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Next Church

Monthly Journal of Hope Alive Ministries & SCREAM Outreach

ISSUE 03 July 2015

Who Is God?

Turning Their Hearts Back: By Pastor Joe Starling

Who is God? Is there more than one God? If God exist, are there many paths to reach him. America a
nation founded on biblical principles has became a nation of many spiritual beliefs. There is no shortage of various forms of religions. It is very common to hear celebrities and Influential people profess
their religious practices and beliefs. This vague religious viewpoint is apparent among todays young
people. This broad outlook of God has creeped into the lives of young people who have been raised in
traditional Christian homes. A growing number of young people trained and raised in church, dont
share the beliefs of their parents. 1 Kings 18 depicts the popular acceptance of an alternative religious
practice (The god: Baal), that posed a threat to traditional teachings about God and His existence. As a
result, the nation of Israel was called out by Elisha to choose which God they would serve. Elisha
prayed that the true God would manifest himself. Today, if we desire for young people to know the
true God they must see a demonstration of his power. At some point trusting God must produce results.
This place a responsibility on the Church to be more than rules and regulations, but a people that have confidence in their God and remain stable in their faith. When our trust in God exceeds our reliance on any other
source, Gods power will come through and all will see the outcome. When young people are introduced to a
God that will answer, they will give their attention to him and fulfill their role as The Next Church.

What's Next: Youth. By LaTonya Taylor

Church Reconnect: What evangelical leaders say are the priorities for
the next 50 years in youth ministry.
We're asked 114 leaders from 11

intergenerational community" that

ministry spheres about evangelical

helps a whole church to feel re-

priorities for the next 50 years.

sponsible for its youth. Otherwise,

Here's what they said about youth

he said, churches follow main-


stream culture's market-driven vi-

For several years, youth ministry

leaders have found their work challenged. "There are a lot of people

sionand, like secular culture,

abandon adolescents to raise themselves.

who've had this nagging sense that

Walt Mueller, president of the

we're missing the mark somehow,"

Pennsylvania-based Center for Par-

said Mark Oestreicher, president of

ent-Youth Understanding, said

Youth Specialties. "That kids seem

evangelicalism's theology of conver-

happy and willing to attend, and en-

sion contributes to the problem.

gaged in our ministries, but five years

"What we judge as success is a high

from now, when they're in college or

number of hands that go up when

post-college, they just really aren't

the invitation is issued, or a high

connecting with real faith, let alone

number of feet that walk forward,"


Mueller told CT.

Leaders in the field were already

Solutions involve creating a sense

reevaluating current models of youth

of community for teens, then shar-

ministry. "We have treated kids as a

ing the premises of faith, said Ginny

separate species, which has had the

Olson, co-director of North Park

effect of marginalizing them in

University's Center for Youth Minis-

church life," said Kenda Creasy Dean,

try Studies. And rather than picking

associate professor of youth, church,

up on fads or mimicking trends, said

and culture at Princeton Theological

Phil Jackson, pastor of The House, a

Seminary. The result, she said, is that

hip-hop, youth-based church in Chi-

older teens and young adults may

cago, we ought to come up with

have trouble feeling connected to

ideas rooted in the specific needs of

the larger church.

the community.

For Fuller Theological Seminary professor Chap Clark, the greatest challenge is developing "a theology of

No Time for Passive Youth

By: CP Church and Ministry
Youth are being empowered
in gangs and dying in the
streets, yet Larry Acosta of
Urban Youth Workers Institute finds many churches giving teens nothing more than
the role of passing the offering plates every fifth Sunday.
"Are you kidding me?" he
said during the institute's
youth worker training event,
Reload 1.2.3. in Bronx, N.Y.
"You need to empower youth
to lead with real ministry opportunities," he exhorted.
"I'm talking next generation
leaders empowering youth to
teach Bible studies, to lead
small groups."
Reiterating the significance
of empowering youth, Acosta
challenged youth workers to
be "intentional" in calling
teens out and engaging them
in ministry. This is no time
to play church. This is no
time to be soft," he stressed.
"This is the time to be bold
and dangerous and inspire
kids to change the world. Be
intentional about finding
young ... fearless warriors.
"Allow them to join you in ...
leading a Kingdom dream."

Billboards Top 10
Urban Gospel Music
July 11, 2015
1. For Your Glory Tasha Cobbs
2. War Charles Jenkins &
Fellowship Chicago
3. I Luh God Erica Campbell Featuring
Big Shizz

Discipleship: Lasting Success Through Preparation

By: Pastor Joe Starling

4. This Place - Tamela Mann



5. Yes You Can Marvin Sapp

Success without a successor is not


success. This statement describes

young people with the intention to

how important it is to have a per-

trained them to take the reins of

son trained and ready to step into

the church. Young people should

the role of leadership. In the book

not be outsiders looking in. We

7. Worth Fighting For Brian Courtney Wilson

Jesus the CEO, Laurie Beth Jones

must take advantage of every op-

8. Fill Me Up - Casey J

states, a good leader works them-

portunity to bring them into the

9. I AM - Jason Nelson

selves out of a job. Jesus took

center of whats going on in our

twelve men and disciplined them to

ministries. Discipleship is the way to

carry on after he moved to his next

reproduce success in the life of

level of ministry. Jesus made the

young people.

6. Worth - Anthony Brown

& group therAPy

10. I Will Trust Fred Hammond

BreeAnn Hammond

following statement, I give you the

keys to the kingdom. Jesus was
constantly preparing a core group
of young men to assume the leadership of Gods most precious asset
on earth, His Church. Getting
young people to our youth services
is only the first stage in the process
of evangelism. We must usher
young people into discipleship. Our
youth outreach efforts must be
more than babysitting young people, or activities to fill youth event

Canton Jones: God City USA

Canton Jones has been professionally recording music since 2002, but has been
singing and performing his whole life. His
artistic style comes from a diverse background which includesbut is not limited
tobeing part of a gospel quartet as a
young boy as well as being raised by hip
hop. This rich landscape of influences adds
an unparalleled depth and diversity to his music. God City, USA. Canton Jones delivers another strong project with Gospel, R&B and Hip
Hop naturally woven together.

SCREAM, is Sounds,
Creating, Raw, Emotion, Across

Volutpat mos at neque nulla lobortis dig nissim conventio.

Enim neo velit adsum odio, multo, in commoveo quibus premo tamen erat huic. Occuro luxor
dolore, ut at praemitto
opto si sudo, opes feugiat iriure validu.

Feugait in obruo quae ingenium tristique elit vel natu meus.

SCREAM is an outreach of Hope

Alive Ministries that is
dedicated to reaching young
people for Christ. SCREAM is a
evening filled with music,
dance, spoken word, poetry,
rap and Praise. SCREAM
provides a platform for young
people to use their gifts, to be
encouraged in Christ and a
opportunity to fellowship with
other young people.
SCREAM is held once a month
on Saturday evenings at
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. To get
more information or if you
want to participate as an artist,
musician or stage help, please
contact us at 407-733-5033 or

Upcoming Event: SCREAM 2015

Seminole high school auditorium
2701 ridgewood Av Sanford, FL
Saturday, July 25, 2015
6:00 PM 8:00 PM
Free Admission
Come Join Hundreds of young people display
their talents while giving praise to God!

If you would like to become a

SCREAM Partner. Please
contact us. Your monthly
support will allow us to make a
positive impact in the lives of
young people. Contact us at:


107 Elissar Dr
Debary, FL 32713
407-733-5033 ph