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This chapter presents the history of the company, the nature and goals of the company
and its organizational chart.

History of the Company

Child Evangelism Fellowship, also known as CEF, is a Bible-centered,
worldwide organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to
evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish
(disciple) them in the local church for Christian living. CEF has over 2,700 missionaries
overseas, approximately 2,000 of whom are nationals. In the USA and Canada 700 fulltime workers and an estimated 40,000 volunteers serve the ministry. CEF was founded
by Jesse Irvin Overholtzer in 1937.

Growing up in a religious family, Jesse at the age of 12 was convicted of

his own sin and sought counsel from his mother. He was told, "Son, you are too young."
It wasn't until Overholtzer was in college that he heard the Gospel and trusted Christ as
his Savior.
Later as a pastor Mr. Overholtzer read one of Charles Spurgeon's
sermons which stated, "A child of five, if properly instructed can as truly believe and be
regenerated as an adult." The Lord used this statement in Mr. O's life to lead him to
begin the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship when he was 60 years old. The

ministry has grown into the largest evangelistic outreach to children in the world. CEF is
currently ministering in 190 countries around the world including the Philippines.
In answer to Mr. Os prayers, the Lord called two ladies to pioneer CEF in
the Philippines. Miss Ana Danielson (from Canada) and Ms. Mary Dayton (from
USA) arrived in Manila in March 1952. Settling in Davao, they started Good News
Clubs (GNC) and teacher trainings
Miss Dayton received instructions from Mr. Overholtzer to return to Manila
for Filipino language study. Miss Danielson remained in Davao and organized an office,
the local committee as well as teacher training classes, faithfully serving until the Lord
called her home.
In 1958, five years after CEF was established in the Philippines, a Local
Committee was organized for Luzon. Eventually, Rev Evangelista Siodora was
appointed Director for Luzon, then for a brief time, Mr. Art Pimentel.
Atty. Afredo Soberano became the first Filipino National Director after
receiving the LTI training (with his wife) at the World Headquarters in Warrenton in
1981. Gaining momentum, new CEF branches were established in Luzon Visayas and
1984 Mr. Rod Corgado took on the leadership with the resignation of Atty.
Soberano. Additional workers and committee members were recruited to cater to the
growing need of the ministry.
1989 Directorship was turned-over to Ms. Norma Hindap, Local Director of
Davao City when Mr. Corgado assumed Pacific/Orient Region directorship.
At the beginning of year 2003, Rev. Joel B. Indico assumed directorship of
the ministry. Exciting years followed as we saw the steady increase in the number of
children reached with the gospel and the professions of faith in Jesus as shown in the
figures below:


Children Reached





Profession of Faith

A significant increase between the year 2003 and the year 2014 is also noteworthy in
terms of the number of Local Areas from 26 to 55 and Full time Workers from 60 to
Nature of the Company
Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is a non-government, Bible-centered,
faith mission organization composed of born-again believers established in Chicago,
Illinois in 1937. Now operating in 156 countries including Philippines, CEF has been
sharing the vision for almost 70 years now through its different ministries. The
organization started in the Philippines in 1952, devoted to the evangelization and
discipleship of the children. CEF also offers and sells resource materials for children

Goals of the Company

CEF resolves to see the organization in place in all areas with the
following objectives:
1. To EVANGELIZE boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. To DISCIPLE them with the Word of God for Christian Living.
3. To CHANNEL them to the local Bible-believing churches.
CEF also believes that if everyone joins the organization, the companys
vision could turn to reality.

Nation Board
Mrs. Melody Lim
National Director
Rev. Joel Indico

Children Ministry InCharge

Mr. Al Lacsina

Training Ministry InCharge

Mr. Jerwin Dumanhug

Literature In-Charge
Ms. Jackielyn Solis

Finance In-Charge
Ms. Sofie Ignacio

Resource Center InCharge

Ms. Lani Gregorio

Publication In-Charge
Ms. Joy Sidro

Director for Administration

Ms. Mila Jucutan