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SHOLAY (Contd...

Basanti ye kuttey (CANINE Creatures) tumhaari izzat ke liye
'OMINOUS' hain. (OMINOUS= Threatening)
They are 'DESPERADOS'. They may not leave dhano too:)
No i-pill for horses available
Give me some sunshine ...
Give me some (B)rain,
Give me another Chance < ENCORE >,
I want to Grow up once again ...
ENCORE :- Repeat Performance ...
< The entire nation wants an ENCORE of the WC victory in the next
World Cup>
AMOROUS :- romantic / passionate / ardent
Katrina Kaif had AAM kaa RUS in SLICE advt.. & seeing that I became
A very common error in spoken & written English :Do not use THAT' with words like What, Where, When, Whom, Whose,
whether, how , which etc.
He could not explain that why he was late.
He could not explain why he was late. (Correct)
'BOSE DK' is a 'JANUS FACED' term....
'JANUS FACED' ---- Double faced ....
Bhaag Bhaag ....
'Main tumhaare Bachay ki maa bannay waali hoon '
Such words can STUPEFY any innocent male....
STUPEFY :- to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.
Key :- Only STUPID men get STUPEFIED with dialogues as these .
Others - celebrate 'Happy Children's day' ...

Cheers !!
Jai Bajrang Bali...
Hanuman Chalisaa :Bhoota -Pissach nikat nahin aawey ; mahavir jab naam sunawein ...
SPOOK - SPECTER nikat nahin aawey ; mahavir jab naam sunawein ..
Today's fab 5 words are - ABERRATION, GALLING, APTRONYM,
An imp ..GRAMMAR fundaa :Do not use THAT with words like What, Where, When, Whom,
Whose, whether, how , which etc.
He could not explain that why he was late. (Galat hai..)
He could not explain why he was late. (Theek Hai ..)
Conjunctions that usually come together :As soon
Both ......and
Not only.......But also
Hardly......before / when
Though .......Yet
Scarcely..........when or before
Just ratta maar lo --- will come handy at many a place ... Trust me !
VANTAGE POSITION : Imran Hashmi is always @ a vantage position.
It means- a position, condition, or place affording some advantage or

Plural of son-in-law is sons-in-law and for passer-by is passers-by.

note here, we r adding an 's' to the principal word..
Plural of 'Handkerchief' is 'Handkerchiefs'. Note the spelling...
....Identical twin sisters get married to two different men.And, how
important it is for the two husbands to discrete their respective
wives for the discreet-actions. Rings a bell-Discrete V/s
Discreet?That is what HOMONYMS are....
SPELLING :Maintenance: Remember that maintenance is spelled with -ten- in the
middle; the ending is -ance.
The main tenants are "main" and "tenance".
Spelling :- COMMITMENT
Commitment: Note that there is a single m in the latter half of the
My Tip to remember it: Commit to Me (Commitment)
Salman Khan said in the movie 'WANTED' -- 'Aek baar jo maine
Commitment kar di - to main apne aap ki bhi nahin suntaa' . Here 'AEK
BAAR = Single (aek 'M') in the last part
Haath chhute bhi toh RISHTE NAHIN CHHODA KARTE(Estrange),
waqt ke sakh se lamhe nahin toda karte.(detach /severe or
excommunicate) sincere tribute to dis King of Gazals.
MISSIVE (Chithi) naa koi Sandes ; Jaane wo kaun saa Des
(INCOGNITO Country) - Jahaan tum chale gaye !
Ghazal Vs Guzzle
Ghazal - Jagjit Singh ji ...
Guzzle - Shri Imraan Haashmi ji...

Guzzle means to drink hurriedly & greedily (Pee Loon tere neele neele
Honthon ki Shabnam)
Rishtey mein to hum tumhare 'PROGENITOR' lagtey hain ;
Naam hai - Shahenshah ...
Happy B'day ji ...
PROGENITOR :- Originator / Founder / Pitaaji ...

Normally we throw / don't clean our i-pads , laptops around...

But the ONLY person in India to VENERATE (To hold in great respect)
Computers is Amitabh Bachhan - when he says - 'COMPUTER Ji' ...
VENERATE : to honour in recognition of qualities of excellence,
wisdom, Respect etc
Synonym : REVERE
Do Grammar rules ADDLE (confuse) your brain ?
Do u feel RANCOR(anger) at your limited vocabulary ?
Now- forever Shoo away the vocab ka BANSHEE (bhootni) and make
it LUCRATIVE !! All these words and much more on today's menu.
Awesome dinner with 9 super duper dishes... Ratta maar ke khaa
COPIOUS Achay Lagte Hain... = Bade Achay Lagtey Hain...
COPIOUS = Abundant , Plentiful , More , Extra , Bade
POLYTHEISM :His parents must have believed in the concept of POLYTHEISM when
they called him :SHIV-NARAIN-CHANDAR-Paul (the octopus) : The only centurion in
the first innings of Delhi Test Match. By God smile emoticon
Polytheism is the belief of multiple deities also usually assembled
into a pantheon of gods and goddesses, along with their own
mythologies and rituals.

NAIVE Boys = Desi Boys

NAIVE (Pronunciation = Nah-eev )
Meaning :- Simple, Lacking style & Experience , Judgement of
modernity , Unsophisticated...
Usage : < When Praveen Kumar had joined the Indian Cricket Team he looked NAIVE in the extreme ; but look now - he is wanting to
feature in an advt opposite Sunny Leonne and sings - Saada Haq;
Aithey Rakh >
For the Fast & the Furious smile emoticon
Let's learn few words from Automobile industry ---
Maruti Suzuki "Ritz" - luxurious
TATA "Safari" - A journey by hunters
Chevrolet "Spark" - burning particle
"Fiat" - a command
Hyundai "Eon" - Century
Skoda "Rapid" - Fast
Maruti Suzuki "Swift" - Quick or Rapid
Toyota "Fortuner" - Luck
Hyundai "Verna" - Related to vernal (in hindi vernal = Basant Ritu)
"Ford"/ "Endeavour" - place where a body of water may be crossed by
wading or driving(in hindi "Ghat" / To try or Struggle
Maruti Suzuki "Esteem" - to respect
Nisan "Sunny" - full of sunshine
Honda "Accord" - To Agree
Toyota "Corolla" - the petals of a flower ( in hindi fool k andar k
TATA "Indigo" - blue color
Indica "Vista" - extended view in one direction
Mahindra "Bolero" - a Dance form
Mahindra "Xylo" - Wood

TVS "Victor" - winner

Bajaj "Avenger" - who take revenge
Learning Vocabulary with Disney characters:
Uncle SCROOGE: (Noun)
Meaning: A selfish person who is unwilling to spend.
Meaning: Foolish.
All the episodes of goofy explain this very well.
MICKEY mouse(Noun)
Meaning: A person of Irish descent.
TINKER Bell(Verb)
Meaning: Try to fix or mend.
Meaning: A man of great strength.
Dosto ki Paltan ke saath hum aksar PALTER ban jaate hai
PALTER : To act carelessly, To talk insincerely.
Pronunciation : pawl-ter
Courtesy : Dhruv Verma
PS - Palter has other meanings too. Please look up the dictionary for
their usage and contexts.
Song from Student of the Year :
Pressure cooker jaise sar ki baj jaye na seeti
Ratta maar Ratta maar
O Patak patak ke sar gira de
Knowledge ki deewar ratta maar
Ratta maar... Ratta maar..
Pressure cooker jaise sar ki baj jaye na seeti
ROTE = routine; fixed or habitual or mechanical course of procedure.
ROTE learning is RATTA maara hua learning

Dear Paajis & Ladies ji,

Aaj Achaai ki Buraai pe jeet hoti hai ...
Happy Dusshehra !!!
RECTITUDE :- rightness of principle or conduct; moral virtue: <the
rectitude of her motives.>
TURPITUDE :- Wickedness
INDIA against Corruption = India against GRAFT
GRAFT = CORRUPTION i.e. the acquisition of money, gain, or
advantage by dishonest, unfair, or illegal means, especially through
the abuse of one's position or influence in politics, business, etc.

FLOP Show = KAPUT Show...

KAPUT = ruined; done for; demolished , unable to operate or continue
<The washing machine is suddenly kaput >
RIP Bhatti Saheb !! You were VIVACIOUS (full of Life) and shall live in
our minds till AEONS (a large period of time)
LICENTIOUS :Memory Key :- Bina LICENSE kisi item ko chedna LICENTIOUS
behaviour hai
MEANING :- sexually unrestrained; lascivious; libertine; lewd.
- going beyond customary or proper bounds or limits; disregarding
In desi words LICENTIOUS behavior is like the behavior of a KHULLA
SAAND ( open OX ) e.g. Shree Imraan Haashmi ji ...

Sridevi came back on the silver screen after 15 years with 'English
We can say she was in ABEYANCE for 15 years. (pronounced as uhbey-uhns)
ABEYANCE - temporary inactivity, suspension or cessation. Also
commonly used synonym - Hiatus.
Children's Day special <BANTAM>Chota baccha jaan ke humko naa samjhaana re .. dubi
dubi dub dub ...
BANTAM - tiny, diminutive (pronounced as ban-tuhm)
Happy Children's day to all the big people here... One Lesson - grow
as much as u want, but keep the child alive!
Dil toh Baccha hai ji
Yo Yo Honey Singh's song "Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne, munde patt te ni saare mere town de"
can be sung as "Kudiye ni tere RUSSET rang ne, munde patt te ni saare mere town
RUSSET - brown with a yellowish or reddish tinge (pronounced as

So what do you think DOG EAR means?

Obvious answer - dog's ear is OBVIOUSLY incorrect. English is a
funny language after all smile emoticon
DOG EAR - to fold down the corner of a page in a book.
Key / usage - I was reading a book when the DOG came running NEAR
me. I quickly made a DOG EAR on my book to remember the page and
ran off!
Ajay Devgan's new blooper ... err.. I mean movie 'Son of Sardar' can
be renamed as:

'SCION' of Sardar
Scion <Sahy-uhn> means - Descendant
KOWTOW means - to touch the forehead to the ground while
kneeling, as an act of worship / to act in an obsequious manner; show
servile deference.
Key : Hindu log COW ke aage KOWTOW karte hain !
Chulbul Pandey ji ka naya gaana Tore naina bade dagabaaz re ... can be sung as Tore naina bade COZENER re .. COZENER re ... SWINDLER re smile
COZENER (pronounced as kuh-zun-er) - to cheat / deceive/ trick /
dupe someone (same for swindler)
Us terrorist ne mere DAS MATES ko DECIMATE kar diya !
DECIMATE - to destroy a great number or proportion of
Pronounced as -- des-uh-meyt
Eg : When Sunny Deol was dancing on 'yaara o yaara', he
DECIMATED the ant population of the ground
Judging by the slouchy behaviour of the fresher guy and the chaos
that precipitated because of him, it was tough to make out whether he
was dolorous or in some state of jeopardy or simply nervous for
being a novice to the workplace.
The contest was to create a sentence / passage / story using the
words 'Jeopardy , Precipitate, Novice, Dolorous, Slouch

Apparently, the world is ending on 21st Dec, 2012...

i.e. APparently, hum log sab ki life policy LAPSE hone waali hai. We
are all nearing an APOCALYPSE !!!
Apocalypse (uh-pok-uh-lips) - any universal or widespread
destruction or disaster!

