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Meet the New Kelly Creek Owners

Volume 1, Issue 18

As of the first of June Kelly

Creek Par and Grill has new
owners. Brad Fouts (who will
be in charge of all operations)
and his partners Wolfgang
Werner, and Gary Hoff reached
agreement with the golf course,
sealing the deal for what can
only be an improvement of the
facilities and service.



Mike Swarthout, Editor

July 2015

stalled a new juke box and

speakers on the interior and the
patio area that will play soft
back ground music. Beginning
this fall we will be adding additional TVs and both Comcast
and Direct TV to show both
college and pro sports. We will
also carry the NFL football
package. We will offer an all
you can eat breakfast buffet on
Sundays for the sports fans and
additional happy hours to support the sports seasons.

Ive already seen some positive

moves (TV lineup, shack hours
of operations, menu changes)
and I thought it would be good
to get to know the new owners
and see what they had in store
for the future so I posed a series of questions to Brad.

Is the name going to remain

Kelly Creek Par and Grill? For
now but we have discussed
changing it at a later date.
Do you guys golf? If so, what
are your handicaps? Both Wolf
and I golf. I dont golf enough to
have a handicap but with any
luck when I get this place in
order I will. Wolfs handicap is

What other establishments

have you been or are you currently operating? I currently
own Bradfords Sports Lounge
located at 10346 NE Halsey I
purchased it 6 years ago.

Draft beer just isnt the same

when it comes in a sealed can.
Are there any plans to fix the ontap distribution system? We are
looking into the draft system and
have made some changes it appears to be working better but
we will continue to make improvements to it.

Do you plan to change up the

menu? A new menu has been
introduced and we will continue to add and remove items
to tailor it to Kelly Creeks
customer base
What other changes are in the
works? We have a lot of
changes that we are beginning
to implement to include repair
of existing equipment, addition
of more freezer capacity, clean
up of the entire facility, fresh
paint and some changes to
interior walls and the poker
room. We also have added live
music on the patio on Saturday
nights that will continue
through the summer. We in-

Are there any events youre

adding to the venue?
Brunches, Happy Hours, Monday Night Football, or anything along those lines? We
are adding a Sunday brunch
this fall and we will be adding
happy hours and specials during all sporting events as well
as dinner specials that fit the
I see youve already added the
Golf Channel to the TV lineup.
Ive always felt thats nice to
have at a golf course. Is there
any other sports related programming you plan to add?
We will continue to have the
golf channel and will be adding Root (for watching college
sports) the NFL package for
football, and with the addition
of Comcast we will air the
Trail Blazer games.
If theres anything youd like
to say to the Mens Club the
floor is yours. We would like
to thank the Mens Club for
the support that you have
shown us since taking over
and we will continue to work
with you to improve the services that we provide.

New Kelly Creek owners Brad Fouts and Gary Hoff

Inside this issue:

Mens Club Presidents Message

Parks Place

Pro Tips: Consistency

Member Profile - Joe Cook

Mow News from the Superintendant

Member Profile - Malcolm Fylan

Four friends had been going on an annual golf trip to St. Andrews for many
years. Two days before the group was to leave, Jack's wife puts her foot
down and tells him he isn't going. His friends are very disappointed and
reluctantly plan to go without him.
Three days later they get to St. Andrews only to find Jack sitting at the bar
with four drinks set up. "Wow, Jack, how did you talk your wife into letting
you go?"
"Well, two days ago I was sitting in my living room chair and my wife came
up behind me and put her hands over my eyes and asked, 'Guess who?' I
pulled her hands off, and there she was wearing a negligee. She took my
hand and pulled me into our bedroom. The room had candles and rose
petals all over, and a copy of 50 Shades of Grey on the nightstand. On the
bed she had handcuffs and ropes. She told me to tie her up and cuff her to
the bed, so I did."
"And then she said, Do whatever you want."
"So here I am."

