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XTRAPOWER Fleet Card program:
Welcome to the
The XTRAPOWER Fleet Card program is a complete smart card-based fleetmanagement solution for fleet
operators and Corporate for cashless purchase of fuel & lubes from designated retail outlets of Indian Oil through
flexible pre-paidand credit facilities. The fleet card program also offers an exciting rewards program and
unique benefits like personal accident insurance cover and vehicle tracking facilities. In just under two years of its
launch, Indian Oils XTRAPOWER Fleet Card hasemerged as the largest fleet card in the country with the widest
retail outletcoverage.Any business entity owning or operating a vehicle fleet can become a member of the
XTRAPOWER fleet card program at a nominal annual charge. Each fleetowner is issued a Fleet Control Card and
vehicle-specific Fleet Cards for everyvehicle enrolled under the program.For enhanced security, the fleet card
transactions are authorized through uniquePersonal Identification Number (PIN). Moreover, the card can help
track eachvehicle's movement across remote corners of the country leading to animprovement in vehicle
utilization and route compliance. XTRAPOWER is also backed by Indian Oils vast infrastructure network and
web-based supportservices.XTRAPOWER is one-of-a-kind fleet card program of Indian Oil, which givesyou
XTRA convenience, XTRA security and XTRA opportunity to earntruckloads of rewards. It is a tailor-made
program for Fleet Owners, Operators &Corporates as well.With XTRAPOWER Fleet Card you now have an easy,
convenient and rewarding

XtraPower Fleet Card program is a step of IOC towards building loyalty amongthe existing customers. Loyalty
program works only when the customer isemotionally attached to the brand.Positioning of the loyalty program is
very critical so that these benefits do notappear to be a just discount under the garb of loyalty this greatly affects
thecustomer retailer relationship and greatly reducing the program to a purecommercial transaction where the
customer constantly looks for deals.We need to enroll the right customers. We can recognize the highest
valuecustomers to recognize and reward their value to our organization, we cancultivate high potential
customers who currently split their purchases between usand our competitors or reach out to those most at risk of
churning. Knowingwhich customer groups are most important to us allows crafting recognition andrewarding
strategy that piques their interest.Customers should be involved in the program by constant communication
tomake them understand what is in for them. Comprehensive surveys should beconducted to find out what
should be the ideal way to reward the loyalcustomers and retain them for the life time. Activities like checking
point balances online, responding to targeted offers, using kiosks, bidding on auctionitems, entering sweepstakes
and so on. Such participation is a sure sign of increasing value to the customers.



Ideas to increase & retain customer base

Target new vehicle/fleet owner by tie up with the vehicles companies and give XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD with
every new vehicle/truck.

If any card is not used for more than 30 days by the customer then automatic message should be generated to
remind the user.

Try to know actual reasons for not using the card for longer period of time by the customer as retaining one
customer is better than acquiring 6 newcustomers.

Bring awareness about the card through media advertising.

XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD program website should be updated timeto time with details of the new as well as
upcoming offers.
At Retail outlets

Put a digital display on retail outlets (i) To communicate with thecustomers about IOC program & brands and (ii)
for advertisement of alliance partners & earning revenue out of it.

Motivate pump attendants by giving price to attendant of the month which will be the highest card seller of that

XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Banners should be put at proper location inthe pump

Stock replenishment of the cards should be taken care off.

XTRAREWARDS program should be started at all other locations as soon as possible.

Pump attendants should get training frequently and as most of the staff atthe pump is not educated, a
comprehensive training has to be provided tothe pump attendants about XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD program.

The objective of the loyalty program should be made transparent to the attendants. They should be taught to use
the swiping machine carefullyand accurately using different options and also various messages of error in the
For Welcome kit

Application Form as well as information booklet should be in Hindi and Urdu.

Pamphlets should be distributed to all pumps & renewal of pamphlets should be done as & when new offers from
alliance partners come.
Prospective Alliances for XtraPower Fleet CardLoyalty Program

Alliance Partners of IOCL for XtraPower fleet card program

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd has tied with many branded companies to give variety of benefits to their customers
through Xtra Power Fleet card program.Alliance partner such as Essel World, Water Kingdom, Yoko sizzlers,
Subhiksha,Pizza Hut, Vishal Mega Mart, PVR, are giving Different discounted offers to the card holders. These
alliances are beneficial for both Indian Oil and the alliance partner. Indian Oil can increase their customer base
through these alliance andthese alliance partners can market their brand at Indian Oil petrol Pumps.
Need for Local alliance partners
For a loyalty program to succeed, it is essential that it should have tie-ups with many alliance partners. This helps
members of all socio-economic groups toaccess the benefits of a loyalty card program. More specifically, if the
outletssituated nearby to an Indian Oil petrol pump are tapped, then it would help Indian Oils loyal customers to a
great extent. Hence we decided to tap thenearby outlets to convince them to participate in the XtraPower Fleet
CardLoyalty Program.
Objectives of the project:
There are four major objectives for which we need to tie-up with various local clients.

To tap local alliance partners for XtraPower Fleet Card program.

To promote the loyalty between the local customers and the company.

To provide benefit to the local customers.

To promote the loyalty program in Barauni and Begusarai region.

Following are some of the potential local alliance partners whowere approached for Tie-ups: