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Stanley Hilton Sues Bush Cabal for 9-11 Conspiracy

(Photo: Pentagon's Paul Wolfowitz laughing at the people who believe the 9-11 C
over-Up Report)
Stanley Hilton, Bob Dole's former Chief of Staff, has launched a Federal law sui
t against top members of the Bush administration in a case alledging that Bush p
ersonally ordered 9/11 to take place. It was an operation that had been planned
for over 35 years to gain political advantage and to push the Neo-Con agenda.
In an interview with Alex Jones, Hilton stated that he has filed a taxpayers Cla
ss Action Civil Lawsuit representing 400 members of the families of the many vic
tims of the attacks as plaintiffs to claim that the Bush administration "violate
d the Constitutional Rights of the victims of 9/11".
The Suit will be launched under the Federal Fraudulant Claims Act, and under the
RICO Statute for being a "corrupt entity".
Hilton claimed that the 19 hijackers were actually FBI/CIA double agents who had
been originally brought into the U.S. to spy on Arab groups.

Stanley Hilton Sues Bush Cabal for 9-11 Conspiracy (continued)


Another claim that Hilton made was that Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA.
Hilton has deposed many people and has gathered documentary evidence, as well as
witnesses' sworn statements from FBI agents, FBI informants, officials in the P
entagon and in the U.S. Military, and U.S. Airforce. This evidence states that t
here were many drills and dress rehearsals for 9/11 before it actually took plac
He claims to have incriminating documents showing the Bush personally signed the
orders for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
He stated that he has interviewed individuals of NORAD and the Airforce about th
e "5 Tripod Drills" that were taking place that morning, one of which, had as it
's scenario, "planes crashing into the World Trade Center, and into the Pentagon
"! [This was way better than a potentially incriminating Stand Down order.] He a
lso stated that Dick Cheney was personally leading these Tripod drills from a si
tuation control room the morning of 9/11.
Out of the members of the military that had been ordered to take part, most thou
ght that the actual events of 9/11 were just part of these Tripod Drills when in
fact they had been no drill at all but were very real.
Hilton allegedly has a National Security Council Document clearly indicating the
"Go Ahead", "This in NO Drill" order. He also believes that the 19 hijackers we
re set up as a "Decoy Operation".
Alex Jones chimed in at this point to state that the Mainstream Media is all own
ed by the same military industrial complex that was behind the attacks.
Increasingly, witnesses have stated that they will come forward and testify but
only under subpeona due to official gag orders which they are currently bound by
Hilton believes that the "Patriot Act I, and II" were designed to prevent the ki
nd of political dissent over the governments complicity in these events that the
very lawsuit of Hilton represents. The term "Terrorist" is now being over-broad
ened as evidenced by, what happened to the protesters in New York City during th
e RNC.
The Neo-Con's plans are to continue to launch more "terrorist" attacks as needed
in order to further their plans, and more than that, to put up a smoke-screen t
o hide all that's already coming to light about their complicity in these events
Next will come "forced Psychological Assessments, and forced drugging."
Hilton stated that Bush and the Neo-Cons are a "Clear and Present Danger", to us
all, through the Patriot Act and through the threats to those who would speak o
ut which have already been made and which will be made in the future as more peo
ple come forward to testify.
Alex Jones then stated that, we must recognize this evil for the sake of all of
our freedoms. If we don't make a stand, they will have their way with us. "Heave
n help us", he said.

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JUNE 15, 2003 SUN

Updated 12:33pm CST
PRISON Analysis


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He was a senior advisor for Bob Dole, counsel for Bob Dole and others in the Rep
ublican Party. He s an expert on government-sponsored terrorism and has written a
book about it, throughout history. And he now has new revelations never before r
evealed from his depositions of witnesses involved in and around 9/11. He repres
ents over 400 of the victims of 9/11 s families and he has been given almost no at
tention. While some of the other groups headed by well-known PR bureaucrats, we ve
had them on the show, as well, are trying to suppress this information. Joining
us is Stanley Hilton. We are honored to have you on the show Stanley.
SH: Glad to be here.
AJ: Tell us just a little bit about yourself, your lawsuit, recap what we covere
d last year and in the last year. Tell us what s developed with the lawsuit and th
e new revelations that you told me about on the phone.
SH: Well, we filed the lawsuit last May against Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and
several other of the rest of the terrorists that run the U.S. government for co
mplicity in causing and also in aiding and abetting the 9/11 attacks, in order t
o promote their political agenda. And, we are in the process, you know these law
suits, they come and they go in terms of level of activity. And most of it is do
ne, you know, in confidential, called discovery, litigation that is depositions
under oath, battles in court to get documents. We are facing very strong resista
nce from the government. They are claiming national security over everything. Th
ey claim they don t want to release documents, etc. But I represent the people who
were victimized by what the government did. I m also challenging the constitution
ality of the so-called USA PATRIOT Act, they call it; the anti-patriot act is wh
at I call it. And Patriot Act I and II, with II in the wings, which the governme
nt plans to introduce this year, which will be even more severe than Patriot Act
I. And this new one, Patriot Act II, they are going to give Bush the right to d
eclare any American citizen a enemy combatant arbitrarily. And then take away your
citizenship. This will give the government the power to literally strip any Ame
rican of citizenship if Bush says you re an enemy combatant, ie: political opponen
t of the government. So anyway , we saw some very interesting documents and memo
randa, including several of those advisors around Bush, namely Wolfowitz, Wormse
r, Feith, Perle, the rest of them. And they actually wrote these memos several m
onths before 9/11, in which they fervently wished for a Pearl Harbor type inciden
t to give them the shock value that would enable them to ramp through their agend
AJ: And this you told me last week before this was on ABC News that you have got
ten some of this information through depositions and some other little tidbits t
hat haven t been disclosed. But also, you talked about how you deposed, you got th
e marriage certificates, the evidence, the photographs - a woman who was married
to one of the hijackers. You talked to what you said were six or eight people w
ho were connected to them. And then we have the news articles where the FBI gave
them homes, paid their rent, followed them around. We know Israel was involved
in similar things. Can you speak to that please?
SH: Yes, I do have a witness who was married, she s an American woman, but she was
married to one of the hijackers and she knew about seven of them. She met seven
of them. Essentially these Arab hijackers were double agents. That is, they wer
e operating inside the U.S. for ten to fifteen years in cells . Some of them used t
he term al Qaeda, they ve used other terms. Al Qaeda is just a word. That means no
thing. You could call them the Muslim Brotherhood, the Army of God, they go by a
ll sorts of names. But what they are is a series of cells that have been aided a
nd abetted by the U.S. Government. This woman was involved also, married to him
at the time of the 1993 World Trade Center first bombing and the Oklahoma City b
ombing when her ex-husband actually traveled to Oklahoma City several weeks before
the bombings. And they were involved, apparently, in that.
But what we have here is double agents. In that they nominally appear to be Arab
fanatics. But one of the points that she stressed is they are really not Muslim
s. They are more interested in Playboy than in the Koran. I mean these people dr
ink. They are very secular. They are not the fanatical Muslim zealots that the B
ush criminals would lead us to believe is what s operating here. What they are is
they receive regular payments from the U.S. Government. They have been recruited
by the CIA, FBI, counter-intelligence, and so-forth and paid money and allowed
to exchange information with U.S. government agents about various activities goi
ng on and....
AJ: Let me stop you right there Mr. Hilton. Everything you said was already back
ed up by mainstream reports. You ve gotten it now, in sworn testimony in depositio
ns under oath. But something that everybody wants to ignore is that three of the
hijackers, at least, were trained at Pensacola Naval Air Station not at a local
airfield - on the base, by the government, at least. Now we find out that eight
of the hijackers under names we heard are still alive in the Middle East, on te
levision doing interviews. You know, their faces, their names, same people. We h
ave then Mohamed Atta being sent over to the Defense Language School at Monterre
y. You talked to Steven Butler.
SH: Yeah.
AJ: The Colonel there, the Dean of the school. So, we know this. And then I have
the stories on, in in the 9/11 archives, which is
a great research tool for anybody, where they admit - FBI paid for their houses
, FBI lived with them, Mossad lived with them. Now, you re saying double agents. A
nd you re saying what we already had the pieces of here without your depositions,
but it s a great confirmation, that they re involved in World Trade Center I in 93 an
d Oklahoma City. But here s the deal, the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver,
gave the guys the detonators in the first World Trade Center. We know that. Tha
t s in the New York Times. We know that the feds were inside planting the bombs at
Oklahoma City and had these Iraqis outside with McVeigh. I ve talked to police, t
he FBI. So when you say double agent, I would venture to say that these are doub
le agents who were still alive who were just seen at the scene of the crime whil
e the globalists militarily carry out the attacks themselves. That s where the evi
dence points. But what you ve proven and what the news has proven is they at least
received payments and training and protection and the FBI has been told not to
stop these al Qaeda groups. Go ahead.
SH: Yeah, the witness I was talking about, personally met Atta - two Attas - Moh
amed and the younger brother. And they are alleged to be two of the ones on the
airliners. You know, the thing is, these individuals are, in my view, patsies . Tha
t is, they were paid by the government. I don t believe that they themselves flew
the planes into, as I said previously, allegations are that the government has t
his device that we codename Cyclops that allows, from an airbase nearby, to disa
ble the pilot s control of an airliners and to fly them by remote control.
