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Official Publication of Redwood Shores Community Association

July 2015 Issue

New Pipeline Option

Reduces Impacts on
Redwood Shores

Meetings Set for July 22, 23, and 25

The Silicon Valley Clean

Water (SVCW) Commission,
located at the southeast end
of Redwood Shores, has
directed its staff to proceed with additional planning and
to initiate California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
review of the recommended option that upon approval
will continue the agencys critically needed wastewater
conveyance system (pipeline) improvements while greatly
reducing impacts on the Redwood Shores community.
Many of the options considered and the recommended
option to receive further review will be discussed at three
public meetings scheduled at the SVCW plant at 1400
Radio Road in Redwood Shores for Wednesday, July 22nd
at 7 p.m., Thursday, July 23rd at 7 p.m., and Saturday, July

Volume 44 Number 7

RSCA Calendar

Summer Concerts - Sundays at Marlin Park 5pm to 7pm

Bring your family, lawn chairs, blankets, picnic
baskets, and dancing shoes!
July 12 - Cocktail Monkeys
August 9 - The Shanks
Save the Dates:
Saturday, Aug 22 - Levee Cleanup
Mariners Park - 8 am to 12 noon
Saturday, September 12 - Give-n-Go Recycling
RWS Library - 10am to 2pm
25th at 10 a.m. There will be explanation of the options and
opportunities for community feedback at the meetings
and throughout the CEQA process. All three meetings
will present the same information, so attendance at one
of them is highly recommended.
Details will be posted on the SVCW website in late July
( Redwood Shores residents can sign-up
to receive available updates by email by sending an email

Redwood City To Consider New Water Use

Restrictions and Conservation Outreach Programs
Staff Recommendations Seek to Encourage
Additional Citywide Water Conservation
REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. - At their June 8, 2015
meeting, the City Council considered staff proposals
for additional water use restrictions citywide and
will promote new and existing water conservation
tools to further the communitys already successful
conservation efforts. Redwood Citys State-mandated
water reductions are among the lowest in California
as a result of effective citywide water conservation
over the past few years. The State of California Water
Resources Control Board set Redwood Citys water
reduction target at eight percent; some neighboring
communities targets were set as high as 37 percent.

Redwood City residents and businesses know how to

conserve water and that is demonstrated by how much
our community has saved in water consumption year
over year, said Dr. Bob Bell, city manager of Redwood
City. While our community has done a great job so
far, our work citywide to conserve is not done. The
majority of the new proposed water restrictions relate
to outdoor water use and encouraging businesses to
conserve. Education, awareness, and using the tools
offered by the city will ensure that our community
continues to do its part to support this statewide issue.
The Mayor and City Council will review the proposed
new water use restrictions, including:
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274 Redwood Shores Pkwy #PMB 603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173

2015 Officers
Lynn Kathleen Adams.............................

Board Members
Lynn Adams
Nina Boire
Jim Cvengros
Carol Ford
Mike Mancusi

We are pleased to announce that

Brian J. McSweeney, Esq.

has rejoined the firm as a partner and our new firm name


We continue our practice as full service law firm of highly

ethical and experienced Attorneys dedicated to providing
individualized attention and the highest quality legal
services. Terry Anderlini and his Associates have been
serving satisfisfied clients for over 50 years.

Sue Nix
Harris Rogers
Clemencia Rodriguez
Bob Slusser
Andrew Young

RSCA Board of Directors meet @ Redwood

Shores Library on the 2nd Thursday of each month,
at 7:00 p.m. Our next meeting will be
July 9, 2015

Please call for a free initial consultation.


411 Borel Avenue, Suite 501, San Mateo CA 94402


The deadline for the August Pilot is

July 10th through 15th
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July 2015 THE Pilot

Significant Personal Injury

Commercial and Personal Litigation
Professional/Liability Malpractice
Business Formation, Development and Transactions
Corporate and Partnership Law
Employment Law
Insurance Law
Real Estate and Construction Law
Automotive Law
Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Table of Contents

New Pipeline Option Reduces Impacts on Redwood

RSA Calendar

Redwood City To Consider New Water Use
Restrictions and Conservation Outreach Programs 1
Should You Save For Retirement Or College or Both 3
Its Complicated: Money and Happiness
Summer Session
Carmina and Rite of Spring mark Redwood
Symphonys 30th anniversary
2015-16 Budget Approval
Did You Know?
Robotics Team Concludes a Successful Career
Dear Redwood Shores Community
Downtown Dog Park
8 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Image
Leash Laws and Consideration of Others When Dog
6 Tips for Pet Proofing Your Home

continued from page 1 ... Redwood City To Consider New Water Use Restrictions and Conservation
Outreach Programs
No landscape watering 48 hours after rainfall
Operators of hotels and motels to provide guests the
option of declining daily laundering of towels and
Restricting the serving of drinking water other than
upon request in eating or drinking establishments

