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Audience feedback will be completed when we have completed our final edit. This is the survey I will use. Question 1 This has already been uploaded to my blog. Question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups? The representation of gender sexuality, age, race GenderWithin our film gender is and isn’t represented in a stereotypical way although we have used both male and female characters. In horror films you typically think that men are the dominant character and to be the killer. Instead of using a male as the antagonist we have used a female. Although we have used a female as the killer we still managed to create a sinister effect as using a female was beyond the audiences expectation. As our film is based around a murder we chose to use a female as the victim. We presented the protagonist as a female, as women are stereotypically though to be innocent and fragile. Using a female is meant to shock the audience because when shocking and horrifying things happen to them, the audience feels a greater reaction. After completing our target audience questionnaire we found that both males and females watch and would want to watch a horror film. From this information we can see that there isn’t an average horror film viewer therefore representing gender in our film is very important to convey feelings and to provoke feelings. SexualityWhen planning our film, writing the script and casting we didn’t specify the sexuality of the characters as this was irrelevant to the opening of our film. Although sexuality isn’t important in the opening of the film we would have to take it into thought if we were to create a completed film as it would determine the target audience. In the target audience survey we didn’t ask the participants what sexuality they are this benefits our film as it would be suitable for all sexualities to view. AgeAlthough violence isn’t presented in the opening of our film, the idea of violence and death is, and will be included in the complete film. During the planning stage of the film, we decided that our film will be targeted at young adults and older teenagers. After completing our target audience survey questionnaire our results showed that our planning was reasonably accurate as the majority of results that we collected showed that people mainly watched horror films rated 15+. RaceOur film appeals to both Caucasian British and Afro Caribbean audience as both races are presented in the film. As both these races are included within the film we need to make sure there is no offensive language or action that may cause offence to other cultures.

As both male and females are used within the opening, the story is told from both genders but mainly from the female characters, as these are the most dominant roles. By not identifying the sexuality and age of the characters and race and by representing the race the way we have done the film appeals to a wide target audience. Question 3 What kind of media institution might distribute our media product? NEEDS FINISHING!!!!!!!!!!! Question 4 + 5 Who would be the audience for our media product? How did we attract and address our audience? After planning and conducting our target audience survey, we targeted our film at young adults and older teenagers, and gave our film a certificate rating of 15+. Taking into consideration that both genders and mixed races will be viewing the product we have created our film so that it appeals to all. Although our film can be viewed by both genders, as both the main and leading character is female the film may be more appealing to a female audience. However we haven’t specified that it only for females, and we have included a male character leaving the film to be watched by both genders. After looking at other similar media products that are based around the same genre as our film, we were able to gage how they appeal to the target audience they are aimed at. After looking at the Blair Witch Project which is aimed at the same target audience as our product and has the same certificate rating, we had a better understanding of what to produce. In the Blair Witch Project they had included both male and female characters therefore they would appeal to both genders like our film. When filming the staffroom scene and the couple arguing we used a shot reverse shot incorporating the 180 degree rule. Using this shot allowed the audience feel and think what the character was, as the audience was put in their position. This attracts the audience as it makes them feel included in the action and the plot of the storyline. Although there is a large amount of secrecy included in the opening scenes the audience is able to witness what the unknown ‘killer’ antagonist is thinking and what she can see. This creates tension between the audience and the film as the audience have a clear idea of what may happen but the victim doesn’t. Question 6 What have I learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product? Having completed our preliminary task, and our horror remake the group and I had a good idea of how to use the camera equipment that we were going to use to film our opening scene. From completing the previous filming tasks, we knew that planning before filming is also very important. We created a detailed shot list, including who would be involved in the shot, where it would be filmed and for how long. This was very helpful during the filming process as we were able to refer to this at anytime to make sure that we had filmed all the shots we needed. Setting up the cameras is very

