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818 NE 106 Ave.

Vancouver WA, 98664

Krystina Payne
Objective To obtain a permanent position in which I can use the skills I have and
build upon them.

Education 08/2004-07/2006, Herlong High School, Herlong, CA

Ÿ California student of the year award
Ÿ Perfect attendance award
Ÿ Office Aid
Ÿ Honor roll

10/2006-07/2007, Walmart, Susanville, CA

Experience Sales Associate

Ÿ Ensure that each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly

environment, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer,
maintaining solid product knowledge and all other aspects of customer
Ÿ Maintain an awareness of all promotions and
Ÿ Assist in floor moves, merchandising, display maintenance, and housekeeping
Ÿ Assist in processing and replenishing merchandise and
monitoring floor stock.
Ÿ Aid customers in locating merchandise.
Ÿ Communicate customer requests to management.
Ÿ Assist in completing price changes within the department.
Ÿ Participate in year-end inventory and cycle counts.
Ÿ Any other tasks as assigned from time to time by any

Volunteer 08/2005-07/2006, Sierra Army Depot Child and Youth Service, Herlong, CA
Ÿ Provide specialized instruction in the area of mathematics
Ÿ Answer questions on course content, and aid in the comprehension of course
Ÿ Keep track of attendance records
Ÿ Hold consultations with teachers for discussing lesson plans and the most
effective way to help individual students

08/2005-07/2006, Sierra Army Depot Child and Youth Services, Herlong CA

President of The Friday Night Live Club
Ÿ Ensure the Club is run efficiently administratively, financially and socially to
support what the club is doing.
Ÿ Ensures there is fair discussion on each issue and that all points are expressed
before a decision is reached
Ÿ Runs the meeting so that a balance is struck between speed and efficiency
Ÿ Attempt to get all members to contribute to the meeting
07/2008-08/2009 Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada, Herlong CA
Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader
Ÿ Acquire fundamental knowledge of the Girl Scout program.
Ÿ Prepare for and conduct troop meetings on a regular timetable.
Ÿ Plan troop program with girls.
Ÿ Promote variety in the troop program and provide new learning opportunities for
Ÿ Register troop promptly and maintain accurate records.
Ÿ Communicate effectively with troop's parents.
Ÿ Participate in Council fundraisers-Fall Products, Cookies, and Parent Partnership.
Ÿ Attend as a representative to Association and Service Unit meetings.
Ÿ Participate in the planning for Service Unit activities.
Ÿ Become familiar with, accept, and follow Girl Scout policies, standards,
procedures, and practices as defined by GSUSA and the Sierra Nevada.
Ÿ Teach independence and leadership

References John Joyce 775-843-7040

Chelsea Stovall 530-251-6832

Lisa Reeder 707-743-8661