Existing temporary restrictions that will continue


No landscape watering more than two days per week

No washing of cars without a shut off nozzle
No fountain uses that do not recirculate water
No hosing off hardscape (sidewalks and driveways)
No runoff from sprinklers

In accordance with the State mandate, residents can be

fined up to $500 per violation. However, the City will
provide warning notices, certified letters for repeat
violations, and opportunities for education prior to
imposing fines.
The City of Redwood Citys Public Works Department
has also developed a new water conservation outreach
plan with tools to help residents and commercial users
conserve by taking advantage of rebates, recycled water
programs, and more. These programs will save water
indoors and outdoors, and increase overall awareness of
water as a precious and limited local resource.
Among the new and existing water conservation tools
available to residents and commercial users in Redwood
City is the recycled water fill station. This new, free
program, which allows users to conserve significant
water by recycling their outdoor irrigation usage, began
for residential uses at the end of May and for commercial
in April. Both uses require a short training on how to
handle and use recycled water. Users can enjoy unlimited
free visits to the recycled water fill station, and there are
no water restrictions for recycled water usage statewide.
The City would like to remind residents that recycled
water is, however, still a valuable resource and it should
not be wasted.
Maximum recycled water amount per visit to the fill
station is 300 gallons. One gallon of water weighs a little
over eight pounds, so residents are encouraged to plan
ahead with the right container to transport water. The
fill station is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Other City of Redwood City water conservation
programs include:

Lawn Be Gone, a rebate program to replace residential

lawns with water efficient plants
Free Smart home water-use house calls; water
conservation technicians make house calls within
Redwood City limits
SMART home water conservation kits, offering
everything residents need to make their homes water
My water program, an online water budgeting program
customized for city residents and their specific water
needs (

For more information on how the city can help

residents and businesses conserve water, visit the City
of Redwood Citys website.

Should You Save For

Retirement Or College
or Both?
Its the paramount financial
conflict many parents face,
especially as more couples
start having children later
in life. Should you save for
col- lege or retirement?
The pres- sure is fierce
on both sides. Over the
past 20 years, col- lege
costs have grown roughly 4% to 6% each year
generally double the rate of
inflation and typical salary
increaseswith the price for four years at an average
private college now hitting $192,876, and a whopping
$262,917 at the most expensive private colleges. Even
public colleges, whose costs a generation ago could
be covered mostly by student summer jobs and some
parental scrimping, now total about $100,000 for
four years (Source: College Boards Trends in College
Pricing 2013 and assumed 5% annual college inflation).
Many parents have more than one child, adding to
the strain. Yet without a college degree, many jobs
and career paths are off limits. On the other side,
the pressure to save for retirement is intense. Longer
life expectancies, disappearing pensions, and the
uncertainty of Social Securitys long-term fiscal health
make it critical to build the biggest nest egg you can
during your working years. In order to maintain your
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THE Pilot

July 2015

July 2015 THE Pilot

THE Pilot

July 2015

Its Complicated: Money and Happiness

Does more wealth lead to more happiness? Researchers
have tackled this question for decades, and although
the results have differed, one fact is certain: The
relationship between money and happiness--or wellbeing, as many researchers put it--is complicated.
Think before you spend
It is not necessarily how much you make that matters
to overall happiness (although that certainly
contributes), but what you do with your money. They
boiled down the findings to five key principles of
happy money.
1. Buy Experiences. Investing
in memories can result in a
more sustained level of happiness
than buying a bigger house, a more
luxurious car, or other material
goods. Buying the latest technological
gadget might elicit the kind of joy a
child experiences opening a new toy on
the holidays, but just like that new toy, the
gadget loses its novelty with time.
2. Make It a Treat. While youre
investing in those experiences, be
sure to spread them out so they
dont become expectations
or habits. In this way,
the novelty of each new experience will be fully
realized. As the book says, Abundance is the enemy of
appreciation. This is also true with something as simple
as a cappuccino. If you make it a daily ritual, it becomes
a habit. If you instead substitute your daily coffee once
a week with a froth-covered treat, then it becomes a
reward to savor.
3. Buy Time. Individuals should ask themselves the
question, How will this purchase change the way I use
my time? For example, will it allow you to spend more
time with your friends or family, or create more todos to clog your list? Will it free you up to participate
in more activities you enjoy? Investing in products or
services that allow you to spend time on the things you
love will lead to greater overall well-being. And, say the
authors, dont fall into the trap of putting a dollar value
on your time, as this leads to increased stress levels.
Simply feeling like your time is valuable can make it
seem scarce.
4. Pay Now, Consume Later. Paying for a treat or
experience up front, such as event tickets you buy
months in advance, allows you to benefit from
the extended pleasure of eager anticipation. With

