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Knowing the voice of God – Part 2

I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and I heard
behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet (Revelation

Those that live in the Spirit hear the voice of

the Lord. To the degree that you spend quality
time with the Lord to that degree and at that rate
you will start to know the voice of the Lord. Quality
time with the Lord is much more than just prayer or
reading the Bible. It is also waiting on the Lord
(prayer of listening), a great deal of meditation on
the word, visualizing your dreams and visions in
God, and praying and prophesying the will of God
into being. These activities can be effortless as a
result of you dwelling in the realm of God’s spirit.
These can also kill you if they become legalistic
exercises. Legalism is when you do not dwell in the
realm of God’s Spirit but try to hear His voice
through mechanics without His presence.

Life and death, light and darkness, truth and

deception are not about activities that you do or
not do. It is all about the place of your dwelling. If
you dwell with your heart set on the things of the
flesh; what you shall eat or drink or wherewith shall
you be clothed you lived in a doubtful frame of
mind. For such a man must not suppose that he will
receive anything from the Lord. Such one is double-
minded and unstable in all his ways (James 1:7-8).
He that is swallowed up by the cares of this world
and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word of
God to death in him and he becomes unfruitful. If
the flesh has dominion over you, you are under the
law. A life of unbelief (life in the flesh) places you
under the law. But if you are led by the Spirit, you
are not under the law (Galatians 5:18). If you are
not led by the Spirit you are legalistic or lawless if
you cast of the restraint of the law. If you are not
led by the Spirit you partake of the tree of
knowledge of good (law) and evil (lawlessness),
which is death, darkness and deception.
Good is better than evil but it is still death,
darkness and deception. The Lord never gave us a
choice between good and evil but between life and
death. I call heaven and earth as witness today
against you, that I have set before you life and
death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life,
that both you and your descendants may live
(Deuteronomy 30:19). The tree of life is the
blessing and the tree of the knowledge of good (law
or legalism) and evil (lawlessness) is the curse. But
of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you
shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you
shall surely die (Genesis 2:17).

When you are distracted by secular traditions and

worldviews you are like Martha that wants to
impress others through service. Mary was so simple
that she just sat at Jesus’ feet and learned from
Him. Jesus promised that good part which Mary has
chosen will not be taken away from her. Now it
happened as they went that He entered a certain
village; and a certain woman named Martha
welcomed Him into her house. And she had a sister
called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard
His word. But Martha was distracted with much
serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord,
do You not care that my sister has left me to serve
alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” And Jesus
answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are
worried and troubled about many things. But one
thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good
part, which will not be taken away from her (Luke

At present you live in your body of flesh on this

earth. However, you can live with your spirit in
heaven while your body is on earth. This is what it
means to live in the realm of God’s Spirit. The
Master, our Lord Jesus Christ, testify of Him doing it.
No one has ascended to heaven but He who came
down from heaven, that is, the Son of man who is
in heaven (John 3:13, emphasis added). Jesus
testified that He came down from heaven and that
He lived on the earth but He said that at the same
time He was also in heaven.

Presently you can only live with your spirit in the

realm of God’s Spirit and not with your body and
soul. Why is that? When you were dead in your
trespasses you were dead to God in your spirit, soul
and body. When you came to Christ an being born-
again of His Spirit, God placed you in the body of
His Son and because your are joined to Christ you
became one spirit with Him. When Christ is in you,
the body is dead because of sin, but your spirit
alive because of righteousness. Because your spirit
is one with the Spirit of Christ your spirit is alive to
God because of His righteousness and His life. Only
that which is alive to Him can live where He is. As
your body is dead because of sin you will die the
death of a mortal. In the day that you sin you will
die. Adam lived only 930 years. Peter said to the
Lord, a day is like a thousand years and a thousand
years like a day. For this reason no mortal ever got
to a thousand years. Methuselah was the oldest
man on earth before he died. He lived 969 years.
Not even him reached 1 000 years because God
said, “In the day (1 000 year period) that you sin
you will die.”