IF you have waited to live 'one day' for all these days, then don't wait
anymore; even if the APOCALYPSE doesn't come, live to the full
Voyeurism (vwah-yur-iz-uhm) - the practice of obtaining sexual
gratification by looking at sexual objects or acts, especially
Daily we went to the DELI to eat reaDY made DELIcacies
Deli - a store selling foods already prepared or requiring little
preparation for serving, as cooked meats, cheese, salads, and the
Eg: Afra Deli - naam hee kaafi ha
Arvind Kejrwal's AAM AADMI party (AAP) can be named as HOI
POLLOI Party !!
So, HOI POLLOI - the common people.
Key : The HOI POLLOI of India are enraged over the callousness of
the Govt.
Jadeja vu :- The feeling that we are going to loose this match again
because of Ravinder Jadeja
Deja vu :- the illusion of having previously experienced something
actually being encountered for the first time.
Makers of Pyar ka panchnama presents "AKASH VANI"
and Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba presents "EMPYREAN VANI"...
EMPYREAN: sky, cosmos,
Chup chup ke surreptitiously

The song from Race 2, 'mujhe toh teri lat lag gayi ... '
Can be sung as 'Mujhe toh teri JONES lag gayi' tongue emoticon
JONES : an addiction, especially to heroine.
Eg : I'm JONESSED to Norah Jones's music!
(Jones has some other meanings as well. Please refer to the
dictionary for clarifications)
PECCADILLO (n) : A petty misdeed, a trivial offense.
Key : Pehle DIL ko PECK karo, fir ussey todo - it is not a
PECCADILLO. It is a crime
Aankhon ki PECCADILLOES maaf ho.
Succinct (adj.) : Brief and to the point
Seedhe point pe aao na
The song from Race 2 - Let's party on my mind .. can be sung as :
Maine pehne party shoes
Gonna let my body loose
Karli hai thodi booze..
Let's SOIREE on my mind
SOIREE (swah-rey) :: an evening party or social gathering, especially
one held for a particular purpose.
Song from the movie 'Cocktail'
Teri end jawaani
Teri ban jawaani
Nahi chahiye mujhko teri second hand jawani
can be sung as .. "Nahi chahiye mujhko teri HAND ME DOWN jawaani"
Hand me Down (adj/noun) - Secondhand / passed along for further
use by others
Sing the song along. And you won't need a key
Example : Websites like sell HAND-ME-DOWNS

Kitna body pe lagaya, kitna gas mei udaya

Khushbu kitna chalegi, soch mere bhaaya!
FOGG perfume claims to give you a long lasting fragrance. In other
words, FOGG perfume ki khushbu FOG ki tarah FUGACIOUS nahi
FUGACIOUS = lasting a short time
One more from Yo Yo Honey Singh Pehli baat toh ye, tu jo tick tock tick tock chalti hai
Maana ye saara teri high heels ki SNAFU (galti) hai...
SNAFU - A badly confused or ridiculously muddle situation.
Eg - ENOUGH of your SNAFUS ! One more and you will be out!
Jab aapka ego ho jaye "OSTRICH" ke ande ka "SIZE", to log aapko kar
denge "OSTRACIZE".
OSTRACIZE: expel from a community or group; avoid speaking to or
dealing with
From the 90s
Abke TORRENT (sawan) aise barse
ETIOLATE ho jaye rang (beh jaaye rang) meri chunar se ...
Bheege tann mann .. jiyara tarse
Jamke barso zara ...
TORRENT - A violent downpour of rain
ETIOLATE - drain of color or vigor
P.S - Words have contextual meanings. Please refer to dictionary for
exact meaning and synonyms
Woh VANQUISHER hi doston kehlaata hai....
Haari baazi ko jeetna jissey aata hai
VANQUISHER - hero , numero uno, one who defeats in any contest or

Key - Vanquisher is someone who can VANISH THE VILLAIN

Another one from Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola
Oye BLOKE oye BLOKE Charlie .. tune Dil ki baazi maar li
BLOKE - Man, Fellow, Guy
Chat pe soya tha behnoyi (2)
Main tanne samajh ke so gayiiii ...
Mujhko rana ji MAAF KARNA ..
Galti maare se ho gayi
MAAF KARNA - MEA CULPA ( to accept one's fault, used as an
acknowledgement of one's responsibility)
Mamta Kulkarni is saying 'MEA CULPA Rana Ji. I made a mistake'
Gup Chup Gup Chup Gup Chup Gup Chup
BHAAG , BHAAG Boss DK = Hurtle Hurtle Boss DK
Hurtle = to move with great speed....
Key : A Turtle cannot HURTLE.
Plethora : Overabundance, excess
ALLAY : Calm,Pacify
mom says to child "ALLAY ALLAY..puchu puchu
mom is trying to calm down the fears of child!!!
From "Mere dad ki Maruti' (where you can see Ram Kapoor dancing)
"Punjabiyan di battery charged rehndi hai" which means, Punjabis are
SPRY people.
SPRY - active, energetic
KEY : A sprinter (runner) has to be very SPRY.

Often we have heard TV anchors and hosts introducing themselves as

'MYSELF XYZ or THIS IS XYZ.' Both are wrong in formal English.
To Check this translate MYSELF XYZ in Hindi. it will beMAIN KHUD
XYZ. nd THIS IS XYZ will be YE HAI XYZ. I think it is clear now !!
Correct way to introduce is I AM or MY NAME IS like I am Harshit or
my name is Harshit. translate it for better understanding
The much talked about 'The Oath of the Vayuputras' can be renamed
as :
The COVENANT of the Vayuputras
COVENANT : an agreement, usually formal, between two or more
persons to do or not do something specified.
Key : The ANTS took a COVENANT not to allow other ants into their
In a lot of books, you will find the statement- "At that point of time" or
"At this point of time"
This is wrong English. It is used frequently in Physics and other
Science subject.
Instead, the grammatically correct way to say it is: "At that/this point
IN time"
Ravana (in disguise) to Sita : I will accept the alms only when you
come out of the LINE IN THE SAND to give it.
A line in the sand is a metaphor with two similar meanings:
1. a point beyond which one will proceed no further.
2. a point beyond which, once the decision to go beyond it is made,
the decision and its resulting consequences are permanently decided
and irreversible.
Yesterday in the Post match conversation Shikhar Dhawan said
"Sachin paaji told me to be GUTSY".
GUTSY(Adj.)- Marked by courage and determination in the face of
difficulties or danger; robust and uninhibited.

To be GUTSY, you got to have GUTS.

If MEGAN FOX quits Non-VEG, what would she be called ?
VEGAN: Pure vegetarian....the word itself has 'VEG' in it.
Pron: V-gun (Not Way-gun)
KHULLAM KHULLA pyar karenge hum dono
Can be sung as OVERTLY pyar karenge hum dono
OVERT- Done or shown openly, not secret or hidden.
MURK : noun \mrk\
Meaning : darkness
Usage :We could not see the bottom of the lake through the MURK.
Key : Remember Kilvish in Shaktimaan saying " MURK (Andhera)
Qayam Rahey ! "
Lata Mageshkar's famous song "Ajeeb daastaan" can be sung as
"UNWONTED daastaan hai ye..."
Unwonted- unusual, ajeeb
PS- UnwOnted shouldn't be confused with unwAnted. Though
unwanted things are usually UNWONTED.
When youve had a circumstantial ( and cordial ) break up, a break up
- free from any betrayals, and years later once in a while, you
reminisce about the girl looking at her breathtaking DP (with her new
bf / spouse ); you may end up with a WISTFUL SMILE on your face..
WISTFUL: Thinking sadly about something that youd like to have,
esp. something in the past that you can no longer have
Key: WISH + FULL ( for that WISTFUL moment, u FULLY WISH ki
kaash wo mere saath hoti par nahi ho sakti )

If you want to say, "Har ek friend Kameena hota hai" (which is true ) ,
you can say it as :
Har ek friend CAITIFF hota hai
CAITIFF [key-tif] : a despicable person
Courtesy : Monal Singh, Lucknow
PS - Anyone has a good key for CAITIFF?
The upcoming Bollywood thriller 'Ek thi DAYAN' can be called
Harridan (pronounced as-haridn)- Witch
Ranbir time it is!
"badatameez dil" from Ye Jawaani He Dewaani can be sung as :
INSOLENT dil INSOLENT dil insolent dil , maane na maane na..
insolent : rude or not showing respect.
Key : Ye ladka bada INSOLENT hai. Guests aaye aur ye SOTA raha
There is no respect left in his soul for anyone. He has become
Song from 'Rowdy Rathore' ..
Pallu ke neeche chupake rakha hai, utha doon toh HUBBUB
(hungama) ho ho ho ..
HUBBUB - tumult, uproar
Key : Drunk men in PUB, create a lot of HUBBUB.
We promise you'll never forget the word 'LOONY' after this :Kisi ko smile dena, kisi ko khush kar jana agar ye sab LOONY(Crazy)
Haan haan main LOONY hoon.
Loony:a mad person or crazy.

INDOLENT :You'll never forget this word after this post.

Common mistake : Often these two are taken as substitute of each
But both have different meaning and usage:
ACCORDING TO is used when something is said referring to some
already existing source.
IN MY OPINION is used when someone tells his personal view on any
issue not referring to any pre-existing source.
For eg. Read these two statements :
ACCORDING TO Finance ministry India's GDP in the next five year
plan would be around 9 % (now this info. is based on a source Five
year plan document)
IN MY OPINION for this to happen it is important that India's GDP
should grow around 8 % in each FY of this plan period. (this is my
personal view not based on any source but my knowledge of
Economics )
(In continuation with the previous grammar post)
Well, not sure if this is an INTRO blunder BORN and BROUGHT up
in . - as its been widely spoken and accepted. Well read
newspapers / magazines boast of the same, only gems of english
literature may bat an eyelid.
Though, one must say, BORN n RAISED!.RAISED in xyz. ;
definitely sounds better and does justice to good English.
#In continuation with Intro blunder 1 : 'Myself xyz / This is xyz' getting
rectified by - I'm / My name is xyz... ( by Harshit )
NOSTRUM : a Medicine sold with False or Exaggerated Claims...

Just see d Pic once and u will never forget the meaning
This graffiti is ubiquitous in North the next time u see it..just
remember NOSTRUM ...ek teeke me!
Bawashir ka shartiya ilaaz.
Bollywood celebrates its CENTENARY anniversary today. (100 years.
This one's very easy!)
How about listening to a Bollyood FARRAGO (mashup / medley)
FARRAGO - medley.
Key : you will not GO very FAR in life if you have a FARRAGO of
confused emotions.
PS - all synonyms of the word medley have a negative connotation i.e.
confusion. This video is used only as a memory key
hat period in life when you feel stuff like : being on top of the world ;
like youve just got everything..... ; beginning with that
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! moment when she pauses long, raising
your heatbeat n then eventually saying Yessssssssss! smile
emoticon......n then:):):).....blissful moments on the riverside / icecream corners to buying movie tickets just to make her shoulders
your headrest smile emoticon.......discussing ur future ( Bant Singh /
Joginder kaur );........ enduring the glare of Singlehood community /
Shiv sena (on 14th ) ;......months / yrs down the line, a sudden
sophisticated matured ppt in in-laws meeting (esp. braving Amrish
Puri types girl's father) ;..... thus culminating this into a happy
This period from YESSSSSSS to Oh! NO moment (post
honeymoon)' wink emoticonis COURTSHIP.
COURTSHIP A period during which a couple develop a romantic
relationship, esp. with a view to marriage.
SRK the king of on-screen COURTSHIPS
Right from the Tabela snowfall scene toJaa
For Salman; unfortunately a SHIP that always sinks

