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Phrasal Verb



ask someone out

invite on a date

Brian asked Judy out to dinner and a movie.

back someone up


My wife backed me up over my decision to

quit my job.

break down

stop functioning
(vehicle, machine)

Our car broke down at the side of the

highway in the snowstorm.

break into something

enter forcibly

The firemen had to break into the room to

rescue the children.

break up

end a relationship

My boyfriend and I broke up before I moved

to America.

bring someone up

raise a child

My grandparents brought me up after my

parents died.

call something off


Jason called the wedding off because he

wasn't in love with his fiance.

calm down

relax after being


You are still mad. You need to calm down

before you drive the car.

catch up

get to the same

point as someone

You'll have to run faster than that if you want

to catch up with Marty.

cheer someone up

make happier

I brought you some flowers to cheer you up.

come across

find unexpectedly

I came across these old photos when I was

tidying the closet.

come down with


become sick

My nephew came down with the flu this


count on

rely on

I am counting on you to make dinner while I

am out.

cut back/down on

consume less

My doctor wants me to cut back on sweets

and fatty foods.

Phrasal Verb



do away with


It's time to do away with all of these old tax


dress up

wear nice clothing

It's a fancy restaurant so we have to dress


drop someone/
something off

take someone/
somewhere and
leave them/it there

I have to drop my sister off at work before I

come over.

end up

eventually reach/

We ended up renting a movie instead of

going to the theatre.

figure something out

understand, find the


I need to figure out how to fit the piano and

the bookshelf in this room.

fill something in

to write information
in blanks, as on a

Please fill in the form with your name,

address, and phone number.

find something out


We tried to keep the time of the party a

secret, but Samantha found it out.

get along/on with

like each other

I don't really get along with my sister's


get around

have mobility

My grandfather can get around fine in his

new wheelchair.

get away

go on a vacation

We worked so hard this year that we had

to get away for a week.

get back at someone

retaliate, take

My sister got back at me for stealing her

shoes. She stole my favourite hat.

get over something

recover from an
illness, loss,

I just got over the flu and now my sister has


get round to something

finally find time to

do something

I don't know when I am going to get round

to writing the thank you cards.

get together

meet (usually for

social reasons)

Let's get together for a barbecue this


Phrasal Verb



give something away

give something to
someone for free

The library was giving away old books on


give in

reluctantly stop
fighting or arguing

My boyfriend didn't want to go to the ballet,

but he finally gave in.

give something up

quit a habit

I am giving up smoking as of January 1st.

go ahead

start, proceed

Please go ahead and eat before the food

gets cold.

hand something in


I have to hand in my essay by Friday.

hang on

wait for a short time


Hang on while I grab my coat and shoes!

hang out

spend time relaxing


Instead of going to the party we are just

going to hang out at my place.

hang up

end a phone call

He didn't say goodbye before he hung up.

keep on doing

continue doing

Keep on stirring until the liquid comes to a


let someone down

fail to support or
help, disappoint

I need you to be on time. Don't let me down

this time.

look after someone/


take care of

I have to look after my sick grandmother.

look down on

think less of,

consider inferior

Ever since we stole that chocolate bar your

dad has looked down on me.

look for someone/


try to find

I'm looking for a red dress for the wedding.

look forward to

be excited about the


I'm looking forward to the Christmas break.

look into something


We are going to look into the price of

snowboards today.

look up to someone

have a lot of respect


My little sister has always looked up to me.

Phrasal Verb



make something up

invent, lie about


Josie made up a story about why we were


make up

forgive each other

We were angry last night, but we made up

at breakfast.

pass away


His uncle passed away last night after a

long illness.

pass out


It was so hot in the church that an elderly

lady passed out.

put something off


We are putting off our trip until January

because of the hurricane.

put something out


The neighbours put the fire out before the

firemen arrived.

put up with someone/



I don't think I can put up with three small

children in the car.

run into someone/


meet unexpectedly

I ran into an old school-friend at the mall.

run away

leave unexpectedly,

The child ran away from home and has

been missing for three days.

run out

have none left

We ran out of shampoo so I had to wash my

hair with soap.

set something up

arrange, organize

Our boss set a meeting up with the

president of the company.

show off

to try to attract
attention or

He always shows off on his skateboard.

take after someone

resemble a family

I take after my mother. We are both


take something apart

purposely break into


He took the car brakes apart and found the


throw something away

dispose of

We threw our old furniture away when we

won the lottery.