The carnal mind is enmity against God (Romans

8:7). The carnal mind is part of the soul which
consists of the mind, emotions and will. So, if the
carnal mind is enmity against God which is part of
the soul the entire soul is enmity against God. The
heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately
wicked; who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9). For what I
am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do,
that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do
(Romans 7:15).
That which is dead to God your body and soul
cannot experience God. Paul said that flesh and
blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, which is
in the realm of Spirit. Peter, James and John
witnessed Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain.
They observe the transfiguration in a vision with
the eyes of their spirits because flesh cannot see in
the realm of Spirit but natural senses are limited to
observance in the natural realm. Now as they came
down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them,
saying, “Tell the vision to no one until the Son of
Man is risen from the dead” (Matthew 17:9,
emphasis added).

How did Enoch and Elijah attain bodily to the

resurrection from the dead and perfection in their
soul? They presented their bodies which are dead
to God in faith as if they were alive to Him; the
members of their bodies as instruments of
righteousness. They presented their souls which
are enmity against God as if they were perfected by
bringing every thought into captivity to the
obedience of Christ, in hope that all disobedience
will be punished when their obedience is fulfilled.
They did it by meditating only on those things that
were true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report,
virtues and praiseworthy that they might be
renewed in the spirit of their mind. They have
reached into Christ through faith that they may
know Him and the power of His resurrection, and
the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to
His death, if, by any means they may attain to the
resurrection from the dead. Not that they have
attained to resurrection life in their bodies or being
perfected in their souls but in hope that the Spirit
that raised Jesus from the dead will quicken their
mortal bodies (Philippians 3:9-11). Through their
faith God took them so that they did not see death.

They lived in the reality of the realm of God’s Spirit.

It is a realm where there are no time and space
barriers or any kind of limitation. As far as they
were concerned heaven and earth was one realm
because divisions only exist in the natural where
the carnal mind dwells. Divisions, separation,
darkness, death and deception dwell only in the
carnal or fallen realm. The realm of God’s Spirit is
where faith, hope and love dwells. These three are
the only doorways into the realm of God’s Spirit; it
is the three dimensions of a divine relationship.
Though their faith projected them into the realm of
God’s Spirit they did not see all things subjected to
Christ but they saw Christ who is the author and
finisher of their faith. In God’s book faith or the
vision of the imagination of the heart, good or bad,
is reality.

How then did Paul testify about him being caught

up into the third heavens not knowing if he was in
heaven with his spirit or with his body? If he knew
flesh and blood cannot enter into heaven or see
heavenly things why did he deem it not strange for
his body to be caught up into heaven. I know a man
in Christ who fourteen years ago – whether in the
body I do not know, or whether out of the body I
do not know, God knows – such a one was caught
up to the third heaven (2 Corinthians 12:2,
emphasis added). Paul saw himself bodily attained
to the resurrected from the dead and he saw his
soul made perfect in Christ. He saw heaven and
earth as one realm where all things are subjected
to Christ. That is how he lives his life. Paul
presented his body continuously a living sacrifice to
God as if he has attained to resurrection life and be
perfected in his soul in hope that the Spirit that
raised Jesus from the dead will quicken his mortal
body. He brought every thought into captivity to
the obedience of Christ that he may be renewed in
the spirit of his mind in hope that when his
obedience is fulfilled all disobedience in him will be
punished. He was determined that his carnal mind
and emotions will not govern his body but his spirit,
which rule it from the spirit of his mind. That is the
part of him where the light of the glory of the Word
of God is seated, which is the seed of God that
cannot sin. Paul knew that God saw him the way he
believed in his heart he is, hence the bold
confession of his believes.