REVENANT - one who returns after death or long absence

Key :- " Mere Karan arjun aaenge ",
A few years later ,
" mere karan arjun aagae Durjan!!!
Wo REVENANT hain" :-P:-P
Another eg : TV queen Ekta Kapoor is REVERED for all her
REVENANT characters and plots. No one dies in her show. Not even
200yrs old Baa !!
Beautiful lines from Movie Ashiqui 2 can be re-sung as :
Bhula dena mujhe , Hai AU REVOIR(Alvida) tujhe ,
Tujhe Jeena hai mere Bina.
AU REVOIR(N)(Origin-French)-good bye, adieu.
A common phrase these days,
"OLX pe bech de" can be also said as "OLX pe PEDDLE kar de" tongue emoticon
PEDDLE - to go from place to place with goods, wares, etc., for sale at
Madhuri special :
LUBDUB karne laga, mora jiyara darrne laga i.e.
DHAK DHAK karne laga, mora jiyara darrne laga
LUBDUB - sound that heartbeats make.
Amble- Walk Leisurely
Key: I AM aBLE to walk.
Usage: She told him that she was going to AMBLE over to the post
The song "Main to raste se jaa rha tha,main to bhelpuri kha rha tha"
can be sung as "Main to AMBLE kar rha tha,main to bhelpuri kha rha
Perambulate- Walk with no particular goal

Key: Per+ Ambulate

Usage: After breakfast, they were AMBLING on the road.( Road 'per
Amble' krna/'Per + Ambulate' krna)
The new Song "BALAM PICHKAARI" Can be sung as
Balam Pichkari jo tune aise maari toh INGENUE DIPSOMANIAC ho
INGENUE: Seedhi saadhi Chhori- , an innocent Girl
DIPSOMANIAC : Sharaabi-, Drunkard
DIPSOMANIAC - That MANIAC DIPS in alcohol everyday! Such a
PS - It is very easy to mistake DIPSOMANIAC as DIS-PO-MANIAC. The
above key might be useful in avoiding confusion
SUNDAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY has already come to an end! Aa gaya
Saala MONDAY. Most of us are singing : "Khoon choos le tu mera
khoon choos le .. bloddy khooni monday tu khoon choos le" tongue
^^ This is called:
CONSTERNATION : a sudden, alarming amazement or dread that
results in utter confusion; dismay.
Key : NATION mein ho rahe CONSTANT loot ki wajah se we all have
developed a CONSTERNATION towards everyday news. Har din koi
naya SCAM.

Spoiler alert (for those who haven't seen YJHD yet)

Ranbir Kapoor plays the role of a GADABOUT in the movie. He travels
all over the world.

GADABOUT - a person who travels often or to many different places,

especially for pleasure.
Remember Rabbi Shergill's song - Main saare ghumke vekhya, amrika
rus malaysia .. he too is a GADABOUT then.
Seems YJHD has got to teach us a lot of vocab smile emoticon
Tere liye hee toh signal tod taad ke,
Aaya Dilli waali girlfriend chhod chaad ke (ESTRANGE kar ke)
ESTRANGE - to turn away in feeling or affection; make unfriendly or
hostile; alienate the affections of
Key : SHE suddenly started behaving so STRANGE, that we became
Sing it. best way to learn
ABDUCTION- when a major (adult 18+) is taken forcefully without
his/her consent.
KIDNAPPING- when a minor (below 18) is taken with or without force,
without the consent of his/her parents
key- Kidnapping has 'kid' in it... that's why kid hi kidnap ho sakta
on the other hand, there is no 'kid' in abduction.So, jisme there is no
kid, it is very obvious that he/she cannot be Kidnapped!
"Fukrey" What a nice movie!
In this movie all these Fukaras did a lot of "Affray".
Affray = Public Brawl,
in hindi bole to
Key to learn -- if you are Fukre
then aap karte hai Affray.
All ye Ranvir Singh fans, here's one from Lootera Isi bahaane kyun na main bhi dil ka haal zara .. Sawaar loon .. EMEND
kar loon

EMEND - to free from faults or errors; correct. (ih-mend)

Key : Very simple. MEND = E-MEND

LOOTERA = Ravager / Pillager

SCOOT ==> to run or go quickly .. hurry....
its a very simple word can be use in d place of run ..... or run off...
key : the word scooter is derived from this word ... or u can simply
remember it by the movie bhag milkha bhag .....
You will never ever forget the word " METTLE " again
The cartoon Courage, the cowardly dog can be remembered as METTLE, The Cowardly Dog
METTLE = boldness/courage
PS - The dog did not have mettle. His name means 'Mettle'. This could
also be an example of an oxymoron. Who can give the meaning and a
good key for the same?
If Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was about witchcraft, the song could have
Oye jeev jantu sab so rahe honge,
bhoot pret sab ro rahe honge,
aisi raat sunsaan raat
haath mein haath
hum kya krenge
Coven karenge, Coven karenge, Coven karenge..
Coven (n): A meeting of witches.
Once Upon A Time in Mumbai DOBARA = Once Upon a Time in
ENCORE means Again, Once more

Key / Usage : After the amazing performance, the audience started

applauding and shouting "Once more once more ENCORE ENCORE"
Any other memory keys which you could think of?
We have been asked by one of our members that if Penelope is a
word for 'A faithful wife', what would be one word for a 'Faithful
So, any of you faithful husbands, boyfriends or normally faithful
people out here know the answer? (assuming 'A faithful husband'
exists somewhere

While you all think about the question below, here's something more
to think about : ENVY & JEALOUSY are NOT SYNONYMS.
Suppose your friend has a HARLEY DAVIDSON : That would be a
matter of ENVY because you want to have that "good thing" too.
But your girlfriend swoons over the bike and your friend takes her for
a ride. That would be a matter of JEALOUSY.
We ENVY the good things others have. JEALOUSY is a more
nefarious emotion. It is about rivalry.
P.S - We do not mean to say being envious is good
A boy & his brother love the same girl who is getting married to their
This situation would be called an "IMBROGLIO".
IMBROGLIO - a misunderstanding, disagreement, etc., of a
complicated or bitter nature, as between persons or nations; an
intricate and perplexing state of affairs; a complicated or difficult
Pronunciation - im-brohl-yoh (the G is silent)
PS - The situation could also be called 'Bollywood movies'

TROIKA : any group of three persons, nations, etc., acting equally in

unison to exert influence, control, or the like.
Examples : The Harry Potter TROIKA, the 3 Idiots TROIKA, although
we are not always together, India Pakistan & Bangladesh could be
called a TROIKA.
Raksha Bandhan = BULWARK Bandhan
On this day, every brother promises his sister(s) ki woh unpe hone
waale har BULL ke WAAR ke against unka BULWARK banega
BULWARK : any person or thing giving strong support or
encouragement in time of need, danger, or doubt; any protection
against external danger, injury, or annoyance
Less vs Few
We are sure many know it but what would a little revision do any harm
Less : Uncountable / mass nouns
Few : Countable nouns
Eg : There is LESSER noise in the room because we now have
FEWER kids than before.
OR, Make LESS tea because we will need FEWER cups of tea
Tip : Uncountable / mass nouns cannot be plural & cannot be counted
individually most of the times.
Q : There are exceptions to this. Do you know what they are?
The new song from 'Fata poster nikla hero' :
Main tere agal bagal hoon, tu mere agal bagal hai ...
Here, Shahid & Ileana are VICINAL to each other .
VICINAL : neighboring, adjacent
Key : VICINAL ~ VICINITY which is a very commonly used word. Or,
VIKI NAL kharidne VICINAL town mein gaya hai.
Any other keys & synonyms you can think of?

Another one from the Shahid Ileana starrer:

Phata Poster Nikla Hero can be rephrased as :
Both the words are quite self explanatory here
Keys :
PLACARD : PLAY ke liye design kiya bada sa CARD
PALADIN : ALADIN, mere bachpan ka favorite PALADIN
SYCOPHANCY(n) - Servile Flattery
Usage: -Sir! is subordination. Sir!Sir! is SYCOPHANCY. .
Key: Boss ke kehne pe jo laga le Faancy ,uski activity ko kehte hain
ENROUTE : On the way / On the route
The word is easy but people often get the usage incorrect. If you want
to say, "This picture was clicked on the way to Goa", the correct
usage is : "This picture was clicked ENROUTE TO Goa" & not just
"enroute Goa"
Key : Whenever you are about to use ENROUTE, read it in your mind
as "On the route". Then you will never get it wrong.
Eg :
The Dhaba is ENROUTE to the town.
The furniture got damaged ENROUTE

My friends & I went for a movie - Correct.

My friends & me went for a movie - Incorrect
You & I were meant to fly - Correct
Between you & I, this secret is safe - Incorrect
Between you & me, this secret is safe - Correct.
Trick - When there is a preposition involved (say - between, over, on,
above, etc) - they generally take 'you and me' because the grammar

rule is that prepositional phrases are followed by objective pronouns

(Me is Objective pronoun & 'I' is Subjective pronoun)
Got more dope about this rule? Or exceptions? Or Questions? Or
your own thoughts?
There was a mistake in today's post. Thank you Sweta Aswal for
pointing it out. We apologize for it. The correct phrase is "TAKEN
So, here is the rerun of the corrected post :Remember those times when someone tells you "you look exactly like
your mom" ; well the proper phrase is You have TAKEN AFTER your mom / dad.
While 'you look like your mom/dad' is also good to go, this one is the
most accurate for "Bilkul apni maa pe gaya hai"
And, when you say "You have GONE ON your mom", you are just
being atrocious to grammar & English language
Teachers day Special
IGNOMINY (Noun): Shameful instance, Disgrace, Dishonour
IGNOMINIOUS (Adj) : Deserving IGNOMINY, Despicable
So, Asaram Bapu can be rechristened as Besharam Bapu or
IGNOMINIOUS Bapu- (If the Charges are proved Right)
Sometimes we don't know what to post & TV has the answer
"Main naagin naagin, naagin naagin, naagin dance nachna"
This crappy song could teach you a word too :
SINUOUS (sin-yoo-uh-s) : having many curves, bends, turns; winding;
characterized by a series of graceful curving motions
Sinuous does not exactly mean naagin, but you could use this word
to describe anything 'snakelike' (though not the venomous aspect of
being snakelike)

This timeless classic has something very simple and profound for us:
"Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaaye.. tum dena saath
mera.. o humnawaaa"
The phrase is - THROUGH THICK AND THIN which means being
together in both favorable and unfavorable conditions.
Eg : Best friends stick with each other through THICK AND THIN; they
are the family we choose for ourselves.
P.S - Through will always precede 'thick and thin'.
Let's go bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas (n number of times).
There are times when a song gets stuck in your head. And at AKVD
we make good use of that opportunity! You can sing this one as :
GO BALLISTIC (buh-lis-tik) - as an idiom it means "to go overwrought
or irrational).
Key : Uncle Scrooge punctured the kid's foot BALL with his STICK.
The boy went BALLISTIC (or went bananas) with grief.
In this song, the phrase 'Go bananas' has been used in a happy
sense. Can you think of other words which will suit the situation?
Please don't give us 'go crazy'
Grand MASTI = Grand GAIETY
Meaning merry making, festivities.
Pronunciation :
Synonyms : jollity, merriment, mirth
If this crazy DHABA is helping you learn; do not forget to SHARE
such posts with your friends...
We have chosen three songs for today on popular demand from all
the queries received yesterday:
1) "Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka pani" can be sung as :
Main HUE APERITIF ka, tu meethe ghaat ka pani