July 2015 THE Pilot

all due respect to Tom Petty, the waiting, it seems,

may be the best part. Conversely,
credit cards can be a dangerous,
albeit convenient, financial tool,
facilitating a consume now, pay
later dynamic. One study cited
in Happy Money found that all 30
people surveyed underestimated
their monthly credit-card bills by a
sizable average of nearly 30%.
5. Invest in Others. Regardless of your
circumstances--wealthy or not, young
or old--research finds that spending
money on others leads to greater
happiness than spending on oneself.
The danger zones
While some experts differ on
whether higher incomes result in
greater levels of happiness, they tend
to agree on the following: Increasing
debt levels are detrimental to
happiness, and keeping up with the
Joneses can lead to a general sense
of dissatisfaction. Instead,
actively managing debt
while finding ways to
appreciate what you already
have on a day-to-day basis may help you make wellthought-out saving and spending choices that support
your overall level of well-being.
continued from page 3 ... Should You Save For
Retirement Or College or Both?
current standard of living in retirement, a general
guideline is to accumu- late enough savings to replace
60% to 90% of your current income in retirementa
sum that could equal hundreds of thousands of dollars
or more. And with retirements that can last 20 to 30
years or longer, its essential to factor in inflation,
which can take a big bite out of your purchasing power
and has averaged 2.5% per year over the past 20 years
(Source: Consumer Price Index data published by the
U.S. Department of Labor, 2013).
So with these two competing financial needs and often
limited funds, whats a parent to do?
Kendra Bronstein, Woodbury Financial,
274 Redwood Shores Parkway,
Redwood City, Ca 94065

Summer Session
Craft beer 101 is in session. The word session is
one that we at The Grill House get asked often. Many
predict session beers to be the next category of beer
to experience a surge in growth, much the way of the
Imperial IPAs and Bourbon barrel-aged beers, but
before that can happen, people must come familiar
with the term session.

The idea for a session beer has been around for a long
time. Go to any college campus and youll see students
engaging in drinking sessions with the like of Bud
Light, PBR, Keystone Light, etc. But with the popularity
of craft beer and the desire for better beers with more
flavor that offered lower ABVs came the term session
beer, and their recent popularity.

There are two uses of the word session in craft beer

which has created some confusion in the past, although
they are related. A drinking session is a period of time
dedicated to, of course, drinking. Basically, sessions
are all about drinking large quantities of beer with a
group of friends. Sessions have been used in the past
for many things, including political gatherings, team
building events and your basic day-drinking event.

A session beer is defined as any beer that is lower than

4.5% ABV and thus can be enjoyed in a single session
multiple times. Many of the top local breweries are
getting into the act. Firestone Walker Brewing out of
Paso Robles has been producing Easy Jack, a session
IPA that comes in at 4.5% ABV while Drakes Brewing
out of San Leandro has their own session IPA: Alpha
Session, a 3.8% ABV beer. Even Lagunitas Brewing
out of Petaluma came out with a session style beer in
2012, although their DayTime fractional IPA comes
in at 4.65%, just high enough to avoid the distinction
of being labeled a session IPA.

A drinking session can become challenging for some,

especially with the popularity of craft beer, and more
importantly Imperial IPAs which are sometimes north
of 9% ABV. Two of those and your session may be
limited. Thus, the idea of a session beer was born.

With the continued growth of craft beer, make sure

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THE Pilot

July 2015

Top 0.1% Nationwide $45M in sales in 2014 Top 10 Most Inf luential Realtor on the Peninsula



811 Sovereign Way, Redwood Shores





1017 Redmond Avenue, San Jose


In 2015 Caroline earned an
average of 12% above asking
price on all listings for her clients.

927 Corriente Point Drive, Redwood Shores



Caroline brought her deep local experience to advise us in every aspect of selling our home. She provided detailed advice
in preparing our home for sale, including home improvements and staging, open houses and timing, and pricing in response to
the latest local market shifts. The entire process was clear and efficient, and any time we had questions or concerns, Caroline was
quick to respond with a clear and thorough response. Throughout the entire sales process, Caroline demonstrated the highest
quality standards, industry knowledge, and ethics and we feel great about the entire experience. Seller, Alison T.


