This book is a complete consumer’s guide to receiving the most from a psychic reading.

Suzette Martinez Standring, author of The Art of Column Writing.




June Ahern
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Timeless Counselor – A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling is the key to understanding what a psychic reading can offer you. In it you will learn: • How to find and choose a professional reader • How to prepare for your reading and ask questions to get the most from the reader. • Overview of how readers receive their information and psychic tools used. • How to avoid unethical readers • How to benefit from a reading spiritually, emotionally and physically. • About your psychic abilities with the author’s ESP Quiz • And much more.

June Ahern For over thirty years June Ahern has successfully counseled and taught many people throughout the United States and diverse parts of the world to fulfill their dreams and reach goals. She is an Intuitive Arts Mentor, metaphysical teacher and lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Her appearances on television and radio, teaching at the Learning Annex and along with her book, A Professional Psychic Reading/Alternative Counseling, the number one seller by an unknown author at the 1991 Whole Life Expo in New York where she was a featured speaker, has earned her national and international notice. Her second book, The Skye in June, is a novel set in an autobiographical framework. It is about a Scottish immigrant family living in San Francisco, California in the colorful circa 1960.

Chapter 15 Physicians And Readings Psychic readers and healers with their keen psychic perceptions, training and knowledge, can play an important role in helping people keep healthy physical, emotional and spiritual . They can work effectively alongside doctors and other health care providers to help diagnosis and suggest treatments. Please be aware that psychic readers in most areas most legally recommend consulting with your physician first before doing as she suggests. Caroline Myss is one example of a present day well-known medical intuitive as well as the author of numerous books. Readers can pick-up health problems through visions, and/or by reading your aura or chakra energy. For example the reader might say, , “You have a health problem in your heart region. I see it is attached to your feelings of loneliness. To help heal it is time for you to accept that you are loved.” She might give you an affirmation to change your mental thoughts to help the process of healing start while also recommending a doctor’s visit for a check-up. You need not be physically ill to experience a healing. Anxiety and depression are as grave (if not the pre-existing source of most physical ailments) and can be healed also. With this understanding, let us proceed to the concept of physicians working in unison with reader and healers. The majority of the medical society presently view medical readers and healers as quacks, to say the least. This very narrow viewpoint does not serve any good purpose. I suggest more supervised scientific research and long term studies be conducted to create a base for society from which to choose for themselves. There are physicians who do not rely only on scientific studies and will use a certain amount of intuition – “gut feeling”––when diagnosing and treating a patient’s condition successfully. Some physicians––more often in countries outside the United States––consider the emotional and mental condition when dealing with the patient’s ailment. By acknowledging those components, physicians can then choose recommend alternatives rather than only experimenting with a variety of medicines or surgery. Physicians often have to try a few healing methods in order to heal the patient. Several medications may be prescribed during this time. The various drugs alone, entering the system, can very well cause more strain to the patients’ condition. A reader/healer can receive pertinent information by reading the energy (aura and chakras) on which medicine and/or treatment would be most effective. If you have a strong interest in the area of healers, I recommend researching the subject thoroughly before choosing an intuitive medical reader or a healer. Perhaps––a very big perhaps––your physician is open to medical information you received during a reading regarding. Working together the physician and reader/healer can validate each other’s diagnosis of a condition.

Readers/healers have much to offer the medical world as equal health advisors. I will be extremely pleased when holistic healers have a recognized role in social and can work with the medical field for a more complete and effective healing.

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