Hue : color / shade. Synonyms : Tint, tincture

Aperitif : wine served as an appetizer or cocktail. (Please note that
while sharbat is not alcoholic, this word could be used in context. Or,
you can simply go for mocktail )
2) Dhating Naach : Refers to carefree dancing. So you can sing it as :
Debonair : carefree, sprightly
(The above two songs are from the movie "Phata poster nikla hero)
3) Shaam Ghulabi, Seher gulabi
Peher gulabi, hai gulabi ye sheher
can be sung as :
Peher FUCHSIA hai FUCHSIA ye sheher tongue emoticon
Fuchsia - Bright purplish red, primrose color; pink
We will try to cover as many songs as possible during the week! Keep
the suggestions coming
For every philanderer, there must be a COQUETTE too (Confused?
Read on...)
Ruk Ruk Ruk .. Arey baba ruk .. O my darling give me a look
Dil mera dhadke tere liye, dil mera tadpe, tere liye ...
Gussa tera walla walla nakhre tere uff uff uff ... uff uff uff
Tabu is flirting here. So she can be called a COQUETTE.
COUQUETTE [koh-ket] - a woman who flirts lightheartedly with men to
win their admiration and affection; flirt.
What keys can you think of?
A classic song from a very classic movie "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun" :
"Pehla Pehla Pyaar hai ... pehli pehli baar hai" can be said as MY LOVE IS WET BEHIND THE EARS.
Wet behind the ears is a phrase that implies NAIVE , IMMATURE ,
Ab jab pehla pyaar ho, impress him / her with your English too

Do you know the meaning of 'WHEN PIGS FLY?' Let's do it, classic
90s Bollywood style!
"Nahi ye ho nahi sakta, ki teri yaad naa aaye
Bina tere kahin bhi dil, mera ab chain naa paaye...
Tujhe bhoolne se pehle, meri jaan chali jaaye"
The phrase 'WHEN PIGS FLY' means something that will NEVER
The song goes - PIGS WILL FLY before I stop missing you
We are sure some of you will become writers of very cheap love
letters (or smses or experts of hilarious proposals) very soon wink
emoticon ... nevertheless, impress him or her with your 'English'
Can we have some really crazy examples of this one?
Ain't classic Bolywood just awesome? So, how can we sing the song Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko, nazar nahi churana sanam ...
Like this - PURLOIN kar liya hai tumne jo dil ko, nazar nahi PURLOIN
karna sanam
PURLOIN :/prloin/ Verb
Meaning : Steal (something).
Usage :Kids might purloin apples from a neighbor's tree.
Key : Woh expert chor hai. PURSE ko LION ke den se bhi PURLOIN
kar sakta hai !
Shudh Desi Romance = PRISTINE BUCOLIC romance
Bucolic = Desi (Village like)
Pristine = Original, Unadulterated.
Romance = He he - Ab bas bhi kariye Chunni Babu
Can you think of more KEYS for the words above ???
SLAPSTICK nights with Kapil = Comedy Nights with Kapil ...
SLAPSTICK:- comedy characterized by boisterous action
Usage :- 'Andaaz Apna Apna is a slapstick motion picture'.

If you still forget this word then u deserve 'Baba ji ka Thullu'

Hang up one's Boots = Retire ...
Sachin has finally decided to hang up his boots.
Wonder what other people will hang up when they retire ?
e.g. Priyanka Chopra- Sandals
Imraan Haashmi - Underwear
Arnab Goswami - Questions
Politicians - Themselves
Any other options ???
Just imagine what would a bull in a china shop do? Break everything
it comes across right? That's what it means.
A person who is very clumsy in delicate situations. For eg :
I was supposed to sneak out at night for a party. But, being the BULL
IN A CHINA SHOP that I am, I ended up making so much noise, my
mom woke up!
He started laughing in the middle of a funeral. What a BULL IN A
More examples? Funny, crazy ones? Shoot!
Long we did Grammar. Let's revise the difference between
Unlike popular belief that between is used for when we have 2 items &
among for when we have more than 2, the correct usage is Between is used when we have distinct individual items even if there
are more than 2. Whereas, among is used when we are talking about
items that are used collectively & are not distinct in the sentence. E.g:
It is difficult to choose between IIM A,B & C.
It is difficult to choose among the IIMs.

Between English, Hindi & French, I like English the most.

I am so glad I do not have to choose among the languages.
Got more examples? Or you think we did a mistake here? Or you have
a tip for remembering this? Do share!
New from 'Gori tere pyaar mein'
'O ri chori chichori ...chede hume chewing gum chaba ke' can be sung
as :
'O ri chori BAWDY, chede hume cheengam chaba ke'
(Yep. Till the time it is not 'cheengam', it is not Indian enough tongue
emoticon )
BAWDY [baw-dee] - indecent; lewd; obscene
Key : Apni BHABHI ko galat nazar se dekhta hai. Bada hee BAWDY
insaan hai
The movie 'War Chhod na yaar' can be remembered as :
'War JETTISON kar naa yaar'
JETTISON [jet-uh-suh-n] - to discard, throw off
Key : Shetty ne apne SON ko apne JETTY business se JETTISON kar
diya (He was a lazy bum)
Eg : I JETTISONED my career as a banker to become an Entrepreneur
& decided to listen to my heart's calling (many a story these days)
English mein kehnde booty shooty
Punjabi vich Too
naa ... English mein kehnde DERRIERE
DERRIERE [der-ee-air] - buttocks (and buttocks of both genders)
This is a song from the upcoming 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' (for the
Bollywood-ly challenged people )
P.S - Booty is SLANG for derriere. And it means prize/money taken /
pillaged after war in the non-slang English usage.

BIGOT(n)- A prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions

differing from his own.
KEY: In the group discussion ,when accused of being too rigid on his
points, he replied "BI-GOD (by god) ,I'm not BI-GOT".
Pronounced as: be-gut
The image has to be considered only for learning purpose. No offense
And he silenced his haters (Virat lovers) by pulling out a HUMDINGER
of an innings... #RohitSharma
Humdinger - atti uttam, extraordinary...
Ram chahe leela chaahe leela chahe Ram ... In dono ke love mein
duniya ka kya kaam
I.e in dono ke love mein duniya is NONGERMANE
NONGERMANE - irrelevent
Since Priyanka is so hot in this number from the upcoming Ramleela,
is there any word you can think of to use for her? Should be nonoffensive and something u can use in front of a lady without getting
PROFLIGATE - 1. Wildly Extravagant or Wasteful
2. Shamelessly immoral
Key: Ishant Sharma Conceding 30 Runs in an over- Reckless
spending- so PROFLIGATE
Also, Refer to the AMUL Cartoon..... Ishant SHARMa can be
rechristened as Profligate Ishant Sharma
Looks like our admins can't get Priyanka out of their heads
One word for her in the song - FEMME FATALE [fem fey-tal]
Well, that's two words. And it means - an irresistibly attractive woman,
especially one who leads men into difficult, dangerous, or disastrous
situations; siren.
Key - it is quite easy to remember. A female who could be fatal for you

Bf : Meet me at Babu Ganesan at 7

Gf : Never heard of it. Let's go together.
(When they reach)
Gf : You meant BARB-Q-NATION !!
So Babu Ganesan is MONDEGREEN [mon-di-green] of Barb-Q-Nation.
MONDEGREEN :A word or phrase that results from a mishearing of
something said or sung .
Eg. very close veins is a mondegreen for varicose veins
HIRSUTE = Hairy ...
It sounds like a hairy suit = HIRSUTE ...
Anil kapoors chest
Today was Sachin's last day, his last game, his last performance.
Today was Sachin's "SWAN SONG."
SWAN SONG - the last act or manifestation of someone or something;
farewell appearance.
Just a sentence ain't enough for the legend. But some things are best
left unsaid. We all owe you tonnes of inspiration.
Lots of Love,
V v v Important Grammar funda :Its Vs Its
Its raining or Its raining?
S with an apostrophe means possession. So keeping that in mind
you would reject Its raining as incorrect.
But this one is an exception to the Rule.
Rule: Here Its is a contraction of it is or it has and here Its is
a possessive pronoun.
Forever Rule: Repeat your sentence out loud using it is instead. If
that sounds goofy, its is likely the correct choice.
Thus, Its raining (Incorrect) Its raining (Correct)
Try some of these:

a) This club has lost ______motto. ( its/its)

b) _____ not easy to keep your word always. (its/its)
OK ! Lemme test your Vocab today ... Hee Haaw
How many words (which are in capitals) in the paragraph below; you
clearly know the meaning of ?
Gabbar Singh had shown his PRECOCIOUS talent by passing the 10th
exam at the young age of nine.
The CBSE had tried to PRECLUDE his appearance in the examination,
but his PREDILECTION for learning
had PULVERISED all arguments.
His PRISTINE urge to learn more could not be contained. Gabbar was
exceptional. His PROFLIGATE and PRESUMPTUOUS friends did not
have the PREMONITION of Gabbars glory in future.
Gandi baat, Gandi gandi gandi baat = GRUBBY baat, GRUBBY
GRUBBY [gruhb-ee] = dirty; slovenly.
Key : When your face is all GRUBBY from the day's travel, you need
to SCRUB it hard to clean up.
Today we are going to do a very simple word, with a very silly song.
Because, vocabulary is like that - simple & a bit silly
Saree ke fall sa, kabhi match kiya re
Kabhi chhod diya dil, kabhi catch kiya re ...
The word is GOOFY - ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty
i.e The song has really GOOFY lyrics.
Key - That which is not GOOD is GOOFY
Priyanka Chopra's could sing her song 'I am so EXOTIC' as:
'I am so RECHERCHE' (though, no one would have understood it this
RECHERCHE [ruh-shair-she] - exotic, very rare

"Gore rang pe na itna HUBRIS kar.... Gora rang do din mein dhal
jayega ..."
HUBRIS [hyoo-bris]- Shaan, Arrogance, excessive self-pride
Key : Nahi milega tumhe girlfriend se KISS, agar hoga tumhe zada
"Main kaa karun Ram mujhko SENILE mil gaya .. haan haan SENILE
mil gaya"
Remember this SENILE (old) Bollywood classic?
SENILE [see-nahyl]: of, relating to, characteristic of old age.
Key : Old man to son - "Beta, tum mere SENILITY ki LAATHI ho"
Anyone else here who is a fan of 90s Bollywood?
PECULATE karke dil meraaaaaa... Goriya chali ... turururururu
PECULATE [pek-yuk-leyt] - churana / to steal or take dishonestly.
Key : Before we could even SPECULATE what happened, the bag had
And, if you do not know speculate - a) You need to work a bit on your
vocab & b) Head straight to a dictionary!

Go back to 90s, shall we?

"Kabootar jaa jaa jaa ... Kabootar jaa jaa jaa
Pehle pyaar ki pehli MISSIVE ...saajan ko de aa"
MISSIVE - chitthi / a written message or letter
Key : Apni MISS to miss karte huye usne MISSIVE likhe
You heard Honey Singh's new song - BLUE EYES?
Blue eyes, hypnotize teri kardi aa mennu ... can be sung as :
AZURE eyes, hypnotize teri kardi aa mennu ...

AZURE : blue (syn : cobalt, cerulean)

Today we'll do a v commonly useD word & I promise you'll never
forget it ever ...
B + light
Means..... to spoil something:
Synonym (in Hindi)..... /
< the scandal blighted the careers of several leading politicians>
<A broken leg blighted her chances of winning the championship>
*Key to remember the word*:
Blight is made up of B + LIGHT ...
So, we can say ...
Bina (Without) proper sun-LIGHT trees are BLIGHTED.
Gandhi ji's autobiography - My EXPERIMENTS with Truth can be
remembered as :
My ASSAYS with Truth.
ASSAY [a-sey] : To examine or analyze.
Key : Teacher ne ESSAY ko ASSAY karke kaha "Kambakht! Koi
ASSAY essay likhta hai?"
P.S - ASSAY does not exactly mean an experiment but in essence an
experiment is also examining or analysing to test something


MENACE : A troublesome or annoying person.
FLEDGLING : A young bird that has recently acquired its flight
feathers. A young or inexperienced person.