Presidents State of the Club Report

Well another
major is in the
books for 2015
and what a great
turnout we had,
I believe there
were 68 golfers
and it begins to
raise the question on if we
need more tee times or not? Congratulations to Matt Wilson for kicking my butt
with a birdie on #2 and becoming the overall gross champion.
We did a skins game on the side for this
one and a big thank you to Eric Gustafson

for taking the time to figure all of the

results. We hope to do more of these in
the future. I would actually like to take a
minute and thank Eric for everything he
has done this year. Without Eric we
would be months behind in scoring and
many of you would actually have to pay
for your own golf rather than using script.
Eric has spent many hours working on
this and deserves a big thank you from all
of us.
Coming up on July 11th we are going to
be having a tournament to sponsor our
dear friend Malcolm as he continues to
battle ALS. Malcolm received news that
none of us would want to receive yet he

Pro Tips: Consistency

The most frequently used word
that people use when describing their game is
"Consistency". I wish I was
more consistent. Well we need
to start with the swing of the
club and even though it sounds
easy the way we move our
body in a golf swing needs to
be consistent.
The motion to swing a golf
club uses the entire body in a
rhythmical fashion to deliver
the head of the club to the ball.
The consistent shots we want
all the time require the person
to repeat their swing every
time. This is very challenging.
We can try to program our
swings by practicing, but how
we practice is very important.
When you're hitting balls on
the range or playing on the golf
course try and get a swing
motion that you can feel your
body moving in balance and
rhythm. I use the analogy of
playing catch with someone
and that motion is very similar
to the motion we want in a golf
swing. When we throw or toss
something our bodies have a
sequence on how we move and
that move needs to be repeatable. When throwing an object
(for a right handed person) we
swing our arm back and our
weight slightly shifts over to

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our right leg. As we change

directions to move towards
our target our weight shifts
over to our left leg and our
arm follows that shift. The
golf swing is very similar
to that. When practicing
you want to try and feel
those shifts in a swing to
be similar to that throwing
motion. As we swing the
golf club back our weight
will slightly shift to our
back leg and when we
change directions our
weight will shift to our
front leg and our arms will
follow that shift. We usually finished on our front
leg without falling over and
in balance on our front foot
with all of the weight transferring to the front foot.
Many of you already do
this and / or know you
should do it. Get more
diligent when you practice
and feel yourself swinging
in balance and rhythm to a
good steady finish every
time. You may not hit it
straight all the time, but
good consistent contact is
the first key. Direction we
can always fix later..

See you at the course,


continues to battle and put a smile on all of our

faces every time we see him. Sitting on the
patio enjoying cocktails with Malcolm and his
family you would never know anything is
wrong and that is a testament to what an awesome man Malcolm is and I cannot tell you
how proud I am to have him as a friend. That
being said we will be having a tournament on
July 11th to raise money for Malcolms milers
and ALS, you can play either individually or as
a scramble team, I will have more information
on this and a sign-up sheet with details coming
at you very soon and they will also be in the
pro shop as this event is open to the public with
or without handicap.
The Pres

Parks Place
by Shea Park,

Lowering My Expectations for a Better Round

That may sound negative, yet lowering my expectations is helping me
enjoy golf even more. I tend to set
pretty lofty improvements in this
crazy game we play. For me, golf is
a bi-polar experience; some days
everything comes together and other
days it just evaporates. All the
while, expecting to score better than
the last time. So here are several
changes Im making to lighten up
and play more
Shake off the good and bad shot.
Why is shaking off a bad shot so
hard or hanging onto the memory of
a terrific shot? Jims contribution in
Junes newsletter offered helpful
reminders and suggestions. Negative
self-talk and cussing myself out for
that duffed shot or bad putt, isnt
productive. Now Im trying to say
better shots ahead. Visualizing the
best case scenario and recover when
execution is less than what I expected. Focusing only on daily improvements.

focus on one shot at a time.

Laugh and smile more. Golfing
with the ladies league is a delightful experience. They each have
taught me a lot more than they will
ever know. So many thanks too on
rules of play and excellent etiquette. Some of the boys might
want to play along with us some
time (just teasing boys)! I witness
super character every time we play.
Keeping calm, cool, and collected
is top on my list, especially on
these HOT days. And yes that
means my blazing f-bombs have
decreased. I love what Gloria says
dirty bird and so many adoring
comebacks. Working to decrease
my f-words by replacing it with
less intense ones FUDGE! Or
Fuzzy Ducks! For fun; try smiling when putting next time.
Happy Playing. -Shea

Play Gresham like a new course. We

all seem to play Gresham course
often and maybe you do this too, I
anticipate how I typically play that
hole. When playing a new course I
focus mostly on the next shot with no
history or nemesis holes. So I am
trying to play Gresham like a new
course with fresh perspective and


Member Profile: Joe Cook

Name: Joe Cook

Mirror Pond tourney, the last few years many

of the guys from Gresham have started to go
to this event and I'm pretty sure they all come
away with similar feelings.

Age: 58
Handicap: 5
Graduated from (high school and then highest level of education): Centennial High & 2
years at Mt. Hood comm.