Phrasal Verb



turn something down


I turned the job down because I don't want

to move.

turn up

appear suddenly

Our cat turned up after we put posters up

all over the neighbourhood.

try something on

sample clothing

I'm going to try these jeans on, but I don't

think they will fit.

try something out


I am going to try this new brand of detergent


use something up

finish the supply

The kids used all of the toothpaste up so we

need to buy some more.

warm up

prepare body for


I always warm up by doing sit-ups before I

go for a run.

work out


I work out at the gym three times a week.

1) __________ member of the club is allowed to bring a guest.
2) John is from Rochester in __________ United States.
3) They stock __________ wide range of bicycles for hire.
4) Jim and Tony share __________ same birthday.
5) Our competition is open to __________ student between the ages of twelve and eighteen.
6) There were a __________ of people there.
7) With a __________ training she could do very well.
8) I need to get a __________ things in town.
9) When you run, __________ foot leaves the ground before the other comes down.
10) The __________ town was destroyed by the earthquake.
11) Why are you always arguing with one __________?
12) The doctors cant cope with __________ more patients.
13) The man was the one and __________ person in sight.
14) The Biggest Elvis is __________ of the best books Ive ever read.
15) The garden took __________ long time to finish.
16) It is more than double __________ height of the Empire State building.
17) There is a break of ten minutes __________ classes.
18) Visitors to __________ city of Cuenca in Spain are always amazed.
19) That ice cream shop has __________ flavour imaginable.
20) I like living on my __________.
21) Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo have always hated __________ other.
22) There are twice as __________ houses in this area as there used to be.
23) Although they were friends, they travelled around Australia independently of __________ other.

I dont have very __________ time for video games.

Chris has an evening job as __________ office cleaner.
He had __________ much time on his hands.
They found a __________ wild mushrooms but not enough for a big meal.
He ate almost __________ the cake himself.
The road, __________ is steep, affords beautiful views of the Hampshire countryside.
The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is 828 metres high, __________ is the current world record.
Shes meant to be really nice but she was __________ but nice when I met her.
Heres __________ news you might be interested in.
There was hardly __________ food left by the time we got there.
Parking is not allowed here at __________ time.
Ive found one earring - do you know where the __________ one is?
Cohen, __________ contract expires next week, is likely to move to play for a European club.
She lived in Rome for a couple of years, __________ she taught English.
It all started not __________ after Hamish married his wife Donna in 1964.
The couple have hardly __________ holidays.
I dont have as __________ time as I would like for visiting my friends.
The state is at least twice __________ big as England.
Each and __________ one of the flowers has its own colour and smell.
__________ tenth of the village area was given over to public spaces.
__________ more he insisted he was innocent, the less they seemed to believe him.
Let the fish cook for half __________ hour before you add the wine.
He wanted an apartment of his __________.
There's __________ wrong with the engine - it's making strange noises.
I've known the Browns for a long time. __________ are very pleasant people.
The company was losing money and __________ had to make people redundant.
The partnership lasted for 50 years. During __________ time the hotel won several awards.
He was obsessed with the project and wanted __________ to be perfect.
Katherine Mansfield is __________ of the best short story writers of all time.
The palace, __________ was designed to entertain visiting dignitaries, was destroyed in World
War Two.
54) How was __________ that no one had ever heard of this woman?
55) The director was at the screening of the film during __________ half the audience walked out.
56) He forgot __________ he was meant to do.
57) The public knew __________ at all about what had really happened.
58) The book, in __________ details of the expenses scandal emerge, was an international
59) Im amazed you managed to move those boxes __________ yourself.