July 2015 THE Pilot

Caroline Dinsmore
T O P 0 . 1 % N AT I O N W I D E


License #01069814

1250 San Carlos Avenue

Suite #101
San Carlos, CA 94070

License # 01458457

Always Call

Donna Marie Baldwin

Proudly Serving the Peninsula for 39 Years
Top 1% Internationally - Coldwell Banker

(650) 598-9327


4BR, 3BA, LR, DR, FR,

loft, breakfast bar and
nook. 2 car garage.
2679 sq. ft. Welcoming
porch, soaring ceiling
entry. Architecturally
stunning. Neutral color
palette, beautiful crown
shutters. 2015 new
flooring - berber carpets, hardwood, tile, travertine marble and multi-use
loft perfect home office or play area. BR/BA 1st level. Enviable island
kitchen with stainless appliances, granite counters. Recessed lighting
thru-out. Fully networked for Internet, phone, cable TV in every room.
Family room with fireplace and in-ceiling speakers. Corner lot.


4BR, 3.5BA, light,

airy, best location in
The Preserve. Corner
lot, front yard with
wrap around porch.
Steps away from
tranquil water views,
trees, greenbelt, salt
marshes and close
to pristine tennis
courts. Gleaming hardwood floors, 1st floor bedroom & large full
bath. Living room with wall to wall windows. Spacious gourmet
island kitchen with granite counters and walk in pantry. Office.
Master with enviable walk-in closet. Convenient laundry. Oversize 2
car garage with keypad entry. Close to Redwood Shores Elementary
School, Hwy 101, Silicon Valley, SF.

Rachel Ni, Broker Associate

Mobile: (650) 455-1500

CalBRE# 01916174


Bright corner location.
2730sf +/- (with area
for possible loft expansion). 4BR, 3.5BA.
Soaring ceilings in formal entry, dining room
and living room with
granite kitchen, breakfast bar & nook with adjoining family room with
fireplace & wet bar. Fabulous JR master on the 1st level. Romantic spiral
staircase to the private master suite with exercise nook. Luxurious master
bath with double walk in closets. Laundry room. 5 Star Resort Living with
community pool, volleyball court and beach.

One level living in
Laurelwood. Soaring
ceiling in living and
dining rooms. Updated
granite kitchen, breakfast nook & adjoining
family room all overlooking the large
backyard. 3 bedrooms,
2 updated baths.
Laundry room. 1890 sq. ft. +/. 3 car garage. Steps to Laurelwood Park.

4BR, 3BA, LR, DR,
FR, media room, 3 car
garage, 2792sf+/- at
Pedro Point, within 3
blocks of Linda Mar
Beach & 16 miles+/from San Francisco.
Relax on your expansive front veranda as
you listen to the serenade of the sea. 1.5 yrs young, Stucco & Stone exterior, mature landscaping. High ceilings, hardwood floors, wood-framed
windows, kitchen w/wine refrig, bkfst bar and nook. Master suite w/jetted
tub & separate shower. FR w/entertaining flow & sliding door to veranda.


THE Pilot

July 2015

CalBRE #01174789!




AnnaOw | 650.740.8449 |

NEW LISTING 3BR + 2.5BA / 2 Car Garage

109 Livorno Way, Redwood Shores

SALE PENDING 2BR / 2BA / 2 Garages

601 Baltic Circle #601, Redwood Shores

COMING SOON 3BR / 2.5BA / 2 Car Garage

819 Lakeshore Drive, Redwood Shores

SOLD @ $1,705,000 4BR + Loft / 3BA / 2 Car Garage

635 Spar Dr., Redwood Shores

!NEW LISTING 3BR / 2.5BA / 2 Car Garage
210 Pickleweed Lane, Redwood Shores
3-Year New Immaculate Townhome

JUST SOLD 2BR / 2BA / 1 Car Garage + Parking

802 Boardwalk Place, Redwood Shores Sold @ $785,000

Ground floor Condo [Buyer Representation]


July 2015 THE Pilot

COMING SOON 3BR / 1BA / 1 Car Garage
Fallon Avenue, San Mateo
Contractor SpecialMake It Your Own

JUST SOLD 2BR / 2.5BA / 2 Car Garage

726 Portwalk Place, Redwood Shores Sold @ $890,000

Waterfront Townhome [Buyer Representation]