Your redeemed spirit which is one with the Spirit of

Christ is all the time in the realm of Spirit as its
substance is spirit and it is alive to God. That is the
part of your being that is open to God and His
kingdom; it is that part of you that cannot sin. Your
fleshly nature (fallen soul and mortal body of sin)
belongs to the natural realm. It is that part of you
that is aware of self (own feelings, emotions,
desires, personal views and subjective reasoning)
and the things that can be observed with the five
natural bodily senses. Your fleshly nature cannot
observe the things of the Spirit. These two natures
in you, the spirit and the carnal flesh, is constantly
in war with each other for the control of the
members of your body. If you are in the flesh you
can only observe that which is in the natural realm
where death, darkness and deception reign. To
observe and experience that which is in the Spirit,
where God dwells, you need to enter the realm of
Spirit through faith in God.

You live two lives in two different places at the

same time; with your spirit you live in heaven and
with your flesh in the natural. No one has ascended
to heaven but He who came down from heaven,
that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven (John
3:13, emphasis added). Jesus told Nicodemus that
He lived in heaven and earth at the same time. If
you are predominantly aware of the things of the
Lord – how you may please God, you live your life in
the Spirit. But, if you are predominantly aware of
the things of the world – how you may please
yourself, you live your life in the flesh.
Enoch and Elijah were supposed to die because
their bodies were dead toward God and their soul
enmity against Him. They saw Christ’s day and
testified of it through the Spirit of Christ who was in
them (1 Peter 1:11). Jesus was slain since the
foundation of the earth. They reached into His full
provision and were translated before the appointed
time. Their faith ignored the dimensions of time and
space. There is so much life in the realm of spirit
where they live that their bodies never suffered
corruption. If God did not take them they might still
have been alive today. Jesus said to him, “If I will
that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You
follow Me.” (John 21:22).

These two prophets’ faith was so real that God had

to take them. They were sharing Christ’s worldview
with Him. The example of these two mighty
prophets of God is still valid today. That is why we
need to wait on the Lord, meditate on His word,
visualizing your dreams and visions in God, praying
and prophesying and flowing in the anointed areas
of your life. The way to reconcile to the worldview
of Christ is to live in the realm of God’s Spirit.

Every one of us is unique and God relates to every

one of His offspring differently. This is the reason
why you should not copy others but let the
uniqueness of the anointing in your life flows. This
is why God will speak the same word that He gave
to many others uniquely to you. Even though men
of God may receive the same word at the same
time, they were all unique.

The Lord’s character is that of meekness, nobility

and dignity because He is King of kings and Lord of
lords. As the creator and maintainer of all creation
He also redeemed His own creation. In this the Lord
displayed His unconditional love made manifested
in mercy and grace. If revelation or prophecy is not
coming to reveal the excellence of His character
and power it is not a word from the Lord. Whatever
the Lord do in the dispensation of grace is to
reconcile and restore all things to God and not to
destroy or to alienate creation from Himself.
The word of the Lord liberates, because the truth
sets you free; it does not condemn or manipulate or
pressurize you into legalistic bondage but guides
you into the will of the Lord. If a “word” has not
come to set the captives free, run from it, it is not
the Spirit of Truth!

When I get revelation concerning something that is

going to happen involving somebody I know I would
not tell the person about this revelation. I
encourage the young prophets to hear from the
Lord themselves. I will use this word as
confirmation should this matter come up for
discussion. Otherwise when it comes into fulfillment
I will confirm it to strengthen the person’s faith.

Never submit to a word that manipulate or

pressurize you to do something you do not want to
do. On the other hand never manipulate others or
pressurize somebody into something. Manipulation
is the manifestation of a Jezebel spirit and relates to
the occult. Anything achieved in this manner is a
stumbling block in the kingdom of God.