She was found guilty of fraud. __________ of this, she resigned from the government.
He can dance salsa as __________ as the cha-cha-cha.
I agreed to her suggestion in order __________ to upset her.
She spoke Japanese as __________ as Korean.
She's an expert on butterflies. What's __________, she knows a lot about ants.
Despite being born in Madrid, she feels English __________ than Spanish.
He decided to go, __________ I begged him not to.

8) I always keep fruit in the fridge so __________ to keep insects off it.
9) I'm cold, and I'm __________ hungry and tired.
10) I don't eat meat and my husband doesn't __________.
11) If it doesn't work, try something __________.
12) __________ addition to his flat in London, he has a villa in Italy and a castle in Scotland.
13) California, along __________ Florida and Hawaii, is among the most popular US tourist
14) It gets more and __________ difficult to understand what is going on.
15) I only know about this book, but there might be __________.
16) We missed the train, and __________ top of that we had to wait for two hours for the next one.
17) I think I'd like to stay at home this evening rather __________ go out.
18) This is one possible solution to the problem. __________, there are others.
19) __________ it's not the best option, it is definitely the cheapest.
20) __________ first, everyone was confused by all the changes.
21) The decorations were absolutely beautiful and __________ is more, the children had made
them themselves.
22) That sum of money is to cover costs such __________ travel and accommodation.
23) The train was delayed because __________ bad weather.
24) Due __________ wet leaves on the line, this train will arrive an hour late.
25) You may not approve of what he did, but he's __________ your brother.
26) I still enjoyed the week __________ the weather.
27) __________ spite of his injury, Ricardo will play in Saturday's match.
28) Tom is very extrovert and confident __________ Katy's shy and quiet.
29) Even __________ he left school at 16, he still managed to become prime minister.
30) I'm going, __________ she likes it or not.
31) It's a small house but at __________ there's a garden.
32) He came home early __________ order to see the children before they went to bed.
33) Not __________ did he turn up late, he also forgot his books.
34) There was no malice in her; __________ the contrary, she was very kind.
35) She walked home by herself, __________ she knew that it was dangerous.
36) It was a secret, __________ in the end the truth came out.
37) I'm afraid Tim can't join our Cub group until he's eight. __________, we'll put his name on the
waiting list.
38) You can camp here as __________ as you have permission from the local council.
39) She left the party early, even __________ she was enjoying herself immensely.
40) The railway splits the town in two, __________ only physically but also socially.
41) They sell organic vegetables as __________ as cereals.
42) She arrived early __________ that she had time for a chamomile tea.
43) As __________ as she was concerned, the special offer was a con.
44) They were asked __________ they liked the new restaurant.
45) __________ you went to Paris, you might acquire an interest in impressionist art.
46) The mistake would have been unimportant __________ the boss hadn't noticed.
47) That sum of money is to cover costs __________ as travel and accommodation.
48) __________ you paid more attention, you'd notice so much more.
49) It's important that we also try to reuse things, rather __________ simply recycling everything.
50) Polar bears are losing their sea ice habitat __________ to global warming.
51) In some schools, there is no encouragement to practise sports, apart __________ football.
52) The government are trying to encourage the use of bikes, __________ of driving cars.

53) Doctors advise keeping wounds covered so __________ to prevent infection.