important and I found this very easy, from the preliminary task I knew that it also had to be attached to the tripod securely and correctly to prevent the camera moving when filming. Filming scene 1 and 4 was the hardest area to film, as the ground was very uneven. From using the tripods previously I knew that the legs were adjustable and they had a build in spirit level, using the tripod to its full potential, I was able to set up the tripod and camera properly to prevent an unwanted Dutch angle. When filming scene 2, the couple arguing, we found it hard to keep the actors in the frame, and prevent the other cameras being in the frame as we were using the 180 degree rule. After looking at the footage we had filmed during the shoot, we found that there was part of the tripod in the frame, and you could see a head in the reflection from one of the pictures on the wall. However, we had some film without this in. From this experience we learnt that we should always check the frame before filming to prevent anything unwanted being in the frame. Using three cameras enhanced our horror as we were able to create three different angles within the scene. Using the 180 degree rule enabled us to create a close up of each character as they spoke; this allows the audience to gain a better understanding of their emotion, involving the audience in the film further. After successfully filming our opening we had to edit. We used Adobe Premier Elements 4 to edit the film. After editing our preliminary task and our horror remake, the group had a reasonably good understanding about how to work the program using the basic features the program offers. Although we had used the program previously, we still found it hard to use it as we had a lot to edit to a high standard. As the program took time to load on the computers, we had to be very patient and allow it to load properly before we started to edit anything. We also had to frequently save our work to make sure that it didn’t get lost as we knew that the computers aren’t very reliable. Knowing this we also made copies and backed up the documents in a different file just in case one copy got deleted or corrupted. Throughout the whole media course we have been using ‘Blogger’ to upload our work and progress. I found blogging a very easy and quick way to upload our progress as we were able to access the blog at anytime. We created an individual blog and a personal blog which enabled us to upload word documents, power point presentations, pictures and videos. Using blogger allowed me, my group and our teacher to view our progress and the work we have completed. We were able to refer back to the blog and edit any posts we had made making it easier to improve and add work. As a group I think we worked really well. Although we did have conflicting ideas and thoughts throughout the planning and filming of our film, we overcame these by talking and resolving the problem. We all shared the work out equally, and made sure that everyone posted something on the group blog regularly so that no one had an unfair amount of work to complete. As we worked well as a group throughout the unit, we all thought that our final product was at a high standard and we had achieved what we had planned. Question 7 Looking back at our preliminary task, what do I feel I have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? After completing our final product and looking back at our preliminary task, I feel that as a group we have progressed a lot. Our standard of work has improved significantly in all areas to do with creating a successful media product. Looking back at the preliminary task I can now see that there are many errors to do with filming and editing. There were many continuity and framing faults, the editing and music was particularly bad and the use of transitions reduced the quality of the film. Knowing the mistakes we had created, the quality of our final piece was improved and the quality of the product had improved massively. The planning stage of our product also improved. When planning the preliminary task we didn’t go into much detail, but the planning stage for our final product was the most important and attention to detail was very important if we wanted to create a high quality film. Planning made a huge difference to the quality of our film. The planning stage took a long time to complete as there was so much work to complete. From discussing initial ideas to creating the shot list and deciding where to film this detailed planning made sure that we knew what we needed to create to produce a successful horror film. I think, since we have created our preliminary task we have been able to improve most of the shots used within our piece. Before we started to film we created an extensive and detailed shot list, listing all the shots that we are going to film. This shot list made sure that we included all the shots we had planned. The match on action shots that we used had particularly improved and extra care taken when editing made sure our film was smooth. We made sure continuity was constant throughout the film

preventing the audience getting confused. In some shots in the preliminary task the framing was poor meaning people and equipment was in the shot when it shouldn’t have been. When filming the final piece we used the framing tool which is on the camera so enhance framing. Completing the preliminary task helped me and the group improve and enhance our skills and techniques for using the filming and editing equipment, this enhanced and benefitted our final piece. As we were unfamiliar with the equipment when we started the project using it before creating our final piece ensured that we could use all the equipment to the highest standard. I will be able to reflect on how successful the end product is after getting feedback from the target audience when the group has completed the final edit (:

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