We must realize that the vessels used by the Lord

may not seem to have much dignity or nobility. The
Lord Jesus Christ was not esteemed by men, but
the nobility and dignity He manifested was that of
the heavenly king He is. Some of the prophets of
the Lord were of the strangest people. John the
Baptist was living in the desert, having garments of
camel’s hair and his food was wild honey and
locusts. He spoke the truth in love calling the
Pharisees and Sadducees a generation of vipers
that he may won some. Regardless the prophets’
outward appearance, the word of the Lord they
spoke was filled with divine character and power.
Every one of those prophets carried a unique
individual anointing which emphasized a different
divine characteristic of the Lord’s voice, such as His
love or authority. The prophets Daniel and Elijah
would differ much in uniqueness of appearance and
anointing. For this reason the Apostle Paul did not
say, “I have the mind of Christ,” but instead said,
“We have the mind of Christ” (I Corinthians 2:16).
Each member of the Lord’s body manifests a
unique face of God. To see the whole picture the
entire body of Christ must flow as one. Joel
prophesied that it will come to pass. As far as God
is concerned it is on the cards.

Sound doctrines and teaching are based on the

promises of God as contained in the New Covenant
that God has made with His people in the blood of
His Son. Doctrines and teachings cannot be based
on people’s insecurities and fears. The truth is
rooted in the integrity of the Lamb’s sacrifice on the
cross and His resurrection, not in people, things or
circumstances. There is not even security in our
ability to discern Him or to know His voice. His
grace alone is sufficient for us. If the Apostle Paul
could have been hindered by Satan, any of us
could, too. Constant humility is maintained by
constant dependence on God. This is the wisdom of
God that He gives grace to the humble, but the
haughty He resists and send them away empty
handed. It is only by being a servant of the Lord
that you can maintain humility and in this manner
walk in the grace of God.

The word of God is more valuable than silver or

gold and cannot be purchased or be earned
because God has bought it for us with the blood of
His Son. It is available for everyone that loves the
Truth (Lord Jesus Christ).

When you have a basic love for the truth you will
pursue the word of the Lord regardless of obstacles.
The Galatians received Paul as if he was an angel
even though he was handicapped in the flesh, yet
they did not despise him. They were adamant not
to know Paul after the flesh but after the spirit. We
have often to look beyond the flesh to receive the
messenger of the Lord. Familiarity often blinds us
to recognize the messenger of the Lord. Wrong
relationships are an obstacle.

There are biblical cases where prophets acted in

inappropriately though the word they spoke were
still true. There are often exceptions to the “norm”
but it is not God’s fault but human imperfections
that stain the work of God. Balaam and Jonah were
true prophets but had bad character traits. Some
great faith heroes of the Book of Judges had
debatable and even shocking character traits. If
God is using vessels that we disapprove of, maybe
we should have faith that He could use us. It does
not mean that we may follow the ways of bad role
models. It only means if you have faith God will use
you. Throughout the Bible the word of the Lord was
spoken often by prophets who the people need to
look beyond the human vessel to receive the
message. Nevertheless, in the message of the Lord,
the character, power and wisdom of God will be
transferred and we will be able to discern in the
message the excellence of His glory. To come to
know the voice of the Lord is synonymous to come
to know Him.

There is a growing need to know the Lord’s voice,

and for a solid and sound prophetic ministry today.
And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your
sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your
young men shall see visions, your old men shall
dream dreams. And on My menservants and on My
maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days;
and they shall prophesy (Acts 2:17-18).

In the last days the Lord will pour out of His Spirit
resulting in a broad and common manifestation of
prophecies, dreams, and visions. This last day
necessitates prophetic manifestations as we are
going to need major guidance from the Lord during
the time when we will walk in the shadow of death.
Guidance is the main purpose of prophetic

Over a period of almost 40 years I had some

prophetic dreams concerning the end time. In 1987
I had a series of dreams where a certain country
will be taken over by the Chinese. Large scale
persecution against the Church of the Lord Jesus
Christ took place. (I will not relate the series of
dreams on this issue but only a small part of one
dream that is relevant for this message). The
Church went underground and their main activity
was very, very deep intercession. The judgments as
a result of the prayers and intercession on the
enemy were so real that the force of the
intercession was referred to by the enemy as “that

In this dream I was caught by the enemy. Their

leader stood erected in an army Jeep with an
expectation that I should betray the underground
church to which I belong. I said to him, “Mr. Ching I
am part of them, in fact I am that very thing.” He
attacked me with the intent to destroy me, than I
woke up from this dream not knowing what would
have happened next.