54) Most people nowadays have at least two email addresses: a private one, __________ instance
'hotmail' or 'gmail', and a work address.
55) During pregnancy, some foods should be avoided __________ order to prevent harm to the
unborn child.
56) No dogs are permitted in the hotel, __________ for guide dogs.
57) We had a cup of tea as __________ as we got home.
58) __________ you see Lionel, tell him about the party.
59) I generally wash up before I go to bed __________ I'm feeling too tired.
60) She's on a mission __________ save the world.
61) Recycling is good __________ the environment.
62) Begsy took a backstreet so as __________ avoid the heavy traffic.
63) I'd have crashed the car but __________ your warning.
64) The form cannot be signed by anyone other __________ yourself.
1) The surgeon was accused __________ negligence.
2) These advertisements are specifically aimed __________ young people.
3) We are aiming __________ a 50% share of the German market.
4) She apologized __________ having to leave at 3.30 p.m.
5) He doesn't approve __________ smoking.
6) Did you believe __________ fairies when you were little?
7) Hugh blames his mother __________ his lack of confidence.
8) I don't want any comments __________ my new haircut, thank you!
9) Lots of people have complained __________ the noise.
10) The team consists __________ four Europeans and two Americans.
11) The beauty of air travel consists __________ its speed and ease.
12) We only deal __________ companies which have a good credit record.
13) She insisted __________ seeing her lawyer.
14) They laughed __________ her jokes.
15) A couple of people objected __________ the proposal, but the vast majority approved of it.
16) He should be praised __________ his honesty.
17) In her autobiography she occasionally refers __________ her unhappy schooldays.
18) I rely __________ you for good advice.
19) His disability prevents him __________ driving.
20) The campaign has certainly succeeded __________ raising public awareness of the issue.
21) He thanked me __________ taking him home.
22) It's thanks __________ Sandy that I heard about the job.
23) The leaflet warns children __________ the dangers of smoking.
24) It's the sort of work that calls __________ a high level of concentration.
25) You can always count __________ Michael in a crisis.
26) Whether or not we go to Spain for our holiday depends __________ the cost.
27) I dream __________ one day working for myself and not having a boss.
28) A lion has escaped __________ its cage.
29) He forgave his brother __________ breaking the window.
30) I listen __________ the radio in the morning.
31) I'm longing __________ news of him.


She never participates __________ any of our discussions.

He was able to provide the police __________ some valuable information.
He bought some flowers __________ his mother.
I sold my car __________ him for 600.
You can substitute oil __________ butter in this recipe.
I can't adjust __________ living on my own.
Did you vote __________ the motion?
It's a programme designed to appeal __________ young people.
She's been suffering __________ cancer for two years.
Hes waiting __________ a bus.
The police arrested the man __________ stealing the car.
The customer argued __________ the salesman over the store's return policy.
I applied __________ the job but I didnt get it.
They begged __________ the answer to the riddle.
He benefits __________ the government assistance programs.
She boasted __________ her new Mercedes.
He borrowed some money __________ me.
How do you ask __________ a coffee in Polish?
She spent many years caring __________ her aged parents.
The restaurant didn't charge me __________ breaking the glass.
The car collided __________ a truck.
I cant go out tonight because I have to prepare __________ my interview tomorrow.
This spray should protect you __________ mosquitoes.
Many people use email to communicate __________ friends and family abroad.
Has he recovered __________ his illness yet?
This road is quite busy compared __________ ours.
He cant cope __________ a large amount of work.
She covered her sleeping son __________ the blanket.
He won an award because he saved someone __________ drowning.
Our company specialises __________ computer software.
He demanded help __________ his coworkers.
Your results differ little __________ mine.
Our dog died __________ old age.
This shampoo smells __________ bananas.
The film is based __________ the novel by Boris Pasternak.
Patricia always dresses __________ black.
When you fill in the form, please write __________ black ink.
If you make so much noise I cant concentrate __________ my work.
They exchanged dollars __________ yen.
The leader was expelled __________ the country.
We dont agree __________ anything but were good friends.
The teacher explained the project __________ the students.
Martin Luther King fought __________ racism and oppression.
She forgot __________ the meeting.
John got married __________ Jane.
Can I introduce you __________ my wife?
What happened __________ your jacket? There's a big rip in the sleeve.
We invested __________ that company.

80) I keep __________ thinking I've seen her before somewhere.