Remember, that old family flick, 'Hum saath saath hain' ? Yes, that
can be done as 'Hum ABUT ABUT Hain'
We are ABUT when we stick our BUTTS together, a moment quite well
captured in one of the 3 idiots poster
ABUT : adjacent
Gandi baat...
Gandi-gandi gandi gandi gandi baat..
can be said as :Ribald Baat...
Ribald-Ribald Ribald Ribald Ribald Baat...
Ribald :- Dirty , vulgar or indecent in speech.
Pronunciation :- rib-uhld
The Vidya Balan starrer 'Dirty Picture' can be called as 'Ribald Picture'
Let's play a word game.
List as many words as you can from the letters on the word
'Constantinople' (It is a place).
Long we did grammar. Let's understand the difference between 'Break
into something' & 'break something in'.
Break into something - enter forcibly (The burglars broke into the
Break 'something' in - wear something a few times so that it doesn't
feel new (I will have to break these shoes in before I wear them at the
party tomorrow)
Key : Break into will always mean 'forcible entry' and break into will
always be used together. As for 'break something in', there will
always be that something (shoes, in the above example) between
break and in.
All ye Madhuri fans ! Here's to the beauty (new song from Dedh

Hamari atariya pe .. aa jaa re savariya ... can be sung as :

Hamari PATIO pe.. aa jaa re savariyaa
PATIO [pat-ee-oh] : a courtyard, especially of a house, enclosed by
low buildings or walls.
Key : Pati jab PATIO pe jaaye toh unhe akele nahi jaane dena chahiye.
Prevention is better than cure
Usage : The best place for the new year party is the PATIO of our
The latest party song for you before you welcome 2014 in style :
Adaayein badi funky,
Kare hai nautanki
ye chori badi DRAMA QUEEN HAI - ye chori badi SCHMALTZ queen
SCHMALTZ [shmahlts] - exaggerated sentimentalism, as in music or
soap operas.
The best key is to sing the song by replacing the word!
If you have a word for 'drama queen' please let us know
P.S - if you haven't heard the song yet, do it. It will def get to you!
The song ABCD from Yaariyan, reminds us of the word
ABECEDARIAN [ey-bee-see-dair-ee-uhn] - a person who is learning
the letters of the alphabet / a beginner in the field of learning
Key : Anyone who is learning ABCD is an ABECEDARIAN !
ouldn't resist this one->
IMBECILE(n)- A person of subnormal intelligence,idiot.
Pronunciation- Im-bu-sil
Key/Usage: People in this pic admit it loud and clear "I M bull(read
baill buddhi) & silly " ~I M bu-sil (IMBECILE).
A goddess Sonia temple a congress legislators thank you for
Telangana decision

We did 'Blue eyes' a few days ago. Today the same song with a
different word.
"Blue eyes.. Hypnotize.. teri kardi a mainu" can be sung as :
"Blue eyes.. STUPEFY ... teri kardi a mainu"
STUPEFY [stoo-puh-fahy] - to overwhelm with amazement; astound;
The Harry Potter generation is well aware of this word we are sure
Key : Your STUPIDITY often STUPEFIES me.
The best way to remember it would be to sing along. Tried & tested

You never give an EXAM.

Ab se, don't say that "I gave CAT/XAT/MAT/RAT/ any other animal this
year". It might just mean you donated your pet !
Here's an interview tip :
Never introduce yourself as "MYSELF XYZ" ... that's brutal murder of
English! And it roughly translates to - "Main khud XYZ" (arey tum hee
ho, hume pata hai)
The correct phrase : My name is XYZ ...
Tip : Translate the sentence to Hindi. If it doesn't sound right, it
probably isn't.
You are my pumpkin pumpkin, hello honey bunny ... You are my
dumpling dumpling .. hello honey bunny .. (Remember this song?)
If you are singing this to your bf / gf all the time, he / she might find
you to be MUSHY / CORNY / SLOPPY
Mushy - Overly emotional (same for SLOPPY)
Corny - Mawkishly sentimental (mawkish - weakly emotional)
CORNY - Jab dekho CORNER mein jaake rota hai. So CORNY!

Give us a key for SLOPPY?

And, did we get the song stuck into your head again?
Honey Singh can teach us a lot of English ... Let's see :
Upar Upar in the air (Break up party) can be sung as LEVITATE - LEVITATE - LEVITATE - LEVITATE - LEVITATE LEVITATE in the air !
Sing it thrice & we guarantee it will never leave your system again.
LEVITATE [lev-i-teyt] - to rise or float in the air, especially as a result
of a supernatural power that overcomes gravity.
On popular demand : Difference between WHO & THAT.
WHO - person / individuality of group is implied.
THAT - When class, type or species is implied.
Eg :
He is the boy WHO stole my girlfriend from me! - Boy / Who
She is the kind OF woman THAT would kick your ass if you
misbehaved with her - KIND OF / THAT
Notice - That comes with an 'of'
Don't be an ASS in an OCCASION.
No, we are not scolding anyone. This is a key to remember the correct
spelling of the highly misspelled word 'OCCASION'.
Ab mat bhoolna!
Let's see what the EPIC 'Sholay' can teach us smile emoticon
Remember the dialogue : "Ab Tera kya hoga kaliya ??"
If it were to be subtitled in proper English, it would be something like:
What will be your COMEUPPANCE Kaliya ... !!!
COMEUPPANCE [kuhm-uhp-uh-ns] : (noun) An outcome good or bad.
Key : As a COMEUPPANCE of your sins and crimes, all these
problems have COME UP in our life.

My affable sweetheart,
Your sweet salubrious presence has ameliorated me subliminally. The
surfeit of your numerous vignettes in my mind has made me
experience the vicarious pleasure of an anchorite living in an
aesthetic sepulcher.
Your lovely sight is an anodyne for me. The beatific smile of yours is
a mesmerizing sight. I may not be the only one culpable of dreaming
of you, but your absence sends me into delirium.
I aspire to be your paramour otherwise my life would be desiccated of
zest. I am a tyro at writing love missives but I am a mendicant begging
for your adoring self to me.
Ill care for you as a marsupial cares for its offspring. Please accept;
as the main soldier who has been struggling to capture the fortress of
the Junoesque that is you.
Declaring my unmitigated clandestine love to you,
Your incarcerated lover,
Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
Are you obsessed with your own self?
Now that makes us gnash our teeth and curl our toes. I cook myself.
Friends, understand that this means you are going to fry, bake, saut
etc your own self instead of the food.
So when you are trying to make your way to somebodys heart
through food cooked by you, use I cooked food on my own.
Only in case you have an intention of sacrificing your life and offering
yourself in platter to somebody, use Ill cook myself.
PS: Same goes for laugh yourself etc...
Please. Too much love is always dangerous
Want to creep out your gf / bf?
You can profess your love by saying "You are a SINE QUA NON for
my existence."
SIN QUA NON [si-ni-kwa-non] : something absolutely indispensable
or essential

The best way to remember would be to sing this song : Zinda rehne
ke liye teri kasam, ek mulakaat SIN QUA NON (zaroori) hai sanam. (Try
to sing by replacing the words. They rhyme too)
Tune maari entriyaan re, dil mein baji ghantiyaan re....
The word is ONOMATOPOEIA [on-uh-mat-uh-pee-ah]
ONOMATOPOEIA - the use of imitative and naturally suggestive
words for rhetorical, dramatic, or poetic effect.
Tip for spelling : POEM ~ POEIA
Other egs : Tip tip barsa paani / Ibn-e-batuta, bagal mein joota, pehne
toh karta hai churrrrrr
Usage : The ONOMATOPOEIC use of words in the poem made it a
very realistic and impactful read.
Are some of your friends getting married already? Sing this song for
them :
Shaam savere ab main joru joru kahuungaaaaa...
Main Joru kaa ghulaaam .. o main HENPECKED HUSBAND ..arey bann
ke rahunga!
HENPECKED : browbeaten, bullied, or intimidated by one's wife,
Key : If his wife says, he will go PECK a HEN. Such a HENPECKED
Pyaar deewana hota hai ... mastaana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se ... NONCHALANT hota hai
NONCHALANT [non-shuh-lahnt] : coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or
unexcited; casual
Key : Tu CHAL ya naa CHAL mere saath. I am NONCHALANT about it!
This sweet little song from Yaariyan :

Is dard-e-dil ki sifaarish, Ab kar de koi yahaan ...

Ke mil jaye aisi baarish, jo DOUSE kar de poori tarah (Bhiga de)
DOUSE : to plunge into water or the like; drench
Key : The half built HOUSE got DOUSED in the torrential rain.
P. S - Douse is also used as a synonym for extinguish.
Siffarish lobbying
Har bollywood villain ka favorite dialogue :
"Ye dushmani bohot PYRRHIC padegi tujhe"
PYRRHIC [pir-i-k]- (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been
worthwhile for the victor.
The phrase is - PYRRHIC VICTORY
For eg : Victory in any war is a PYRRHIC VICTORY as the loss of
innocent lives is never justified.
Never say "I'm doing good". Yes, that's wrong too!
The grammar behind this:
I'm doing good (Incorrect) means, I am doing good work. "Good" is an
adjective and needs to describe something. That need is not getting
fulfilled here.
I'm good (Incorrect) : means, I am a good person with morals. Not the
answer to the question "How are you?"
I'm well (Incorrect) : means, I have recovered from an illness.
I'm doing well (Correct) : because well is an adverb.
PARLEY :- discussion; conference;
USAGE :- They had a very interesting PARLEY on women
KEY :- See the pic!
An old hindi song...."Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche
har zabaan par........" can be sung as

"Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke PARLEYS har zabaan par......

Sabko maalum ha aur sabko khabar hogai... "
Nee main kamli kamli nee main kamli kamli .. nee main kamli kamli
mere yaar di ... If Katrina tries this in her accent, it would be :
ENAMORED ENAMORED of my yaar ...
ENAMORED : to fill or inflame with love / to charm or captivate.
Key : I'm so ENAMORED with her that I can take in MORE and MORE
of her beauty, but never say NO MORE.
P.S - the word is generally followed by 'FOR' or 'WITH'

POTTY not only means your shit pot!

It also means - slightly insane; eccentric.
Key : Don't show your POTTINESS by making fun of my POTTY
Is it DRESSING sense or DRESS sense?
When you turn around to check out your friends clothes and say with
a WOW, Great dressing sense girl!, you are giving your language a
dressing down because of incorrect usage.
Rule: Somebodys taste in clothes or their ability to coordinate colors
& styles effectively is Dress Sense. Dressing is a verb, an action. So
Dressing Sense is the sense of doing the action.
Thus, she has a good Dressing sense (Incorrect)
She has a good Dress sense (Correct)
Beautiful Tip: Dress up your language with correct usage
We always keep telling that you are doing it wrong. So, here's
something you have always been doing it right:

Whether you say CENTRE or CENTER, you are right. Both mean the
It is just the Americans and British who are at war over their English

Confused between ELDER & OLDER (ELDEST / OLDEST)

ELDER / ELDEST is used for members of the same family. OLDER /
OLDEST is for outsiders.
So, the key to remember: Respect your ELDERS & family members.
He is the ELDEST of the three brothers.
My assistant is OLDER than me.
The brother ELDER to me is a great singer.
P.S - ELDER is often followed by TO. But OLDER is followed by THAN
No such rule for younger. But, if you use 'smaller' instead of that,
please visit this page more often

My friends & I went for a movie - Correct.