Carmina and Rite of

Spring mark Redwood
Symphonys 30th
In celebration of Redwood Symphonys 30th season,
two enduring classics of ritual and ceremony will share a
single program: Stravinskys revolutionary, epochal Rite
of Spring and Orffs rousing Carmina Burana, presented
with supertitles, at 8 p.m. July 25 at the San Mateo
Performing Arts Center, 600 N. Delaware St., San Mateo.
For this anniversary concert, Masterworks Chorale and
Peninsula Girls Chorus will join the orchestra in Carmina
Burana, one of the most popular pieces of the classical
music repertoire and a spectacle for all the senses.
Soloists for Carmina will be soprano Shawnette Sulker,
tenor Chester Pidduck and baritone Michael Taylor.
Sulker has been a soloist with the San Francisco Opera,
Mark Morris Dance Group, American Bach Soloists,
Hawaii Opera Theatre, Opera Naples and the Natchez
Opera Festival, to name a few. Pidduck was a featured
soloist with San Francisco Symphony in its performance of
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THE Pilot

July 2015


2015-16 Budget Approval

approved by
is the result
of sustained,
planning. Our
(all funds) for
the upcoming
year is $169
is a balanced
reserves (rainy day) fund is funded consistent with
the Councils reserve policy of 15% - 20% of General
The majority of Redwood Citys revenues come from
two sources: property taxes and sales tax. With an
improving economy, sales tax revenues have been
increasing (thank you for shopping in Redwood City!),
along with property values. Of your property taxes,
Redwood City receives 18% to fund our operations.
The exciting news about this years budget is that with
increased revenues, the Council is able to add more
and new services to our community. New services and
initiatives in the next fiscal year include:

Increasing neighborhood street sweeping to twice a

The launch of a new senior shuttle to enable our
senior community to enjoy Friday night concerts and
a senior day in downtown;
Additional hours at Schaberg and the North Fair
Oaks branch libraries;
Expansion of the Citys communication and outreach
Establishes an endowment to provide grants for local
non-profits serving our community
Provides for additional staffing consistent with
our 5-year staffing model, including additional
police officers for downtown, additional staffing for
childrens library support, and a position to help
manage parking in our City.

In addition to our operating budget, the Council

also approved a $30 million Capital Improvement


July 2015 THE Pilot

Program for FY 2015-16. Through the foresight of

past Councils and with voter approval, Redwood City
has a Utility User Tax that its sole purpose is to fund
capital improvements. This years CIP will touch every
neighborhood in the City, and includes replacement
and upgrades of sewer and water lines, improvements
and turf replacement at Red Morton Park, replacement
of the parking meters downtown, provides funding for
our 50/50 sidewalk repair program, and much more.
Together with approval of the Councils Strategic
Plan and initiatives: Community Building and
Communication, Government Operations, Public
Safety, Transportation, Economic Development and
Community for All Ages, we have a clear and strong
roadmap for the future of Redwood City.
Where we are today is not an accident. It is the result
of the Council consistently looking ahead, being
proactive, planning for the future, and an ability to
make the hard choices today to preserve opportunities
for tomorrow. Thank you to the City Councils of the
past that set a solid foundation for where we are today!
Submited by Redwood City Mayor, Jeff Gee

Did You Know?

Most of us in the U.S. have just celebrated the birth
of Our Nation on July 4th. But did you know that
Americans began observing the Fourth of July
as early as 1777? In this year, the first-ever major
celebration in Philadelphia included a parade, a
thirteen-shot cannon salute and fireworks! The U.S.
Congress made it official in 1870 when a bill was
passed to recognize major state holidays at a federal
Happy Birthday, America!

Redwood Shores - A beautiful place to call home!

continued from page 11 ... Carmina and Rite of Spring mark Redwood Symphonys 30th anniversary
Carmina Burana and has performed
three roles for SF Opera. Taylor
has been a principal soloist with
the San Francisco Opera Center,
Opera San Jose, Sacramento Opera,
West Bay Opera and San Francisco
Symphony as well as a vocal soloist
with the San Francisco, Oakland,
and San Jose Ballet companies.

Stereophile magazine wrote about

Redwood Symphonys CD of The
Rite of Spring in the article, 1997
Records to Die For, Dont be put off
by the unfamiliar performers; what
matters is how familiar they are with
the music, and they know it inside
out. This is a stunning Rite, and the
recording will blow your socks off.

