9:00 -10:30 at St Timothy’s in Creve Coeur. It's
organized by David Boudinet of St Michael & St George and Steve Lawler of St. Luke Hospital's Day of
St Stephen’s, all are invited. Each session will have a unique focus, more at the Hilton St. Louis-
specific information will be available next week in iSeek or email Fr. Lawler Frontenac
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
at Saturday, February 27, 2010
Registration, screenings and
  exhibits begin at 8:30 a.m.
Updated Haiti information
The diocesan Haiti page is online.

Photos. This weekend Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and the
For more information, to
Rev. Lauren Stanley, TEC missioner to Haiti, visited the Diocese of Haiti and register for the event or to
spend time with Bishop Jean Duracin. A powerful photo gallery of the visit is sign-up for a cholesterol
screening at the event (fee),
online at ENS. call 314-542-4848 or, click
here. Day of Dance national
Sunday, Feb. 14, 5:30, Trinity Kirksville's Haitian Kanaval.
Event organizer (and choir director) Scott Alberts said, HOLY WOMEN, HOLY MEN
“Haitians celebrate three fat days, trois joursgras, or Kanaval,
and so will we. They go from Mass until Wednesday morning February 12
Charles Freer Andrews
nonstop, so our custom of a Sunday party is perfect. We don’t Priest and "Friend of the Poor"
just want to help Haiti, we want to celebrate Haiti.” in India, 1940

II. Gracious God, you called

Sunday , Feb 28, 4:00 pm, Hymn Sing for Haiti at Christ Charles Freer Andrews to
Church Cathedral. empty himself, after the
example of our Savior, so
that he might proclaim your
salvation to the peoples of
Sunday, March 7, 2 - 5 p.m. Fundraiser concert at India and the Pacific Islands:
Emmanuel, details to follow. Performers include Doc Rock By your Holy Spirit inspire us
with like zeal to bring together
It, House of Bishops, and Fr. Ron & Sarah Clingenpeel. people of every race and
class, that there may be one
Body and one Spirit in Jesus
UPDATE from the Rev. Lauren Stanley, missioner to Haiti’s blog: Cathedral Christ, our Savior; who with
Ste. Trinite’s ‘Food for the soul’ you and the Holy Spirit lives
and reigns, one God, now and
  for ever. Amen.
On Friday in the Bel Air section of Port au Prince, an area of
town that was poor before the earthquake, the Ste. Trinite Andrews, Charles Freer [1871-
Feb. 12, 1940] Anglican priest
Music School held a concert for the people. The Ste. Trinite and friend of Gandhi, he felt
Music School complex is destroyed, many of the instruments called to service among the poor
in India. He was deeply involved
are gone, much of the music is missing. But that didn’t stop with the struggle for India’s
the music from being played. independence, and worked so
tirelessly to bring races and
castes together that he
The CNN report brings great joy personally, for it shows my eventually resigned his own
orders so they would not stand
parish, St. Jacques le Juste, looking intact! The musicians as a separation between
practiced there. And even more, one of my friends about whom himself and those he served.
Later he worked in Fiji, parts of
I had known nothing, is right there playing the violin! There is the South Pacific and Africa
great joy and much food for the soul in seeing this, and much to help free indentured Indian
of God’s grace!
February 16
See the CNN report on the concert here. Charles Todd Quintard
Bishop of Tennessee, 1898
See the ABC report on the concert here.
To hear the NPR report, go here. II. Mighty God, we bless your
Name for the example of your
  bishop Charles Todd
  Quintard, who opposed the
segregation of African
Controversial? Americans in separate
congregations and
Ashes-to-Go is an ecumenical, short, Ash Wednesday service held on the condemned the exclusion of
the poor; and we pray that
corner of Grand and Arsenal streets in St. Louis. Now in its fourth year, your Church may be a refuge
clergy and laity from St. John's Episcopal Church-Tower Grove participate. for all, for the honor of your
Name; through Jesus Christ,
"South Grand neighborhood in the City of St. Louis is a perfect place to who with you and the Holy
bring church to the streets," says the Rev. Teresa Danieley, St. John's Spirit lives and reigns, one
God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Quintard, Charles Todd [Dec. 22,
The first two years, the offices of the Bishop received "irate" phone calls 1824-February 15, 1898] Bishop
of Tennessee and educator, he
from Episcopalians. Last year, your new communications director was was instrumental in rebuilding
happily promoting the event to the media, and was then surprized that the University of the South after
the Civil War. He believed in
making the evening's news cycle didn't create waves of joy in these offices. making the Church “a refuge for
But, curiously, in year three, there were no phone calls of unhappiness. all—the lame, halt and blind as
well as the rich.” He opposed
plans to segregate African
The initial idea for Ashes To Go arose from a session of an ecumenical Americans into their own
congregations and opposed pew
clergy Bible study group that Danieley attends weekly. The clerics were rents.
discussing differences in sacraments, and about how both Roman Catholics
and Protestants may receive the imposition of ashes. “So, we were joking The resolution to General
Convention which contains the
about doing an “Ashes Drive Thru” and then we thought, well why not? We suggested additions to Holy
have a great business district. And it is a way to bring church to the streets. Women, Holy Men is available
online as a large pdf file. The
As Christians we are called to GO and make disciples and to show God’s edited and official version will be
love to everyone. We are doing Ashes to Go in order to provide a unique published and available next
opportunity to pause, to mark our mortality, and celebrate the blessings of
this life – even in the midst of a busy work day,” said Danieley.