My friends & me went for a movie - Incorrect
You & I were meant to fly - Correct
Between you & I, this secret is safe - Incorrect
Between you & me, this secret is safe - Correct.
Trick - When there is a preposition involved (for e.g. between, over,
on, above, etc) say 'you and me'.
This is because - the grammar rule is that prepositional phrases are
followed by objective pronouns (Me is Objective pronoun & 'I' is
Subjective pronoun. Tip to remember: Say to yourself - I am NOT AN

Jaraa si saavdhaani ; zindagi bhar aasaani

For all the North Indians here :'Lecturer'' is pronounced as Lectu(RUR) & not as 'Lecturaaar'.
It is Phi-nance (Finance) and not FNANCE
For Gujarati women - It is IMP(OR)TANT and not IMPOTENT.
And Gujarati men - it is TOWNHALL and not TOWNHOLE...
For mere pyaare UP ke dost log: I AM AKASH; not Akaas!
For Rajasthanis: it's main not mei.
For Punjabis: It's not PRINKA, it's Pri(yan)ka
For south Indians it's Ankit and not Aenkith!
For Punjabis: it's not BULT, it's Bullet and it's not PULC it's Police
Please ignore Haryana. Yahan to har word ki Boli hatt ke hai ... Hum ta
pagal han... lol
For Nepalis: its Sarkaar, not SHORKAAR!
India is the only country where we find this much disparity in
everything. Isn't it fun? Proud to be an Indian!
Hindi and English are not same!
It just wrecks my ear when I hear people say I called her again and
Or even more naive "Aao aao ... baitho baitho" is NOT EQUAL TO
Come Come sit sit"
You should say:
I called her REPEATEDLY.
"Come sit".
Lovely Tip: The best way to keep the love of language is to give it
wings of individuality and worst way to lose the same is to hold it
tight with other languages.
Both the players were NECK TO NECK in the competition INCORRECT
Both the players were NECK AND NECK in the competition CORRECT
The correct phrase is NECK AND NECK. And it means:

Exactly even, especially in a race or a contest.

Are you in doubt about the usage of 'doubt that' & 'doubt whether'?
DOUBT THAT is used when you are sure something is negative /
DOUBT WHETHER is used when things are uncertain.
e.g. I DOUBT THAT he will come for the party. He was so tired from
I DOUBT WHETHER it will rain today.
MEMORY TIP: WHETHER is uncertain like WEATHER. So, you can say
- I doubt whether it will rain today. When are MET Dept.'s WEATHER
predictions ever true! (Here, you cannot say doubt that because
however inaccurate MET be, we can never be sure it won't rain.)
The words who and whom are both pronouns. Be patient with the
difference. It is a bit detailed (as it is an imp rule)
WHO - for subject of the clause
WHOM - for object of the clause
But who cares for greek words like subject/object right? Look at it
this way:
The subject of the sentence is the person doing something.
The object of the sentence is the person having something done to
If I say, "I love you," you are the object of my affection, and you is
also the object of the sentence (because I am loving you, making me
the subject and you the object). How's that? It's like love and grammar
rolled into one.
So Whom Do I love? The object (and thats YOU)
MILLION DOLLAR TIP: When you are confused between who or
whom, ask yourself if the answer to the question would be he or him.
If its HIM, it would be WHOM (Easy to remember: him & whom both
end with 'M')

So when u ask whom (or who) do you love? The answer is I love him.
So you know to use whom.
And who loves you? The Subject -- the one taking action, not the one
being acted upon and thats I.
Also the answer is HE/SHE loves me. So you know to use WHO.

DIVAGATE :- to wander; astray;

KEY :- DIVA gate se andar aai aur saare ladkon ka dil aur dimaag
DIVAGATE ho gaya
Usage :- During teenage, there is a high chance of children divagating
from their goals in life.
Piya re piya re .. piya re.. piya re ...
Thaare bin laage naahi .. mhaara jiya re .. ooooo
SANS YOU laage naahi ... mhaara jiya re !!
SANS[sanz] - without
Replace the word and sing. You won't ever forget it
Care to vocab the next few lines?
P.S - if you haven't heard this song, you have missed out on the
awesomeness of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan! Youtube. Now.
"Its raining Cats and Dogs":Means:- Heavy rains
History:There was a time when London had big sewage problems so
whenever there were heavy downpour, the dead cats and dogs will
flow through the streets of london and thereby generating this Idiom...
OK ! Today we'll do a v v frequently asked Question kind in almost all
competitive exams:The difference between:-

Its & Its

Its raining or Its raining?
When we talk about Apostrophes, s with an apostrophe means
possession. So keeping that in mind you would reject Its raining as
But this one is an exception to the Rule.
Rule: Here Its is a contraction of it is or it has and here Its is
a possessive pronoun.
Forever Rule: Repeat your sentence out loud using it is instead.
If that sounds goofy, its is likely the correct choice.
Thus, Its raining (Incorrect) Its raining (Correct)
Try some of these:
a) This club has lost ______motto. ( its/its)
b) _____ not easy to keep your word always. (its/its)

We have a phrase for all the 'FOOD LOVERS' out there

Next time when someone says, "Don't eat so much. You will end up
spending the whole of tomorrow in the toilet", you simply pat your
tummy and say Don't worry dude! I have a CAST IRON STOMACH. I can eat and drink
anything as long as it tastes good. I will eat you if you don't shut up!
Key: (very simple) .. cast iron is very strong. Hence the reference.
ABROGATE : Abolish, To put an end to
AB [Now] + RO [Cry] + GATE [Door]
Mnemonics: After breakup with Boyfriend, GF:
AB [Now] You Ro [Cry], GATE [Door] is closed for you in my Life.
Usage: Let's ABROGATE caste system.
DAUB : A blemish made by dirt, blot, smudge, Spot (, )

Mnemonics: 1. Laga Chunari me DAAG can be renamed as 'Laga

Chunari me DAUB'.
2. Surf excel punchline 'DAAG Achche hain', Now 'DAUB Achche
3. DAUB, if you can remember DOBBY from 'Harry Potter', he was
always dirty.
Usage: Monsoons first rain impressions daub not only on clothes but
also hearts.
Balderdash ==> nonsense , rubbish , lack of means .
Pronunciation - bawl-der-dash
Hindi meaning = BAUKWASS ( i mean bakwas ) .
key : the famous chennai express dialogue ...
" acha ? kaha se kharidi aisi BALDERDASH dictionary ? "
EGG is not just something to eat. It is also a VERB!
Meaning- to urge or encourage.
Key: "Sunday ho ya monday, roz khaao andey!" This ad EGGS the
audience to eat EGGS.
Usage: The overwhelming reaction of the audience EGGS the actor to
perform better.
Akash Sir's blog EGGS the readers to minimize the drama and follow
the dreams!

Here's another tip for your GD / PI Don't say 'According to my opinion'. That's another horrific boo boo
in English.
The correct sentence is - IN MY OPINION
According to is used when something is done / stated by someone
else. A 2nd / 3rd person. 'In my opinion' is used for 1st person.

IN MY OPINION this is a great idea - CORRECT

ACCORDING TO THE OPINION of the board, this is a great idea CORRECT.
THRALL [thrawl] : a person who is in bondage; slave
Key : 86th Academy Award for the Best Film 12 years a SLAVE can be
named as " 12 years a THRALL "
- In various movies THRALLs even CRAWL as per Master's command.

The ONLY issue:

I wanted her to accompany me, but she didn't COME ONLY.
I have been calling on his number again and again. He is not taking

my call ONLY. ('Again and again' is also incorrect)

She didn't tell me ONLY.
Arey bhai ye ONLY ONLY kya hai? Hindi mein 'kiya hee nahi' hai toh
English mein uske badle 'ONLY' fit karna - catastrophic sin!
Let go the 'only'. And don't replace it with anything. Your sentence
would be meaningful and fine even without it.
Anyways, let's go - WRONG
Anyway, let's go - CORRECT
Tip: Remove the extra S. Why would you take something you don't
ANYWAY is better than anyways in every way!
Do not use THAT with words like What, Where, When, Whom,
Whose, whether, how , which etc.
E.G. : He could not explain that why he was late.
He could not explain why he was late. (Correct)
TIP: What, where, when etc are words that generally ask a question.
So, if the sentence is a question, use that if necessary. But if the
sentence is not a question, the above rule will apply! E.g.:
Where is that dress I asked you to bring? (Correct. Because it is a
I can't tell you that why I did not come yesterday. (Incorrect because it
is not a Q)
I can't tell you why I did not come yesterday. (Correct)
Unforgettable tip: THAT generally means 'woh' in Hindi. So, translate
the sentence. If the word 'woh' does not fit in there, you are probably
Our very own Sunny Leone ji sings, "Baby doll mein sone di .."
Aur kuch nahi toh English hee seekh lete hain
She means to say she is an AUREATE baby doll.
AUREATE [awr-ee-eyt] - golden or gilded / splendid or brilliant

Key: Science people can easily remember this. AURUM is the

chemical name of Gold.
For lesser mortals like us, "Kisi ko agar AUR EAT karana ho toh
khane ka taste AUREATE hona chahiye, bartan nahi"
Translation: If you want some one to EAT more (AUR means more),
the food needs to be AUREATE in taste, not the dishes. (using aureate
for taste is a comparison)
An hour - CORRECT
Why so, you may ask. I know it sounds right. But there is a rule
behind it. The same rule that explains why 'A University' even though
we have been taught to use 'an' before vowels. Here it is:
Vowel is not a letter. It is more of a sound. So, a / an are used not
before a vowel letter but a vowel sound.
But the correct pronunciation of HOUR starts from 'o' (it is ou-er)
hence 'AN HOUR'
The correct pronunciation of university starts from 'you' sound hence
a university.
Same goes with a year, an MBA but a Masters in Business
Administration etc.
You get it right? It was an easy one!
Purse mein Money hai but you don't want to spend, you are
PARSIMONIOUS - Excessively unwilling to spend
Bewkoofiyan = Asininity (Synonym)
Asininity = Stupidity, Silliness of mind ... (as an Adjective)
An ASININE person is more likely to do more Bewkoofiyan.
P.S - ASININITY is not the exact meaning of Bewkoofiyan but a
different part of speech to explain the real meaning. ASININITY is the
state of mind of a person who does Bewkoofiyan

Zehnaseeb .... zehnaseeb

Tujhe chahoon INTERMINABLE (betahasha)..zehnaseeb
This song feel ayi?
Ab vocab bhi feel karo!
INTERMINABLE: that which cannot be terminated / put to an end.
Word yaad karne ke liye - sing the song 5 times replacing betahasha
with INTERMINABLE ... ho jayega
A very Happy, HALLOWED and HOLY Holi to all our crazy vocabians!

As a Holi treat, we will be doing the most famous Bollywood songs of

the occasion till tomorrow. Do send in your requests or share your
memory keys
Here's the first one in the #VocabHoli
"Do me a favor let's play Holi, rangon mein hai pyaar ki boli" can be
sung as
"Do me a LARGESS let's play Holi..."
LARGESS - generous bestowal of gifts, generosity
Key: Do me a LARGESS and give me a LARGE number of DRESSes
What better song than 'Balam Pichkaari' to start your Holi
with #VocabHoli.. so, sing with me!
Balam pichkaari jo tune mujhe maari .. toh INGENUE LASSIE
INEBRIATED ho gayi ...
INGENUE - seedhi saadhi
LASSIE - ladki
TOLD vs. SAID (long post alert. Please read it completely to get to the
imp question at the end)

TOLD always takes an object. If the object is missing, TOLD cannot be

used in the sentence. No such constraint for SAID. For e.g:
I TOLD 'him' I will be coming to the party.
I SAID I will be coming to the party.
Here, HIM is the object. Since we have used told, we can't remove
him. Grammatically incorrect - "I told I will be coming to the party"
On the other hand - SAID works independently. It does not need an
object. "I SAID I will be coming to the party" is correct.
Some other ways to differentiate:
- TOLD is used when you are giving out information. (He TOLD his
boss that the rest of the passengers are missing)
- At times, SAID takes a 'TO' with it. E.g : " Your eyes are like the
shining the stars in the sky", I SAID TO her.
But told NEVER takes a TO. Never!
Disclaimer: This rule may have exceptions often. The rules of
grammar are not clear on this. Most of the Grammar nazis operate on
the basis of 'what sounds correct' smile emoticon
Only those who have been voracious readers can use these correctly
without thinking. For the rest of us lesser mortals, the above rules however insufficient they be- shall do smile emoticon
So here's what we will do. You post statements where you get
confused between said and told. And we will together figure out the
correct answers and the reasons behind them.