The Rite of Springs premiere in

Redwood JUST
all-volunteer orchestra,
SOLD! an
1913 Paris instigated the most
is dedicated to the performance of an ambitious,
560 Seahorse Lane, Redwood Shores
famous riot in musical history.
repertoire, as well as the great orchestral
This stemmed not only from the
classics. The innovative programming and emphasis
scandalous nature of the story, but
on education are two reasons why so many of the most
also because this work is one of the
talented musicians from throughout the San Francisco
Ron made our selling experience
smooth and
I know
I fought
greatest musical masterpieces. It
Bay Area so
to play,
suggestions to spruce upand
the critics
house but
we are
so glad
took his advice
and Redwood
made the
sparked Ron
a musical
improvements. It made Symphonys
a world of difference
in showing the house and I believe it added
is still being
felt 100 years later.
financial benefit
too. He was a great adviser and took care of all the details.
Kujawsky will explain in his pre-concert
at 7
are available
- Nancy
23 Admiralty
Pl. RWS at RedwoodSymphony.
by an adult, are
The work
is a Redwood Symphony tour de force. Now admitted free. Parking at San Mateo Performing Arts
CalBRE #01476776
theres one
(recording) that does Rite full justice, Center is ample and free.

Redwood Shores - A beautiful place to call home!

JUST SOLD! $1,395,000

560 Seahorse Lane, Redwood Shores

Ron Garcia
CalBRE #01476776

Ron made our selling experience so smooth and easy. I know I fought some of his
suggestions to spruce up the house but we are so glad we took his advice and made the
improvements. It made a world of difference in showing the house and I believe it added
financial benefit too. He was a great adviser and took care of all the details.
- Nancy Ayers, 23 Admiralty Pl. RWS
Asking Price $1,228,000 Sold Price $1,350,000

THE Pilot

July 2015


Robotics Team Concludes a Successful Career

All seven team members Keenan Allen, Adam Cobb,
James George, Patrick Hsu, Michael Rawcliffe, Andrew
Yazhgur, and Everett Yee recently graduated with the
Class of 2015 at Carlmont High School.
The team would like to thank their families, friends,
and community for all the support they received these
past four years.
Submitted by Winslow Yee

The Redwood Shores based robotics team The Metal

That Moves (TM3) finished their fourth and final
season participating in the First Tech Challenge (FTC)
robotics competition. FTC is one the programs in the
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science
and Technology) organization. This past season over
44,000 students worldwide participated in FTC with
over 140 teams in Northern California.
This seasons challenge was named Cascade Effect
where the goal was to design, build and program a
robot to pickup and deposit different size wiffle balls
into cylinders.
The team got off to a great start this season, winning
the Inspire Award at their first qualifying tournament.
The Inspire Award is the highest award given in the
FTC competition. The award recognizes not only robot
performance but also design, innovation, community
outreach, and documentation of their journey via an
engineering notebook.
Time was spent outside of preparing for the robotics
competitions as well. TM3 mentored the Notre Dame
High School TigerBots FTC team and the First Lego
League team at Burlingame Intermediate School.
They also visited Intuitive Surgical and Tesla to learn
about how technology is used. The team also gave
demonstrations at Boy Scout meetings and Maker
At the conclusion of the Northern California FTC
Championship TM3 was selected to advance to
the FTC West Super Regional Championship. The
tournament featured 72 teams from 13 states. Before
the tournament TM3 was recognized at a city council
meeting by Redwood Shores resident Mayor Jeff Gee.
Participating in the Super Regional Championship
was an exciting conclusion to their career.


July 2015 THE Pilot

continued from page 7 ... Summer Session

to keep an eye out for even more sessionable beers,
including session porters and stouts. And remember,
with summer in full swing and the weather heating up,
that the session beer can be a great go-to to keep your
session going.
The Grill House of Redwood Shores is a seasonally
inspired, grill-based restaurant, featuring local craft
beer, wine and cocktails. For more information, please
visit us at or search for us on
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

Dear Redwood Shores

Happy summer! School is
out, but June was quite busy.
We refinanced $28 million
of construction bonds at
lower interest rates, which
will save taxpayers $3
million dollars in bond
payments. Additionally, we
adopted new instructional
materials (textbooks) in
math, reading, and socialemotional learning. The
math and reading materials align to the new state
standards, and the social-emotional learning materials
will help our students develop strong social skills and
promote safer, more respectful school climates.
As you may know, all California students in grades 3-8
and 11 took new state tests in English and Math this
spring. In August, parents of those students will receive
test results for their individual students. The new tests
have a new scoring system. On each test, students will
receive a scaled score between 2,000 and 3,000 as well
as one of four performance rankings: standard not
met, standard nearly met, standard met, or standard
exceeded. While the transition to these new tests is an
adjustment, we are confident in our school districts
approach. Last summer, we invested heavily in teacher
training for reading instruction, and this summer, we
are partnering with the Silicon Valley Math Initiative to
provide our teachers with a week-long training on our
new math textbooks as well as instructional strategies
aligned to the new standards. Our teachers are key to
the quality of our instructional program, and we will
continue to invest in their knowledge and skills.
As always, thank you for your support of our school
district. Please contact me with input, questions about
our district, or inquiries for how you can volunteer in
the schools! The first day of the new school year will be
Wednesday, August 26.
Michael Milliken, Ph.D.

