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Apple TV: How to install a configuration profile

Apple TV: How to install a configuration profile

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Apple TV Software Update 5.1 allows your Apple TV to

Apple Configurator, Apple TV (2nd generation), Apple TV

install a configuration profile from Apple Configurator to

(3rd generation)

configure Wi-Fi corporate networks.

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If you are configuring a new Apple TV, follow these steps first. If not, skip these three steps.
1. Connect the Apple TV to power and the video destination (projector or TV).
2. Select the language the Apple TV should use.
3. Bypass the remaining network and account configuration screen by pressing the Menu button on the Apple

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When your Apple TV displays the main menu, you can install the configuration profile by following these steps:

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Note : Your Apple TV must be connected to power before you connect the Micro-USB cable. If your Apple TV goes
into recovery mode, disconnect power and the Micro-USB cable. Then reconnect the power cable, wait for the light to
stop flashing, and follow the steps below.

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1. Use a Micro-USB cable to connect the Apple TV to a computer running Apple Configurator.
2. In Apple Configurator, select Prepare:

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3. The Supervision switch must be Off.

4. The iOS pop-up menu must be set to No Change.
Note : The "Erase before installing" checkbox will be deselected automatically.
5. The Restore pop-up menu needs to be set to Don't Restore Backup.
6. Click the + (plus sign) at the bottom of the Profiles area to import an existing profile or create a new profile:

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7. Select the box to enable the profile and click the Prepare button at the bottom of the window:

8. Click Apply:

9. After the profile installation has completed, disconnect the Micro-USB cable. Your Apple TV will begin using the



Apple TV: How to install a configuration profile

new network configuration.

Additional Information
Installing a configuration profile requires a USB to Micro-USB cable (sold separately). Please verify that your Apple TV
has the correct software version installed. You will also need to have the latest version of Apple Configurator.
Find additional information on connecting the Apple TV to your 802.1X network and using your proxy server.

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