TUTELAGE [tyoot-l-ij] - Guidance, mentorship, being a tutor to

Key: Bahut kam AGE se maine apne TUITION Sir ki TUTELAGE mein
hoon. I owe all my success to him!
Example: In the movie Taare Zameen Par, Ishan's condition improved
drastically after Aamir took him under his TUTELAGE.
P.S - Believe it or not, whatever you are today - you owe it some
teacher of yours. Remember them, respect them!
Do not use ALSO or TOO in a negative sentence instead of EITHER.

Dont say: John has not come also (or too).

Say: John has not come EITHER.
Also and too are additive conjunctions. They simply add two pieces of
information. They do not give a negative vibe.
"The next generation is trying their luck at acting."
Find the MISTAKE in this sentence & give the correct answer(s).
Also give the reasoning behind your answer. The grammar dudes and
dudesses (that's not a word though) can show off now! Shoot
Edit: Okay everyone. The answer is here:
a) The next generation is trying its luck at acting. or
b) The next generation are trying their luck at acting.
Explanation: The original sentence has both singular and plural
forms: is and their (The next generation is trying their luck at acting.).
We cannot mix singular and plural forms in a sentence, so either we
we should make it all singular(a) or all plural(b).
If you tried to change 'next' to 'new' that's okay. But next is not wrong.
Next generation is already born ... Keep the above in mind though.
Some sentences we have always been saying wrong:
She prides on her beauty. - INCORRECT
She prides herself on her beauty. CORRECT
Students should avail of good opportunity. INCORRECT
Students should avail themselves of good opportunity. CORRECT
We enjoyed at the party. INCORRECT
We enjoyed ourselves at the party. CORRECT

Revision post:
People DROWN.
Things SINK.

So, don't say "The boat DROWNED in the sea" / "The fisherman SANK
in the river".
The boat SANK in the sea.
The fisherman DROWNED in the river.
"Jo beet gaya so beet gaya .. jo beetna hai ussey has ke bita"
Remember this song from Munnabhai MBBS?
Means, "whatever has happened has happened. It is a matter of past
and you cannot change it."
A: How was interview?
B: I think it went well. I may have made a mistake but it's all WATER
Can you think of songs that fit / keys that no one will ever forget?
Starting saturday with a killer song!
"Nigodi kaisi jawaani hai .. ye baat sune naa meri (CONTUMACIOUS
CONTUMACIOUS [kon-tooh-mey-shuh-s]- stubbornly perverse or
rebellious; willfully and obstinately disobedient.
Key: Yeh aaj bhi jaan bujh ke apni COSTUME nahi laaya. Very
Let's reverse the process today. We will post a song and you decide
how to learn vocabulary from it! Here's your song:
"My name is Sheilaa ... Sheila ki jawaani .... "
You may choose to pick popular words / phrases from the song too.
P.S - Please don't say Sheils's youthfuless (cuteness overload!) and
Sheila's juvenility (that's not really the exact word)
It's Satyamev Jayate time, so here's a revision post (for those who
have forgotten and those who weren't a part of our family then)

Satyamev Jayate = Truth alone Triumphs = VERACITY alone triumphs

VERACITY : conformity to truth or fact; accuracy
VERACITY = That which can be VERIFIED with ACCURACY
Did you know? DEBRIS is not pronounced as DEB-REES
The correct pronunciation is DUH-BREE / DEB-REE. The 'S' is silent.
Next time when you read about the missing #MH370 flight and you
come across the word DEBRIS, make sure you read it properly!
Me: I want to go.
Mom: No
Me: Jaana hai jaana hai jaana hai (super tantrum)
Matlab - whatever makes you happy / do what makes you happy /
whatever you feel like doing
Key: Achi vocab k lie main Akash SIR KA dimag 2011 se kha rha hu.
Achi vocab k lie main Akash SIR-KA dimag kha rha hu CIR-CA 2011.
The word is CIRCA- Approximately (especially of a date)
Usage- "the church was built circa 1840"
Offo! Issey daant ke bhagaun
Offo! Ya issey seene se lagaun
Bahut confusion hai. Love ke saath karein kya ! And the word is ADDLED
The hero is ADDLED whether he should ADD love in his life or LET IT
Please add your awesomeness to this song in the form of kick ass
memory keys and more words
A very common mistake in spoken and written English:
My cousin sister and I went to the movie - INCORRECT
My cousin and I went to the movie - CORRECT

All your aunt's and uncle's children are your cousins ONLY. The
moment you say brother / sister, you start hinting that they are your
immediate family.
If you want to mention who the cousin is, you can say - My cousin,
Ram or Priya, my cousin.
But cousin brother / sister / uncle - atrocious!
Have you ever seen a saas correct her bahu's grammar?
If not, you have probably not seen Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. And you
have also missed the best of Indian TV!
On this note, when saas-bahu do constant BAKAR, you can say they
BICKER all the time!
BICKER - an angry, petty dispute or quarrel; contention.
"Pehli baat toh yeh, jo tu tick tock tick tock chalti hai
Maana ye saari teri high heels ki SNAFU (galti hai) "
Honey Singh plays the role of our English teacher again
SNAFU - a badly confused or ridiculously muddled situation
P.S - Snafu may not exactly mean a mistake but you can use it
contextually to convey the same.
Usage- A HUMDRUM job can't excite us enough to play DRUM after its
Key: Kaam ke baad Hum Drum tabhi baja paenge agar kaam HUMDRUM na ho.
HUMDRUM(adj)- Not challenging; dull and lacking excitement and

The actor who played the role of Ravan in Ramayana, must have
thought Is ROLE ke liye REGULARLY READY hone ke RIGMAROLE se toh
main pareshan hoon!
RIGMAROLE [rig-muh-rol] - a complicated and elaborate procedure.
E.g. I can no longer take this RIGMAROLE of living life like a race.
Need to change my way of living very soon.
"He is a REAL good singer" - Seriously, what !!!
Ok, understand "real" (meaning true, genuine etc) is an adjective and
"really", an adverb (to show the degree of the adjective).
The correct sentence is - He is a REALLY good singer.
More examples:
She is doing really well for herself (She is doing really good is also
incorrect for same reasons as above).
I am really irritated by this 'Ab ki baar..' chants now.

.. And so on. Got a correction / suggestion / example? Do share

What does 'LAY AN EGG' mean?
Now now .. don't be cute and say 'murgi anda deti hai toh hum ussey
lay an egg kehte hain' !! tongue emoticon
LAY AN EGG also means to fair wretchedly, especially to be
unsuccessful in front of an audience.
For e.g. Akash Gautam has never LAID AN EGG in front of his
audience (which is true even literally).
Or, If stock market crashes, you can say - Wall street LAYS AN EGG.
What does '6 FEET UNDER' mean?
Okay. Does the movie 'Manorama 6 FEET UNDER' ring a bell? No?
6 FEET UNDER - Dead & buried. (because coffins / caskets are buried
6 feet deep in the graveyards)
Key: "Itna maarunga, maar maar ke zameen mein 6 feet neeche dafan
kar dunga", says one gangster to the other.
Usage: The old lady has been 6 FEET UNDER for several years now.
Ye duniya ; ye duniya Pital di !
Baby doll main sone di ...
Yahaan par lady kavi Sushree Sunny Leonne ji ka tone
SUPERCILIOUS:- used as an adjective means :haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as a person or a facial
arrogant, scornful.
Let's learn phrases!
WALK THE TALK :- To tell an individual to stop talking about what he
intends to do, and just do it.

Eg. Politicians often make promises during election campaign, but

they seldom keep them - they never WALK THE TALK.
These days, the most popular phrase to eliminate contestants in MTV
Roadies X1.
He is EXTIRPATING his extra pet (stomach).
EXTIRPATE (verb) - to remove something which is unwanted.
( ek-str-pt)
example : The triumph of modern medicine in extirpating certain
Lets do some Bolly-vocab Mann INSOUCIANT magan , bas tera naam doharaye ...
INSOUCIANT (in-soo-see-uhnt)
meaning : free from concern, carefree; nonchalant, MAST ...
example : He was late for the meeting and he entered with complete
Another song : from the movie "MAST" hua hua hua main INSOUCIANT.
Priyanka Chopra is out with her new album I can't make you love me.
lets rock this vocab session with the song " I can't make you AMOUR
AMOUR [uh-moor] - a love affair.
QUOTIDIAN / kwtdn,kw-/ adjective
Meaning : of or occurring every day; daily.
Usage : The book focuses on the quotidian life of farmers.

One of the oldest posts of our DHABA

Lets Recapitulate !
DEBAR :- to shut out ; to prevent; to hinder from enjoyment ; to
KEY :- sounds like " DEEWAR " which prevents from seeing the view
or shut outs the view...
DISBAR :- to expel from the legal profession
KEY :- "S" stands for SIN....and those who commit sin are expelled
from the service of legal profession.
USAGE :- 1.The fact that he was born in Europe DEBARRED him from
the presidency of the United states.
2. The lawyer was DISBARRED for corrupt legal practice.
A v v imp & a frequently asked Question :Less vs Few
We are sure many know it but what would a little revision do any harm
Less : Uncountable / mass nouns
Few : Countable nouns
Eg : There is LESSER noise in the room because we now have
FEWER kids than before.
OR, Make LESS tea because we will need FEWER cups of tea
Tip : Uncountable / mass nouns cannot be plural & cannot be counted
individually most of the times.
VOYEURISM ... Word toh suna hee hoga?
Voyeurism (vwah-yur-izm) : (noun) the practice of obtaining sexual
gratification by looking at sexual objects or acts, especially

Yaad aise rakhna - two guys indulging in voyeuristic pleasures and

The famous song 'Jalebi Bai' = CIRCUITOUS Bai (in shape)
CIRCUITOUS = Roundabout; not direct:
a circuitous route;
a circuitous argument.
Pls do tell me - 'Gaya Dimaag mein' ??

Today's WORD challenge for you !!

SUBTERFUGE [suhb-ter-fyooj]
Meaning:- trick or excuse especially one used to avoid difficulties ,
blame, failure etc.
<Her claim to be a journalist was simply a SUBTERFUGE to get into
the theater without paying>
Basically any kind of artifice or trickery is a SUBTERFUGE <Gain
something by SUBTERFUGE>
Chalo ! Ab chaalu ho jaao . Banao Qaatil keys to remember
Movie names / Songs / Advts / khuch bhi chalega ...
Yo !!
Ab tak ye song to dekh OOps!! I mean sun hi chuke honge tongue
emoticon chalo thoda padhai me bhi dhyan do ab!!
Lyrics: Aaj Fir Tum Pe Pyaar Aaya Hai - Arijit Singh
Aaj Fir Tum Pe pyaar aaya hai,
"abysmal" or "Profuse" aaya hai...
1) ABYSMAL: immeasurably deep or great
2) PROFUSE: abundant; in great amount.

