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Matters need attention in the dismantle and packing of

the CVT equipment

From: China SANAN Engineering Construction Corporation

To : Hensley Industrial

Dear Sir,

The engineers appointed by our company find some problems following

below during dismantle and packing process of the CVT equipment, and

kindly require you to deal with and correct it.


It is very important that clean the matters which harm to the environment

including cutting matters, dirty oil, abolish, hydraulic liquid, and Freon before


All the equipments shall not be cleaned by water; it may cause the serious

pocking of the removable components such as the slid platform, trail, drive

spindle and the lead screw.


To prevent water seepage, damp and other unnecessary loss, do not spray

water and other kind of liquid in the electrical boxes and operator panels


It is necessary to spray pickling oil in the surface of guide trail, drive crew,

clamp apparatus and the other metal superficies.


Parallels and other sundries shall not be placed in any control panels and

cabinets. It is necessary to put desiccant and damp-proofing admixture in

the cabinets, and plug up the cable apertures before lock the door


To ensure that all the marking labels are uniqueness, trace and inspect

the protecting work and match marking system timely. What’s more, it is

very important that the staff needs to note the defect and damage

during the dismantle process and submit a report to the customer.


Before dismantle, the entire guide trails, plunger pistons and other

removable surface should be wiped, put the power head and plunger

pistons into the muff. To prevent the unnecessary damage during the

process of unload and transportation, move the ram to the middle

position, and tighten it up in two sides by armoured rope, rope cappel

and wood.


All the brass tags of the dismantled equipments including pipes and

components should be on record, what’s the most important is that the

match marking system shall be systematic and specific. For instance,

how many main parts of the equipment divided into, what’s the name

and number of each parts, it is suggested that mark M1 for the 1st

equipment, then M1-1,M1-2…..for its main parts, then mark M1-1-1 for

its sub-main part. Besides, mark A1-1 for the 1st attachment of the 1st

equipment, and make sure how many pipes need to take back and how

many of these need to redistribution. Only in this way can ensure the

plant be relocated in China effectively, timely and completely.

It is require that all the connecting screws, stoppers, allocation pins,

keys, removable fang bolts and parallels need to take back. It should

be relocated or tightened on the equipment after dismantle, and do not

put these things into the electric box to prevent unnecessary damage;


The dismantled hydraulic pipes and other kind of pipe orifice, valve

station, reservoir ports need to tightening up by tough wrapper to

prevent dust and sundries, besides, it is also needed to mark and sign

accordance with the direction of mediators. What’s more, it is

necessary to change the index tag if it appears aging phenomenon,

and the attachment of pipe needs to be taking back with the main

equipment if it is tightened firmly, so doing as the small connection box

and operator panel


Beside the marking on the oil pipe, compressed air hose, and cooling

pipe, for the complexity of the pipeline system of testing line, assembly

line and heat treatment furnace, these pipes need to be tighten up

firmly on the equipments. If the quantity of related pipes and bolts is

large, it is needed that tight these pipes to bunches and put them on

the flank of containers to prevent extrusion.


After equipment fixed on the skid, the removable parts of equipment

such as power head and slid platform needs to be fixed in the bottom or

the middle of the trail, and tightening it up by armoured rope, rope

cappel and wood in two sides to prevent damage in shipping.


Damp proofing and damping treatment is needed strictly on electric

box, operator panel, and electric screen, it needs air-tight coating with

dryer and soft material package, especially the LCD panel and the

screen of computer, which need to be protected by ethane plate and

blanketing, and use foam and tape to tighten it up, loading and packing

individually. For the instability in transportation and packing, the

creation of vacuum is needed to the key operator panel and electrical

box by professional electrician.


To make sure the safety of equipment and container, the equipment

which needs to fit into container should use wooden or metal skid underside.

It is also need the isolation between equipment and the soleplate of

container. Fix the equipment and skid by wooden nail, iron nail, metal baling

strip or armoured rope to prevent slid and damage in shipping and



The attachment such as small parts, capsid, oil pipe, valve, cradle

guard and document shall be piled up on the skid or a small case, or a

firm carton. Small spare parts, cutting tools, circuit panel, electric

machine, pallet, clamping fixture, drawing, and measuring tool need

sorted package. Take the preparing work like greasing, damping, piling

package listing and rust protection before packing into container.


Check whether the equipment is stable on the skid before package,

check the removable parts which supposed to be fixed, if found any

problem, fix it before package.


It is better to put one series of equipment into one container;


The packing list needs to mark its corresponding container number;


The unique package number shall be provided to each equipment,

wooden case, carton or skid which put into container


The material which fit into wooden cart, carton and the skid shall be

record on list.


Forming the packing list and package document shall be exact and


China SANAN Engineering Construction Corporation