AJ: That s admitted. It s decades old. It s called Global Hawk.
SH: Yeah, Global Hawk, right. Of course, the government denied that it s deployed . T
hey say they ve got the technology but they haven t deployed it.
AJ: Let me stop you. Let me stop you. This is really key, Sir. We are so honored
to have you. I ve really studied this and I want to give you.. You probably alrea
dy have and I want to reiterate it for the listeners. Bush, two days after the a
ttack at a speech in New York said that in the future we can remote control thes
e planes and land them so this doesn t happen. And someone reached up and physical
ly grabbed him by the arm and made him shut-up. And, if you ve seen The Masters of
Terror, we have the two Associated Press articles, after you were on our show and
brought this up that you have this from inside military officers.....
SH: Yes.
AJ: Suddenly, they had a cover story and two AP articles in the New York Daily N
ews, all in the film, where they said, Lo and behold, 8:30 in the morning, the CI
A was running a drill of flying jetliners into buildings in New York and D.C. It
just so happened at that very minute they were running this and it just so happe
ned that NORAD stood down for an hour and half, the 58 minutes in different case
s. I mean it s incredible when you add all this together. Go ahead.
SH: Yeah, that s right. The official government party line is, the first line of d
efense is the cause and effect of science fiction doesn t exist. But that s a total
lie. Anybody that works - and I ve spoken to hundreds of mechanics and maintenance
managers at United Airlines and American Airlines and several others and they a
ll confirm that technology exists.
AJ: Well, how do drones operate? The company is in Fort Worth.
SH: Sure, sure, the question is has it been deployed. The answer is: yes, it has
. I have one witness who was on the very same United aircraft from Newark, New J
ersey to San Francisco, four days before September 11th, and observed certain in
dividuals on that plane who were then later claimed to be the hijackers. He obse
rved them speaking with the government agents.
AJ: Is that Mr. Woods?
SH: I can t disclose names on that right now.
AJ: And then, he was threatened. I don t know if it is Woods but Woods said, he...
SH: No, it s not Woods. It s someone else. It s someone else. This is a civilian.
AJ: But with Woods, the famous actor, (garbled) and this is a problem, the FBI c
ame and said you tell anybody about this and you are going to jail.
SH: Well yes, that s right. The anti-Patriot Act I and II, as I call them, are the
tools which are very similar to what happened in Nazi Germany, Hitler s enabling
act after the Reichstag fire. It gave him dictatorial power. That s the goal here.
That s the end run. This is what we have to look at here - what their purpose ult
imately is. I mean this attempt to invade Iraq now, for no purpose, is coming I
guess next week or the week after, is just starting. This was planned long befor
e 9/11. These people around Wolfowitz and so forth. I mean I went to school with
Wolfowitz. I was at the same university in the late 60s when he was very active
with the Israelis over there at the University of Chicago. He was pursuing a PhD
and these people have an agenda. It s not an agenda that helps the America people
; it s an attempt to use this country and its power, to wreck this country, in the
service of another nefarious and ulterior goal.
AJ: Now, Mr. Hilton, there is a lot to cover. Can we just go through your deposi
tions and this is incredibly dangerous. You have incredible, amazing honor and w
ill, and I mean this Sir. God bless you. People like you are going to save this
country. Your witnesses do...You know what you are doing is very, very dangerous
. I m going to be honest with you, I hope you have large life insurance policies.
SH: (Laughs)
AJ: I need them too, but no, what you are really doing pierces the veil and you
are on target. But there is so many of us now, it s why they are on the run and we
are on the march. Go down some of the key stuff you ve got in depositions. I don t
want to give your whole case away..
SH: Well, as I mentioned, the individual on the aircraft that was later hijacked
, four days later - same flight, same destination - Newark to San Francisco - wh
at he observed, what others on that plane, including United flight attendants ob
served, were these individuals who four days later were said to be on the plane
that crashed it. And they re government controlled - and there is this term trade c
raft, meaning basically spying, counter spying. And one of the terms in trade cra
ft is control. These Arabs that were alleged to have done it had controls and so
me of our discovery has identified some of these people. They are FBI and CIA ag
ents who...
AJ: So they had control - actual agents or case officers and they had their litt
le minion drones with them.
SH: Yeah, these people operated in cells. The cells are from six to twelve indiv
iduals. And the cells move around, for instance, from Portland, Oregon to San Di
ego. It s just one example. But they didn t move all six to twelve of them by chance
. They were instructed to do it. They were at locations or schools or apartments
, etc., that were bought here. Again, this is from a direct eyewitness. This has
been verified with marriage certificates, documents, photographs - photographs
with bin Laden and his brothers.
AJ: Paid for by the U.S. Government. That s official.
SH: Yeah.
AJ: Associated Press, Washington Post and they just kind of brush that over.
SH: See the thing is that you look back in 93 and 95, Oklahoma City, World Trade C
enter, and you say well Clinton was in power; whereas now it s Bush. So you say we
ll how could it be the same players here? The answer is that the shadow governme
nt transcends individual political puppets that occupy 1600 Pennsylvania. I mean
it doesn t really make much difference whether it s Clinton or Bush. The shadow gov
ernment, as I call it, essentially is continuous. These bureaucrats that you ve go
t there at the Pentagon, State Dept., White House, etc., they stay on. They stay
on from administration to administration pursuing a certain agenda. And I think
this is all part of a pattern. And the latest example, manifestation was 9/11.
You ve got that and the anthrax attack which happened immediately right after 9/11
AJ: Well that turns out - the most weaponized form of anthrax ever seen, U.S. Go
vernment patented design. It is incredibly small microns, levels, coated in bent
onite, sent and then Bush is on Cipro, the anthrax antibiotic on September 10th,
with his cabinet. Judicial Watch tries to serve a summons to depose the press s
ecretary who admitted this and they tell them at the front gate, you ll be arreste
d if you depose us. Did you hear about that?
SH: Yes, I did.
AJ: Stay there. I mean Clinton didn t even do that. Stanley Hilton, an amazing man
, we'll be right back.
AJ: And we will take your calls for Mr. Hilton in the next hour. Again, this guy
knows what he s talking about. He has worked with some of the highest levels in t
he U.S. government, in the U.S. Senate. He was counsel to Bob Dole. He is a good
American. He knows tyranny when he sees it; same thing with me. Again, I ve been
a Republican for years but I m not this type of a Republican. I love America and t
he Bill of Rights. These neocons are the worst of Stalin and Hitler, rolled into
one. And I m not using those terms for effect. These are scary people. Mr. Hilton
, from your experience, what types of groups of people, the shadow government, w
hich they just announced, remember last year, that we ve known about for years. An
d what does the shadow government want this world to be like?
SH: Basically a one-world globalist tyranny controlled by them, of course, the n
eocons, neo-conservatives. But they are not really conservatives; they are radic
als because they are seeking a radical destruction of our way of life for the la
st two-hundred years. They re are basically introducing an alien anti-American for
m of tyranny which has more to do with old Europe and Asia than it has to do wit
h this country. The ultimate goal, of course, is to advance their own agenda. Ce
rtainly, the extension of Israel s borders from the Nile to the Euphrates as they
say the Bible mandates is certainly a major goal. No question about it. Emulatio
n of Sharon s government in Israel to turn the U.S. into sort of a super Israel, I
think is another purpose. And if you look at what s going on now with the propaga
nda war - all this 9/11 exaggerations and lies and so forth by these criminals a
round Bush. That is certainly aimed at the agenda of territorial expansion of Is
rael in the Middle East - the major goal, there is no question about it.
AJ: You know that s a key motive that I haven t talked enough about. We do have the
trillions of dollars of oil, the weapons sales, the $1.7 to 1.9 trillion cost of
a 5-year occupation paid into the Carlyle Group and others. The domestic police
state crackdown, the smokescreen for economic collapse while they consolidate,
while they suck Enron and other companies dry. They can declare national securit
y on investigations of that. But I would agree with you about Israel because wha
t makes me lean more toward what you re saying is that it s being one of the central
crown jewels or the star of the crown, one of the big ones, the head piece, is
that the announcement three months ago by Reuters, by Israel, that the governmen
t is going to let us kill American citizens in America. No judge, no jury, no no
thing, they re just going to kill us. And now at Janes weapons, this is mainstream,
you know the big world weapons tracker, came out about Israel and others, so di
d the Times of London, with race specific viruses and bacteria to kill other rac
es other than themselves. That is the ultimate of Hitlerian-type activities.
SH: Well, the term that has been used is Zionazis, I think it s an apt term - Zion
azis. And I think it s ironic because the Nazis based their theory on the Protocols
of the Elders of Zion, which are alleged to have been shaped by Czar claiming th
e Jews wanted world conflict. Now we ve got the complete reverse, where the curren
t Zionazis of Israel and their friends here in the Bush administration and elsew
here are emulating Hitler. It s come full circle. Essentially it is the same thing
, whether you call them Jews or non-Jews. The point is it s the same ideology - ty
AJ: Yeah, it could be Chinese, you know you said the Asian model. It s just old fa
shion, Egyptian, Babylonian, ancient tyranny.
