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We are gathered here tonight to witness the transformation of a young girl to a beautiful
lady. We are very lucky for we are chosen to be here and be part of this momentous occasion in
the debutant's life. You see her grow up. You see her smile. You see her laugh. You see her
everything. And now you are about to see her as a grown up lady. A lady of good heart,
character and ambition.
An 18th birthday marks almost the steps from youth to young adult, with all its relative
responsibilities. Join us as we celebrate this wonderful girl's coming of age. Let us all celebrate
as our girl becomes a full-bloomed lady tonight, as our girl turns 18.
In a land not so far away, there was once a little girl with a beauty of an angel. Born
under the sign of ___________, this girl is the___________ among the children of Mr.
________________and Mrs. _______________.
She grew up with so much love and kindness. She is loved by everybody for her
beauty inside and out. Her voice is an angel. Her smile bears no limit. Her heart is unafraid. Her
mind is ready to try. She's ready for any adventure for the sake of fun and friendship. More
refined than shy, more adventurous than playful, more charismatic than charming, more alluring
than beautiful. Indeed, she has all grown up and what a sight she has become.
Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you the debutant. Let us all welcome our
dazzling lady of the night, MS._____________________.
Before we proceed to the main part of the occasion, let us first give this moment to the
people who made all these a success: from the planning to the execution, for the foods, the
details of the party. Without these people, this event would not be possible. May we call in the
proud parents of our debutant Mr and Mrs. __________, to welcome us all tonight and as well to
extend their gratitude for coming.
Flowers often symbolize degrees of love and affection, but they can also send a
variety of messages. Messages of forgiveness, purity, modesty, hope, beauty and love.The 18
roses signify 18 very special gentlemen in the life of the debutant, like her friends, relatives,

brothers, boyfriend and of course we can never forget the father for he is always the first or last
To begin with, let us call all the gents to gather on the side for the smooth flow of
the program. As your name is called, it is your chance to offer a flower and to dance with the
debutant. So the first dance goes to, Mr. _____________________________.

Let us now have the 18 Lights. Candle often reveal a sense of mystery and
supernatural guidance. It symbolizes security as it may illuminate circumstances. It may
also signify 18 significant people in our celebrant's life who serve as her guide as she
grows up. These are also the people who care for her and love her unconditionally.
As you hear your name, please be on stage, light your candle and give a
brief message or birthday wish for ____________.
Let us now proceed to the 18 treasures. It doesnt matter how expensive,
how elegant or how precious the gift is, what matters most is the thought, the value and
the essence that the gift contains. These gifts are significant to the debutant and that she
will truly treasure these for the rest of her life.
To start, let us have _____________________.
Wines is a symbol for good luck, victory and sometimes defeat. It is always
present in every occasion because it makes the event more meaningful and wellremembered. People toss wine to give wishes of good luck for love, work, family, and for
other future endeavors.
So now, here are the 18 men who will toss for the success of our
debutant's life. To begin with, may we call in _____________.
18 K
They say money makes the world goes round. Which I do agree. This time,
here are the 18 people who will give _________ something that she would need in the
future. We know that this thing will be of great help for her especially for her studies.

And without any further ado, lets start with ________________.

Tonight's celebration will not be complete without hearing any message
from the debutant herself. So let us give this time for ___________ to express her
gratitude for all of us.
Thank you ___________. It is also our pleasure to be part of this significant celebration
of your life. Tonight is not the end but the beginning of a longer road to walk. We wish
you nothing but the best that life can offer. Happy birthday again and for the guests enjoy
the rest of the evening. It is now time to party.

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