Prophetic intercession will become part of the end-

time prophetic manifestation. Our searching after
knowing the Lord will become so intense in the last
days that whatever we do, the spirit of prophecy
will flow. This prophetic manifestation will become
so strong that it will be a pure manifestation of
Christ in us. This prophetic manifestation will be the
testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy
(Revelation 19:10). The term “that thing” is also
very prophetic referring to the Spirit of Christ. And
the angel answered and said unto her, “The Holy
Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the
Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that
holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be
called the Son of God (Luke 1:35, KJV, emphasis

Since 1973, I have spent much time to know the

voice of the Lord better and to interpret dreams
and visions. I am constantly learning, and as long
as I know in part I will always be in a process of
learning. This is the wisdom of God to keep us
humble that we may be partakers of His grace. In
the dispensation of the Old Covenant there were
schools of the prophets. In these last days God will
raise up new schools of the prophets with a
kingdom emphasis and a fresh anointing.

No single individual has the whole picture because

we know in part, see in part, and prophesy in part.
For us to have the whole picture we need to fit our
part of the puzzle with the rest of the brethren to
see the big picture. The body of Christ is
interdependent on each other. The more we link up
with the body of Christ, the stronger the vision will
grow. Isolation leads to short sightedness and

The Lord has established different prophetic

ministries and gifts in the earth, in these last days,
each with its own unique anointing. Each one
differs by virtue of the anointing of their
commissioning. They speak the word of the Lord to
peoples and nations and they interact with other
prophetic ministries that can help them in their
ministry. These groups stir up the gifts in one
another. Those that tend to see better impart
greater sight to those that tend to hear better and
vice versa. We should not fall into the trap of the
enemy to try to copy others but we should keep our
own individual identity and anointing. However, we
should be teachable and learn new things and we
should refuse walls of separation. Though the Lord
has many different folds we are one body in Him.
If we remain in isolation and do not “cross breed”
we will get weaker with each successive
generation. This is the tragic historic account of
great movements and denominations of the past
that have failed to interact with other parts of the
body of Christ. They have robbed themselves and
others of so much life that over time they have
been transformed into historic monuments – they
have become one more entry into the journals of
history. The present generation has been robbed of
restoration truths of the past. The life, light and
truth that is lost because of the errors of the past
need to be recovered.

The ministry of restoration needs the corporate

body of Christ to restore the church to its former
glory and beyond. This is the hour that the Lord will
do a quick work in the earth, for never in history
was the Church so ready to interchange on a
massive scale, as now. We see it already happening
but it will still increase many times more. I ask the
Lord when it will happen and the Lord said to me,
“When My Spirit flows it will come about.” What will
be the signs when the Spirit of the Lord will flow?
The new generation will be filled with faith and the
Holy Spirit, just like Steven. The teaching anointing
will be revived as in the times in Antioch. The Lord
spoke to me a while ago and said, “The greatest
revelation truths in Scripture are yet to be
unveiled.” A fresh wave of worship will flow,
accompanied with mighty miracles and inner
healings that will take place. Healings and miracles
will happen spontaneously in these worship
services. It will cause the body of Christ to flow as
one and the Lord will pour out His Spirit mightily to
bring in the harvest.

When the Lord has planted His field of wheat the

enemy sowed tares in the field of the Lord. This is a
time that we must be aware of many wolves in
sheep clothing that will appear as angels of light.
Many of these false teachers and prophets will
bring a reproach on Christ and His Church. Cults
will increase and do the image of Christianity much
harm. It will also be a time when the persecution on
the church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be
intensified. The time I am talking about is on us.
The hour of the Church to leave her closet and to
become a force in the earth (that thing) has