Ye "Movie" to sare desi, videsi logo ko yaad hogi, to aaj ek

"chamchamata" word seekhte hai!
Word: RESPLENDENT (Adjective)
Meaning: shining brilliantly; gleaming; splendid
Key: Titanic mei "Rose+ka+Pendant" looks "Res+Plendent"
Usage: She looks "Resplendent" in her wedding gown!
Hum asha karte hai ki aapko ye word samajh aaya hoga, Guru
Dakshina mei "mastpeki" keys banakar laiye!!
Gaonwalo chalo Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
(Official)chale aaj!
To bacho jis jisne Harry Potter dekhi hai vo hath uthao, arre wah!! ye
to sabne hi dekhi hai lagta hai grin emoticon
U must have seen Hermoine using this spell very often!
So Today's magical word is : STUPEFY
Meaning: to shock or surprise (someone) very much, to cause
(someone) to become confused or unable to think clearly.
Ki soch rahe ho?? jaldi se Key socho

Today's word is GAINSAY

It is generally used as a VERB (with an object), gainsaid,
Meaning :- to deny, dispute, or contradict.
<There was no gainsaying that she would have with her kind of marks
gotten admission into any college in India>
Ok ! Now memory keys banao aur chamkao
Degi mirch ka Tadka ; Ang Ang Bhadkaa
could also be remembered as:Degi mirch ka Tadka ; Ang Ang mein CONFLAGRATION hui ...
a destructive fire, usually an extensive one.

Two Villains Vs One Villain

Here's one that really bothers me:
Just read the next two lines
"I couldn't help but think/laugh/worry, etcetera."
"I couldn't help thinking/laughing/worrying, etcetera."
Which one makes sense to you?
Rule: Realize that using "help" and "but" together creates a double
Filmi Tip: The one villain (one negative) theory has given us hits; Two
villains (two negatives) create confusion, complexity and thus lead to
flops (egregious errors)
RELINQUISH :Maine to tere tere utte chhaddiyaan('Relinquish') iyaan doreyaanPatakha Guddi ho
Abdicate , Abnegate synonyms
Word: EBULLIENT (adjective)
Meaning: cheerful and full of energy!!
I know Monday ko hum sab ditto is bull ki tarah feel karte hai

Meaning: having an unpleasant or offensive odor
Guy (bad breath) to Gal: How did u like the song I sang for u?
Gal: It was Malodorous
Guy: WHat?
Gal: Ahh I mean Melodious!!

Dadi pehle kahaani sunao tabhi soyenge hum .Remember ur

childhood? I remember how my granny told me stories and I used to
fall in deep sleep :)) best nights ended with bed time stories :))
To bacho aaj se hum dadu dai ko bolenge "Wow Granny, U r an
amazing Raconteur"
Word-Raconteur (Noun)
Meaning: A skilled story teller

I was trying to search for recipes and realized that I din know names
of ingredients used alomost everyday and this is more embarrasing
wen I am working in world's best dhaba
To name a few:

Aniseed- Sauf
Cumin- Jeera
Asafoetida- Heeng
Basil- Tulsi
Semolina- Suji
Fenugreek- Methi
Indian Gooseberry- Amla
Tamarind- Imli
Or tumhe kya laga gourd sirf bechara karela hi hota hai, ye dekho:
Tender Gourd- Tinda
Ash Gourd- Petha
Bottle Gourd- Loki
Ridge Gourd- Tori
To ab agar tumhari sasu maa bole, Bahu zara aaj semolina ka halwa
banakar khilao, to darna mat Samajh lena ki sasu maa is
followingAkash Ka Vocab Dhaba
LARGESSE pata hai?
E.g: Oh God! Please give me a LARGE si car & show your
It means: generosity, generous bestowal of gifts.
P.S (for the ladies) - Ladke agar LARGE se guldaste bhejein, toh iska
ye matlab nahi hota that they are LARGESSE in nature. dhyaan
Eid Mubarak to all the crazy vocab fans here! Today's Eid special dish
REGALE [ri-geyl] : to entertain lavishly / a sumptuous feast.
1.Royal times mein palaces mein bade REGALES hua karte they.
2. REGALE mein itne RASGULLE kha liye ... ab GALE se khana nahi
utar raha!
Usage: There are many REGALES to attend on the auspicious day of

Rani Mukherjee's upcoming movie: Mardaani = HOYDENISH

HOYDENISH : a boisterous, bold & carefree girl !!
Or, we could rephrase the age old patriotic Hindi line,
"Khub ladi HOYDENISH woh toh jhaansi waali raani thi"
Okay! Everything should be closed as per your parents; but at times
while closing the door, it might be left slightly open due to a lazy push
or whatever...
Then your mommy may say, '' Kanjara, you've still left the door AJAR
AJAR : thoda sa khula hua...
Huzoooooor .. Huzoor-e-aala ...
Remember this song by Asha Bhonsle? It can be sung as:
Bekaraar (ANTSY) kar daala
Chalka chaahaton ka pyaala...
Bin katal (HOMICIDE) kiye hee maar daala ....
ANTSY [ant-see] : fidgety, restless, uneasy, nervous
Key: AUNTIES ki pyaar bhari baatein hamesha mujhe ANTSY kar deti
hain (number kitne aaye, shaadi kab karoge, salary kitni milti hai, ye
kya pehna hai .. blah blah)
In sabhi cute aunties ki kasam, ab mat bhoolna ye word!
Word for Palak's dance in Comedy Nights With Kapil :-

UNFETTERED : Khulla saand, uncontrolled...

Kuch toh huaaaaaa hai .. ye jo hua hai ...
Jo naa pataaaa haiii .... kuch toh huaa haiii (new song from Singham
Ajay Devgan (Singham) does not know what has happened to him. He
is IGNORAMUS (an extremely ignorant person)

"As good as a chocolate teapot"!!

Sounds so yummmm I wud love to have one!! Whaaat?? It isn't
useful Why???
The phrase means " Useless"
Boys Alert, If ur gal calls u , "Aww my honey little chocolate teapot"
Dre is no reason u shud be happy about
With tennis being more of a baseline game these days, some class
players do tend to reach out to every shot possible.
In the pic below, World No.1 - Novak Djokovic - PUSHING THE
ENVELOPE to somehow put the ball in opponents' court.
PUSH THE ENVELOPE: to go beyond the limits.

CONTUMACIOUS :Mushkil lagta hai na ye word ?

Ok let us phodo-fy it forever...
The hit song from the Priyanka Chopra movie -'Mary Kom' Ziddi Dil = CONTUMACIOUS Dil ...
Ghussa Dimaag mein ????
3 words in a row today...
You gotta watch this video to remember them forever. Observe the
way SRK speaks (eloquence) and for the rest, just play it.
Eloquence: fluent public speaking
Ambiguous: Having more than one meaning
Plaudit: Praise for work.
For all those who say 'heads off': you are killing it bad. And killing it

The correct term is HATS OFF. And it means you appreciate and
salute someone for their good work.
And when you say heads off, are you trying to rip your head off and
present it to them?
KKR has won 12 matches in a row!
That can be phrased as: a WINNING STREAK / A WINNING SPREE
Meaning: A series of consecutive successes
Very simple!
HITHERTO :[hith -er-too]
Usually used as an adverb
Meaning :1.
up to this time; until now:
a fact hitherto unknown.
to here.
Memory Key:Imagine two ladies who are jealous of each other. One saying to
another :- 'HITHERTO I have not HIT HER ON THE TOE " But i will
soon in the next dance party
If men will be men then women will also be women

What does ACCIDENCE mean?

If you are thinking it is something to do with accident, I would say cuteness ka award milna chahiye appko
ACCIDENCE: the rudiments or essentials of a subject

If you don't know the ACCIDENCE of driving, you will definitely get
Dil ki maange thodi thi kam
Har duaa bhi thodi maddham
Tune kaandhe pe sar jhukaaya jab
Jaise dargah pe baandhe dhaage tab
Bina maange hi mill gaya hai sab
Propitious hua hua
Propitious hua hua
Propitious... hua
Propitious hua Rab...
Word: Propitious (Adjective)
Say it like: "pruh-pish-uh s"
Meaning: disposed to bestow favors; favourable; benevolent
You might not have heard the phrase ''GAME FACE ON'', but must
have easily noticed during any sporting event.
That determined look a sportsperson has just before he/she performs,
thinking," ki Okay! Is baar toh bass macha denge ''.
Dale Steyn and Virat Kohli are generally known for having GAME
FACE ON. In fact Kohli is known for a bit more than that
Contrary to that, Captain cool - MS Dhoni is known for having calm
and relaxed expressions; it's hard to judge from his face ki wo
machaayega ki nahi
Word: Falter (Verb)
Meaning: speak hesitantly
Say: Faw-l-ter
-I love you K..K...Kirran (Here Shahrukh is faltering)
-The one at fault falters
Synonym: stammer, stutter, fumble, speak haltingly

A watch is slow or fast, snot goes behind or in front.

Say: My watch is two minutes slow (not behind).

Bahut hee jyaada important waala Funda:Do not use THAT with words like What, Where, When, Whom,
Whose, whether, how , which etc.
E.G. : He could not explain that why he was late.
He could not explain why he was late. (Correct)
FUNDA :- Supply a person with something, not supply a person
Say: Can you supply me with all I need?
Similarly: Provide a person with all his needs.
After the word lest do not omit should:
Dont say: he ran lest he miss the train.
Say: he ran lest he should miss the train.
See this two sentences & ghusao the imp funda in your head:He was either educated at Bombay or at Madras. (Galat hai)
He was educated either in Bombay or in Madras. (Sahi hai)
Walking is good both for health and recreation. (Galat)
Walking is good for both health and recreation. (Sahi)
A quick read of these 3 sentences will help your intuit:One should respect his teacher. (Galat)
One should respect ones teacher. (Ye Sahi Hai)
One does not like to have his work doubted. (Galat)
One does not like to have ones word doubted. (Ye Sahi Hai)
One must not boast of his own success. (Galat)
One must not boast of ones own success. (Ye Sahi Hai)
Merry Christmas = BLITHESOME Christmas
BLITHESOME = lighthearted; merry; cheerful:
<He has a blithesome nature>

Pronunciation:- [blahyth -suh m, blahyth-]

Normally we say :Never take up bad means to earn money.

But this is incorrect. The correct sentence is :'Never take to bad means to earn money'.
If you have ever visited Shimla, you must have noticed one thing:The moment one reaches Shimla's bus stand, a hoard of people start
running behind you asking to help you carry your luggage to the
hotel. (Since vehicles are not allowed on Mall Road.)
Till now, you might (only) know them as coolies, but they are also
called PORTERS.
Also, Govinda's hit movie can be remembered as PORTER No.1
Wind Chime in a house,
A Teddy bear in a car,
An Aquarium in a restaurant,
Matching iPhone cover with handbag / nail polish
And the word is FRILLS
Unimportant things just to make something more attractive or
I neither know the name of the author, nor the bookseller. (Galat hai)
I know the name of neither the author nor the bookseller. (Sahi Hai)
He was either educated at Bombay or at Madras. (Galat hai)
He was educated either in Bombay or in Madras. (Sahi Hai)
Walking is good both for health and recreation. (Galat hai)
Walking is good for both health and recreation. (Sahi Hai)
The hit movie UGLY could be re named as 'Unprepossessing'
'Prepossessing' = that impresses favorably; engaging or attractive:

<He is a confident and prepossessing young man>

Unprepossessing = iska ultaa
SAGACIOUS : Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment,
and farsightedness, wise
key : remember the song "Ek chatur naar badi hoshiyar" can be sung
as ek SAGACIOUS naar badi Sagacious ....

Binani Cement ; Sadiyon ke liye .

Binani Cement; AEONS key Liye
AEONS :- A long period of time , ages ...
Word: ONUS (Noun)
Meaning: something that is one's duty or responsibility.
Key: The ONUS of keeping India clean is On US
So Cheesy no? Oops! I mean Easy*
Lol these winters make u feel hungry all the time
Chaar baj gaye lekin JAMBOREE abhi baaki hai
Remember, a very emotional speech by legend Amitabh Bachchan in
the end of the movie - Baghban ?
About how children these days fail to payback to their parents later in
life. Payback as in attention / care.
That is EPILOGUE : speech at the end of a play/movie reflecting upon
the conclusion of the movie.
PS: ''Jaa Simran Jaa''... is NOT an Epilogue.

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