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Friedrich Nietzsche : Master - and - Slave - Morality

What I Expect to learn :

I expect how can a slave have it's morality being taken by it's Master?
Review :
"Essential thing in a good and healthy aristocracy is that is should not rega
rd itself as a function either of the kingship or the commonwealth but as the si
gnificance and the highest justification that it should accept with good conscie
nce" , as mentioned in the chapter , your highest justification should accept wi
th good conscience, being a slave, you should know the consequence of being a pr
isoner, some people treat them as a Animal, their conscience cannot bother them
because they have the other side of morality, people that are being slave for ma
ny years just like in the movie you can tell that they are being used for others
own will and not to their own will. But some that are serving for their good wi
ll like having a job to work it's the other thing of Slavery that we should foll
ow we do have our free will to talk and to justify if they are treating or over-
doing it. Being slave we work for our family so that we can support them this is
the good side of being slave and having your Morality it can guide you to have
a better believes for you Master.
Morality is merely an interpretation of certain phenomena, more precisely a misin
terpretation. (33,1) Friedrich Nietzche s Twilight of the Idols is a radical perspect
ive that evaluates the European conception of morality. His affirmation of the wi
ll to life and natural instincts directly contradicts the accepted beliefs of wha
t man has created to be right or wrong ( the idols) by the open denial of what c
omes easy and natural. On many accounts this line of thinking proves logical and
an in-depth look reveals the truths about the way man should reconsider today s a
ccepted definition of morality.
A good question asks: why would morality, or simply restraints on desired action
s, naturally evolve if it is inhibiting what is natural? Nietzche answers this b
y saying that man searches to give nearly everything responsibility or a name fo
r motivation. Where ever responsibilities are sought, it is usually the instinct
for wanting to punish and judge that is doing the searching. (31,7) Evolutionary
psychology supports man s evolved desire to judge in order to compare one s own acti
ons in order to maximize fitness benefits.(EP) This is likely the logical
What I have learned :
I learned the healthy aristocary that we should not regard to itself.

Integrative Questions :
1.) What is Healthy Aristocary?
2.) How can good conscience lead you to have a peace of mind?
3.) What is the relationship of Slave and Morality?
4.) What are the types of Masters?
5.) Can a Slave have it's own will to justify?