81) They looked __________ the picture and laughed.
82) The villagers prayed __________ rain.
83) They quarrelled __________ the waiter about the mistakes on the bill.
84) He reminds me __________ my grandfather.
85) They are searching __________ signs of life on Mars.
86) Nobody responded __________ my complaint.
87) The old man shouted __________ the kids.
88) They spent too much money __________ their new car.
89) He translated the instructions __________ Japanese.
90) She quickly became accustomed __________ his messy ways.
91) The drought has made farmers anxious __________ the harvest.
92) Were you aware __________ the risks at the time?
93) Emily is completely different __________ her sister.
94) I'm very envious __________ your new coat it's lovely.
95) All houses within 100 metres of the seas are __________ risk of flooding.
96) If he carries on like this he's __________ danger of losing his job.
97) Marie Curie is famous __________ her contribution to science.
98) I'm fed up __________ my job.
99) Are you frightened __________ spiders?
100) She's very good __________ Geography.
101) He seems incapable __________ walking past a music shop without buying another CD.
102) He didn't seem very interested __________ what I was saying.
103) This fabric is similar __________ wool, only cheaper.
104) He's tired __________ saying the same old thing every day.
105) John has been absent __________ school for three days now.
106) I am not personally acquainted __________ the gentleman in question.
107) The cancer risks associated __________ smoking have been well documented.
108) By the age of 14 he was addicted __________ heroin.
109) Air is composed mainly __________ nitrogen and oxygen.
110) She's an actress I connect __________ the theatre rather than films.
111) Can I connect my printer __________ your computer?
112) They are committed __________ democracy and human rights.
113) His parents were bitterly disappointed __________ him.
114) She was engaged __________ some guy in the army.
115) The course aims to equip people __________ the skills necessary for a job.
116) Are you getting excited __________ your holiday?
117) I'm sorry, I'm not familiar __________ your poetry.
118) The shelves were full __________ books.
119) I'm so grateful __________ all that you've done.
120) He didn't seem very interested __________ what I was saying.
121) The house was made __________ wood with an iron roof.
122) What makes you think that you are qualified __________ this job?
123) On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank you __________ all your work.
124) People with asthma have difficulty __________ breathing.
125) Any increase __________ production would be helpful.
126) Reactions __________ the proposal so far have been mixed.
127) The reason __________ the disaster was engine failure, not human error.

128) His broken leg is the direct result __________ his own carelessness.
129) The city's bus drivers have been __________ strike for three weeks.
130) She was __________ trouble with the police.
1) This is your chance to express your ideas about __________ the ideal school is like.
2) It's __________ to the manager to make the final decision.
3) What we are looking for is evidence __________ originality, imagination and, above
__________, the genuine views of young people.
4) By __________ part in this competition, you will help in a study being carried out at a leading
5) All work entered __________ the competition will be kept at the university.
6) You waste a lot of water by having a bath __________ of a shower.
7) Even __________ you take a taxi, you'll still miss your train.
8) She doesn't usually take part __________ any of the class activities.
9) Dictionaries are __________ the most important tools of self-education.
10) They still need a __________ deal more money to finish the project.
11) __________ one time, George Eliot lived here.
12) These days, teams __________ use of a large collection of examples of __________ only
writing but also everyday speech.
13) Teams refer __________ books and articles about language as __________ as asking experts
in particular subjects about the more specialised words.
14) He tends to copy his brother in the __________ he dresses.
15) People were asked __________ they found the examples provided helpful or not.
16) More than 500,000 people __________ part in the demonstration against the government.
17) She __________ advantage of her free time to catch up on her reading.
18) __________ sure you take an umbrella when you go to Belfast.
19) He came __________ with a novel idea about using water as fuel for cars.
20) We went out even __________ the weather was bad.
21) To enjoy the benefits of swimming, you __________ to do it properly.
22) You might be surprised to see __________ badly many people swim.
23) Poor swimming technique may result __________ the swimmers lack __________ body
24) We're __________ the house painted next month.
25) Swimming techniques do not always improve __________ practice. __________ the contrary,
once people have fallen __________ bad habits, they tend to be stuck with them.
26) She's always been keen __________ playing tennis.
27) I thought I'd __________ advantage of the sports facilities while I'm here.
28) You should concentrate __________ things __________ breathing correctly and move arms
and legs together.
29) For more than a century, children __________ enjoyed both learning new skills and
__________ part in a variety of activities at summer camps.
30) There are 10,000 camps across the country, __________ are designed to look __________
youngster from the age of six to eighteen.
31) The timetable does not allow very __________ time for relaxing.
32) At summer camps, the children __________ kept busy all the time.
33) Many people go to summer camps __________ of enthusiasm.