SH: Yeah, Hitler used the word Jew. Today the word we are using terrorist. This
term terrorist can apply to anybody. As I said, they are attempting to legalize
it just as Hitler had the 1935 Nuremberg laws that outlawed the Jews. Well, now
they are trying to come out with an anti-patriot laws to outlaw any kind of diss
ent and to call you a terrorist if you attack Bush or these criminals around him
- these alien criminals. And I think the agenda is clear - it is to turn the Am
erican people into Palestinian slaves. I mean that s the way it seems to me - just
as the Israelis are treating the Palestinians there as sub-humans....
AJ: And then to legitimize that, they founded Hamas, which is now admitted. We ll
be right back, stay with us.
AJ: Whether it s Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, the globalists, the New World Ord
er is funded and trained them to bring you the crises, so they can offer their s
olution: world government. We are talking to Stanley Hilton. He is the lawyer fo
r over 400 of the victims families of 9/11. He is suing the government, not just
for prior knowledge, but for complicity. He now, on recap, has the evidence from
depositions, government agents, you name it, wives of supposed hijackers, that
they were paid, funded, housed, protected by the U.S. government. That s all come
out in mainstream news - but a piece here and a piece there: Oh, the FBI, in a st
range twist, owned the houses that the hijackers lived in and paid them. In anot
her twist, there were trained at a secret military program at Pensacola. On and o
n and on. The LA Times, before the attacks, Bush gives $134 million to the Talib
an. They re in business together, the bin Ladens are in satellites and oil and the
y just bought, through the Carlyle Group, Universal Studios. And they are buying
up radio networks and TV. We ve got all this happening and when you add it all to
gether.... Mr. Hilton, have you heard them talk about how torture is good? And a
s if that s not enough of terrorist suspects, now they want to torture terrorist s
uspects children but the Patriot Act, in Section 802, says that any action that e
ndangers human life and is a violation of any federal or state law. As a lawyer,
as Bob Doles former chief counsel, what does that mean when the definition is an
y action that endangers human life, that s a violation of federal or state law? Th
is isn t just going to be the Arabs that get tortured, is it?
SH: No, it s just a blank check for the government to completely destroy democracy
and torture any dissenter. You know, Alan Dershowitz, the so-called professor o
f law at Harvard, which is my alma mater, at Harvard University Law School. He s t
he one who is coming out with calling for torture. I believe he testified before
a Senate Committee a few weeks ago...
AJ: Stick needles under their fingers..
SH: Yeah. Well, you know, him and his book of chutzpah and elsewhere, there is a
nother Israeli firster, dual loyalist. But, I don t know if I should use the term
dual loyalist; I think rather Israeli loyalist. I mean these are the people behi
nd this. They use this....
AJ: Well, it is bazaar, it was Abrams, on the Abrams Report, on MSNBC, said let s t
orture people s children. I m sorry, torturing children is wrong. We are seeing this
unified Nazi-like, weird race thing.
SH: Yeah. Well, I hope this will backfire on them because this is outrageous. It s
an attempt to, there s a word in Hebrew called Goyim, which means non-Jews, it me
ans cattle. I think that summarizes it all. You know, you torture the cattle. Wh
at difference does it make? They re not the master race so you can t have first clas
s citizenship in Israel unless you are born from a Jewish mother. Now if that s no
t racism, you tell me what it is. These are the people we are dying for. I mean
that s the law of Israel. You can be born in Milwaukee and as long as your mother
is Jewish, you can become an Israeli citizen. But if you are born in Jerusalem a
nd you don t have a Jewish mother, you can t. But you tell me if that s not racist.
AJ: Israel has got a big problem because the left-wing has woken up to the incre
dible racism we are dealing with here. And whether it s Hitler or Jiang Zemin or I
srael involved in all this, it s wrong. Now, and when they say they are going to c
ome in here and kill American citizens with no trial, if it was Russians doing t
hat, would we put up with it?
SH: Well, Russia is our friend now. Bush is cozying up to Putin now. I guess Che
chnya, genocide Chechnya is okay because there are terrorists there. Why are the
se people suddenly our friends? I thought the whole cold war for 50 years....
AJ: And by the way, Putin got his war, he was caught blowing up apartment buildi
ngs. That s mainstream news, blaming it on the Chechens.
SH: --and theatres. Putin is just another version of the Russian Czars and the c
ommissars, and so on. These are people who are being presented as friends and Bu
sh is saying he is looking into this fellow s eyes and seeing a great man. Putin i
s an ex-KGB person, what do you expect from him? These people are being presente
d as models for this government; these are the individuals calling for torture w
ho are supposed to be leading this country.
AJ: Totally sick. We ll come back and take calls and recap some of the top news.
AJ: We are talking to Stanley Hilton, chief counsel to Bob Dole, one of the arch
itects of the Strategic Petroleum Initiative, to get that set up. And, of course
, he is a Harvard graduate, he represents 400 of the victims families, according
to press reports - over 400 of the victims families of 9/11. And he isn t charging
prior knowledge. He has the evidence, he s done the depositions on the facts, ladi
es and gentleman. Confirmed by news articles that already came out, he just want
ed to document it for himself, that the FBI and CIA handles and controls radical
Islam. Yitzhak Rabin, right before he was assassinated by Mossad, was a good ma
n for telling the truth, said, I apologize. He said it at Tel Aviv University, the
Jerusalem Post reported, for the fact that Israel founded Hamas to destabilize
the region so there could never be a true peace. So, whether it s Bush or the Comm
unist Chinese or the radical Israelis, these globalists need crises, they want w
ar, they want slavery, they want this to happen and it s happening - whether you re
Bush or Ariel Sharon, they are all together in this New World Order. And when th
ey start talking about torturing terrorist suspects, children, and assassinating
Americans, that s when I come out and say no.
I know we ve got Andy and Jackie and Gordon and Dan, they ve all been holding wantin
g to talk to you. Any other key depositions you ve done, not just with military of
ficers or witnesses of the feds protecting the hijackers on planes and training
them or people inside the airlines with the Global Hawk on these aircraft, all o
f this, break it down. Any other key smoking gun pieces of evidence and where s yo
ur lawsuit going. I read in the press, the government is declaring national secu
rity on that and on the fire fighter tapes, that recorded bombs going off. They
first said all the tapes malfunctioned. It turns out they were all there, grabbe
d by Bush. Could you break all this down for us. Any other key areas?
SH: You know there is a lot of this that I can t really talk about on the air for
obvious reasons. But I think the evidence is building as we are going to eventua
lly get it out to the light of day in public trial - which we hope to bring next
year, here in the federal court. Also, it s part of larger agenda, but what s reall
y going is we hope to examine the constitutionality of this anti-patriot act bec
ause it s clearly unconstitutional. The Eighth Amendment says you can t use cruel or
unusual punishment. But Dershowitz and his pals, and his friends around Bush, o
f course, don t think that means a damn thing. And they want to bring about a lawl
ess society under the guise of laws. And it s really largely political but I think
the evidence will show that these criminals are not only going to be removed fr
om power but brought to justice for their crimes, including mass murder and atte
mpting to destroy this country s democracy.
AJ: Well, I would say our constitutional republic. Mr. Hilton, I would add to th
at that across the board here, you read Patriot Act II. And I ve written an analys
is of it, on I mean it says they can grab you for any reason not e
ven knowing if you aided a terrorist. Grab you - not ever telling when they grab
bed you - you are a missing person. And then it s got a subsection on secret execu
SH: Yeah, this sounds like something out of a bad science fiction novel. But, th
roughout history, totalitarian regimes abuse terror as they instrument a state p
olicy and that s what we have today. It s just a continuation of history. I mean the
czars in Russian used it, the Nazis used it, the communists used it. It s nothing
new. This is just a new guise. They are bringing about selective terror. I woul
d suspect that they will try something again, maybe not quite as spectacular as
9/11 but certainly something of that nature to try again to galvanize, what s call
ed GSR, galvanic skin response, to get the people scared to death so they will g
ive up more and more of their rights. But it s all an illusion. What we need to do
is get rid of these criminals, bring them to justice, have them arrested under
a real tribunal and put them on trial for their crimes against not only the peop
le, but their crimes against humanity.
AJ: Well, it s amazing. You know the world is getting wise to this. The majority o
f people in Europe and I ve read the polls, are saying the globalists carried 9/11
SH: Oh yeah.
AJ: So where s your suit going? I mean how are they trying to block it using natio
nal security?
SH: By refusing to give us documents that we have subpoenaed, documents that we
have demanded by the regular court processes, by claiming that there is a nation
al security override. They have also attempted to bribe several of the plaintiff
s. One of the fellows I used to work with in the U.S. Senate, named Ken Feinberg
, he s in charge of handing out what I call sugar-coated bribes. That is monetary
awards to any of the victims of 9/11 and their families who will drop their suit
s or waive their right to sue. And, in fact, some of them have brought suit agai
nst Ken. I know the guy personally because I used to work with him on the Senate
Judiciary Committee. And that s one of the things they try to do. But as far as m
y suit is concerned, they are trying to raise this blanket of national security
and so a lot of it is involved in the litigation process and so forth. They can
claim to hide everything, to hide what they are doing. That s just a word. It mean
s nothing - national security - what does that mean? Especially when we are accu
sing these very individuals of sabotaging the national security of this country
to pursue their own political objective.
AJ: Well, the new Patriot Act gets rid of almost all civil rights suits and cour
t orders and gives them total immunity. Just like Bush, in Homeland Security, ga
ve vaccine makers immunity for autism class action suits. You re right, it s crimina
ls giving themselves immunity.