In 2007, the Rev. Jonathon Edwards, then pastor of Garden Light UCC, took Discussion Facilitator: Fr. Rod
Wiltse, Episcopal School for
the lead on the project. He had sandwich boards made that said “Ashes to Ministry faculty
Go.” Maureen Costello, the owner of corner restaurant MoKaBe, offered a Email:
tent and free coffee for participants.
The Episcopal School For
Ministry Book Club. An online
Last year clergy participated from UCC, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, discussion of great
books.Selected books from
and Episcopal churches. All of the participating clergy wear albs and purple The Ancient Practices Series,
stoles for a uniform look. They stand on two corners. The number of publisher is Thomas Nelson.
participants depends on the weather. Last year there were many reasons
people stopped: the bus driver working a double shift and unable to make it February - In Constant Prayer
to his own church; a woman bringing her elderly father by during his half by Robert Benson;
March - Sabbath by Dan B.
block daily walk; several people who didn't want the service or the ashes, Allender
but saw robed clergy on the street and just wanted to stop to ask for their April - Fasting by Scot
prayers. May - The Sacred Meal by
Nora Gallagher
June - The Pilgrimage by
One of the pastors said this was her first experience with imposition of Diana Butler Bass
ashes; it was a "high church" experience and she wasn't sure how she'd September - The Liturgical
Year by Joan Chittister 2010
react. But in recounting the two hours, she was overcome by how deeply her October - Tithing by Douglas
heart had been touched, "by the need of people for Jesus, people just LaBlanc 2010
November - The Great
walking along the street. It was pretty powerful." Emergence by Phyllis Tickle

So, what do you think? Inappropriate? Missional? The first 100 of you to You purchase your own books
and of course, read them.
respond can answer an opinion survey online . A video of your editor's
participation in last year's service is online here. The on-line chat will begin on
the last Monday of each
  month at 7:30 p.m. CT, and
  continue until 9:30 p.m. A
New diocesan UTO coordinator, Rosemary discussion area will be open
throughout the final week of
Bagin each month for on-going
Welcome to Rosemary Bagin, parishioner at Transfiguration. UTO conversation and discussion.

started in 1889 and the money collected is designated for compelling human
Our online classroom is at
needs, and distributed through grants. If you'd like
an invitation, please email Plan on
Bagin is particularly keen on meeting with every parish in the diocese. Last arriving before the discussion
year only 17 of our congregations participated in the United Thank Offering time to make sure your
computer is configured to
Ingatherings. "I am hopeful that the economy will improve this year and more participate. Send technical
congregations will feel they can participate."   problems or questions to

Bagin reminds us, "No amount collected is too small and as the years pass DIOCESAN PUBLICATIONS
and people are more familiar with it, there is a strong possibility that
donations will increase.  Long time Episcopalians have heard of UTO, but  Executive Editor
The Rt. Rev. Wayne Smith
members from other faith backgrounds who are new to our denomination Bishop of Missouri
may know little about it.  A short presentation can be provided to your 
congregation about the work of UTO if you would like that." Editor
Beth Felice
Director of Communications
In 2009 we did not receive one request for a UTO grant. Bagin continues, Episcopal Diocese of Missouri
"When I hear the words, compelling human needs, I usually think about 314-255-1387
physical needs such as food, medicine, housing.  But people also have  314-398-2209 (cell)

compelling spiritual and psychological needs to alleviate loneliness and

isolation.  Pause and ask yourselves; is your facility handicap accessible?  
Is there a lift or elevator so people can attend all activities in your buildings?  l Anytown scholarships
Perhaps you have many members who would attend church if a church van l Lenten resources
l Haiti responses
were available to pick them up for Services and fellowship.  Cab fare is very l Controversial Ashes?
expensive.  Over the next months, I hope everyone reading this will give l Bagin begins

serious thought to their present Outreach/Mission projects and others that

you may have dreamed of starting if you had the funds to do so, whether for
your youth, elderly, handicapped, etc."

If you haven't received Rosemary Bagin's letter of introduction, or just want

to talk with her about UTO, please feel free to email her at


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