34) I became a lot __________ self-confident.

35) How was __________ that Hollywood came to be the place everyone associates __________
the American film industry?
36) His wife overheard a woman talking on a train about her summer house, __________ she called
37) Mrs Wilcox liked the name __________ much that she decided to give her new home
__________ same name.
38) In normal circumstances most people __________ never have heard of Hollywood.
39) Many small independent film companies began moving to southern California __________ two
main reasons.
40) The sunny climate let them film throughout the year __________ the need for expensive lighting.
41) She plans to __________ up her own business.
42) Local people took legal measure __________ prevent more studios __________ arriving.
43) By 1915 Hollywood __________ become familiar as a term for the movie business
__________ a whole.
44) Many actors do not like working __________ children or animals.
45) If they have too much food in their mouths, the words they say may not __________ clear.
46) Other problems can occur with food __________ films are being made.
47) In a recent film, during __________ a family was waiting to have a meal, one of the actors
started cutting some meat while he was speaking.
48) He completely forgot __________ his next words were.
49) The problem was solved __________ hiring another actor.
50) His parents __________ their best to look after him but were always in difficulties __________
51) His father owed __________ a large amount of money that he was sent to prison.
52) He was taken away from school and made __________ work in a factory.
53) Charles was not __________ extremely unhappy, but also ashamed of working there.
54) His own wife and children knew __________ at all about his childhood.
55) After his death, a biography was published in __________ Dickens terrible childhood
experiences in the factory were revealed __________ the first time.
56) The Inferno is the oldest and __________ celebrated of all amateur ski races.
57) Anyone can take part __________ the race, as __________ as they belong to a ski racing club.
58) Gavin came up __________ the idea of dividing the rooms in half.
59) I didn't like him __________ first, but in the end I actually got quite fond __________ him.
60) Today, the journey __________ about twenty minutes.
61) Although skiers are very __________ faster now, some things havent changed.
62) The course, __________ is steep and has sharp bends, remains __________ of the most
frightening in the world.
63) Vancouver in western Canada is named __________ Captain George Vancouver of the British
64) Captain Vancouver was not the first European __________ visit the area the coast
__________ already been explored by the Spanish.
65) Captain Vancouver did not spend many days there, even __________ the scenery amazed him
and everyone else __________ was travelling with him.
66) The scenery still amazes visitors __________ the city of Vancouver today.
67) She was shot by a sniper when she went out __________ search of firewood.
68) Visitors are usually directed to a beach about ten minutes __________ the city centre.
69) The area is regularly picked __________ one of the worlds best tourist destinations.