THE Pilot

July 2015



(Or how a former Connecticut Yankee embraced

California Cuisine) Lynn Kathleen Adams


Who doesnt love a family and friends gathering for
the 4th of July Holiday, or actually any excuse to invite
everyone over for a backyard pool party and barbeque?
Our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren always host
an annual 4th of July party, complete with festive holiday
decorations, yard games, delicious food and drinks,
sparklers, and pool towels galore for those inclined to
engage in pool noodle fights or diving challenges to find
silly items at the bottom of their sparkling backyard pool.
This is a casual yet carefully planned event, with the
hosts providing the main entre and guests bringing
their favorite dishes or trying out newfound recipes
which they believe will be the perfect accompaniments
to grilled steaks or chicken. Did you ever wonder
how many fabulous recipes for deviled eggs one could
envision? Or the endless different variations on potato
salad there are? Its always great fun to explore the
possibilities that exist with hungry guests and children
willing to be adventuresome and try new dishes.
These barbecued baby back ribs are always a favorite it
does take some advance preparation time to start cooking
slowly in the oven, so plan your time accordingly. But
they are a tender, delicious, crowd-pleaser!
Preheat Oven to 250 oF (you will also need a backyard
Charcoal or Propane Grill)
l Cup Dark Brown Sugar, separated into Cup +
l 4 Teaspoons Garlic Salt
l 4 Teaspoons Pure Ancho Chile Powder
l 2 Teaspoons Kosher Salt
l 1 Teaspoon Freshly Grated Black Pepper
l Teaspoon Celery Salt
l Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
l Teaspoon Cinnamon
l Teaspoon Ground White Pepper
l Cup Apple Cider
l Cup Apple Jalapeno Jelly, heated in sauce pan
l Cup Honey
l 2 Racks Baby Back Ribs (About 4 pounds)
l 1 Cup Prepared BBQ Sauce (or make your own if you
have a favorite recipe!)

In a bowl, mix Cup dark brown sugar with the next 8

ingredients (garlic salt through white pepper). Transfer
1 Tablespoon of the mixture into a smaller bowl, and
whisk in the cider, apple jalapeno jelly, honey, and the
remaining Cup of brown sugar. Pull the membrane
off the underside of the ribs (or ask your butcher to do
this for you in advance). Score the meat between each
rib. Rub the ribs all over with the spice mixture and


July 2015 THE Pilot

place, meaty side up, onto a rimmed baking sheet. Bake

uncovered for 2 hours in the oven. Pour the apple
cider over the ribs and turn to coat. Tightly cover ribs
with foil and bake for another 1 hour.
Light your outdoor grill, or prepare your charcoal grill
and get it hot. Uncover the ribs, and move them to onto
another baking sheet or platter. Pour off some of the
cooking liquid into the BBQ Sauce and stir. Brush ribs
with the BBQ Sauce mixture and grill over moderate
heat for approximately 15 20 minutes, flipping ribs a
couple of times as needed. Let rest for about 10 minutes
to cool, then slice between the ribs and serve. Enjoy with
various summer salads, corn on the cob or other fun
picnic complimentary dishes, as well as a refreshing
cool beverage!
Note: Lynn has been a RSCA Board Member since

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our advertisers.
They are the
reason you are
able to enjoy
this community

In response to the popular demand for more dogfriendly space in Redwood City, a triangular lot
on Main Street between Elm and Beech has been
converted into a socialization and agility park for
The new Main Street Dog Agility Park opened on
May 30th. The space is lit until 10:30 every night for
evening use and features designs by local artists. Bring
your pet for on-leash play!


I Can Help!
*Outfit Coordination
*Closet Clean-Up
*Personal Shopping
*Style Consultation

415-729-1008 (cell)
8 easy ways to enhance your image!
See this months column for inspiration.