SH: That s right. Well, of course, you know in Nazi Germany you can t sue Hitler. Di
d anybody try to sue Hitler? No, he got immunity, too. And the same is true of t
he communists or czarist Russia, Mao Tse-tung in China, what have you, you canno
t enforce your rights unless you can bring these criminals to justice in a court
of law. And they are trying to take away that right - not only in that way but
in many other ways. They are trying to attack so-called trial lawyers - totally ta
ke away people s rights, to con them into believing that if you just blindly follo
w Bush, make Bush a god, and it is really very frightening.
AJ: What did you think - because I had Judicial Watch on - Judicial Watch is sui
ng Bush for the workers there at the post office who wouldn t get treatment even a
fter the anthrax attacks were going. It turns out Bush and his cabinet were on C
ipro. Judical Watch twice tried to serve papers to the White House press secreta
ry who admitted in the press conference October 10th, 2001, that they were all o
n Cipro. And they tried to deliver this subpoena for the deposition and they sai
d we ll arrest you. This was in the news, under the Patriot Act, if you drop that
subpoena. Now Clinton would accept subpoenas. Now they are threatening to arrest
people for terrorism if they give somebody a subpoena.
SH: Well, it s absurd but it s like the situation in the Albany, New York mall where
they arrested a guy for wearing a peace t-shirt. We are clearly losing civil li
berties here. It s just really awful. The way you do that, you undermine like a te
rmite, you undermine and destroy the foundation of people s freedom. I have a clie
nt here in San Francisco who was fired by Neiman Marcus a couple of weeks ago be
cause he was distributing some of your literature, Alex, like your videotapes an
d some of those deception dollars - that has Bush s face as basically a war crimin
al and as a big brother. And these people arrested him, they put him in handcuff
s, they beat him up, they escorted him out of there and they fired him. And they
said the country is in war.
AJ: By the way, he is a listener of this show, Abel Ash (?). When the security g
uy walked him in - he was doing this during his lunch break which everybody was
doing. And everybody was giving stuff out during lunch break. And they said to h
im, you are not allowed to do this. You are not allowed to speak out. We are at
war, you can t do that. And then they fired him. So it shows the mindset, the insa
ne mindset.
SH: Yeah, well it s pretty much like the analogy of termites. The criminals, what
they are doing is they are sending out the termites to undermine the foundation
of the country. Just as with termites, you can think there is a brilliant house
there that is a house ready to collapse because of the rot inside. That s what s hap
pening here in this country - it s rotting away and these termites are conning ave
rage citizens and security guards, mall guards to go out against people and they
are saying put an American flag, bumper sticker, on and that makes you a patrio
t. Meanwhile you are destroying the very principles the flag is supposed to repr
AJ: There you go. The listeners are very patient. Can we take some calls?
SH: Sure.
AJ: Andy in Ohio, and then Jackie, Gordan, Dan and Kevin. Go ahead Andy.
Andy: Hey Alex, it s good to talk to you.
AJ: You bet. You are on the air with our guest.
Andy: I m really pleased to talk to you, Mr. Hilton.
SH: Thank you.
Andy: And I wanted to ask you, do you think that the, on September 11th, were th
ere hijackers on those planes or not?
SH: You know, that s hard to say since we ve never seen, from the legal point of vie
w, the bodies. There have never been autopsies. They have never identified bodie
AJ: There was a passport found in the ruble, uncharred. It s turns out eight of th
e nineteen are still alive. It s clear they are patsies, as he said, just seen on
camera. We know that. What he is focusing on is: who paid their rent? The FBI. W
ho protected them? Who told FBI not to stop them? The FBI, the CIA, W199I, Bush.
Is that what you are saying Mr. Hilton? You could prove they worked for the U.S
. government.
SH: Oh yes, they were on the government payroll. There is no question, as I said
earlier, double agents. In some cases, triple agents. But, the point is that wh
at we have here is a situation where, in my opinion, some of those alleged ninet
een were on the plane, some were not. The person who used to be married to my wi
tness, for example, we have some evidence to believe that he is still alive, tha
t he has contacted her. And so how could he be dead in a crash when he is contac
ting her now? I mean, this is the kind of stuff we are dealing with now. These a
re individuals who were groomed by the U.S. government and they were protected.
AJ: And you said you have depositions that they were involved in Oklahoma City a
nd World Trade I.
SH: Yeah, that they took trips out there shortly before the April 19th, 1995 bom
bing, etc., etc. Even the date there, Hitler s birthday being April 20th, you know
that was all, of course, it can t be anti-Semitism because Hitler is the anti-Sem
ite. So that....
AJ: So they are trying to blame it on the right-wing using Islamic proxies. Now
we see the story being circulated that the real right-wing that is fighting the
New World Order is connected to Saddam. And why would Clinton, after these guys
were arrested by good FBI, order their release and why wouldn t the feds release t
he surveillance camera footage of them bombing the building? Correct, Stanley?
SH: Oh yes, yes.
(under fade-out music)
AJ: So surely, government operatives being protected and later being linked up w
ith the American people to sic homeland security on, let s face it, white people,
to get you trained to accept it, to get the Arabs, now it s for everybody.
AJ: Jackie in Oklahoma, you are on the air with the attorney suing George Bush f
or complicit action in 9/11, which is totally documented. A ten-year old could f
igure that out if we could just get the American people to face the facts. Jacki
e, go ahead.
Jackie: Hi Alex, we love you. I called in to find that you had a guest speaker.
AJ: I know you ve been holding. Do you have any comments or questions for our gues
Jackie: God bless you, Mr. Hilton, for your efforts. My concern is with the Powe
rs that Be having as much power and control as they do, if we are going to be ab
le to actually get into control of the crisis that is predicted that might happe
n. And my question for you Alex, is there is a deterrent of what s going on, reall
y, and it could be this planet that is headed this way.
AJ: Well, let me try to boil down what you are saying. The globalists, as Stanle
y said earlier are going to blow more stuff up to legitimize their war. We criti
cize it, point out how it s wrong. They go we ve got to do this to protect you. My job
is protecting the American people, Bush has said over and over again. They blow m
ore stuff up. He s poses as our savior. National talk show hosts out there, Michae
l Savage, has said that anyone who criticizes the government can be put in the f
orced labor camp. He s now on national TV, MSNBC, there on the Nazi channel, same
place where Abrams says to torture kids. He s on there saying put us in forced lab
or camps. So they are setting up this paradigm. That s why it s so important to expo
se them, the globalists, for being involved in 9/11 and that neutralizes them. M
r. Hilton, any comment.
SH: Well yeah, there is no question what she mentions that they have so much pow
er and all this. Well, all these tyrannical governments put on this shield of po
AJ: They always fall because of their own nature.
SH: Yeah, look at Russia and they had the communist tyranny but it fell eventual
ly because people were sick of it. If it s wrong from the inside, like the termite
analogy again, the structure will collapse. It could be a mansion, it could be
a fortress, but if you ll chip away at it, the underlying population realizes what
this fraudulent deception is, eventually it will collapse from within. It will
implode. As Lincoln would say, it s an implosion.
Jackie: But the obvious deterrent, the possibility, I know Alex doesn t want to ta
lk about it, of this planet headed this way.
AJ: That s a total diversion, total government...
SH: It s what?
AJ: Just don t worry about it. I appreciate the call Jackie. My goodness, it s just
the government controls the fake conspiracy shows and they talk about kooky stuf
f. Then everybody picks it up and goes with all that. And then it diverts everyb
ody. Let me tell you what the big thing the globalists are worried about. The pe
ople getting advance technology, the people getting life extension, sovereign na
tions having their own sovereignty, and the global empire losing control. That s w
hy they are racing to do this. Let s go to Gordon. Gordon, where are you calling f
rom tonight?
Gordon: I m calling from Toronto.
AJ: Welcome, from Canada, go ahead.
Gordon: Hi, I really appreciate your show and Hi Mr. Hilton.
SH: Hello
Gordon: The first time I heard about you was at the Washington protest in Octobe
r. I went there to attend and I was given a pamphlet where I discovered that you
were representing family members. And so I really appreciate your work and your
AJ: Almost a total news blackout and he represents more families than anybody el
Gordon: Right. Actually Alex, for you, I have something interesting. A couple of
weeks ago, I don t know the man, but I came across him. His name is Rocco Galati.
He was the lawyer for Delmart Vreeland and it was in a conference at the Univer
sity of Toronto. And he mentioned his name, so I waited until after the conferen
ce to speak to him. And, I approached him and asked him if he was Rocco Galati a
nd he said yes. And I asked him what had happened to Delmart Vreeland. And, he d
rew closer and whispered that, He s dead. I speculated that he was killed in August
and he said that he had been killed September the 4th of 2002.
AJ: Now wait, you re saying his lawyer said this?
Gordon: Yes, yes, indeed.
AJ: Did Mike Ruppert write about this?
Gordon: Not yet. Not that I ve seen.
AJ: Well I don t know if that s a true story. Were you familiar with the Vreeland st
ory, Mr. Hilton?
SH: No. No I m not.
AJ: Well he s this guy who did pass the jail guards and he was Naval Intelligence.
He was in jail, fleeing the U.S. government up in Canada.
SH: Oh, wait a minute. I think I know now. I actually do know who it is.