Funniest thing seen on the golf course: Of late

I would have to say Gregg,s putt on ten a
couple summers back. How he got it to have
enough backspin to hold on Steves belly for a
moment is beyond my abilities. Another has
to be mentioned and that would Mr. Shields
purple pants from a year or two back. It takes
a very confident man to pull that off.

Profession (or what you retired from): Regional manager for Ruiz Foods (West Coast,
Hawaii, Alaska, & all of Canada).
How long a member of the Gresham Mens
Club: Men's club since 1983, member at
Gresham since I was 10 so 48 years
When and how did you get started playing
the game: My parents bought a family membership here at Gresham when I was 10 and
my dad started me as his caddie. Then junior
golf programs with Bill Egars and the other
kids at Gresham.
How many holes-in-one: have only one on
number 3 two summers ago. It was great, I
was with all my close friends.
What other interests besides golf: Use to
have a lot more now days just golf and my

grandkids and Barb.

Family: My Wife barb of 30 years 2 daughters And 2 granddaughters.
Favorite golf course (other than Gresham)
and why: Without a doubt Bend Country Club
it is one of the best I have been on. I have
been playing there for 25 years now in the

Any comments youd like to make: I think the

men's club and the golf club in general are in
great shape and reminds me of when I was a
kid. I can remember at Christmas my parents
and all the other members use to take carts out
and sing carols around the course. The FlavorPak tourney. The 4th of July, Labor Day and
so on. The men's and lady's clubs here are
coming together in a very special way these
days and that is something we should all be
proud of. Can't think of a better place to belong.

Mow News from the Superintendant: U.S. Open Thoughts

by Mr. Chuck Wolsborn
This is only the second U. S. Open I have been
at, so for me it is like a kid in a candy store,
particularly since it is located minutes from
my old University of Puget Sound stomping
grounds. So this will be rambling thoughts of
the U. S. Open at Chambers Bay:

bentgrass greens. When mixed with the fine

fescue its visually noticeable and particularly picked up by the Television cameras.
Also by nature the Poa gets puffy in the

Much has been made of the grumblings of the

PGA tournament players about the course,
some made before they played Chambers Bay.
I might think this is just a shot a Mike Davis
and the USGA in general. I dont remember
anyone complaining how much roll they got
from the fairways.

The advantage of the Fine fescue is it requires significantly fewer inputs, less fertilizer and significantly less water. It is not
without its drawbacks; first it requires well
drained soils, making it perfect for this site
of a former rock and sand quarry. It does
not handle wear or traffic, possibly resulting
in the Poa encroachment.

I think there were legitimate complaints of the

consistency of the putting surface due to the
Poa-annua encroachment in the fine fescue
greens. Poa-annua has a texture similar to
bentgrass so it is not as severe problem on

The beauty of the course and its surroundings is nothing but spectacular. The old
industrial ruins give a taste of the history of
the Puget Sound. The lack of trees on the
course gives one an incredible visual impact

of the dynamics and size of the course. This

also gives stunning views of the Sound, Fox
Island, the Olympic Peninsula, and the Olympic Mountains.
I even liked the train because early golf was
so linked to the train. First travelers on holiday from London to Saint Andrews took up
the game and wanted to take it back. The
early golf course architects were restricted by
where the train traveled. This was not just
abroad but in America also.
Besides our memories of Jordan Spieth, great
shots and missed putts, we will remember the
Herculean efforts of Jason Day to over come
Hope you enjoyed the U. S. Open, Chuck.

I find it interesting / sad how my milestones change for gauging my golf game. I know theres no way in Hell Ill ever live long
enough to shoot my age. Then I thought OK, maybe I can shoot my IQ! Once I took the test that was totally out of the question too.
Then Mother Nature stepped in and provided me with the satisfaction my small mind needed. Yep, for the last couple of weeks Ive
been able to shoot the temperature. Yay me!

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Member Profile: Malcolm Fylan

Name: Malcolm Fylan

Love the challenge of links golf. Also, just

love the adrenaline rush you get when you
get in the car to go down there. Once you
get there, you just know you are at a special,
different place. I suggest the next time you
go, have Rick drive. He gets more amped
up than I do and each time he sets a land
speed record getting down there. I also
enjoy Aspen Lakes in Sisters, Oregon. The
views from the tee boxes are awesome and
they have those really cool red bunkers
made of crushed lava rock.