8 Easy Steps to
Enhance Your Image

By Adena DiTonno, Wardrobe & Image Consultant

Looking great all the time doesnt have to be difficult.
These eight steps lay a great foundation to build on.
1. Find and use a tailor to fit your clothes as if they were
2. Take your shoes (and handbags) regularly to a good
shoe repairperson to remove scuffs, polish, and
repair or replace heels.
3. Have at least one great jacket that will work with
most outfits.
4. Manicured fingernails (guys pay attention here
too). Not expensive and easy to do.
5. Get your hair styled, rather than just trimmed. Learn
what products will work best for you and then use
6. Skin care is for guys and ladies alike. Faithfully
follow a morning and evening routine to keep your
skin looking its best.
7. Get facial hair under control trim beards and
mustaches neatly, groom eyebrows, pluck out strays.
8. Evaluate your hair color and makeup on a regular
basis to make sure they are your most flattering.

The devil is in the details taking care of these details

will generate positive attention for you.
Adena DiTonno is a wardrobe and image consultant
in Redwood Shores. Visit her website for useful tips
and to sign up for her monthly Style Bulletin and/or

Leash Laws and

Consideration of Others
When Dog Walking
In early June, a 20-year-long resident of Redwood Shores
encountered rude and dangerous behavior regarding an
encounter with a fellow-dog-walker.
The Shores resident was out walking her 10 pound
miniature poodle, when she saw a woman walking her
dog on a retractable leash. From fairly far away, the
woman stated that her dog was friendly and let the dog
run forward towards the poodle. When the dog reached
the poodle, it attacked.
The dog on the retractable leash was much larger than
continued on page 18

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July 2015


6 Tips for Pet Proofing Your Home

We all like to think our homes are pet-proofed, but are
they really? There are some very clever and sneaking
dogs and cats out there! We dont want you to have an
uh-oh situation, so here are 6 things you can easily
do to help pet proof your home.
1) Keep those candies and nuts out of Fidos reach!
Chocolate is toxic to dogs and nuts can be dangerous
as well. I have known of dogs who can get into an
unwrapped bar or box of chocolate. Make sure it is
kept out of reach.
2) Make sure any medications are not sitting on the
counter. The sound of pills rolling in a plastic bottle
may very well be irresistible to your dog or cat. If they
chew on that prescription bottle enough, they can
ingest those pills!
3) If you use moth balls, be sure that your dog and cat
cannot get at them! Some cats love to sleep in the closet.
Make sure you have not put any moth balls anywhere
in the closet. Not only are the fumes toxic, if they try
to sample a moth ball, you will have a vet emergency.
4) Have you checked the security of your garbage can
lid? Im talking about the one inside your house. Many
dogs and cats have found bones, food wrappers with
left-over food and more. I have witnessed more than
one client with a kitchen garbage can that only opens
when you wave your hand over the sensor button.
Great idea, but Ive also witnessed at least one dog who
figured out it would open whenever he walked by the
sensor button. What a goldmine for the dog not so
for the owner!
5) Keep your hobby supplies out of reach. Many of
us have hobbies that require us to use
paints, needles, threads, small parts,
etc. Put those things away as
soon as you are finished. Or
shut the door so Fluffy
cant get into the room
with those attractive
fertilizers and the
like need to be kept
under lock and
key. If you have


July 2015 THE Pilot

already have these items securely locked away. If you

dont have children at home, please be sure to lock
these so they are out of reach of your dog and cat.
Jan Brown is the Owner of Jans Pet Sitting and is a
Pet Tech Pet First Aid Instructor. She can be reached
continued from page 17 ... Leash Laws and
Consideration of Others When Dog Walking
the poodle, and the poodle was crying in pain as the
larger dog attacked. The owner of the poodle rushed in
to separate the dogs and suffered a bite on her left arm
that fortunately did not break the skin.
The poodle-owner asked the other dog owner for her
phone number because her poodle was clearly injured.
The woman refused to give her phone number and
called the poodle a wimp.
This is a reminder that the Redwood City Rules and
Regulations regarding dogs in public areas apply to
Redwood Shores. According to Sec 25.2.05, dogs in
public areas must be led by a leash of suitable strength,
AND no more than 6 feet in length.
Furthermore, the person controlling, or having the
custody of any dog shall be responsible for all damages
caused by such dog and shall remove and dispose of
their dogs waste.
The bottom line is that, as much as we all love our dogs,
they can be unpredictable in their behavior. Please
remember to obey leash laws, and have respect for your
neighbors. If the laws are not obeyed, your dog could be
impounded and declared a public nuisance by Animal

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July 2015



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