70) She insisted __________ telling me __________ single detail of what they did to her in hospital.
71) People always say that there is simply __________ other place on earth quite __________
72) He was born in __________ of the most interesting cities __________ Malaysia.
73) Many parts of the city have hardly changed at __________ during the last five centuries.
74) Nowadays, it is __________ longer the trade centre that it once was.
75) The harbour __________ to be visited by over 2,000 ships a week.
76) The old city centre is small, which __________ it very easy to explore __________ foot.
77) A river neatly divided the town, __________ only physically but in spirit too.
78) In ancient Chinatown, you really __________ a step back into the past.
79) Some of the streets are famous __________ high-quality antiques.
80) If you look around carefully, you can __________ across an interesting souvenir.
81) Every year people __________ away millions of tonnes of plastic bottles.
82) Huge mountains of waste are extremely hard to get __________ of.
83) A new recycling process promises to turn old plastic __________ new.
84) A group of companies has developed a new method __________ recycling that could save
almost __________ plastic waste.
85) The waste plastic is heated to more than 400 degrees centigrade __________ that it melts.
86) More than double __________ weight of the Titanic, the Island Princess was __________ large
to be built in __________ piece. Instead, 48 sections __________ total were made in different
87) The huge weight of the ship is partly due __________ its enormous height, __________ is an
incredible 41 metres.
88) As __________ as length is concerned, the Island Princess is over 250 metres long, similar to
the length of the Titanic.
89) The Island Princess can carry __________ to 2,600 passengers and has 1,321 cabins, including
25 specially designed __________ use by disabled passengers.
90) There is entertainment on board to suit __________ age and interest.
91) The Island Princess seems very likely to be a popular holiday choice for many years to
92) Most people will have to save up in order to be __________ to afford the trip.
93) __________ the years, the Riverside Hotel has inspired many other hotel owners __________
create similar hotels.
94) It is hard __________ ordinary working people to find comfortable houses in __________ they
could afford to live.
95) Icy road conditions resulted __________ two roads being closed.
96) At the beginning of term, students are supplied __________ a list of books that they are
expected to read.
97) The concert __________ place next Thursday.
98) Cadburys model village gave rise __________ the idea of the garden city.
99) An ancient ship has __________ discovered beneath the waters of the Mediterranean. The ship,
__________ sank off the coast of Tunisia more than 2,300 years ago, is giving historians fresh
insights __________ trade and diet in the ancient world.
100) The remains of the ship __________ found last August on the final day of an expedition
undertaken __________ American scientist Robin Asquith.
101) We might as well make use __________ the hotel's facilities.
102) I want to find out __________ life is like in England.
103) There was a general lack __________ professionalism in the department.

104) He looked __________ my cats while I was away.

105) He went to Greece __________ one main reason.
106) She is having problems __________ her boss.
107) He completed the project __________ the need of any help.
108) They took steps __________ stop it from happening again.
109) This time they had problems __________ a different kind.
110) The problem was solved __________ phoning all their parents.
111) They had difficulties __________ their eldest son.
112) __________ the first time, organic farming was carried out on a large scale.
113) He was made __________ join the army by his parents.
114) He grew very fond __________ country walks.
115) She was not the first __________ reach the top.
116) They went __________ foot.
117) Venice is famous __________ blown glass.
118) They have developed a new method __________ making sugar-free biscuits.
119) This level of excellence is difficult to achieve __________ amateurs.
120) ________ total, there were more than 500,000 French people in the demonstration.
121) Dolcelatte is one __________ the best cheeses in the world.
122) The A380 Airbus seats __________ to 600 people.
123) Rice milk is designed __________ use as a substitute to milk.
124) Juggling involves throwing objects up into the air and catching them __________ dropping a
single one.
125) Rastelli was able to juggle __________ many as eight balls at the same time. However,
__________ made him a genius was his perfect style, rather __________ the quantity of objects
he __________ juggle.
126) Don't touch the machine when it's __________ use.
127) The coffee machine is __________ of order.
128) It frustrates me that I'm not able to put any of my ideas __________ practice.
129) It __________ in Russia that Rastelli acquired his juggling skills.
130) It was not uncommon __________ him to practice twelve hours a day.
131) Can your handwriting reveal anything at __________ concerning your character?
132) She's applied __________ a job with an insurance company.
133) Their ages range from 12 __________ 18.
134) The stables and other outbuildings were sold together __________ the main house.
135) Air pollution is a well-known problem, but now light pollution __________ also causing
136) In some places, people __________ outdoor lighting is too bright could even __________
given a heavy fine.
137) I'm __________ tired that I could sleep in this chair!
138) Both buildings were badly affected __________ the fire.
139) Tickets regularly sell out within hours __________ going on sale.
140) The tournament began with an agreement __________ two men.
141) From time to __________ I still think of her.

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