Age: 57
Handicap: 10.0
Graduated from (high school and then highest level of education): Parkrose High
School, class of 1975. Graduated with honors from The school of hard knocks
Profession (or what you retired from): 37
year career in the Consumer Products
Goods industry. Started as a retail sales
representative with Golden Grain Macaroni
Company in 1977. Golden Grain was sold
to Quaker Oats Co. in 1987. Worked for
Quaker Oats as a Sales Account Manager
from 87 through 1993. One of the biggest
brands Quaker Oats owned at the time was
Gatorade. As most of you know, Michael
Jordan was featured in Gatorade commercials for years. Had the opportunity to meet
Michael Jordan at a Gatorade National sales
meeting in Chicago. He is quite the imposing figure. In 1994, I left Quaker Oats to go
to work for a company called Kelley-Clark
Food Brokerage. That is where I met my
good friend Rick Fry. Rick was already
working there when I came aboard. We
both had a huge addiction to golf and
through that addiction, we became best of
friends! In 1999 I had the opportunity to go
to work for Nestle as a National Sales Account Manager. I worked for Nestle for 15
years. I took a medical disability leave from
Nestle in March of 2014.
How long a member of the Gresham Mens
Club: To be honest, Im not quite sure how
long Ive been a member here. Im really
bad at remembering dates and things. I
want to say at least 8 years. Rick Fry kept
on encouraging me to join. One of the best
decisions of my life! I have met the nicest
people here. Thanks Rick for being so insistent!!! Ive made life long friends here.
The people here are so genuine.
When and how did you get started playing
the game: I picked up golf around the age
of 15 or so. A few of my good buddies I
played baseball with wanted to give it a try.
We would play Rose City, Colwood, Broadmoor, Heron Lakes, Glendoveer, mostly
east county courses. As soon as I played
my first round (which was horrible) I was

hooked. Loved watching that little white

ball hook and/or slice all over the place.
Played as much as I could or could afford
way back in the day. Took the game up a
lot more seriously after my kids grew up
and I had the time and money.
How many holes-in-one: Ive had one hole
in one. It was at Gresham and the date is
real easy to remember. July 7th, 2007.
7/7/07. It was on hole 12. Pin was upper
right side of the green. One hop and in..I
was a stunned. It was almost surreal.
What other interests besides golf: I really
enjoy fishing, mainly salmon. Love other
sports. Love the Oregon Ducks. Had season football tickets with Rick Fry up until
last year. Enjoy bbqing, traveling, & hanging out with my family.
Family: Sue and I have been married since
1979. We have 3 wonderful children, Amy,
David, and Michelle.
Favorite golf course (other than Gresham)
and why: Love two of the courses down at
Bandon -- Bandon Dunes and Pacific
Dunes. Why? Just get a different vibe
down there. Such a different style of golf.

Funniest thing seen on the golf course:

Our good buddy Dale Clark, teeing off on
the 4th hole. We are on the blue tees, Dale
takes a mighty swing with his driver, the
ball goes right of his hosel and is heading
dead left and is destined to go out of
bounds. It was a low, low screamer. Well,
it hit directly on the red tee box marker, shot
up in the air with so much spin that it took a
right turn in mid-air and landed about 60
yards in the middle of the fairway..I
think Rick, Mike Yoder, and I laughed for
about 10 minutes. Dales response Its
better to be lucky than gooddont
believe that could ever be duplicated.
Any comments youd like to make: First,
thank you for asking me to participate. I
love reading about our members and getting
a closer look into their lives. Golf has been
such a life changer for me. Not only is it
fun, its 4 -5 hours of just good times with
friends and takes your mind off of other
aspects of your life. I have met so many
terrific people through golf and for that Im
grateful. As most of you know, Ive been
dealing with a life challenge. You havent
seen me on the course as often because of
this challenge. Soon Im afraid I will not be
golfing at all. Its a day I do not look forward to. Let me say this, I can not thank
each and every one of you that Ive met
while at Gresham enough for your outpouring of love and support. For that, my family
and I are forever grateful. Thank you all for
rallying around our cause and so generously
donating to the cause so that one day this
terrible disease is erased forever. Thank
you for your hugs each time I see you.
Thank you for your prayers. I wish you all
well and hope to see you for a long time if
not on the course, on the 19th hole!!!

Save the Date-Saturday July 11th: ALS Golf Tournament-Choose your format, individual or 4 person scramble

$65 includes: Golf w/ cart - Lunch after the round - Beer keg on course
Other activities: putting contest, raffle, silent auction
All proceeds go to mAlcolms milers for the Als wAlk

Also come join us for the walk itself on Sunday September 27th

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