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Saurabh Saini

(Datastage Developer)

Pune, Maharashtra
Mob.: 7385289640


Over 4 years of experience on Datastage based Data Integration projects.

Expert in designing Parallel jobs using various stages like Join, Merge, Lookup, Transformer,
Remove duplicates, Filter, Dataset, Modify, Aggregator.
Proficient in Datastage 8.1/8.5, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL.
IBM Certified Solution Developer Infosphere Datastage 8.5
Professional experience in working with Utility & Finance industries.
Excellent in Data Analysis, Data profiling, Unit Testing, Maintenance, Debugging and
Performance Tuning.
Strong understanding of the principles of DW using Fact Tables, Dimension Tables, star and
snowflake schema modeling

Client OP-Pohjola, Finland

Project - MDM
June 2014 Present

Parsing high-level design documents and mapping sheets to simple ETL coding and mapping
Created various parallel jobs to load data from databases, flat files
Created shared containers to use in multiple jobs.
Extensively used Parallel Job Stages like Aggregator, Join, Transformer, Sort, Merge, Filter,
Modify, Lookup, Funnel and Pivot.
Used parameter sets for easy maintenance of project specific parameters and better
Used Job Sequencer stages to link multiple jobs in Series/Parallel based on the requirement.
Performed Unit testing and Integration testing of the module.

Client Origin Energy, Australia

Extensively involved in determining data needed to address clients business requirements.

Participated in all phases including Requirement gathering, Design, Coding, Testing, Support
and documentation.
Solely responsible for design, implementation, testing and maintenance of TMD (Technical
Master Data) jobs.
Involved in design and review of functional and mapping documents, for getting data from
source to staging and staging to flat files.
Extensively used Oracle Connector, Surrogate key generator, Datasets, Sequential files, Lookup,
Join, Transformer, Sort, Aggregator, Filter, Funnel, Pivot, Shared Container and Peek to
accomplish ETL coding.
Performed thorough QA checks on each job after every cycle to determine the cause of rejections
and possible resolution.
Designed various Job Sequence and master controlling sequencer jobs to execute jobs in
particular order based on conditions.
Validated and successfully executed jobs using Datastage Administrator.
Client - Origin Energy, Australia

Project- NSW Essential

June 2013 December 2013

Project NSW Endeavour

July 2012 May 2013

Involved in profiling of data to access the quality of data and to identify inconsistencies,
redundancies and anomalies in data at column and table level.
Participated in review and approval of functional and non-functional documents, used to build
ETL jobs using Datastage Designer.
Took complete responsibility of the Finance Module involving Open Items, Payments and
Payment Schemes
Designed Datastage jobs to load source data to the target tables by applying various
transformations and necessary source-to-target data mappings.
Involved in performance tuning of Parallel jobs by carefully monitoring statistics and using the
best partitioning methods and avoiding repartitioning.


B.Tech - Electronics & Communication, Kurukshetra University (65.42%)

12th - DAV Chandigarh (75.2%)
10th - DAV Panchkula, Haryana (78.8%)


Passport no. K5954090. Valid up to October 2022