AJ: Yeah, he gave them the letter, saying that the World Trade Center is going t
o get knocked down. That was confirmed. And then this caller from Toronto is say
ing that he s dead. I don t know if that s the case. I ll have to find out.
SH: I know who it is but I don t know if he s alive or not. I don t know.
Gordon: Well, I mean, I think Galati is a good man. I don t think he is lying. He
may... That s what he may believe right now.
AJ: Why would he whisper that? We ll try to find out what happened. I ll make some c
alls. Okay? I don t like to speculate. I ll have to stay with what we can prove.
Gordon: Absolutely, I just want to mention that the next day was when he was due
for court for his trial.
SH: This is the fellow who was ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence?
AJ: Yes. ONI, right.
Gordon: The next day, he was due in court.
AJ: Alright, thanks for the call. We don t know if that s true. I ll have to check thi
s stuff out. There is an endless sea of real news. Why speculate? We ll be right b
ack with more calls for our guest.
AJ: Our guest is Stanley Hilton. We are so honored to have him on our show wit
h incredible revelations tonight. Amazing courage. If more of us had it, we co
uld save this country. There is a human cycle of tyranny and this one is waxing
probably worse than ever seen in world history. We must defeat it. Let s talk t
o Dan in New York. You are on the air with Stanley Hilton. Go ahead Dan.
Dan: Hi, glad to talk to you both. I ve from (garbled) New York, the hometown of
your good friend, Bill O Reilly actually. I watched the Road to Tyranny and I ve bee
n (garbled) quite often lately. And ever since 9/11, I have been a patriot and
I love this country so much. And when I see what Bush has been doing, it s making
me sick. I mean, I m eighteen years old and I know kids in my school who just d
on t care about this kind of stuff. They don t see the big major..
AJ: They are going to care when they get drafted to serve in the Homeland Army
in the 63 countries, 62 countries they want to hit. Mr. Hilton?
SH: Yes, they ll care if they get an M-16, and khaki pants and a uniform to go ou
t and fight for senseless wars in Iraq, Israel or whatever - or something that h
as nothing to do with American security.
Dan: Right, I fully agree with you. What I really wanted to call about, in (ga
rbled) this past Sunday, I wrote a paper and I was kind of anti-war. I basicall
y said that the Gulf War is about oil and this is the whole entire motive behind
the war and they just kind of shut me out. I mean they were nice; (garbled) bu
t they were pretty biased.
AJ: Oh yeah, some public schools in the East, there have been several articles,
they say pro-peace papers are hurting the children or military people s feelings,
so those won t be allowed now.
SH: Well, you know, as far is the war is concerned, there was a Congressman up
there near northern Virginia that was attacked by the mainstream media just a fe
w days ago because he said this war is about Israel. And he, of course, was imm
ediately accused of being anti-Semitic, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. And, so y
ou know, not only are you accused of being a terrorist, of being anti-government
but you are accused of being an anti-Semite if you just exercise your freedom o
f speech about what s going on.
AJ: Again, Stanley Hilton, former chief counsel for Bob Dole. And I think he p
ointed it out well. You oppose the tyranny of communist Russia, the tyranny of
Adolf Hitler, the tyranny of Bush, the tyranny of Israel, the tyranny of Iraq, a
ny of these countries. But you are right, you are not even supposed to just cri
ticize and I m angry at Israel saying that they are going to assassinate American
citizens without a trial here in America. I mean we d be mad if the Chinese said
they d do that. We d be mad if the Mexican troops, which are doing that by the way,
they ve got bounties on Border Patrol s heads. But Israel can do it and it is wron
g. And that is happening and I agree we should speak out against it. And I thi
nk the left wing should get more focused, not on making the UN the big authority
because it s all controlled as well, but pointing out this whole, as you said, th
is shadow world government, this world fascist state, is using these organs. An
ything else, Dan?
Dan: I just wanted to say that, I mean, I feel really bad that I m kind of like,
my generation they just don t care about it.
SH: Apathetic, yeah, apathetic.
Dan: It s really (garbled)
AJ: Well, look it was 5% that won the Revolutionary War in 1776. It was 2% tha
t started it, Sir. So, believe me, our numbers - Stanley wouldn t you say that ou
r numbers are probably (crosstalk)
SH: Yeah, but minorities have always wielded at the cutting edge of history, yo
u know. It s always been a minority. Even if you look at the Bolshevik or the how
the Nazis started out with (garbled) people who were revolutionary people who w
ere very few, who were adamantly against the British tyranny. That s true, minori
ties have always wielded the cutting edge of history.
AJ: Yeah, so you don t want, I don t mean to be mean, but somebody watching America
n Idol drooling, drinking whiskey or snorting cocaine - those poor sad people, we
are trying to protect their rights and they ll never thank us. But it doesn t matt
er. We re protecting our family and our children. Thanks for the call Dan.
Dan: No problem.
AJ: Yeah, I mean people start talking about torturing kids, I come out against
them. It s that simple.
SH: It s being done in the Middle East everyday now. You know the Palestinians a
re being tortured and murdered everyday. So it s nothing new.
AJ: I ve seen the video of them shooting 5-year old kids and it s wrong. And then
you find out that Israel founded Hamas, that s Yitzhak Rabin, that s not me. It s Uni
ted Press International. Let s talk to Kevin in Pennsylvania. Kevin you re on the
air, go ahead.
Kevin: Good evening, Alex. And I d like to say hi to your guest and I d also like
to say to the gentleman that called right before me that I am part of your gener
ation. I m 23 years old and I see it. Alex, I haven t be able to able to get your
video yet, the Road to Tyranny, but guess what? I ve found a way to hook my short w
ave radio into my stereo. Just snap off the back of it and hooked the computer
wire to the two terminals of the speaker and then hook it into the in-jacks of t
he tape deck and it tapes it in stereo, even though the radio only broadcasts/co
mes out mono. So I can start giving out your programs.
AJ: That is a great thing to do. You also want to call a local station and get
them to (crosstalk)
Kevin: I m going to do better, I m going to send tapes of it to the local radio sta
tions, of your programs. You know, and figure out which ones that I tape are th
e most compelling. I also would like to say I saw a little advertisement on the
Weather Channel for Homeland Security. 1-800-BE-READY And I called that up an
d I played them and I played the number that you call for the makers for the mar
k of the beast, Applied Digital. I played them your commercial.
SH: I just want to say something about the so-called Homeland, I call it Homel
and Insecurity.
Kevin: I call it the Department of the New World Order.
AJ: Yeah, it s a Nazi term.
SH: Yeah, Homeland Insecurity, the purpose is to make Americans insecure not se
cure. Let me just tell you this, briefly, the lady that s a witness that was marr
ied to one of the hijackers, she has been interviewed by the FBI thirty times an
d has told them various things which they have then used for this orange alert,
red alert. She has actually shown me how they ve used some things that were total
ly made up. And so this is a complete fraud. This is a complete fraud.
Kevin: Nothing happened, I think that was because they knew people were like, k
ind of on edge.
AJ: That s so when they blow stuff up, they go, See we warned you. Now when there s
an orange alert, we are going to lock the cities down. Watch the (crosstalk)
Kevin: I heard about it on the radio station, in my area...
AJ: Let me tell you this. Under a red alert, your children will be taken in sc
hool to a FEMA center, you won t be allowed to get them. Go ahead.
Kevin: That s what they were saying on, there is a school around here. They were
going, If there are terrorists, well, we ve got to keep food and supplies. And the
y are saying that they might not let you get your kids.
SH: Let me just tell you, one of the people we ve interviewed for the case is a f
ormer top official at FEMA, who was there during the Reagan Administration and t
he first Bush Administration. And, again, FEMA being one of the agencies that w
ould swing into action in the event of an emergency would have blueprints for esta
blishing martial law in this country.
AJ: Sir? Mr. Hilton? Mr Hilton? Hold on. We posted mainstream news articles l
ast week where they admit giant one-million man concentration camps with, this i
s Rocky Mountain News, with incinerators, mass graves already ready.
Kevin: They are taking some tips from Hitler, huh?
AJ: Tell me. Mr. Hilton, I m not joking, I m serious.
SH: I believe it. I believe it. Yeah, these people are dangerous, they re crimi
Kevin: (Crosstalk) anti-Christ, do you think might try (garbled).
AJ: No, sir, I don t get into all those (crosstalk)
Kevin: I know, when are you going to be on Coast to Coast? I emailed them to g
et you on.
AJ: Well, I appreciate it.
Kevin: I do all I can to fight the New World Order. I am.
AJ: Alright, bro. Thanks for the call. I just know - the poor folks in Rwanda
, when the UN was killing them, thought that it was the anti-Christ and they wer
e about to get raptured out. It didn t happen. Same thing with Hitler, folks, Go
d helps those who help themselves. I believe in God. I m a Christian. But I bel
ieve we ve got these phony churches, have been infiltrated by the government, are
telling you to lay down. And we ve got to say no to that.
SH: The other thing I want to say about the rapture, eschatology and so on, is
that a lot of these right-wing churches support Israel because they feel that th
e Bible gives them the right to extend to the Nile and Euphrates and beyond. An
d it s just another propaganda ploy to support our going out there and dying for I
srael - because the Bible says so. Now, I don t think, I mean this idea that Jesu
s will come with a rapture tomorrow if we support Israel today, we ve got Armagedd
on around the corner, I mean this is nonsense. This is just a complete sham. B
ut, why do all the right-wing evangelical Christians support this state which (c
AJ: Hold on, they re not right-wing; they re neocons.
SH: Well, no, they re cons, as in con artists. But I mean, the point is that why
do you support a country that is anti-Christian? I mean, it s not only anti-Chri
stian but it has attempted to shutdown Christmas, take away Christmas trees, etc
., etc., you know, national holidays, take away crosses in cities. I mean this
is what we are fighting for.
AJ: Absolutely and that s why Yitzhak Rabin was killed because he wouldn t go along
with it. And I would add to that that it s this global body. It s the large centr
al banks that are made up of the Bushes, the Dutch, the British - it s all connect
ed. Let s take some more calls. Up next is, only two more calls and we ve got to l
et our guest go, Rich in Maryland, go ahead, you are on the air.
Rich: Hey, you guys are right on target tonight. And, Stanley, you are right a
bout the term dual loyalist is a little generous. They are Israeli firsters and t
hese zionists are running the show. And, Alex, you are right that they are goin
g after the Arabs now but next, next it s going to be guess what? The white peopl
SH: Yeah, well the Arabs are not really Muslim fanatics as was presented, as I
said earlier, the eye witness, these people are more interested in Playboy than
in the Koran.
AJ: Well, let me just say this. I don t come up with this comment out of nowhere
. I look at the FBI training manuals, I have them on tape, I have them on video
and when I say white people, I want racist white America that goes, oh yeah Bush
killed them Arabs. It s acceptable to have radio promos where he goes, Look at the
camels run, look at them ragheads. That s on national radio. That type of racism
is acceptable and I think it s disgusting. And then, they ll come back - well I wa
nt white America to know that what FEMA is creating and what they are training p
olice is: Christians, gun owners, home schoolers, those who believe in the secon
d coming of Christ - I have it in my film, their documents, their news articles,
them on video. I want people to know that this Homeland Security deal that the
y want to merge and blame on the right-wing, the real right-wing, not the neocon
s, with Oklahoma City, connecting the two Iraqis. Mr. Stanley Hilton interviewe
d government officials, has the depositions, knows that these Muslims that were
hired were there at World Trade Center I, II and Oklahoma City. That s the frame-
up. So, that s what they are doing. Now, go ahead Rich.
Rich: Yeah, and I think in the end, you know, what we are looking at here, this
thing s going to be, you know they ve got up to what 500,000 foreign troops they ar
e planning to put here?
AJ: Let me tell Mr. Hilton about that. He s a very intelligent man and he has wr
itten books on this subject, again Bob Dole s chief counsel, but I have AP, Reuter
s, CVC, Washington Post - this sounds so crazy, this is not my opinion. Just li
ke the incinerators or torturing kids, I mean they are saying all this. It is i
n my film, Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror, both of them, where they say - the
y have signed deals to bring Dutch, Check Republic, Mexican, Canadian, British,
and yes Israeli, all of these people here. I ve been to training ops where they t
rain to put us in camps. They have signed the deals to bring them in to deal wit
h American terrorists. Mr. Hilton, have you heard about that?
SH: Yes, I have. I think, I ve heard from the person that I mentioned before tha
t was from FEMA. There is definitely an agenda here. I mean this is something
that is truly I think of world historical significance with what s down the line h
ere. I mean this is not a minor thing. This is not about finding who caused 9/
11, we know who did, he s sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania. That s where he is. I mean
, we know who did it. But this is all about this larger entity, what they are t
rying to do. This is - if you look again from the historical perspective, there
have been others in history who had similar goals. This one (garbled) has high
technology and they are pulling the wool over Americans eyes with the media axe,
the mass media axe as they call them.
AJ: And NAFTA and GATT has been their economic warfare tool to get everybody ec
onomically dependent.
SH: Oh yeah, I think the attempt - the Bush depression is intentional. It s not
negligent. I think competence - I don t think it s negligence; I think it s intention
al to wreck this country s economy in order to make the people more dependent, mor
e scared, more insecure. The Department of Homeland Insecurity will extend econ
omic insecurity.
AJ: And they are going to have national service in the new bill. There is a ne
w bill for compulsory national service and you will all get jobs from the govern
ment. They ve even said it. I watched the Homeland Security meeting with Ridge o
n C-span and he said it. He said they are going to have troops in the factories
Rich: Now, Alex, what they are going to do. They are going to do the man behin
d the screen thing. You know what I mean? The Wizard of Oz thing? They are go
ing to have, let s say, a half a million, 500,000 foreign troops. Okay. You ve got
285 million people, most of them are armed.
AJ: The problem is we are all balkanized fighting with each other but it s true
- a motivated minority of us can defeat this. Thanks for the call. But it take
s telling the truth and getting involved. One last call for our guest, Stanley
Hilton, who I really want to thank for coming on the show. Rhonda, in Missouri,
you re on the air, go ahead.
Rhonda: Evening, Gentleman. Thank you guys for all your work. That was Congre
ssman Moran that....
SH: Right
Rhonda: made that statement. He has since apologized for it.
SH: Of course, under pressure from Bush.
Rhonda: Yeah.
AJ: Whose father was arrested for funding the Nazis, running almost all of thei
r operations. Again.
Rhonda: You know this Rapture cult kind of fits in good with the Fatherland Sec
urity because when people start disappearing, they can just blame it on the rapt
ure. We can t find them; I don t know where they are. God must have took them.
SH: In South America, it s called desaparedetos (sp), which means it disappeared.
You have this in Chile and Argentina, etc. - hundreds of thousands of people d
isappeared. Their families go marching around the central square on Saturday af
ternoons. I mean that s what you are going to be seeing here pretty soon - people
that have disappeared. I they are going to wonder where did they go? And that s
the goal here - to spread terror, to make you feel that unless you tow the line
you are going to be picked up next. That s the ultimate form of power.
AJ: And if you give in to that they win. We ve got to stand up like Paul Revere
and say uh-uh baby.
Rhonda: What I want to ask you is, in deposing these military, how s the military
feeling about what s happened?
SH: A lot of the military are very angry about what s happened. They don t like wh
at they are seeing. The military, however, literally there is no democracy in t
he military. There is no freedom of speech because you are basically a foot sol
dier, literally, in the army so you are the last person that is supposed to diss
ent. Many of them are threatened - they are threatened with the court-martials,
they are not allowed to express freedom of speech. I wish several would resign
in protest to make the point. There was a fellow who resigned from the governm
ent ....
AJ: Ambassador
SH: Yeah, right the ambassador, to make the point. But the military is a littl
e different in that.....
AJ: The Washington Times reported, the lowest morale ever, ever at the Pentagon
Rhonda: I know I spent fourteen years in the service. I know if you don t speak t
heir language, you ve got to keep your mouth shut or they can throw you in the bri
AJ: Rhonda, we are almost out of time. I want to thank you for the call.
Rhonda: Okay.
AJ: Mr. Hilton, thanks for coming on. Thanks for all your work. As the suit de
velops, can we have you back on?
SH: Sure, sure, I ll keep you posted. And we hope that we will be able to bring
these criminals to justice eventually because they ought to be not in a civil la
wsuit but in a criminal court in the docket. And I m hoping that eventually they
will all be brought down, all of them (crosstalk).
AJ: You re right, it s the minority on the cutting edge of history. You are on tha
t cutting edge. If we don t speak up now, our children won t have any future. Will
they? We are out of time with Stanley Hilton. I ll be right back, stay with us.
You can listren to the MP3 audio of this interview at

Stanley Hilton Lawsuit

by Stanley Hilton
Second Amended Complaint For Damages, Injunction And Declaratory ReliefJURY TRIA
First Cause Of Action: Taxpayer Suit Under The Constitution.1. Plaintiffs are al
l taxpayers of the united states of America, except for plaintiff "United States
Government" ("USG"), which is named as a plaintiff because 31 us code ? 3730(b)
states that an action under the Federal Fraudulent Claims Act must be brought i
n the name of the US government. Plaintiffs also aver that they bring this actio
n in the name of all victims of defendants' schemes as stated in this action, in
cluding soldiers and others forced to go to Iraq by defendants and risk and lose
their lives and limbs.
2. Plaintiffs are suing only those defendants named in the caption of this amend
ed complaint.
3. This is an actual case and controversy and is not "Political" case. In partic
ular, the second cause of action for violation of 31 US Code sec. 3729 is brough
t under 31 US CODE ? 3730 (b), which states that private citizens have rights to
bring such an action against Bush et al. In the name of the "united states gove
rnment," to recover funds of which the USG has been defrauded by defendants, via
false claims plaintiffs accuse defendants of violating federal laws and abusing
powers, i.e. committing illegal acts, not of political decisions. The acts are
ministerial, not discretionary. Defendants violated clearly established laws and
rights of plaintiffs, such as first amendment rights of free speech and 4th ame
ndment rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, and cannot claim
"qualified immunity." Though they are high federal officeholders, defendants are
not immune from suit. A sitting president can be sued for violating clearly est
ablished laws in office.
4. Plaintiffs demand a jury trial.
5. The statute of limitations does not bar this action.
6. Plaintiffs seek a declaratory judgment and opinion declaring the USA patriot
acts I and II unconstitutional, for violating plaintiffs' clearly established co
nstitutional rights under the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th , 8th and 9th and 14th ame
ndments to the US constitution, we ask the court to enjoin enforcement of the US
A Patriot Acts I and II accordingly.
7. Plaintiffs also ask the court to render a declaratory judgment declaring the
military action in Iraq to be unconstitutional.
8. There is a need for an injunction because defendants continue to squander tax
payers' money and there is reason to believe defendants plan further military ad
ventures which would drain the treasury, deprive plaintiffs of federal funds and
tax money.
9. Defendants all have offices in San Francisco, CA and operate here.
10. Jurisdiction over ths case is conferred by federal statutes 28 U.S.C. sec. 1
331, 31 U.S.C. ?? 3729 et seq., 18 U.S.C. ?? 1961 et seq. and directly under the
US Constitution.
11. VENUE: Venue is proper here because, inter alia, plaintiffs live here and on
e of the skyjacked aircraft that crashed on sept. 11, 2001 (UAL flight # 93) was
bound for San Francisco, ca, and because plaintiffs suffered damages here as th
ey reside here. Also 18 US CODE ? 1965 and 31 US CODE ? 3729-3731 provided that
actions under RICO and the Federal Fraudulent Claims Act may be brought in the d
istrict where the person injured (plaintiffs) resides. Plaintiffs reside in this
12. Plaintiffs aver that defendants all conspired with the government of Saudi A
rabia("GSA") prior to 9/11/01 to knowingly finance, encourage, recruit, permit,
and aid and abet, certain individuals to carry out the 9/11/01 attacks on the Wo
rld Trade Center and Pentagon, in order to orchestrate a contrived, stylized and
artificial "second Pearl Harbour" event for the purpose of galvanizing public s
upport for their military adventure agenda in the middle east, and in order to p
ersuade congress to enact their repressive patriot acts I and ii for the purpose
of suppressing political dissent inside the us. Plaintiffs aver that defendants
Bush et al. Knew about plans by "Al Quaeda" to launch the 911 attacks (hereinaf
ter referred to as "the 911 acts"), and conspired with gSA to fund, finance and
encourage said Al Quaeda individuals (many of whom were acting as informants and
agents of defendants) to mount the 911 attacks, and allowed these attacks to oc
cur deliberately, thereby violating clearly established rights of plaintiffs. Pl
aintiffs also are informed and believe, and so aver, that defendants orchestrate
d the 911 acts and utilized a technology known as "fly by wire"("fbw"), i.e., re
mote control of aircraft, in the 911 acts. Said technology is also employed in t
he "global hawk" aircraft and military drone aircraft, and in commercial aircraf
t used in the 911 acts. Then, defendants concocted a scheme to cover up what the
y had done and suppress their prior knowledge and approval of the 911 acts.
13. Plaintiffs also aver that defendants knowingly utilized the climate of fear
and hysterical created by the 911 acts, and deliberately concocted untrue and fr
audulent claims of "weapons of mass destruction" ("WMD") said to be present in I
raq, from 9/11/01 through the present, and particularly in october 2002, when de
fendants presented these false claims to congress in order to obtain a resolutio
n "Enabling act" which Bush then used to launch a preemptive war against the sov
ereign state of Iraq.
14. As a proximate result of defendants' acts and violation of the constitution
and clearly established rights of plaintiffs, plaintiffs suffered severe damage
in loss of taxpayer revenues, emotional distress, loss of government services, a
nd other damages. Plaintiffs have been prevented from exercising their free spee
ch rights by us forest rangers and other officials, who have banned distribution
of certain literature that is critical of defendants' handling of the 911 acts
(Plaintiff Scott MUNSUN was stopped by federal park rangers from distributing li
terature critical of defendants and Bush and the 911 acts, at Baker Beach in San
Francisco, on or about May 28, 2003, and his literature was confiscated by the
ranger). Plaintiffs have been approached by defendants, federal officials, and h
ave had their literature and videotapes etc seized, and have been threatened wit
h arrest if they did not cease distributing the literature and videos. Plaintiff
s have been fired from their jobs, including plaintiff ashes, who was fired from
his job at a Nieman Marcus department store in San Francisco (and assaulted by
Nieman Marcus store employees telling him "you cant distribute that, the country
is 'at war.'") on or about Feb. 23, 2003, for distributing any 911-related or a
nti-Iraq-war literature and videos critical of the government. Under the guise o
f the mantra, "the country is at war," plaintiffs have suffered loss of freedoms
and loss of tax dollars. And all the while, all the while., defendants have con
tinued to march forward with their cavalcade of horrors intended to frighten the
plaintiffs into coughing up endless moneys. Plaintiffs have also lost liberties
as defendants have finagled new laws and rules and regulations enabling them to
read private e mail, wiretap, etc., all of which violate plaintiffs; 4th amendm
ent rights to freedom from unreasonable governed search and seizure and plaintif
f have suffered loss of liberty, loss of freedom etc. as defendants have proceed
ed on their plan to disable us democracy and impose totalitarian controls and la
ws, solely in order to tighten their grip on power for political ends. Plaintiff
TIBBS is a veteran who has been damaged by being forced to accept smaller amoun
ts of military pensions and other benefits than would otherwise be the case but
for the expensive and wasteful wars of aggression conducted by defendants in Ira
q etc., which have bankrupted the us economy and prevented veterans from getting
their just rewards in the form of medical and health services, pensions etc. Al
so plaintiffs are informed and believe that defendants have utilized and impleme
nted the USA PATRIOT ACTS I AND II to spy on them, invade their privacy, interce
pt communications intended to be private, invade the privacy of what books they
read at libraries and bought at bookstores, what financial accounts they have an
d what financial transactions they engaged in, etc. Also the defendants appear t
o be prepared to strip some of the plaintiffs of their US citizenship under the
USA PATRIOT ACTS I AND II, as a mens of suppressing political dissent. This viol
ation of plaintiffs' rights has been brazen in its scope and dangerous.
15. Defendant Bush and the other defendants have deliberately conspired with the
government of Saudi Arabia to harm the interests of plaintiffs, and to violate
plaintiffs' clearly established rights, and to manipulate petroleum prices, whic
h have more than doubled since fall 2001, from $ 16/bbl to $ 40/bbl. in addition
, Defendants created "sweetheart deals" with certain companies and awarded these
deals to "reconstruct and rebuild" Iraq. These companies include defendant Chen
ey's company Haliburton, Bechtel and others. Taxpayer money has been showered on
these companies which damaged plaintiffs' rights and interests.
16. There is no adequate remedy at law to compensate plaintiff and protect them
from future acts of grossly negligent and intentional malfeasance in office by d
efendants, and therefore plaintiff ask for and are entitled to receive an injunc
tion removing defendants from office and enjoining them from carrying out any fu
rther duties in defense of this country. Plaintiffs are informed and believe tha
t defendants are dangerous and hence an injunction should issue requiring defend
ants to fulfill their constitutional duties forthwith, or remove themselves from
office or be removed from office by all legitimate constitutional means.
17. The USA Patriot Acts, I and II, planned and implemented by defendants as a m
eans of suppressing and chilling exercise of political dissent, violate plaintif
fs' constitutional rights under the 1st, 5th, fourth and 14th amendments to the
constitution, in that they constitute an invasion of privacy and give the federa
l government vast unconstitutional powers to spy on us citizens, i.e., plaintiff
s, for defendants; own nefarious political purpose. Ashcroft should be enjoined
from enforcing the patriot laws.
18. The actions, misfeasance, malfeasance and other acts committed by defendants
as alleged above, in the first cause of action, amount to negligence, misfeasan
ce malfeasance in discharge of defendants duties to plaintiffs, and defendants h
ave breached the duty they had to protect plaintiffs from terrorists and physica
l and emotional harm.
19. As a proximate result of defendants' malfeasance and violation of the consti
tution, plaintiffs suffered severe damage in regard to emotional distress, loss
of government services, waste of government money, creation of huge federal budg
et deficits and resultant interest (including interest paid to GSA), diminution
of federal services and funds due to diverting funds to Bush's Iraq misadventure
, etc. . plaintiffs have also lost liberties as defendants have finagled new law
s and rules and regulations enabling them to read private e mail, wiretap, etc.,
. all of which violate plaintiffs; 4th amendment rights to freedom from unreason
able governed search and seizure and plaintiff have suffered loss of liberty, lo
ss of freedom etc.., as defendants have proceeded on their plan to disable us de
mocracy and impose totalitarian controls and laws, solely in order to tighten th
eir grip on power for political ends.
20. Whereas defendants pose a "clear and present danger" to the lives and libert
ies and freedoms of plaintiffs, and to the us treasury which they have been bank
rupting by wasteful wastrel spending on meaningless wars of aggression, and wher
eas there is no adequate remedy at law to compensate plaintiff and protect them
from future acts of grossly negligent and intentional malfeasance in office by d
efendants, and therefore plaintiff ask for and are entitled to receive an injunc
tion removing defendants from office and enjoining them from carrying out any fu
rther duties in defense of this country. Plaintiffs are informed and believe tha
t defendants are dangerous and hence an injunction should issue requiring defend
ants to fulfill their constitutional duties forthwith, or remove themselves from
office or be removed from office by all legitimate constitutional means.
Wherefore plaintiffs pray for relief as hereinafter alleged.
Second cause of action: Violation of Fraudulent Claims Act: 31 U.S.C. ?? 3729, 3
730 et seq (Brought in the name of the United States Government pursuant to 31 U
.S.C. ? 3730(b)
21. Paragraphs 1 through 20 are repeated here and incorporated by reference.
22. The actions of defendants as described supra amount to presentation of false
claims to Congress for taxpayer money in violation of the FEDERAL FRAUDULENT CL
AIMS ACT ("FCA") , 31 U.S.C. ?? 3729 et seq., in that defendants all presented t
o Congress false and fraudulent claims to Congress "for payment or approval" fro
m 9/11/01 through present, in that defendants presented a fraudulent claim to Co
ngress that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction ('WMD"), when this was in
fact totally untrue and defendants had utterly no evidence of WMD in Iraq (as p
roven by the fact that after 18 months of war and search, defendants have failed
to find any WMD anywhere in Iraq. Therefore this is evidence that defendants mu
st have presented a deliberately false and fraudulent claim before Congress in o
ctober 2002 and other times between 9/11/01 and the present, a fraudulent claim
for taxpayer moneys. Defendants also presented fraudulent claims to Congress fro
m 9/12/01 to the present that "Osama Bin Laden" was a live leader of a worldwide
conspiracy to deploy WMD against the US and to destroy and inflict severe damag
e against the US, when in fact defendants knew that Osama Bin Laden had been kil
led many years before 9/11/01. Hence they fraudulently presented a dead man as t
he casus belli justifying waste of resources to pursue a pointless War against A
fghanistan. Defendants also presented fraudulent claims to Congress from 9/11/01
to the present, that Saddam Hussein and the government of Iraq were linked to B
in Laden and al Quaeda and that Hussein and Iraq had been involved in planning a
nd executing the 911 attacks. These utterly fraudulent claims were used by defen
dants to finagle public funds out of Congress for pointless wars against Iraq, a
nd waste of the treasury funds. These were fraudulent claims because Bush et al
went before congress in october 2002, through the present, and presented a false
claim that there were weapons of mass destruction ensconced in Iraq, which requ
iring immediate military action to obviate an imminent attack on the us. Defenda
nt Rice fraudulently alleged that a "mushroom cloud" over the USA (to be launche
d by Iraq) was a clear and present danger that was imminent, and Bush et al. Cla
imed that Iraq had bought nuclear weapons material, chemical and biological weap
ons ("CBW"), and other WMD and that Iraq planned to deploy such weapons against
the USA. All of these claims were false and fraudulent, and known to defendants
to be false and fraudulent at the time they were made. This violated the Federal
Fraudulent Claims Act ("FCA")
23. Plaintiffs have standing to bring this civil action under 31 U.S.C. sec. 373
0(b), as us citizens.
24. The statute of limitations for this cause of action is 6 years-see 31 U.S.C.
?3731. Hence the action is timely.
25. As a proximate result of said violation of the FCA, plaintiffs have suffered
damages, to wit, loss of taxpayer money on a useless and purposeless boondoggle
in Iraq, denial and reduction in public services because of the diverting of fe
deral taxpayer funds to the Iraq misadventure, loss of life in a purposeless act
ivity, infliction of emotional distress, creation of huge federal budget deficit
s and resultant interest charges (including interest paid to gSA), etc.
26. Plaintiffs request an order compelling defendants to reimburse the US treasu
ry for the federal funds they defrauded the Congress into giving them, by making
deliberately false and fraudulent claims of WMD, mushroom clouds, CBW and the l
Wherefore plaintiffs pray for relief as hereinafter described.
Third cause of action: RICO statute: 18 US CODE ?? 1961 ET SEQ.24. Paragraphs 1
through 23 are repeated here and incorporated by reference.
25. All of the above-described acts by defendants constitute a violation of the
RICO statute, 18 US CODE ?? 1961 ET SEQ. In particular, defendants have received
income derived from a pattern of racketeering activity and have used and invest
ed such income in the acquisition of interests in, ands establishment of operati
ons of, certain enterprises, such as the Iraq "reconstruction" program whereby d
efendants' cronies such as Defendant Cheney's company Haliburton and Bechtel hav
e won sweetheart deals to "rebuild"the very infrastructure that defendants have
destroyed or damaged through mindless military action, in pursuit of defendants'
dubious goals. Plaintiffs aver that defendants have engaged in pattern of tam M
arte quam Mercurio and that the "war" in Iraq has been a cover for racketeering
activity, such as the sweetheart deals, described supra. The cover-up by defenda
nts of the genesis of the 911 acts has been a conspiracy in violation of 18 U.S.
C. ? 1961, as well. This has been a conspiracy to obstruct justice. As part of t
he coverup, during the days following 9/11/01, defendants knowingly allowed memb
ers of the Saudi royal family and Bin Laden family to fly out of the USA at a ti
me when all other flights were grounded. The purpose of allowing these criminals
to escape the country was to prevent anyone from questioning them about their c
omplicity in causing the 911 attacks. The coverup also has taken the shape of a
campaign of intimidation and suppression of FBI agents and informants who knew a
bout the true genesis if the 911 attacks. For example, when FBI translators and
agents and informants sent letters and e mails and documents to defendants prior
to 9/11/01, warning them of imminent threats of attack, defendants suppressed t
hese, forbade the informants from speaking publicly or to the 911 commission lat
er, and imposed a policy of Omerta.
26. Plaintiffs have standing to bring this cause of action because of 18 US Code
?1964 in that plaintiffs aver that there is a causal link between defendants' v
iolation of 18 U.S.C. ?? 1961-1962 and plaintiffs' injuries.
27. As a proximate result OF THE VIOLATION OF 18 U.S.C. ? 1961 by defendants, pl
aintiffs have suffered damages including denial of their rights to receive fede3
ral services and funds, invasion of their privacy and constitutional rights by t
he defendants via US PATRIOT ACTS and spying, credit damage etc.
Prayer for relief:Plaintiffs pray for relief against each defendant as follows:
1. For declaratory relief, an order declaring that the USA PATRIOT ACTS I AND II
are null and void for violation the Constitution, and declaring the defendants'
actions to have violated RICO and the FCA, and an injunction enjoining defendan
ts from implementing the USA PATRIOT ACTS I AND II;
2. An order to defendants requiring them to release all information they have co
ncerning the genesis and execution of the 911 acts;
3. Declaratory judgment declaring USA patriot acts I and II to be unconstitution
al, null and void;
4. An order compelling defendants and their cronies and business associates, inc
luding Bechtel corp; and Haliburton corp., to reimburse the US treasury for all
tax dollars gained by them, which tax dollars have been extracted from plaintiff
s, us taxpayers on the basis of false and fraudulent information;
6. An injunction forbidding defendants, and defendant Ashcroft and his justice d
ept., from enforcing patriot acts I or ii, and declaratory relief in the for of
an order declaring both patriot acts to be unconstitutional.
7. For monetary damages according to proof;
8. For reasonable attorney fees and costs of suit;
7. For all other appropriate relief deemed proper.


Date: 8/27/04
SG Hilton Attorney

The Stanley Hilton Interview

POSTED: 09.17.04 @21:54
the facts that adversely effected the industry and innovation were popped open b
y a Republican
Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton
The Alex Jones Show | September 13 2004
The MP3 of this interview is available at
AJ: He is back with us. He is former Bob Dole?s chief of staff, very successful
counselor, lawyer. He represents hundreds of the victims families of 9/11. He is
suing Bush for involvement in 9/11. Now a major Zogby poll out ? half of New Yo
rkers think the government was involved in 9/11. And joining us for the next 35
minutes, into the next hour, is Stanley Hilton. Stanley, it?s great to have you
on with us.
SH: Glad to be on.
AJ: We?ll have to recap this when we start the next hour, but just in a nutshell
, you have a lawsuit going, you?ve deposed a lot of military officers. You know
the truth of 9/11. Just in a nutshell, what is your case alleging?
SH: Our case is alleging that Bush and his puppets Rice and Cheney and Mueller a
nd Rumsfeld and so forth, Tenet, were all involved not only in aiding and abetti
ng and allowing 9/11 to happen but in actually ordering it to happen. Bush perso
nally ordered it to happen. We have some very incriminating documents as well as
eye-witnesses, that Bush personally ordered this event to happen in order to ga
in political advantage, to pursue a bogus political agenda on behalf of the neoc
ons and their deluded thinking in the Middle East. I also wanted to point out th
at, just quickly, I went to school with some of these neocons.
AJ: That?s right. They were all Straussian followers of a Nazi-like professor. A
nd now they are setting it up here in America. Stanley, I know you deposed a lot
of people and you?ve got your $7 million dollar lawsuit with hundreds of the vi
ctim?s families involved?.
SH: 7 billion, 7 billion
AJ: Yeah, 7 billion. Can you go over some of the new and incriminating evidence
you?ve got of them ordering the attack?
SH: Yes, let me just say that this is a taxpayers? class action lawsuit as well
as a suit on behalf of the families and the basic three arguments are they viola
ted the Constitution by ordering this event. And secondly that they [garbled] fr
audulent Federal Claims Act, Title 31 of the U.S. Code in which Bush presented f
alse and fraudulent evidence to Congress to get the Iraq war authorization. And,
of course, he related it to 9/11 and claimed that Saddam was involved with that
, and all these lies.